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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Keto Pre-Workouts

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How to Choose the Best Keto Pre-Workout

Your exercise schedule doesn’t have to be at odds with your keto lifestyle. These supplements help to keep your body in ketosis and burning fat at a more effective rate during workouts. We’ve put together this keto pre-workout buying guide to help you choose the one that is perfect for you! Each person is unique, and their pre-workout should be too. Let’s look at some things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Keto Pre-Workouts

Type: Most of the pre-workouts on this list are either powders that you add to water or liquid concentrate that you also mix with water. There is one spray, which you can spray directly into your mouth.

Best Keto Pre-Workouts

Flavor: Most of these supplements come in tasty flavors that will make your water taste great! They all seem like pretty enjoyable, intense flavors that might inspire you to workout. Some examples are green apple, berry flavors, and lemonade.

How to Choose the Best Keto Pre-Workout

Caffeine: Some of these supplements have caffeine in them to promote alertness. This can either come from natural sources, as is the case with most keto-friendly powders, or artificial ones. Either way, it will break your fast.

Best Keto Pre-Workouts

Vegan: Vegan means that the pre-workout is made only with plant foods, and doesn’t contain anything that includes animal flesh or products, such as honey or eggs. It’s mostly fruit, veggies, and plant fiber products.

Best Keto Pre-Workouts

Package Size: Usually presented in ounces or pounds, this tells you how much of the product you are going to get. Remember that powder is lighter than liquid, so it might look like a smaller quantity when it makes more.

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Sugar Free: These supplements will either contain sugars from natural sources or artificial sweeteners to improve the taste. If they don’t, that’s great as well! It means there’s probably more fat, and it doesn’t always mean it tastes horrible.

Top 10 Products

Now we can get to the best pre-workout supplement reviews. We’ve chosen ones that are specifically formulated for keto, or ones that have features that are attractive to the keto diet. Take a look at our top pick and budget pick first to give you an idea of what’s available, before checking out the rest of our list to find the supplement that will work the best for your body and mind.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

Top Pick
This green-apple flavored powder by Legion Pulse is our top pick for the best pre-workout that’s keto-approved. There are four other available flavors, including blue raspberry, fruit punch, grape, and watermelon. Each of these flavors is full and vibrant, even though you’re adding just one scoop to water! It’s also the best natural pre-workout supplement we found because it contains natural caffeine and all-natural ingredients. There is no synthetic option on this list! Even though it does contain caffeine, there are no jitters or other side effects that would normally come with it. All you get from this powder is a boost to your physical and mental performance! They recommend using it a quarter hour to a half-hour before you do an intense workout for best results. There’s a reason that it’s the world’s leading pre-workout supplement. We also love that the energy boost is a slow, smooth onset effect instead of a rush.
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MusclePharm Assault Powder

Budget Pick
This powdered keto pre-workout by Muscle Pharm hits all of the marks! This particular blend boosts your energy to help you build strength – all while avoiding the muscle fatigue that is all too common with intense cardio workouts. Get your muscles ready to be used with this powerful supplement. We love how well it works, but we also love the price. This cheap pre-workout won’t break your bank, and you won’t mind repurchasing it when you need to. Plus, it comes in 7 other flavors, including sour candy, blue raspberry, and berry lemonade. There’s a flavor for everyone, and it’s more than enough to motivate you to get out to the gym. One of the innovative features of this pre-workout is the time-released carb system, so you get a sustained level of energy. It also contains a few new vitamins and minerals to increase your power output and get you toned up!
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Kiss My Keto Pre-Workout

Kiss My Keto makes the best pre-workout supplement for women with their mixed berry flavored powder. You can use it about a half hour before a workout to increase effectiveness or else use it in the morning to get you going for the day! You only need to add one scoop per 8oz of water, mix well, and you’ve got an easy, quick way to get back into ketosis or boost your metabolism and fat burning for your workout. And mixed berry isn’t the only flavor it comes in; there’s also a lemon-lime flavor and pink lemonade as well. You can even get the same formula without the flavor if that is what you prefer. It works by way of synthetic ketones in the formula that help get your body back into the habit of using fat for energy. It’s a good pre-workout for men as well, and it leads to better, more effective exercise.
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Equip Pre-Workout Powder

Equip brings us this next product, which is the best pre-workout supplement for running that we found. It works by utilizing BCAA amino acids to provide you with high-quality, smooth energy that doesn’t leave you feeling wrung out and exhausted when it ends. It helps to prevent fatigue because it maintains the hydration in your muscles. There are no artificial ingredients in this power, which is something that we really appreciate. We are sure that you will as well! One of the things that really sticks out about this top pre-workout for men is that it is paleo-approved. There are not many pre-workout supplements that are good for the Paleo diet, so that’s an impressive feat! If you use it before you run, you will have the energy to run longer without muscle cramps or discomfort. It will make you want to run all the time! We love that all of the ingredients are pure.
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ProMix Keto Pre-Workout Powder

