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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Longboard Trucks

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How to Choose the Best Longboard Truck

If you want to achieve amazing rides on your longboard, finding the best longboard trucks is essential. Whether you just need trucks or want a combo with wheels and all the hardware, you’re in the right place. We researched some of the best-selling brands and trending products to put together these longboard truck reviews for you. Before we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the important features you should know about before you buy.

Best Longboard Trucks

Wheel Size: Some of the products on our list are just simple trucks while others are combination kits that include wheels, bearings, and hardware. If wheels are included, we made sure to include their dimensions for you.

Best Longboard Trucks

Pieces: We counted every little thing. Every nut, bolt, bearing, and wheel. Obviously, a simple pair of trucks will only have 2 items. Believe it or not, larger combos can have upwards of 30!

How to Choose the Best Longboard Truck

Color: While some of these trucks are only available in standard colors like silver or black, there are a few items that let you choose from a rainbow of colors. It’s a great way to express yourself on your board.

Best Longboard Trucks

Hardness: Bushings provide cushioning and range in hardness. 78A is the softest, 98A is the hardest. Softer bushings aren’t as stable but more responsive than hard ones and vice versa. The hardness of the products on this list cover the whole range.

Best Longboard Trucks

Size: Trucks are measured in 2 ways, axle to axle and the width of the hanger. We emphasized axel to axel. They’re pretty consistently sized, the range going from 9.67 to 10 inches with 1 outlier at 7 inches.

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Bearings: If your combo came with wheels, chances are it includes bearings, too. Ideally, at least 1 for each wheel. Why do you need bearings? Bearings reduce friction and keep the wheels turning smoothly. They’re kinda important.

Top 10 Products

Now that you got some details from our longboard truck buying guide, it’s time to move into our reviews. Here’s the deal. If you’re in a hurry, start with our first 2 items. They’re our top and budget picks and give you a good sense of what’s out there. If you have time, stick around for all 10 of our picks! These products are all great. So, what are the best longboard trucks? Let’s find out right now!

Paris V2 Longboard Trucks

Top Pick
If you’re looking for the best longboard trucks for cruising then you have to check out our top pick. The Paris V2 Longboard Trucks are all-around awesome performers. They’re great for just about any terrain and compliment any riding style. They’re made of aluminum that’s had a secondary heat treatment to make them extra strong and durable. If your longboard if 9 to 10 inches wide, these trucks attach using the 6-hole baseplate. You get a really impressive range of colors to choose from, too. There are 16 variations in different combinations of colors and finishes so you can really choose something that represents you. Match your board or go in a totally different direction. Oh, and one more thing. Believe it or not, these trucks come with a lifetime guarantee.
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Yocaher Longboard Trucks

Budget Pick
Get ready for our budget pic, the Longboard Trucks Combo by Yocaher. This is the best cheap longboard trucks combo we found and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it as much as we do. We were overjoyed to see that this set comes with everything you need to get started except the board itself. What exactly do you get? Let’s start with the trucks themselves. These are heavy duty aluminum alloy trucks that measure 9.67 inches from axel to axel. They’re a really awesome choice for grip and stability. You also get 4 wheels. And get this, there are 11 different colors to choose from. The hardware is all included, too, bearings, nuts and bolts, and risers. With all this goodness, it’s no wonder we named this the best budget longboard trucks combo.
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SCSK8 Longboard Trucks

Some of the best longboard trucks for carving that we found are from SCSK8. And get this: they even come in a nice little combo pack that gives you a lot of great stuff, including all necessary hardware. In fact, you actually get everything you need to install them including all the bearings, nuts, and bolts. The bearings come pre-assembled, too, which will save you a bit of time. The wheels have great grip and roll smoothly over most surfaces. The wheels are semi-soft and the trucks are quite hard which makes for an awesome ride. The trucks are made of cast aluminum and have a shiny silver finish. You get a lot of choices when it comes to wheel color. They come in 12 different colors ranging from black to clear to orange, including some translucent options, too.
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Caliber Truck Co. Cal II Trucks

