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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

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quadcopter reviewsBest Knee Pads for Flooring

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How to Choose the Best Knee Pads for Flooring

The best knee pads for flooring are a must if you have tile work or woodwork to do and for many other reasons. The right pair will keep you comfortable and focused as you complete your task. That’s why our reviewers went through and researched the top knee pads available. The result is this top-ten list of the best flooring knee pads. Here’s the deal; Before we begin, though, there are things you need to look for as you shop.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Material: These knee pads will rest between you and the floor, so it’s pretty important to know what they’re made from. We’ll give you lots of detail in the review, but you can glance here to see the primary materials.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Surface Use: Construction workers will want to know if the knee pads they like will hold up to surfaces like cement and tile. You may have another use for them entirely. Either way, we’ll tell you how they’re meant to be used.

How to Choose the Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Padding: Padding is important since it will alleviate discomfort caused by those tough and durable knee pads. Depending on the material, padding may either be necessary or irrelevant. If it’s included, we’ll mark it here for your quick review.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Fastener: Some knee pads come with straps, while others come with buckles. Each fastener will impact how the pad sits on your knee, and how it stays up. Just check here to note which fastener comes with your pads of choice.

Best Knee Pads for Flooring

Washable: Some pads can be pulled off your legs and tossed right into the washer! Others can be wiped down and dried manually. If you need your knee pads to be washable, we’ve included that category here for you.

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Weight: For heavier work, more weighted knee pads might be the way to go. For things like sports or athletic usage, they may need to be on the lighter side. We’re marking the weight of the pads here in pounds.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know how to choose the best knee pads for flooring installers, it’s time to get right to the reviews! Bottom line: If you’re in a hurry, take a look at our top pick and our budget pick. Both are fantastic products and are among the best we found. Below that are the other 8 excellent choices from our reviewers. If you're looking for the best knee pads for flooring work, they are on this list! Let’s get started!

KP Industries Pro

Top Pick
The right knee pads for any kind of flooring, tiling or other construction work should be hard on the outside and soft on the inside. That’s why our reviewers made the KP Industries Pro Ultra Flex Knee Pads their top pick. They have strong outer shells made from plastic – and they’re warrantied! While they’re strong, they won’t cause damage. They’re designed to grip, and avoid marking whatever surface you’re on. They are hinged at the natural joint in the knee, to move naturally with you as you grab tiles or move around the floor. It gets better: Inside, you’ll find foam padding for a soft touch. It’s a solid ½-inch thick. And in the back, there are woven straps for fastening the pads well above and below the knee. They snap right into place! These shouldn’t scootch down or up as you shuffle around. The pair of pads weighs about a pound, so they’re nice and light – and they’re easy to clean.
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Dewalt Professional Kneepads

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is all about comfort. Why? Just listen to the description for the Dewalt Professional Kneepads: They are made from a neoprene fabric liner, layered gel and foam padding for the softest landing. The padding goes all around the knees for the ultimate support system. There is also a non-skid cap that goes directly over your knees to protect the flooring as you work, and it protects your joints, too. On the sides, you'll find a slip-buckle fastener system with large, adjustable neoprene straps. Carpet, wood, tile, cement, and brick are all candidates for work with the Dewalt pads. It all adds up: a flexible, relaxed, pleasant experience placing flooring is just a purchase away. This is one of the best knee pads for tilers because the thick foam and gel will last through multiple tough jobs. You don’t have to work in construction to use these. Gardeners, paintball players, they have so many applications!
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TroxellUSA SuperSoft Pads

Building something with your own two hands can be tough work. Constructing a deck, kitchen cabinets, and other projects around the house or the job site can take a toll on your back and your knees. You need a product that will support you and cushion you when necessary. That’s why our reviewers picked the TroxellUSA SuperSoft Pads. And they really are soft: These are neoprene knee pads, with a caramel-colored leather cover. The leather is supple and won’t mar any of the surfaces you’re working on. Underneath, the premium neoprene is thick and durable. Each of the two knee pads comes with a single Velcro neoprene strap to get this product into place. Listen to this: You can wear these for a full shift and feel rested as you get the work done. They will function appropriately for both indoor and outdoor jobs, on both professional and amateur projects. Try the TroxellUSA Pads today and find your working happy place!
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Dewalt Heavy Duty

In general, the best knee pads for flooring are separated into two groups: The tough pads made from a heavy material like plastic for outdoor work, or the soft padded ones for indoor work. Then you find a pair of the Dewalt Heavy Duty Knee Pads, which actually meet all of the standards for both of those groups. You might be wondering: How can it possibly be both hardcore and soft to the touch? Here's how: These knee pads have the outer PVC shell for resting on flooring or tile without scuffing it up. Then inside the PVC, there is the neoprene fabric liner, followed by dense foam padding. The slip-buckle fastener system has adjustable straps so the whole thing goes on just right. Tradesmen, technicians, and laborers will love this choice from our reviewers. They truly are heavy duty, without doing any damage to you or the project you're working on. Try the Dewalt Knee Pads today!
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Brutus Contour Knee pads

