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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Leather Conditioners

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How to Choose the Best Leather Conditioner

There are so many things that finding the best leather conditioner for sale can do. Not only can you treat your new boots or leather jacket, you can also bring older pieces back to life. We researched some of the best brands and top sellers to help you figure out which one is right for you. Before we get to our leather conditioner reviews, let’s look at some of the key features you should know before you shop.

Best Leather Conditioners

Non-Toxic: Whether you’re looking for the best leather couch conditioner or one for your boots, jacket, or purse, it’s going to be close to your skin. That’s why it’s so important to use a conditioner that’s non-toxic.

Best Leather Conditioners

Type: There are a few different types of conditioner, including oil, wax, spray, and cream. They all do the same thing; the difference is in how you apply them. Go with whatever one you prefer to use.

How to Choose the Best Leather Conditioner

Made In: Not only are all of our top picks made in the USA, some of them have been made there for a long time. Get this. One is 150 years old and another one’s been around since 1882.

Best Leather Conditioners

UV Protection: If you’re going to be using your conditioner on something that will be in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, UV protection is a good idea. It will help keep your leather from drying out and fading.

Best Leather Conditioners

Size: Keep in mind the type of conditioner you’re looking at when you consider the size. You will likely use more oil for a treatment than you would a wax. Just because one has more doesn’t mean it will last longer.

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Multiple Surface: All of these products can be used on various surfaces: car upholstery, jackets, boots, furniture. Some of these can be used on artificial materials, too. Double check whether or not the conditioner you choose can be used on suede.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know the key features to look for, let’s move into the next part of our leather conditioner buying guide. If you don’t have a lot of time, check out our top and budget picks first. They’re the first 2 entries on our list and will give you a good idea of the range that’s out there. All of these products are unique, though, so stick around to the end if you can. Alright, let’s get right to it.

Leather Honey Conditioner

Top Pick
Our top pick for best leather cleaner and conditioner is the tried and true Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. This product gets deep into the pores of both old and new leather where it softens and moisturizes. And get this, it’s also water, snow, and rain repellant. A little of this product goes a long way so 8 ounces lasts a long time. In fact, one treatment lasts for 6 months or more! If you’re looking for something versatile, this product works all types of leather, including furniture, car upholstery, boots, gloves, and even saddles. Plus, it’s non-toxic, isn’t sticky, doesn’t smell, contains no silicone. Leather Honey has been made in the USA and hand-bottled by the same family for about 50 years. When a product lasts that long, you know it’s high quality stuff.
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FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best leather shoe conditioner and prefer a cream, you’re going to love our budget pick. The FRYE Leather Conditioning Cream actually has a soft waxy texture that it really easy to apply. All you have to do is rub it in using a soft cloth. Actually, you can even use your fingers if you wanted to. This conditioner weather-proofs, conditions, and restore all oil-tanned leathers. It’s suitable for all colors and works with just about any leather product that isn’t made of suede, nubuck, or distressed leather. And get this. It comes in a 100% metal tin that’s 2 inches high with a 5-inch diameter. It’s easy to store and, honestly, it just looks really cool. The Frye Logo and western design really make this one stand out.
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TriNova Leather Conditioner

TriNova Leather Conditioner is a great choice for best leather cleaner and conditioner for furniture. Because this formula adds a level of protection, it helps keep your leather couches, loungers, and desk chairs looking new. If you use this conditioner monthly, you can avoid any premature cracking and drying. That said, this is also a great choice if you want to bring an old leather item back to life. It works on a range of leather surfaces, including exotic leathers, and even adds a layer of water, snow, and rain repellant to your books, purse, or jacket. You can hunt down an old t-shirt or clean rag if you want or you can use the included applicator for quick and easy treatment. A little goes a long way so this 8-ounce bottle lasts a while.
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Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner has been around since 1882 and has been proven to extend the life of your leather. Because it’s formulated to condition, treat, clean, and polish smooth, finished leathers, we think this is a great choice for best auto leather conditioner. You might be surprised to find out this is a good choice for best cheap leather conditioner, too. This formula won’t darken your leather because it lets the leather breathe. How does it work? It’s simple, really. It’s completely wax free so the pores in the leather don’t get sealed. That also means there’s no sticky or gummy residue left behind either. Application is really easy, just apply liberally and buff when dry. This is an effective way to restore old leather or keep your new leather in good shape.
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Chamberlain's Leather Milk