Our pre-workout supplement reviews wouldn’t be complete without this ProMix powder. There are a lot of unique things about this particular formula that we haven’t seen on our list just yet. Among them is a devotion to a tingle-free experience. One of the common supplemental chemicals in these pre-workouts, beta-alanine, produces a tingling feeling in your body because of the way that it works. This keto pre-workout doesn’t include that chemical, and instead uses tyrosine. Tyrosine helps your thyroid function better, which makes this a good pre-workout for women. The B12 vitamin present in the powder helps to boost your metabolism, so you use more fat quicker than you would otherwise. Basically, there are so many beneficial parts to this powder that you just have to try it! You can also get this pre-workout in limeade, strawberry lemonade, and wild berry flavors. That’s a great variety! You can even get lemonade flavor with beta-alanine!
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Sheer Strength Labs Pre-Workout

Sheer Strength Labs presents one of the best keto pre-workouts on our list. Obviously, we looked for pre-workout supplements that were specifically formulated for the keto diet, which this one definitely is. The difference between this pre-workout and others that aren’t keto-specific is the use of ketones, added to the formula as BHB salts. These pre-workouts help you burn fat more effectively, and get you into a state of ketosis pretty quickly. This powder comes in a delicious watermelon flavor. For best results, they recommend that you use one scoop in your water between twenty and thirty minutes before your workout so that your body is prepared to get into that fat-burning state. It also helps to boost your mental performance as well, so you look and feel great for the duration of your workout, all with one easy-to-mix formula. We love that this powder is non-GMO and fits with the keto diet.
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Perfect Keto Pre-Workout

Perfect Keto is a staple on any list of keto-friendly pre-workouts – they were the first and the best to bring you a pre-workout system that fits into your keto diet. It rockets you into that perfect ketosis state, where you are burning fat instead of sugar to keep your body going. This particular mixture is lemon flavored and has caffeine in it to improve your mental focus as well as BHB salts, which are ketones that help to convince your body to burn fat. Start out with half a scoop up to thirty minutes before you start your workout to give your body time to metabolize the drink. What is unique about this particular mixture is that it contains testosterone, which makes it the best pre-workout supplement for men on our list. It’s that extra little fat burning push that you’re going to absolutely love. We think you should try it out!
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Kegenix Ignite Keto Spray

This product is unique on our list because it isn’t a powder or a liquid – rather, it’s a spray that you can use to do the same thing. When you spray it into your mouth, you get BHB ketones right into your mouth. You don’t have to add it to anything! It’s great for before and after your workout to prevent muscle fatigue and to help your body burn fat more effectively. What more is there to love? Much more, as it turns out. Ketones, such as the ones in this spray, also reduce stress. They produce adrenaline and dopamine so that you can feel better mentally as well as physically. That’s a great deal if you ask us. It also helps to suppress your appetite and eliminate food cravings just as effectively as an MCT oil. It keeps your brain alert and active while helping your body to work harder as well. It doesn’t get much better!
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BodyHacker creates this workout powder, great for helping you get that boost during your workout! The caffeine is from natural sources, so it isn’t the synthetic version that might leave you jittery. It is also full of B-vitamins. We love that this pre-workout is keto friendly, but it can also be used on the paleo diet, which is another great feature. It’s completely free of gluten if you’re sensitive to that, and contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners. It’s all natural! It helps target your respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and muscles to increase performance and function. It’s great for intense workouts like CrossFit or even boot camp. It stands up to the intense workouts you love while helping your body burn fat and stay in ketosis. This works best if you use it before your workout to help prepare your body for the intense use. It’s also great for continued use rather than cycling!
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Sparta Nutrition Pre-Workout

The Sparta Nutrition Pre-Workout is a great keto friendly pre-workout that uses the power of ketones to help convince your body to burn fat rather than sugar when you’re low on energy. It helps to boost your endurance levels, so you can do more exercise for longer and help to build those muscles up. The nitric oxide booster that is present help to promote blood flow through your muscles, so you are less sore when you finishing working out than you would normally be. There are so many people that use this as their only pre-workout and stick around with it for a while, which only means that it’s a wonderful product. You can’t argue with those numbers! Optimize the time you spend at the gym with this powdered pre-workout. It’s more effective than a pre-workout stack would be, and a lot healthier as well. Use science to your advantage with this powder!
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