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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

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How to Choose the Best Lawn Fertilizers

Like a beloved pet or a child, your lawn also needs to eat well to thrive. Keeping your grass green can be tough, which is why we searched for the best lawn fertilizer brand. To help you find the best lawn fertilizer, we researched a variety of new and bestselling products. We searched high and low for quality items. The result is the best lawn fertilizer reviews below. Now: Before we get started, here’s what you need to know when shopping.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

Size: The first thing you need to know about any best rated lawn fertilizer on our list is the size of the bag or box you will receive. That will tell you how much ground you can cover depending on lawn size.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

Organic: There are organic grass fertilizer products out there, and we feature some on our top ten list. This is an easy reference for you to check and know at a glance if your fertilizer is officially an organic product.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Fertilizers

Season: Certain grass food is formulated for winter, others for fall, spring and so on. They will optimize growth depending on weather-related conditions. Other fertilizers work any time of year. We’ve noted the seasonal range for every member of our top ten.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

Phosphate Free: Some communities request that the lawn fertilizer you use is free of phosphates. If that is the case, we have chosen some great products for you that were not made using phosphorus. They will still keep your lawn green.

Best Lawn Fertilizers

Release Time: On our top ten list, we made sure to include both quick-release and slow-release lawn fertilizers. The best lawn fertilizer spreader will be able to make quick use of both and benefit your yard. Our guide includes release time in months.

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Formula: There are several different formula types available for fertilizer. The most popular are liquid fertilizers and granules for spreading around the bottom of the plant. We also took the time to note each formula so that you know how to apply it.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know which features to look for when shopping, let’s get straight to our lawn fertilizer reviews. Here’s the deal: If you need to move quickly, take a look at our top pick and our budget pick. Both are fantastic products and are among the very best fertilizers we tested. Below that, you'll find the rest of our top ten reviews. If you're looking for the best lawn fertilizer, it's on this list. Let's get started!

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

Top Pick
If you’ve got a lovely green lawn, or you want to start strengthening dry, dying grass, both are great reasons to try Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food. Scotts is a familiar name in the lawn fertilizer game, and for good reason. Our top pick was chosen because not only is the brand a great one, this is their all-season fertilizer. Whether you are applying these granules to roots in winter or in the heat of summer, they will benefit your greenery immensely. What are we talking about? Scotts Lawn Food is designed to build up and bolster the roots of your plants. They will hold better and grow stronger. Water and nutrients will also have a greater effect on your lawn when this product is spread out onto it. With your purchase, you get a 14-pound bag of the granules, which is enough for 5 thousand square feet of grass. Even better: This formula is safe for both pets and children.
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Simple Lawn Solutions Fertilizer

Budget Pick
If you find yourself wishing for a healthier, brighter lawn, you are just a couple of sprays away from great results. Our budget pick is Simple Lawn Solutions Fertilizer. You will love this natural formula. It is not made with harsh chemicals, so it is safe for use in homes with children and pets like dogs and cats. It is comprised of all natural and food-grade products. You will receive a two-pound spray bottle, ready for use. That is enough for 3,200 square feet of greenery. It is an all-season item, too! Use it during the winter to keep plants healthy and thriving, no matter the weather. In the summer, this liquid booster will help your lawn bear the heat of the sun and other exposure. The essential vitamins and nutrients hidden within also provide year-round benefits. Use the spray once a month or so to see optimal results. All grass types will soak up this “green food,” including palmetto!
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GreenView Fall Lawn Food

Every 12 months as they approach the New Year, homeowners look at their lawns with dread, not knowing if it will survive the cold winter months. Cold, snow and ice can all leave grass beaten and brown. For many in charge of lawn care, it is an unending battle bringing the green back when the weather improves. You can change all of that this year, however, with GreenView Fall Lawn Food. Think of this product as the big meal your green lawn needs to eat before hibernating through winter. Root growth is sped up, encouraging each plant to stay healthier and last through lousy conditions. With no phosphate included in this high-efficiency fertilizer, grass will green up more quickly in the spring. GreenView Food comes in a 16-pound bag of round granules, enough for a 5,000-square foot lawn. You can spread it and forget it because this is a slow-release product. It will last your lawn about 2 months!
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Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore

Products that are designed to be better for the environment are sometimes more expensive, but not in the case of Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore. Our reviewers love just about everything about this natural fertilizer, starting with how safe it is to use. It's made up of all plant-based nutrients, and it is officially organic. It even smells good! There is no manure in this fertilizer, and no phosphate either. The runoff will not harm aquatic life. Your children and your pets are also totally safe around this product. You will get a 25-pound pack of Safer Brand. It’s enough for 5,000 square feet of lawn. Instead of granules, the formula is comprised of little flakes. It looks a bit like a breakfast cereal, and it spreads and absorbs easily. You only need to apply this lawn food every 2-3 months to see the benefits you’re looking for. Use it to winterize your lawn, or at any other time of year.
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Milorganite 0636 Nitrogen Fertilizer

