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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Leather Sewing Machines

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How to Choose the Best Leather Sewing Machine

Sewing is a fun pastime for a lot of people, but having the right equipment is crucial if you’re hoping to get the right outcome. That’s why the best sewing machine for denim and leather might be a little harder. For those who want more options with their sewing, you will definitely need this leather sewing machine buying guide. After all, not every sewing machine is equipped to help you stitch through leather and other stiff materials.

Best Leather Sewing Machines

Power: Is the machine you’re looking at electric (meaning that it needs to be plugged into the wall at all times and runs on its own) or is it manual (meaning you’re going to need to do some of the work yourself)?

Best Leather Sewing Machines

Size: What is the overall size of the unit? You need to know if it’s going to fit in where you want it or if you need to clear a different space for it to make sure it’s ready to go or ready to store.

How to Choose the Best Leather Sewing Machine

Pieces: How many pieces are included in the box? Does the sewing machine come in multiple pieces? Are there extra pieces included alongside it so you can get started more quickly? You want to know what’s all there.

Best Leather Sewing Machines

Needles Included: Does a needle come with the machine or will you need to purchase them separately? If you need to purchase it this will be an added expense because you can’t use a standard sewing needle with a leather machine.

Best Leather Sewing Machines

Auto Threader: Does the machine thread the needle for you or are you going to need to do it? For most people, this is a personal preference whether they want it or not so you can make your decision however you like.

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Warranty: Is there a warranty on the device? How long is that warranty? You want to know how much faith the company is putting into the product and how much faith you can put into it as well. Keep an eye on warranties.

Top 10 Products

There are tons of sewing machines out there but not all of them are designed to be used with leather. You need to do a little more research when you’re looking for something that’s considered a specialty item, or you can check out our leather sewing machine reviews to find out what you really need. We’ve done the research and the hard part for you.

Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

Top Pick
Our top pick sewing machine that sews leather is the Janome HD3000, which is actually able to do just about anything and everything you want when it comes to sewing. It comes with a hard case so you can hold everything and store it easily. You also get an ultra-glide foot, blind hem foot, overedge foot, rolled hem foot, zipper foot and buttonhole foot. On top of that, you’re getting needles for leather and universal purposes so you’ll be able to accomplish a number of tasks. When you want to change out the stitch you can turn the dial and that’s all it takes. There are 18 built-in options for stitches as well. There’s a jam proof bobbin that loads at the top and an automatic needle threader so you can easily get started and get going fast. It even has a 1 year warranty that says it’s going to work for you and there aren’t going to be any problems with the unit.
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SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

Budget Pick
When it comes to our cheap leather sewing machine we chose the Singer 4423, which offers a number of great features, including 23 built in stitches, 12 of which are decorative and a strong motor with automatic threader. It’s a simple to use machine that still gives you plenty of speed (up to 1,100 stitches per minute) and a metal frame that keeps it tough and durable. You’ll even get an all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, quilting guide, needles, bobbins, screwdrivers, auxiliary spool pin and spool pin felt. It also has a soft-sided dust cover and stainless steel bedplate. You’ll be able to get through just about any surface, including leather. This machine even comes with a 25 year limited warranty, which means you’re definitely going to have something you can count on for a very long time. You’ll be able to store it away easily when you’re done by covering it with the soft cover and setting it anywhere you want.
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Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is moderately priced and provides you with a range of different features, including the ability to sew materials that are thin or thick (or somewhere in between). It has a metal needle plate that makes the whole thing easier to feed and even includes leather sewing machine needles and a metal thread hook. On top of that, you get 37 different built-in stitches so you can create an ultra-unique look to anything you sew and 6 sewing feet that will help you with a variety of different projects. The quick-set drop-in bobbin is jam resistant and there’s even an automatic needle threader and an LED light that keeps everything bright. At its fastest, the unit can run at 800 stitches per minute and it can slow down to whatever you may need. All in all, it comes with everything you need to sew through just about any material.
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Janome HD1000 Machine

This heavy duty sewing machine is designed to do just about anything you could need, from the 14 built in stitches that get you a unique look to the variety of accessories that come along with it. You’ll get an aluminum machine that’s made durable and still lightweight. You’re also getting bobbins, felt, needles, screwdrivers, seam ripper, zipper foot, hemmer foot, buttonhole foot, hem guide and a cover. What’s really great is it even has a free arm that makes it easier for you to sew pants, cuffs, and collars and has a drop feed that makes it easier to darn or attach buttons. There’s an automatic needle threader built in and the machine has easy to understand controls over the outside so you can always make sure you’re getting just what you’re looking for. This machine can handle any of your most practical or everyday sewing as well as some of the more extensive work, like sewing on heavier fabrics.
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Rex Portable Sewing Machine

