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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Japanese Sushi Knives

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quadcopter reviewsBest Japanese Sushi Knives

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How to Choose the Best Japanese Sushi Knife

There’s an art to making perfect, presentation-ready food. You need the right tool for the job, and when we’re talking about sushi, this means the perfect knife. Your knife can make so much difference in the taste, texture, and look of your food. In our sushi knife buying guide, we’ve made a list of the things to keep in mind when knife-shopping.

Best Japanese Sushi Knives

Material: Material makes all the difference in knives. Stainless steel does not rust, but carbon steel is stronger and holds an edge for longer. Which you want depends on how often you want to sharpen your blade and how you use it.

Best Japanese Sushi Knives

Aerated Blade: Aerations are holes or ‘vents’ along the edge of the blade. A blade with aeration slices cleaner and without sticking. In sushi preparation, it’s important to get the perfect presentation, so thin, clean cuts are a must.

How to Choose the Best Japanese Sushi Knife

Length: When you’re trying to get the thinnest slice of sushi possible, you want to do it in one cut. Longer blades will be able to cut sushi into a single piece instead of having to make multiple slices.

Best Japanese Sushi Knives

Box: Knife boxes protect your knives from wear. If you store your knife in a box or sheath the edge will maintain longer. Most sushi knives come with a case specially made for the knife or at least a sheath for it.

Best Japanese Sushi Knives

Pieces: Some of the knives on our list come in kits. One of them even contains four knives! Additionally, some knives come with a box or sheath. You’ll want to know how much you’re getting for the price.

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Handle Material: The handle can make all the difference in food preparation. Wooden handles are more sanitary, softer in your hand, and traditional for sushi knives. Molded plastic is a good substitute, as it’s more affordable and easy to keep clean.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what to look for, we can show you the knives! We’ve done our research to present you with our top ten best sushi knives for sale. Start with our top pick and budget pick. Though they’re the best, our list is full of unique, amazing blades to check out. Make sure you read on to the end! You might just find the perfect sushi knife for you. Let’s get to the sushi knife reviews!

TUO Cutlery Sushi Knife

Top Pick
Our top pick is the TUO Cutlery Sushi Knife. This blade is one of the longer knives we looked at, and definitely one of the thinnest! One side of the blade is angled at 15 degrees and the other is flat. We loved the traditional structure of this knife! It’s easier to sharpen and control when you only have one side of the utensil to worry about. The handle is a gorgeous, durable black wood that is firmly secured to the knife. And speaking of the blade, it’s made of high-quality Damascus stainless steel. It won’t rust and the metal is easy to sharpen. The knife has enough weight to make it comfortable without being hard to control. And it gets better! The TOU comes with a neat box to keep it safe and sharp! These features make it our top pick for the best sushi knife. The quality and price of this knife just can’t be beaten!
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Kai Wasabi Yanagiba Knife

Budget Pick
Kai’s Wasabi Yanagiba Knife is one of the best cheap sushi knives that we looked at. This knife is a fraction of the price, and the quality is certainly not sacrificed! It arrives at your doorstep razor sharp and ready to help you make some amazing sushi dishes. The traditional style of the blade makes food slide right off rather than sticking. The handle is made of a unique antibacterial plastic blend that doesn’t lose its grip when wet. This knife is really comfortable to hold! It’s lightweight and makes slicing through boneless meats and veggies a breeze! Kai sells larger knives in this style if you’d like something a little heftier. This sushi knife is a perfect introduction to Japanese blades. If you’re unsure if you’re going to like them, this is the knife to try out! You’ll get the hang of the style and use of these blades, and at such an affordable price!
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Tatara Sushi Knife

Tatara’s Santoku sushi knife is a huge piece compared to the other pieces on this list! The blade is wider and would be effective at chopping vegetables as well as slicing sushi. The machined grooves on the blade provide aeration. Nothing should stick to this knife! It won’t need sharpening right out of the box, as it comes extremely sharp. Speaking of boxes, the Santoku comes with a nice black and red case that will look stylish wherever you choose to keep it. The Santoku will meet all your expectation for a great sushi knife! But that’s not all! This blade is unique on our list for having a military-grade metal handle. This makes the knife heavier than you’d expect, but it actually provides a pretty good grip. It’s surprisingly comfortable! As a bonus, this is a full-tang knife, meaning that it is stable and sturdy. In normal preparation conditions, it’d be really hard to break this blade.
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Hiroshi Sushi Knife Set

Are you really into Japanese-style knives yet? This collection of four blades will be a wonderful addition to your collection! This set includes a Chef’s knife, a vegetable chopper, a multipurpose piece, and a delicate blade for cleaner cuts and more precise work. You’ll have everything you need right at hand with this super affordable knife set! We really liked the feel of these pieces. The wooden handles are really well-made and comfortable, and the blades themselves are made of edge-retaining carbon steel. With a range of sizes from 4.5 inches to 8 inches, you can prepare entire meals with just this knife set. They are ultra-light as well. We would suggest these knives to anyone, but especially people just getting started with this particular style of knife. The variety and extremely affordable price make this a set you just can’t pass up! This Hiroshi set is easily the best sushi knife set on our list!
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Soufull Sushi Knife

