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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Longboard Wheels

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How to Choose the Best Longboard Wheels

Are you looking to improve your longboard for the next time you go out? If you are then the best longboard wheels are a great place to start because your board relies on quality wheels to do anything you want it to do. With this longboard wheel buying guide, you’ll be off to a great start by checking out the features and the specific aspects that are really important to you.

Best Longboard Wheels

Size: Not all longboards are exactly the same and the wheels that you choose for them aren’t necessarily the same either. Look at different sizes to see which ones will give you the best benefits.

Best Longboard Wheels

Color Options: There is a range of different color options available for wheels so you can actually express your own personal interests and your personal style. You’ll be able to choose from solid and patterned wheels.

How to Choose the Best Longboard Wheels

Durometer Count: You’re going to want a wheel that’s hard enough that you can do all kinds of tricks with it. The higher the durometer count the harder the wheels are going to be.

Best Longboard Wheels

Pieces: There will likely be a number of different pieces included in your wheel set which may include the wheels themselves or any kind of additional pieces you need in order to attach them.

Best Longboard Wheels

Bearings: The bearings are necessary to attach your wheels but they don’t always come along with the wheels themselves. You should check to see if they are included or sold separately.

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Wheel Surface: More than likely you’re going to want smooth wheels, but there are some that prefer a wheel with a little bit of texture to it. What you’re getting is up to personal preference.

Top 10 Products

Depending on the type of skateboard that you get and the type of skater that you are, your longboard may or may not have actually come with wheels. Either way, however, you’re starting to look for new ones that are going to be a little better, right? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve looked at a whole lot of information and we’ve found some great options. All you need to do is go through these longboard wheels review options.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Wheels

Top Pick
When it comes to longboard wheels our top pick is the Shark Wheel Sidewinders right here. They’re available in 11 different colors, which means you’ll be able to get your favorite and showcase your personal style. They’re also 70mm in diameter and offer a 78A durometer. You’ll get great movement over rough terrain and even in wet conditions because of the unique style and you’re definitely going to get some attention from the people you ride by. These wheels are lightweight and can be easily attached with your favorite type of bearings. When you head out on these wheels they are super smooth and they let you get the ride that you’re looking for rather than just a basic ride from an off the shelf skateboard. It doesn’t even matter where you’re riding or what you’re riding on because you have great grip and grooves that keep rocks and other debris from getting stuck in the wheels while you ride.
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Everland Skateboard Wheels

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is these Everland Skateboard Wheels, which are the best longboard wheels for cruising, no matter where you decide to go. These wheels come in 16 different color options, so you’re going to have no problem picking out something that will go great with your longboard and your personal style. Designed for you to get out there and really enjoy your next ride, these wheels have an inlaid design that means the center of the wheel is pulled inward with a thinner frame area around the outer edge. They’re made to keep you going. Simple but still smooth and grippy, these wheels are easy to install on your trucks or bearings and will have no problem in just about any type of terrain. Just watch out for the roughest types of terrain where you might need to slow down. You’ll be able to enjoy whatever type of ride you’ve been looking for.
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Orangatang Stimulus Freeride Wheels

These Orangatang Stimulus Wheels come in 3 different colors and are also available with or without the bearings you’ll need to install them. Made in the United States, they work great for those who want freestyle tricks, dancing and freeriding options with their longboard. They offer a 70mm diameter and can easily get you up to speed, no matter what you’re riding on. They can even stay light and quick while you’re riding over debris. The rounded lip design and the stone-ground contact section means that they provide a smooth slide from the first time that you put them on. They’re made with a urethane exterior to make sure they’re not only smooth but plus and still grippy, as well as having plenty of support all the way through the core. That means you’ll get even wear out of them and have no problem getting a long lifespan as well.
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Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

These Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are designed to give you plenty of hardness, grip, and stability as well as a sleek look. They have a translucent appearance that lets you see the actual core through the inside (which looks pretty cool) and that core is offset to provide you even more grip around turns and corners. Of course, you’ll get the slide that you’re looking for with these cores as well. The wheels are just a little bit larger than the average as well, which means you’re going to get higher speeds and better maintenance for them. Designed as ‘mountain cruisers’ these wheels are actually great for just that, riding your way down the side of a mountain at high speed, with no problem slipping, sliding and wrapping around those corners. They’re the best longboard wheels for sliding, in fact, and they have a round lip profile and a smooth surface as well as a 50mm contact patch. That makes sure you’re going to get just what you’re looking for.
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Sector 9 Nine Ball