This machine looks a little more basic but it’s actually able to accomplish quite a bit. It’s made with cast iron all the way through, which means that it’s extremely durable and you don’t need to worry about drops or damage. It’s great for heavy materials like jeans, leather, and canvas and can also accomplish tasks with thinner materials as well. You even get a leather sample included with the machine so you can see what it’s able to do for you. All you need to do is start it up and you’ll get a nice firm stitch across just about anything. Moderately priced, this machine is simple in style so you can easily get started working on your next project. It’s great to attach to a table for simple sewing projects. You’ll even get some needles and bobbins included in the package so you can get started on your first project much faster than you might think. All in all, it’s the best sewing machine for canvas and leather.
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TechSew 2900 Industrial Machine

This best industrial sewing machine for leather definitely looks unique, but it’s actually a great choice for anyone who wants to sew through leather or other heavy duty materials. It’s actually considered an industrial machine, which means, it’s bigger and more powerful. It offers ¼” sewing capacity and it can be used with the motor or entirely by hand. The machine has an adjustable speed SmartServo motor and a 360 degree rotating presser foot that lets you sew in any direction you want. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty plus technical support for the lifetime of the machine, which means you shouldn’t ever have a problem getting the job done. Plus it comes with bobbins, tools, and needles so it’s ready to go as soon as you receive it.
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Tandy Tippmann Boss Machine

Another high quality and heavy duty machine is this best sewing machine for sewing leather. It’s definitely capable of sewing through leather and other heavy duty materials with no problem. In fact, this machine can get through up to ¾” thick leather and all you need to do is pull the handle to get it going. Every time you pull the handle it completes a stitch so you can keep going as long as you want and you won’t have to worry about using a lot of power in your home. All you have to do is mount or clamp it on any surface you want and this manual leather sewing machine can do anything. With this machine, you’ll have bobbins, presser foot, thread, tools, needles, thread stand and a bobbin winder adapter. You’ll also get a 30 day money back guarantee that says you’re going to love it or you can return it and a 1 year manufacturer warranty that says it’s going to last.
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Fisters Hand Sewing Machine

When it comes to finding something unique this is definitely going to come out at the top of the list. It really looks like something special. This machine requires you to do all of the work by hand, but you’ll find something fun about it while you’re at it. It can sew through just about anything from cotton and nylon to leather and rubber. It’s even able to sew through different types of shoes, coats and bags. You can sew in any direction you want simply by turning the foot and the arm is uniquely designed to get in anywhere. With this machine you can use standard sewing needles and just about any type of thread that you want. While you will have to set it up, the process is actually quite simple and you could be sewing your next project in no time at all. All you’re going to need is a space to set it up.
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Techsew 0302 Industrial Machine

This option is one of the best leather sewing machine for sale and offers you plenty of power with a drop feed walking foot, extra-large capacity bobbin and reverse feed option. It’s made with durable metal to keep it strong and ready to go and gets rid of some of the extra pieces you don’t need. It can sew up to 3/8” thick material and has an adjustable speed servo motor. Already assembled, you’ll get a thread stand and bobbins, oil and needles included in the box so you’re ready to go. Easily adjust your stitch size to just what you need, up to 8 mm, and you’ll have everything you need to create your next project. Techsew stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty that you can count on and free technical support for the entire life of the unit as well. You’ll be able to get any job you want done, whether you’re sewing lightweight or heavyweight materials (including canvas, leather, and vinyl).
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Juki LU-1508NS Sewing Machine

This is our most expensive option in sewing machines and it’s another industrial option. That means it’s going to definitely be bigger and more powerful. It’s capable of sewing up to 2500 stitches per minute and it can get you up to a 9mm stitch. Complete with a 110V quiet servo motor, this machine is ideal for those who need to sew heavier fabrics. It has a top loading bobbin system and walking foot technology as well as a vertical axis hook, rectangular feed, and high needle stroke. You’ll find that this machine is actually very quiet and has a light, a drawer and everything you could possibly need in order to get a great experience and create an amazing project every time, no matter what you’re sewing. You’ll have everything you need already installed on the machine when you get it too.
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