A good set of knee pads hugs the knees and hopefully make you forget they’re even there. The Brutus Contour Knee Pads are versatile enough to tackle all kinds of work, from digging in the garden to cleaning the kitchen floor. Workers laying tile and brick will also like how well-cushioned these pads are. Here’s the scoop: The pads are made of nylon and foam, cradling the knee and protecting it from any discomfort. They have an easy-to-use Velcro strap. Because they are so simply constructed, they are also easy to clean. These are washable, so they won’t stink up the job site or leave your coworkers fanning themselves for relief. These aren’t just good knee pads for work: Folks with health issues or knee problems will also like having these around. Cyclists and jockeys will find solid usage for them as well. They are super lightweight and can be worn underneath clothing if necessary. Brutus pads are real winners!
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NoCry Professional Kneepads

There’s some gear that will make you look like a warrior, ready for battle. That’s the NoCry Professional Kneepads look in a nutshell. This is crazy: Not only do these kneepads have that strong PVC cup on top to protect your joints, they’re also ridged with shallow treads to prevent cuts or skids on any surface. It will help to keep you steady as you work on hard and uneven surfaces. That means this product can be used by professional cleaners and janitors, tradesmen, shelf stockers and much more. There's more: Underneath the PVC is both a soft gel core and foam padding. Gardeners and welders can be down on the floor for hours on end without damaging either their work or their legs. Double straps hold these knee pads in place without slippage, along with solid slip-buckle clips. NoCry stands behind their product and promises to replace your pads if you aren't happy. Now that's a good deal!
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Thunderbolt Professional Kneepads

You can buy the single greatest pair of knee pads in the world, but if they don’t stay up around your knees, they won’t be worth much to you. They’ll fall to your ankles, and you’ll have to head back out to do some more shopping. That’s why it’s important to get both a great pair of pads and a great pair of straps. Not only do the Thunderbolt Professional Kneepads come with Velcro straps, they also include a 7-inch extension strap in case your legs are larger than average in width. The straps are therefore highly adjustable, and they open and close easily too, so removing your pads doesn’t get you all tied up. It gets better… The front of these knee pads is heavy-duty non-skid PVC. Nylon and neoprene hold the pieces together for long-lasting support. Against your kneecap, you’ve got a soft gel core. Put all of those features together, and you’re ready for both work and play.
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Gamba Tools Knee pads

Want to purchase both a really great knee pad and a portion of your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Halloween Costume? Pull double duty and get the job done with these Gamba Tools Knee Pads. All jokes aside, these are professional-grade pads. If you do any work that puts your knees at risk, consider pads a worthy investment. Why? The patella, or kneecap, can be prone to fractures. Save your knees, and purchase something that will both cushion and protect them. Gamba Tools uses a hard outside shell to work on all kinds of surfaces and terrain. Beneath that lies neoprene lining, high-density foam padding, and a layered gel cushion. Extra-wide neoprene straps hold everything in place without slippage. Your knees will feel like they are on pillows while the rest of you installs cabinetry or stocks shelves. Gamba Tools does recommend a break-in period for these pads, to allow them to mold properly to your legs.
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TRT Heavy Duty Kneepads

Does your house need a fresh coat of paint? Did you promise to build a new deck outside so the kids can grab some sun? Or do you like to unwind by running tactical ops with friends? For all of these reasons and plenty of others, you need a good pair of knee pads. We selected the TRT Heavy Duty Knee Pads because they are exactly what the doctor ordered. They are strong and tough on the outside, soft and cushy on the inside. Here’s the deal: These knee pads are fronted by large PVC caps to keep you safe and stop you from sliding around. They’re padded not once, but twice, with memory foam and gel. All of this will stay on, too, with a great dual strap system. One is flexible neoprene with an adjustable clip. The other is Velcro to help you find the right fit. It’s time to strap in and have some fun at work!
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Steel-Flex Strapped Knee pads

The Steel-Flex Strapped Knee Pads work a little differently than the rest of our top-ten list, and we think you’re going to appreciate the originality. Why? Because Steel-Flex is using patented technology to change the way your knees feel when you’re kneeling on the ground. Here’s how it works: a patented leaf spring cushioning system is built into these pads, creating an egg-crate surface that distributes your weight and keeps your knees feeling good. Items like small rocks won’t pinch and poke like they would with other knee pads. Thick straps with dust-resistant fastening will hold these Steel-Flex products in place. Sweat will be wicked away by the soft, breathable fabric inside, and even if dirt builds up, these can be thrown into the sink for a good rinse. Masonry and flooring will no longer be as intimidating with this pair on your side, and they’re available at a very affordable price. You’ll want to get a pair for your whole crew.
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