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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

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quadcopter reviewsBest Low Top Basketball Shoes

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How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

You might not immediately think of low top shoes when you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to play basketball in but you should. They’re just as supportive as high top shoes but they give you more maneuverability in your ankle to step up your game. We researched the best brands and highest rated products to put together this low top basketball shoes buying guide to help you find the right pair. First, let’s look at the key features you should consider.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Age: We found a lot of great adult options but, don’t worry, we included some kids’ sizes on our list, too. Some of them even come in toddler sizes, believe it or not. Perfect if you want to get them started early.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Color Options: Whether you’re looking for simple black low top basketball shoes or you want something that makes a little more of a statement, you’ll be able to find something that suits you on our list.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes

Gender: Most of these shoes are men’s or boys’ styles but there’s no reason women and girls can’t get in on the action. Just make sure to convert women’s sizes to men’s and you’ll be good to go.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Rubber Sole: Rubber soles are probably the best but there are a lot of synthetic materials that perform just as good as rubber. Pay attention to the style of the tread, which is often more indicative of grip.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Breathable: A breathable shoe not only helps keep your feet cool, it also helps keep odor under control. When air can circulate through, you’ll sweat a little less, too, which can help prevent your foot from sliding around, too.

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Weight: These shoes are all really lightweight. The heaviest one is 16 oz but most of them are closer to around 12 or 13 ounces. Lighter shoes can help you play longer and move a little quicker.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know more about what to look for, let’s get into our basketball shoes reviews. We put our top and budget picks right at the top of the list. That way, if you’re in a hurry, you’ll still be able to get a good idea of the range that’s available. All of these shoes are great and we included a wide variety so stick around through all 10 products if you can. Okay, are you ready? Let’s get to it.

Adidas Crazylight Shoe

Top Pick
If you’re looking for a pair of Adidas low top basketball shoes, you’re in luck because our top pick is the Adidas Crazylight Shoe. The rubber soles on these shoes are amazing, providing great traction and grip. They actually use different kinds of rubber, one that’s really dense and one that’s a little softer. They work well together in a range of playing conditions. The sole is a little firm but supportive and is specially designed to absorb impact and give you extra arch support. They also added a torsional bar and a heel counter to help keep your foot stable and in place. As for the upper, it’s made of jacquard that looks great but also stretches less and provides more hold. It gives you as much support (if not more) than some high-top basketball shoes.
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ANTA Light Basketball Shoe

Budget Pick
Our budget pick and the best cheap basketball shoes you’ll find are the ANTA Light Basketball Shoes. First of all, they’re a unique looking shoe. The mesh upper has eye-catching stitched accents and overlays and it’s available in 5 different colors. It’s comfortable, too, thanks to the cooling micro perforations, mesh lining, and padded tongue and collar. Plus, it’s covered with a synthetic leather overlay to keep your upper foot supported during play. As for support, the midfoot delivers a lot of stability and the rubber and EVA outsole gives you good grip on a range of playing surfaces. The herringbone pattern on the sole is a great performer and works particularly well on an outdoor court. One more thing about these shoes, they’re really lightweight at only 10 ounces. You definitely get your money’s worth.
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Under Armour Boys' Curry Shoes

The best low top basketball shoes for sale for kids are Under Armour Boys’ Curry Shoes. The 14 ounce weight is for the school-age sizes but they come in toddler sizes, too. While your toddler might not be ready to run around on the court, these shoes look great and come in a wide range of colors so you’ll find something perfect for your little one. Bigger kids will love them, too, because they provide a lot of support and control and perform well on the court. The upper is lightweight yet really tough. One of the best things about it is the carbon fiber shank that was designed to lock in the heel, arch, and forefoot for excellent stability. Plus, the outsole is covered in a multi-directional traction pattern that provides great grip on the court.
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NIKE Kids Zoom Basketball Shoe

Some of the best Nike low top basketball shoes for kids are these Nike Kids Zoom shoes. They come in a wide range of sizes that includes both toddler and big kids. Your little ones will look stylish in any of the awesome color combinations. That’s not all, your older kids will love the performance these shoes provide while they hone their skills. The cushioning on these shoes is great. It’s a little thicker in the heel to make landings a little easier while being thinner in the front for better control. Overall, it helps maintain natural movement while providing the right amount of support. The forefoot is so comfortable, it almost feels like a sock. It allows for maximum breathability and stretches when needed while the laces and loops create a cage that holds the foot in place.
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Under Armour Men's Charged Shoes

