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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Jumper Cables

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How to Pick a Top Jumper Cable

Looking for the best jumper cables? You’re in the right place! A quality pair of jumper cables is a smart purchase that will be helpful for years to come. Our team researched and reviewed the best products to find the pick of the litter. We’ve selected our top ten recommendations. But before we jump (pun intended) to the reviews, here is what to look for to make sure you buy the best battery jumper cables.

Best Jumper Cables

Gauge: This is one of the most important stats for your new cables. The lower the gauge is, the thicker the wires. Therefore, a thicker gauge charges quicker than a smaller gauge. Jumper cables are usually available in 1 to 12 gauge.

Best Jumper Cables

Length: If you want to ensure that your cable will always reach wherever you need them to, check the length. If your car is right next to the car you are jumping, a 6’ cable is usually the minimum. If you need more reach, you may want to look into longer cables.

How to Pick a Top Jumper Cable

Capacity: The capacity is how much power the wire can handle. Unless you are jumping larger batteries, like for boats or large trucks, a 200 to 800 amp capacity should cover all your needs. It's smart to double check.

Best Jumper Cables

Case Included: Looking for a case? Keeping the wires inside of a case can help them to last longer. They can also help to make sure they don’t get tangled or damaged from improper coiling. Most of our top ten cables include cases and for good reason!

Best Jumper Cables

Weight: If you are not interested in lugging very heavy wires around, it may be best to sacrifice length for reduced weight. Be sure to check out this icon for each of our best car jumper cables to make sure they are right for you.

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Warranty: Making sure your cables will last for a long time is important. Making sure the company that made your cables stand behind their products will give you the peace of mind that always comes with a great warranty.

Top 10 Products

Now to the fun part! Whether you are looking for the best jumper cables to buy or a budget by that will keep your battery going and going, we have you covered. If you’re in a hurry, check out our recommended top pick and budget pick. Now, let’s get to those reviews!

EPAuto Jumper Cables

Top Pick
EPAuto Jumper Cables are the big-gauged cables you have been looking for! They are a mix of aluminum and copper, and the wide gauge helps to give you a quick charge. The EPAuto also comes with a carrying case and a set of safety gloves. The gloves can help to keep you safe from being zapped while handling the cables when they are live (provided you follow the instructions, of course). The 25-foot length is fantastic; it should be long enough to get any job done. They are strong and durable. Even the connectors feel like heavy duty, industrial strength pieces. And the best part? With the wide gauge and high capacity, these cables will work for even larger personal trucks and SUVs. In our opinion, these are the best quality jumper cables you can buy.
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Cartman Booster Cable

Budget Pick
Looking for the best jumper cables for the money? Then you should check out the Cartman Booster Cable! This pair is one of the best jumper cables you can get without breaking the bank. The copper-coated aluminum connectors have a special twice-grip design. This helps to make sure they are connected properly to your battery. These babies are designed to work in even really, really cold temperatures; they claim temperature resistance down to -40 degrees! The cables have a T-Prene coating that keeps them working, even in the cold. Included in this budget buy are a carrying bag meant to keep your wires coiled and some safety gloves meant to keep your hands safe during use. The Cartman is also lightweight, making it some of the best portable jumper cables we’ve ever seen!
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Cartman Heavy Duty Booster Cables

And Cartman shows up twice on this list! We loved the Cartman 4-gauge, so we decided to take a look at their 2-gauge as well. Like its smaller cousin, the 2-gauge Cartman also has the same, cold-resistant technology. The connectors for this cable is amazing; it has a patented design to grip the terminal and keep your connection safe and sound. Also, the connectors are coated with rubber on the outside to keep from accidental contact. The Cartman 2-gauge is so thick and so durable, it feels nearly impossible to kink. It’s hard not to fall in love with these good quality cables! If you are looking for some of the best jumper cables, you may want to sneak a peek at these and the other fine products by Cartman.
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Arteck Car Jump Starter Battery