If you’re wondering what are the best longboard trucks for sliding, take a closer look at our next pick, Caliber Truck Co. Cal II Trucks. This set is designed so that you can install it in a lot of different ways to make sure that you get the exact feel you want when riding your longboard. You might remember the brands Cal I model. Well, this is an upgrade to those trucks. And, boy, it’s quite an upgrade. Listen to this: they’re no 40% stronger than the previous generation. How did they do it? First, they reinforced the baseplate. Then, they increased the contact area between the inner-step and bushing for more responsiveness. Plus, they made the pivot cup bigger so it fits better with the pivot pin for an overall increase in precision.
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Cal 7 Longboard Trucks

We’re calling the Cal 7 Longboard Trucks the best longboard trucks for beginners. Why? For starters, This is a combo pack loaded with everything you need to get going. Just buy a deck and you’re ready to get started. The trucks are designed with an angled base plate to help with control during turns and at high speeds. They come in either shiny silver or matte black. In addition to all the bearings, spacers, and all the nuts and bolts, you get 4 grippy wheels and 2 riser pads. The wheels are perfect for newbies. When you combine them with the riser pads, shocks and vibrations are dampened so you can feel even more confident on your board. There are 11 wheel colors to choose from ranging from solid red and yellow to transparent green and even clear!
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Owlsome Longboard Trucks

Next up is the Owlsome Longboard Trucks combo set, the best downhill longboard trucks by far. The grippy wheels are wide with a short lip on one side which gives you more control when you need, like when you’re going downhill. The bushings are really high quality, too, and ideal for downhill longboarding. You get all the pieces you need to get your board ready so you can start cruising as soon as you can. The trucks are shiny black and the wheels come in a range of colors, including solid and transparent designs. Keep in mind that the wheels are different hardnesses. The gel wheels are 80A and the solid wheels are 82A. What else comes in this combo? Like we said, everything you need: spacers, bearings, riser pads, and all the hardware are also included.
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Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

Another pair of good longboard trucks that are awesome at carving is the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks. This is a set of trucks without any wheels or hardware that are quite special. They’re actually made for carving. What makes them so different? The double stack geometry design increases the angle of the trucks. That means bigger carves and a much more responsive board. The dual-pivot hanger actually doubles the turn so you’ll feel like you’re surfing on the sidewalk. We should point out that these trucks are a little wider than the other ones we’ve covered so far so make sure you have the right sized board and risers. That said, if you’re looking for a longboard truck that’s going to make your carving experience completely awesome, this is a set that you just have to see.
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VJ Skateshop Longboard Trucks

VJ Skateshop Longboard Trucks are up next in our best sliding longboard trucks top ten list. These trucks are made from virgin grade aluminum which means they’re both lightweight and extremely durable. They’re available in both black and polished silver colors. Because of the angled base plate, the rider has a little more control during turns and at high speeds. In fact, we really liked that these trucks are capable of such sharp, precise turns. That’s not all. Something truly unique about these trucks is that they’re actually incredibly versatile. You can use them on a variety of boards: longboards, skateboards, downhill, and even drop downs. They really give you a smooth ride and are a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of trucks and don’t need wheels or hardware.
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Volador Longboard Trucks Combo

Another awesome choice for best longboard trucks and wheels is the Volador Longboard Trucks Combo. The trucks are made of tough, lightweight aluminum alloy and have a really cool matte finish. Oh, and get this: they’re adjustable. You can use them at 45 or 50 degrees. You can tailor them to your style and stance so you’ll have more control. The wheels are turquoise and have a pebbled finish to give them a little more traction. All of the hardware is made of carbon steel and made to stand the test of time. That’s not all, the hardware has also been given a rust-free treatment so not only should they last a really long time, the finish will stay bright, too. One more thing, raiser pads are also included which let you raise the center of gravity a bit.
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Bear Kodiak Longboard Trucks

Last on our list are the Bear Kodiak Longboard Trucks, a super awesome set from Grizzly Bear that is on the cutting edge of truck technology. What’s so special about them? For one thing, they’re one of the lightest trucks available on the market. Both the hangers and base plates are optimized for strength and performance. The re-designed bushing seat increases responsiveness and helps you feel more stable. That’s not all, the axles put an end to wheel play for more control. While these trucks don’t include all the hardware, they do come with replacement bushings of various hardnesses and colors as well as a shim bushing to modify standard bushings. And one more thing, this set comes with a laser etched wooden box with the Grizzly Bear logo on top. We thought it was a nice touch.
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