If you’re looking for the essential ingredient for a lush, green lawn, you’re looking for Milorganite 0636 Nitrogen Fertilizer. These are heat-dried microbes loaded with nitrogen and iron for a fortified back and front yard. Your grass will soak up these granules, put down deeper roots and turn a darker green. Milorganite is formulated for the growing season, so you can lay it down anytime during spring or summer. Water your lawn normally, allow it to penetrate the roots of all of your plants, and sit back to enjoy the magical results. This is a 36-pound bag of Milorganite, so it will last several times over for a large lawn. In fact, this nitrogen fertilizer is a popular solution not only for lawns but for golf courses, parks, trees, and bushes. The grass is just the beginning. Your kids and your dog are all safe around this stuff. Enrich your fruit trees, your rose bushes, and your landscaping too.
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Pennington Signature Lawn Food

You want the kind of lawn you can wiggle your toes in. You can water your grass over and over, but it still may not receive the kinds of macro-nutrients it requires to truly thrive. So, what do you need to do? Feed it with Pennington Signature Series Lawn Food. You're going to love its dual personality: It provides both quick greening and a controlled release. That means you will see immediate results and long-term success. The granules will continue to break down into the soil around your grass for up to four months, one of the longest release times of any of our top ten fertilizers. This lawn food is full of vital nitrogen, potassium, and iron. It does not contain any phosphate. The nitrogen helps grass grow and deepen in color. The potassium helps the nitrogen do its job, and the iron can help turn the grass an even darker green. Make your lawn the absolute envy of your neighbors!
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Dr. Earth 715 Lawn Fertilizer

Put more life on your lawn with Dr. Earth 715 Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer. If you want something organic and made from the best stuff on earth, here is the fertilizer you've been looking for. This 18-pound bag contains granules made with the following ingredients: Alaskan fish meal, Alaskan fish bone meal, high-country feather meal, mined potassium sulfate, valley-grown alfalfa meal, mined calcium sulfate and a patented seaweed extract. It is a meal fit for a king if the king was made from grass. With those 18 pounds, you can cover 2,000 square feet and gradual release will assist with your lawn's growth for three whole months. This is an all-season fertilizer, and it is perfectly safe for all animals and children. This particular lawn food is essential for tackling thatch, the layer of debris that can build up in your soil and vegetation. By promoting growth and digesting that thatch, your lawn becomes much more vibrant and strong.
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GreenView Fairway Fertilizer

You can fertilize your lawn at any time during the year, but there is one particular season when the experts say a little extra love is needed: The fall. The right fertilizer applied just before winter, will strengthen the roots of the grass enough to keep it healthy throughout the cold months. It will also promote quicker green-up when spring arrives. That's why you need to check out GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer. It is just what you need to give TLC to your lawn and ensure it will stay beautiful for another year. What’s the secret? This 25-pound bag is loaded with granules full of slow-absorbing nitrogen. You get a consistent, dark-green color for 12 full weeks. You also don’t get any phosphate formulation in your lawn food, so phosphorus doesn’t end up in nearby waterways. Just one application of GreenView Fairway is an excellent way to ensure your lawn will stay lush and tropical instead of dry and brown.
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Jonathan Green & Sons Fertilizer

One way to keep your lawn relatively healthy is to get the mower out regularly, letting the clippings and dead leaves place nutrients back into the soil. But even this practice doesn’t guarantee you’ll still have that lovely lawn after winter hits. Whether winter in your part of the world is mild or brutal, the change in temperature often leaves homeowners scratching their heads at the devastation of their lawns. Don’t spend the colder months worrying. Let your lawn lay dormant in style with the help of Jonathan Green & Sons Fall Fertilizer. It’s just what’s needed to ensure gorgeous growth when spring arrives. The 15-pound bag is enough for 5,000 square feet of lawn. You only need to apply it once, and then you can cozy up with some hot chocolate and wait for warmer weather to return. Then you can step outside, and bask in the glory of your thriving landscaping. Try this wonderful product for yourself!
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Scotts Liquid Turf Builder

Do you want to try out a new lawn fertilizer, but you're afraid it will also feed the weeds? You need to give Scotts Liquid Turf Builder a chance. It really is two products in one. This Turf Builder shoots nitrogen onto the grass, greening it up within 24 hours. This is crazy: The day after using this fertilizer, you will likely be seeing the results! You will also be seeing its effect on weeds. It will kill common lawn weeds like dandelion, clover and more. The two-pound spray is ready to be used when it arrives. Bermuda grass, rye grass, Bahia grass and many other common grass types are safe with Scotts. And you only need to use it twice a year, so one purchase will last you quite a while. Are you ready to try one of the industry’s best “weed and feeds”? Spray some today and see a greener lawn as early as tomorrow.
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