Available in 4 different colors, these Sector 9 Wheels are made with top shelf urethane, which provides a durable and smooth surface but still keeps them some of the best cheap longboard wheels. It also makes sure you have plenty of control, even for the long term and you’ll get a center-set core that keeps you moving straight down the road. The 38mm contact patch is enough to keep you steady and secure, without limiting your capabilities or keeping you away from the cruising (or tricks) that you want to do. You’ll be able to use any kind of standard bearings with these wheels and the softness of the wheel means that you’ll get a quiet ride, though you’ll need to push a little bit more to get you started when you’re first taking off. The translucent design of the wheels lets you see all the way through for a sleek and stylish look you’ll enjoy riding for a long time.
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Blank Wheels Skateboard Wheels

The Blank Wheels Skateboard Wheels come in sets of 4 along with 8 bearings and 4 spacers, so you’ll be able to put them on your board as soon as they arrive and head out for your next ride. They have a wide range of different color options that vary from translucent to solid and even glow in the dark. No matter what you’re looking for to showcase your personal preferences you’re definitely going to be able to find it with these 70mm wheels. Whether you’re a beginning rider or a more advanced one you’ll be able to get the most out of them. Hard enough to work even on less than ideal roads and terrain; they’re still soft enough to give you a quiet ride. These wheels keep you going fast and maintain a smooth ride while you’re at it as the best longboard wheels for speed and the best longboard wheels for carving. Good for carving and long cruising, they’re quality pieces that will go well together.
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MBS All-Terrain Wheels

If you’re looking for really unique and ready to go on absolutely anything these MBS All-Terrain Wheels are the best longboard wheels for you. They come in 4 different colors and have a textured design that looks just like a car tire. It provides you with plenty of grip and durability when you’re riding over rough terrain or if you’re looking to get a lot of traction. They’re larger than many of the other wheels here, but that just means you’re going to get even more contact to keep you going rather than sliding in a way that’s definitely not controlled. Made with urethane, these 78A wheels still have the overall balance of hardness to last and softness to get the best longboard wheels for smooth ride and quiet ride. You can even get a good ride as the wheels start to wear down and some of the rough edges smooth out just a little bit more.
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Fireball Beast Longboard Wheels

These Fireball Beast Wheels come in 2 different colors and even include the bearings that you’ll need in order to get them installed and ready to go. Slide prepped through sandstone grinding, these wheels are ready to go and ready to slide as soon as you unpack them. The beveled lip provides a sleek look and also makes sure you have even more consistency to those slides. If you’re not happy with these wheels for any reason there’s a 100% satisfaction/money back guarantee so you can return them and get your money back. Cracks, obstacles, debris and more will be no problem for these wheels which may be smaller than some other similar options, but provide the right balance between grip and slide and provide you with plenty of control when you get up to high speeds as well. All you need to do is take them out and put them on your board so you can enjoy the next ride with some of the best longboard wheels for sale.
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KSS Sliding Longboard Wheels

The KSS Sliding Longboard Wheels here are available in 4 different colors that each offer a slightly translucent appearance. They feature a stone ground contact patch, to make sure you have just the right amount of grip but you’re still able to get a controlled slide as one of the best longboard wheels sliding. At an 82A hardness, they’re a little harder than some of the other options we’ve looked at but they’re not too hard to give you a quiet ride or the freedom that you’re really looking for. There’s a sleek core design on the inside that’s visible around the beveled lip, which provides you with more consistent slides while you’re moving. These lightweight wheels will also fit just about any standard size bearings that you could want and will give you the traction you need while keeping you doing tricks as well. Made with urethane, they provide the quality that you need to really improve your longboard.
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Freedare Skateboard Wheels

These Freedare Skateboard Wheels may look more basic (as one of the best cheap longboard wheels) but they definitely provide you with everything that you need in order to have a great ride. The smooth wheels are smaller than some of the others here, but still have just the right amount of contact surface and are super quiet when you’re riding. Available in 2 different colors, they even come with their own bearings so you can install them right away and get back to riding again. The bearings are made with high carbon chromium steel and the wheels themselves are made with polyurethane to get the right level of durability. When you head out on the road you’ll get just the right amount of slide but you’ll be able to control it without a problem and you’ll be able to use these cruising wheels for anything you like on your board. Just slide them on and you’ll be ready to go.
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