Looking for a jumper that doesn’t require another car to help out? This is a jump box, which is portable power source for your battery. For a small car or bike, this device can usually jump a dead battery about 20 times on a single charge! If you are stranded and are in need of jump, isn’t it best not to have to rely on a helpful stranger? This awesome jump starter also doubles as an emergency portable outlet. The box has USB chargers located along the edge, perfect for charging your phone or other devices during a power outage or when you’re camping. It gets better; this amazing device is only a little bigger than your average cell phone! This is by far our favorite box, so look no further if you want the best jumper!
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AAA Emergency Kit

If you are looking for a full roadside safety kit, why wouldn’t you look to AAA? They have been getting motorists out of jams since 1902. They offer an amazing 42-piece kit. It includes just about everything you’ll need to get out of small emergencies. This includes a flashlight with batteries, duct tape, a poncho, assorted fuses, a 2-in-1 screwdriver, a set of 8-gauge jumper cables, and more. With all this, you can almost guarantee your next minor car trouble won’t be as bad as it could be. The jumper cables alone are worth the inexpensive price for this kit; we loved everything down to the compact carrying case. A kit like this helps us to feel a little safer in our vehicles, so why not give it a try?
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Always Prepared Jumper Cables

Want to jump start anything? These Always Prepared jumper cables claim to jump start everything from “a sedan to a monster truck!” The 4-gauge wires are quick and can charge your lagging battery in just a few moments. These cables are long, strong, and lightweight. Twenty-foot wires make sure you can reach almost anything you are trying to jump. The connectors are easy to open, and we think they are super easy to use. They clip firmly to the terminals to ensure a safe and consistent grip. We’re also big fans of the incredible warranty! Very few companies will stand behind their products for ten years. That’s pretty crazy. And having a pair of jumper cables that are guaranteed for that many years makes us sleep a little better at night.
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OxGord Jumper Cable

The OxGord jumper cables come in a variety of lengths, gauges, and capacities, but we chose the 4-gauge as our favorite. It’s inexpensive and is a thick enough gauge to charge quickly. There’s a lot to like about OxGord besides the large variety of cables available; these heavy-duty wires are said to work on even on the coldest of days. We like how grippy the teeth of the connectors are to the terminal. We also love how long the wires are. But that isn’t the best part! These great jumper cables are inexpensive, but they have the quality and power of much more expensive cables. And who doesn’t want a little more bang for their buck?
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Energizer Jump Start ENB-216

If there’s anything we know about Energizer, it’s that their batteries keep going and going. But what about their jumper cables? The company famous for their bunny wants to make sure your car battery doesn’t die either. And they are doing a spectacular job with these wonderful jumper cables. These copper-clad aluminum wires come in a variety of sizes and lengths, but the 2-gauge suited us the best. The connectors are coated to prevent accidental contact with the wrong connector, terminal, or with your hands. These babies are designed for both top and side post batteries. And at 800 amps, these things will service even the big guns. They love big SUVs, trucks, and pretty much all other personal vehicles.
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Always Prepared Emergency Kit

This is the second listing from Always Prepared. We liked the look of the Always Prepared jumper cables so much, we decided to give their emergency kit a try as well. And we’re glad we did! This 65-piece kit includes just about everything you’d need in any minor emergency. The jumper cables are a little on the short side, but they are a strong 8-gauge. The kit also includes glowsticks, tools, gloves, ponchos, a first aid kit, and much more. It all comes in a very organized and heavy-duty case that will make sure you can find everything with ease when you need it. Feeling prepared for anything makes a great gift for anyone on your list; everyone from new drivers to veterans could use a handy kit like this. You’ll always feel Prepared with this amazing kit.
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Iron Forge Tools Jumper Cables

The thing that is special about these jumper cables isn’t the sturdy construction or its ability to not go stiff from the cold. It’s not the rubber coating or the quality copper-covered aluminum. It’s not that these puppies work on almost any kind of personal vehicle, from motorcycles up to giant SUVs. Nope. It’s the amazing warranty. These amazing cables are quality items. When used properly, they should give you an entire lifetime’s worth of peace of mind. The super long design and coated connectors make them both safe and effective. If you are looking for a great buy at a good price for a lifetime, look for the Iron Forge name.
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