Another great pick is the Soufull sushi knife. This is one sturdy blade! Ideal for making thin slices of fish and other boneless meats, this knife won’t let you down. The handle is made of comfortable gray leatherwood. It’s triple-riveted to make sure that it’s as durable as they come. Even though it’s stainless steel, this knife has quite an edge and holds it even after a lot of use! This is a pure sushi blade, as it is not recommended for cutting vegetables or any other thick foods. However, it does come with a pretty stylish box! This knife looks and feels good. With a 2/3 tang, you don’t have to worry about the blade breaking off at the handle. Even more good news? There’s a full warranty attached to this knife. If there is a manufacturing error, Soufull will do everything they can to fix the issue. You’re in good hands with this piece!
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Sagana Kitchenware Sushi Knife

Sagana’s Kitchenware Sushi Knife is the perfect middle ground between price and function. It’s a great sushi knife for every level of home sushi cook, at a price that will make you look twice! The handle has a traditional D-shape so that the end of it rests in your palm and makes using the blade a pleasurable experience. Where this knife shines is in the handle. It’s made of beautiful, sanitary rosewood. It looks and feels awesome! The blade itself is thicker than some of the other knives we looked at, but became thinner at the tip, allowing for very thin, precise cuts. This blade won’t require much sharpening. If you’re a Japanese kitchen knife enthusiast, this inexpensive blade will square up nicely next to the more expensive sushi knives in your collection. Proper cleaning and use will make sure this blade lasts you a long time and serves you for many meals to come!
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Yoshihiro Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro’s shortest sushi knife could certainly hold the title for the best sushi knife in the world. You can’t get more traditional than this! The blade may look simple, but it is fashioned after centuries of unparalleled craftsmanship. The carbon steel will hold an edge like nothing else. While it is a high-quality blade, it’s extremely easy to take care of. Just wash this knife by hand after each use and it will last you a long, long time without any staining. Besides being perfectly balanced, the handle on Yoshihiro’s blade is D-shaped for easy use and made of rosewood. It’s gorgeous and functional as well! But you haven’t heard the best part yet. Instead of coming with a box, this knife comes with a sheath! It’s made of lacquered magnolia wood. To top it off, this amazing knife only weighs about 5 ounces! This blade is a precision tool from possibly the best sushi knife brand we’ve looked at.
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Happy Sales Sushi Knives

This Happy Sales sushi knife set comes with three traditional Japanese Chef Knives. These blades really shine! All three of these knives are extremely sharp right out of the box. Even with wooden handles, these blades are extremely light. The three knives included are a sashimi for slicing and filleting fish, a nakiri for chopping vegetables, and a santoku for doing everything else you could possibly want to do with a knife. These last two are not technically sushi knives, so they are double-beveled, meaning both sides of the blade are sharpened. This is a great set for anyone who wants to pursue Japanese-style cooking. As a bonus, the sushi knife included is one of the best sushi blades we looked at in our reviews. The price really makes this knife set shine. Get everything you need to start cooking traditional Japanese cuisine at one affordable price! As far as Japanese kitchen knives go, this set is amazing.
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Mac Knife Sushi Knife

The Mac Sushi Knife is an excellent knife, which combines Molybenum steel with a beautiful Pakka wood handle. The edge is incredibly sharp, right out of the box. The blade of the knife is flexible, so you can get those professional-level cuts without a lot of effort. The high-end Molybenum steel makes sure the knife can hold up to a lot of use before the edge wears down. The unique thing about this blade? It’s coated with a non-stick formula to help keep your food cleanly cut. Instead of old-fashioned aerations, this blade only needs that coating to get perfectly precise cuts every time. Cuts are razor-sharp with this premium knife and the handle is pro-quality. This knife takes precision-slicing to a whole new level and we highly recommend it!
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DALSTRONG Yanagiba Knife

Dalstrong is one of the best Japanese chef knife brands emerging today. Their Yanagiba sushi knife is simply amazing! This is one of the best blades for professional use as well as home use! Their Phantom Series is a set of traditional Japanese knives that are hand-forged, hand-polished, and hand-sharpened, bringing unparalleled quality. The blade is stain resistant, edge-retaining carbon steel, and the design is top-notch. This knife feels like an extension of your arm rather than a tool. Inside the wooden handle is a mosaic pin that really makes this knife unique. Besides being stylish, it shows that this blade is made by artisan smiths who value their work. It doesn’t get much better than this! And all this for an extremely affordable price? You’ll want to look twice at this amazing knife from Dalstrong. Balance, function, and artistry worked together to rocket this blade onto our list. We really enjoy everything this piece has going for it!
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