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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Knife Sharpeners

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How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpener

No one wants a dull knife because then it doesn’t do what you need it to. That’s why you’re probably wondering what is the best electric knife sharpener? A sharp knife slices through your food like nothing, but a dull one can tear apart your food instead, which definitely doesn’t make it as appealing (and it slows down your prep time). The best electric knife sharpeners can help you get that sharp knife you’re looking for, but of course, you need to know how to find the best and this electric knife sharpener buying guide will help.

Best Knife Sharpeners

Stages: Did you know there are different stages required to get a really sharp knife? And especially to sharpen different kinds of knives? Well, there are, and we’ve looked at how many stages each knife sharpener can offer.

Best Knife Sharpeners

Non-Slip: You don’t want your knife sharpener to slip while you’re using it because you could end up with an improperly sharpened knife or you could get hurt. We’ve also looked at whether each sharpener has non-slip features.

How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpener

Type: Are you looking for a manual sharpener or an automatic one? An automatic will need electricity, but a manual can be used anywhere and anytime, without electricity. Which works best for you is … well, up to you.

Best Knife Sharpeners

Hand-Held: Can you pick up the knife sharpener and hold it in one hand while you use it? Or does it need to be set up on a counter? For some, one or the other is preferable so you want to know what you’re getting.

Best Knife Sharpeners

Size: What dimensions is the electric knife sharpener you’re looking at? You’ll need a larger or smaller one depending on your specific needs and of course, how much space you have available. Knowing the size helps you plan.

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Warranty: You always want a warranty because it means the manufacturer stands behind the product that they sell and its durability. Having a warranty, therefore, is something you’ll want to know about each option we have to show you.

Top 10 Products

Out of all the different knife sharpeners out there, the last thing you want is to pick something that won’t work the way you need it to. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. We’ve already got the list of features to look for, now you just need to know which knife sharpeners are the best when it comes to those options, right? Well, this is where we come in again because we’ve got a list of the best electric knife sharpener reviews and all you’ve got to do is dive in.

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Top Pick
Our top pick when it comes to even the best electric knife sharpener options is the Priority Chef Knife Sharpener. Made to cut both straight and serrated knives, it has a two-stage diamond coated wheel that can get your knives sharper than ever and ready to go in no time at all. It has an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold while you use it and easy to use for different sizes and types of knives. Safe and durable for even hard blades, it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee where you can get a full refund if you’re not happy. There’s a non-slip cushion underneath that ensures the unit itself won’t move when you’re using it and the stainless steel means it won’t rust or warp over time. The sleek look also looks great sitting on your counter and it’s lightweight so you can move it easily as needed. Completely manual, it sharpens your knives at a 17 degree angle.
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KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for a budget option the KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener is our favorite. It’s available in three different colors and works for polishing and sharpening dull blades or improving already sharpened ones. It offers a special edge grip that keeps your knife from hitting the counter while you sharpen and it’s small enough to easily store away when you’re not using it. The coarse carbide blade for setting an edge and the ceramic rods for honing it work excellently and the base is non-slip to increase overall durability. Easy to hold and uniquely designed, this sharpener is a manual option for just about any kind of knife that you have sitting in your drawer. Made of stainless steel, you’ll get all of your straight edge blades razor sharp with this, so you can get back to enjoying everything else. Just slide it through a couple times and you’ll be ready to go again.
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LINKYO Knife Sharpener

The LINKYO Knife Sharpener offers automatic blade positioning guides to make sure your knife is in just the right position when you sharpen it. It is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for hunting knives. Not only that but it has suction cup feet that hold the sharpener itself exactly where you need it to be. The two stage sharpening process helps to reshape the angle and improve the edge with the first stage and to hone and polish on the second. When you’re done, the metal shards and filings are gathered into a receptacle which is easy to clear. There a one year warranty on the sharpener and if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing there’s no need to worry because it has a stop feature built in. If you use too much pressure it stops the sharpener completely to avoid damaging the blade. Ideal for straight edge blades it’s fully electric to make sharpening even easier when you need to get going fast.
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Presto 08810 Knife Sharpener

The Presto Knife Sharpener is a three stage system that lets you get the best edge possible, without having to go to the pros. Great for sharpening your kitchen knives or knives for any other occasion, the interchangeable blade guides allow you to get the ideal sharpening angle without having to guess. In fact, the guides hold the knife at just the right angle based on the thickness of the blade, thin, medium or thick. Fully electric, this sharpener can even sharpen your hunting knives or your Santoku knives, giving anything you have a sharp edge. You’ll get a one year warranty on the sharpener, including the coarse and medium Sapphirite grinding wheels and the extra fine ceramic wheel. This 120 volt sharpener is built to last and also to be easily portable. You can take it with you anywhere you’ll have power with the lightweight aspect and small overall frame.
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Chef’s Choice Trizor Knife Sharpener