A great pair of Under Armour low top basketball shoes for adults is their Charged Controller shoe. One of the best things about this shoe is the upper. It’s made with the brand’s Threadborne technology that’s both flexible and stable for both comfort and support. It’s also completely seamless because it’s made of one knit piece. The ventilation in this shoe is some of the best around. It almost feels like a sock. Of course, it’s supportive, too. Webbing helps lock the foot in place and the heel offers excellent stability. And get this: it includes odor-fighting technology. The liner actually prevents the growth of the microbes that cause stinky feet. True, that’s not going to help you play any better but you’ll definitely appreciate it after a long game on an outdoor court in the summer.
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AND1 Xcelerate Basketball Shoe

AND1 Xcelerate are some cool low top basketball shoes. There are 4 different color combinations and they all really pop on the court. In addition to their good looks, these shoes are also great on the court. The synthetic sole delivers solid grip but the best thing about this shoe is the upper. It’s pretty comfy. First, the tongue is a traditional style that keeps the fit of the shoe just right but it’s also really lightweight. AND1’s fusion film is a no-sew fabric that’s used to not only provide 360 degree foot support but also to keep the overall weight of the shoe down. Lastly, there are laser cuts vents located in various places on the shoe to help with airflow and keep you comfortable while playing and to prevent sweat build-up and odor later on.
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NIKE Kobe Mamba Instinct Shoes

Good news. If you want red low top basketball shoes, NIKE Kobe Mamba Instinct shoes come in a wide range of colors, including 3 different red options. These shoes are made for players who need to move fast, like forwards or guards. Why do we say that? For starters, the inside has responsive Lunarlon foam that helps cushion hard landings and provides a great foundation for fast jumps. Plus, there are flex grooves that enhance your natural range of motion for quicker directional changes. The inner sleeve also has a cool mesh sleep that helps get a snug but comfortable fit while also providing the right amount of stability. As for the rubber sole, it has a multi-directional pattern that’s perfect for gripping any surface while durable enough to last the season and beyond.
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AND1 Ascender Basketball Shoe

AND1 is brand we’ve seen before on our list of good low top basketball shoes but we had to include the Ascender Basketball Shoe, too. One thing that really stands out about it is the pattern. Whether you choose the bright red or one of the blue options, you’ll love the nod to the look and speed of basketball. It’s made of mesh and synthetic materials so it’s both breathable and supportive. The sole is pretty awesome, too. It has a pronounced outrigger that helps you make sharp turns and cuts on the court. Plus, the herringbone pattern on the sole has really thing tread that provides excellent grip whether you’re playing on an indoor court or out on the blacktop. One more thing to mention about these shoes: they’re a great bargain.
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NIKE Hyperdunk Women’s Shoes

Ladies, if you’ve been waiting for a pair of the top low top basketball shoes designed specifically for you, your wait is over. NIKE Hyperdunk Women’s Shoes feature one of the newest technology in basketball cushioning. What do we mean? They feature Nike React foam. This is an ultralight material used for the insole that’s really soft and springy. The result is a super responsive shoe that helps you play a little harder on the court. Combine this with the inner-sleeve and you get a shoe that conforms to your foot for maximum comfort. But that’s not all. The rubber outsole gives the right amount of traction while also supporting your pressure points as you play. This helps you stay in control while you’re playing and gives you the right support to avoid pain after the game.
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Converse One Star Basketball Shoe

The Converse One Star Basketball shoe is not a pair of new low top basketball shoes, it’s been around for a while now. But there’s a reason it has such staying power. The uppers are made of suede and are really durable. Of course, they feature the iconic star logo on either side. To add even more durability, the toe box is double stitched to add an extra layer of protection. Speaking of the toe, it’s a little pointier than some other basketball shoes but this unique shape was designed to help with maneuvering on the court. As for the inside of the shoe, the cushioning is surprisingly good. It’s on the thick side and can withstand most hard impacts. It has a good heel lock to help keep your foot in place and provide stability throughout play.
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