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is the best leather jacket conditioner we came across in our reviews. This liniment recipe uses an emulsion of oils and water and is very gentle. Don’t let that fool you, though, it deep conditions, cleans, and restores your leather and brings it back to life. It’s versatile enough to use on any everything from deerskin to crocodile but is especially well suited for more natural looking, lighter hued, unfinished leather items. Application is easy and it doesn’t leave behind any sticky or greasy residue. And get this, there are no unnatural chemicals. It’s really important to avoid chemicals when it comes to leather conditioners. Not only do they have an unnatural smell, they can also dry out leather over time. Chamberlain’s not only nourishes your leather, it also has an almond-like smell that your nose will love.
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Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

The Chemical Guys have the best car leather cleaner and conditioner set around. This set includes an 8-ounce bottle of spray cleaner and an 8-ounce bottle of cream conditioner. They’re both colorless and odorless so you’ll still be able to smell the natural scent of the leather and keep the original color. The cleaner penetrates into the pores to lift out dirt. It wipes off clean without leaving behind any residue. When the surface is clean, it’s time to condition. This product is meant for natural tanned leather hides and prevents fading, drying, and cracking. In fact, it actually replenishes the vitamin E that’s depleted when leather is exposed to harsh sunlight, like your car seats and dash. And here’s the kicker: you can even use these water-based products on synthetic leathers.
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Lexol Leather Care Kit

Another strong competitor for best leather conditioner for cars is the Lexol Leather Care Kit. This kit contains both an 8-ounce bottle of cleaner and of conditioner. Cleaning is an important first step because it cleans away all the dirt and oils from the surface. That gives the conditioner the perfect surface so that it can penetrate and condition the pores. While the cleaning is essential for a good result, the conditioner is really impressive. It doesn’t leave behind any sticky or greasy residue so nothing gets trapped inside of the leather. There are no silicones, alcohols, waxes, oils, or additives, either. Why does that matter? It prevents the leather from drying out over time. That’s not all, you also get a 2 pack of non-abrasive applicator sponges. They’re microfiber and won’t damage any surfaces.
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Leather Afterlife Conditioner

If you’re looking for the best leather conditioner for furniture, check out Leather Afterlife Conditioner. It’s great to treat and protect all of your new leather goods, but it’s the perfect choice if you’re trying to bring an old piece of leather furniture back to life. Why? Because it brings back the soft, supple feel that disappears over time. This is a great choice for boots, jackets, purses, and sporting goods, too. It also adds protection from weather and general wear and tear. Something unique about this product is that it’s blended in small batches so that they can monitor quality and keep the formula consistent. Plus, it’s made in the USA. And here’s the kicker: it comes with a 100% manufacturer guarantee. If you don’t love it, they’ll give you a full refund.
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Howard LC0008 Leather Conditioner

Howard LC0008 Leather Conditioner is the best leather seat conditioner for couches, car seats, and even saddles. This conditioner penetrates to help preserve the leather, but it also protects the surface by increasing the flexibility. What does that mean? When leather is soft and moves more freely, it’s less likely to crack and look dry and aged. So, not only will it make your leather look good now, it will keep it looking good in the future. The natural ingredients in this formula are really effective. Lanolin, aloe vera, and coconut oil are the key conditioners while beeswax is used as a layer of protection. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind any sticky or greasy residue. That’s not all, this best leather conditioner for car seats can also be used jackets, shoes, and purses, too.
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Beesbutter Leather Conditioner

If you want the best leather conditioner for boots, you have to take a look at Beesbutter Leather Conditioner. Get this: the formulation is 150 years old. So, it’s definitely stood the test of time. It’s made of all-natural materials like animal oils and beeswax. It actually has a waxy consistency that melts into the leather as it warms up during application. If your boots have a lot of detail, the waxy texture helps you make sure you get every little nook and cranny as you’re working it into the surface. This is an all in one product that restores, conditions, softens, and protects. In fact, one of the reasons we like it for boots is because it offers some resistance to water, rain, and snow. There are no chemicals, perfumes, dyes, or petroleum added, either.
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