The Chef’s Choice Trizor Knife Sharpener provides options for a 15 or 20 degree edge and has a three stage system that provides the sharpness you’re looking for. You can get a sharp edge from nothing in only a single minute and from a moderately dull edge in just 10 seconds. Even better, it has the ability to sharpen both straight and serrated edge blades, including American, European and Asian styles. That means no matter what knife you have you shouldn’t have any problem turning it into a high quality, edge capable of cutting through anything. The diamond abrasives in the sharpener ensure that you get the ideal shaping and sharpening while the stropping disk gets you the edge that you’ve been looking for during the third stage. You’ll be able to straighten any misaligned edges and sharpen each tooth to the microblade point that you’re looking for. Whether you have forged or non-forged blades this offers excellent electric knife sharpener ratings.
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ALPULON Knife Sharpener

The Alpulon Knife Sharpener has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold while you’re using it and works either left or right-handed. Not only that but it has a non-slip base to make sure that the flat edge won’t slide while in use. When you’re ready to use it you’ll be able to sharpen your favorite knives in no problem. When you need to clean it out after sharpening the head can be removed and the entire thing can be rinsed out with water. This manual knife sharpener is designed with a diamond rod to sharpen at just the right angle and the one year warranty says you’re definitely getting durability. Just about any straight edge knife can be sharpened with this tool and even your favorite pair of scissors. With this three stage good electric knife sharpener you just slide the knife through a few times and before you know it you’re going to be ready to get back to cutting, chopping, and slicing.
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Vremi Knife Sharpener

The Vremi Knife Sharpener is a handheld sharpening system that uses both steel and ceramic rods to get your stainless steel blades as sharp as new (or better). Available in two colors, the four stage unit has an ergonomic hand grip, as well as a rubber weighted bottom, to keep it in place, where you need it and when you need it. Small enough to fit easily in your kitchen drawers, it’s still large enough to sharpen even your biggest knives. Sharpen your standard and Asian style knives with no problem at all. Super lightweight, this sharpener takes super dull knives and gets them ready to go again. It’s great for your straight knives and can be used for those who are right or left handed. The cover for the rods ensures that you are protected during use and when you’re transferring it from storage to use.
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Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener

If you’re looking for a unique style knife sharpener the Brod & Taylor is a great choice. It’s made for smooth and serrated knives and can get you a razor sharp edge in no time at all. Designed for Japanese knives as well, the base is made with nylon and features tungsten-carbide sharpeners. The bars themselves adjust to the angle of your blade with specially designed spring-action and can sharpen from 12 degree angle to a 20 degree angle. You’ll get a factory bevel as well as a high polish and razor edge when you’re all done. All the instructions that you’ll ever need are printed on the base of the unit, and you’ll find some excellent grips there as well. Lightweight as well as easy to use this is something you’ll want to take with you no matter where you’re going or what type of knives you’re going to be using there.
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FAVORLAND Knife Sharpener

The FAVORLAND Knife Sharpener doesn’t look like anything special, but it’s definitely a good tool. It’s a three stage sharpener for just about any straight edge and it features an ergonomic handle that makes it even easier to sharpen anything you want. The bottom of the sharpener has a non-slip grip to make it stick on your counter or other surface and the rods can sharpen stainless steel, hard steel or ceramic, as well as knives of all different sizes and purposes. The unique, round design makes it look sleek on your counter and the lightweight aspect means it’s easy enough to carry with you or put away when not in use. Complete with a 100% money back guarantee that lasts a lifetime, you will never have any reason to doubt the durability or the overall capabilities of this knife. If you’re not happy with it at any time you can get a full refund, which is definitely something you won’t find anywhere else.
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BulbHead Bavarian Sharpener

The BulbHead Bavarian Edge Sharpener can sharpen your serrated, beveled and standard blades with ease. This manual sharpener has two spring action arms that feature tungsten carbide surfaces to get a great edge at any time and on any type of knife. Because of the design of the sharpener itself, you can slide the knife back and forth through the rods to get a sharp edge instead of sliding it only in one direction. Super lightweight, you can put this sharpener anywhere you want and you’ll be able to take it with you when you travel. Made with stainless steel and aluminum, it has a non-slip surface on the base to make sure that it stays firm while you’re using it. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about having the right knife for the job and with this system, you won’t. It takes just a couple passes to get a super sharp edge that will cut through anything.
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