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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Log Splitters

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How to Pick Your Log Splitter

Do you like to keep a comfy fire going during winter? We get it! But splitting logs the old-fashioned way is hard on your back. When that pile of unchopped wood seems too huge to handle, it’s time to get a log splitter! We buckled down to research and review the best log splitter options on the market to help you chew through more logs than ever before--enough to make a beaver jealous! The specs below will help you choose the right log splitter for you if you’re not sure what to look for, so read those first!

Best Manual and Electric Log Splitters

Tons: More tonnage means more power for bigger, harder logs. A 7-ton splitter is enough for most basic uses but you can get even more.

Best Log Splitters

Max. Cut Length: How big can the log be? Depending on what you need to split, you may prefer a longer cutting length.

How to Pick Your Log Splitter

Position: A splitter is mostly used horizontally, but being able to flip it vertically can save your back from lifting heavy logs!

Best Log Splitters

Cycle Time: How long it takes for the splitter ram to cut the log and return to its starting position is the cycle time, in seconds.

Best Manual and Electric Log Splitters

Portable: Have wheels, will travel. Some splitters can be hooked up to a vehicle, while others can be towed by hand.

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Warranty: The most common warranty we’ve seen is the 3-2-1 warranty, where different parts have different warranty lengths.

Top 10 Products

Ready to chuck some wood? Check out our recommended top pick and budget pick. They are the winners in our best electric log splitter review, but there are runner-ups to consider, too! If you want to explore your options, read all of our reviews, or keep it simple with the top pick and budget pick. Let’s do this. Chop chop!

Champion 90720 Log Splitter

Top Pick
The Champion 90720 is our overall top pick for the best log splitter for home use. It combines the low weight of an electric splitter with the portability of gas-powered splitters. It’s gas-powered so you can take it anywhere around your property without worrying about extension cords. The 10’’ tires and handle make it easy to pull by hand! Use its low profile and log cradles to your advantage for cutting wood up to 50 pounds! The 20-second cycle time allows you to complete up to 180 cycles per hour to process a lot of wood in one go! For the average homeowner, the Champion 90720 provides the right level of power for splitting wood for the fireplace, woodstove, or other uses. Use it for handling softwoods and some hardwoods instead of throwing out your back! The Champion 90720 is an excellent choice!
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Powerhouse XM-380

Budget Pick
Drop your axe and head for better days with the Powerhouse XM-380, our favorite pick from cheap log splitter kits. This electric log splitter has a 3 HP motor and 7 tons of power for cutting logs up to 20.5’’ long and 12’’ in diameter. You can cut small-diameter hardwoods and softwoods easily, with a 15-second cycle time! At 104 pounds and with transport wheels, you can move the XM-380 around your garage or out to the wood pile without breaking a sweat. One of our favorite aspects was the safety design features: it requires two-handed operation using levers, and the wedge automatically retracts when you let go of the lever. Electric wood splitters are quieter, and with none of the emissions issues of gas-powered splitters, so they’re perfect for use around your home or cabin. If you’ve been paging through log splitter reviews with a cheap log splitter in mind, the search ends here!
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Dirty Hand Tools Gas Log Splitter

The Dirty Hand Tools 100171 gas log splitter uses a 6.5 HP 196cc Kohler engine and heat-treated 8’’ wedge to split logs and auto-return in 11 seconds. Set it up for horizontal or vertical splitting and save tons of time! A built-in log cradle and removable stripper plates help you to process wood fast. Hook it up to your truck or ATV with the 2’’ ball coupler with safety chains and tow it on 16’’ DOT-approved wheels. You can split logs up to 25’’ long--all types of softwoods up to 18’’ in diameter as well as hardwoods up to 12’’! The portability and ease of use of this gas splitter make it a great tool for farms and homes that process a lot of wood. It comes in a compact package that one or two people can assemble. You’ll be racing to keep up with this splitter, and done before you know it!
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Champion Power Equipment 100251

Tuck the Champion 100251 hydraulic log splitter into a truck bed or tow it with the 2’’ ball couple, 16’’ DOT-approved wheels, and extended tongue for ATV/UTV towing. A 224cc Champion OHV engine provides the 25 tons of power behind the splitter to handle logs up to 23.8’’ long and as heavy as 100lbs. Log catchers and strippers make processing time speed by. With the 12-second cycle time, you can complete up to 300 cycles per hour! Obviously, that’s way better than splitting by hand. This log splitter can handle any softwoods like cottonwood and buckeye up to 18’’ in diameter, as well as hardwoods like cedar and dogwood! The splitter can be set up horizontally and vertically with an extra-efficient skewed wedge. Go easy on your back with vertical splitting!If you process wood regularly, the Champion Power Equipment 100251 splitter is a great machine to have on your side.
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Boss Electric Log Splitter

An electric log splitter gives homeowners greater versatility in when and how they cut wood! Get out of the heat or cold and set up your splitter inside without worrying about harmful emissions. The Boss ES7T20 weighs about 120 pounds, but still packs 7 tons of splitting force behind a 2 HP motor! Side rails hold the logs steady, and the ram returns automatically for a total cycle time of about 10 seconds. You can operate it one-handed! Seven tons allows you to handle most hardwoods and softwoods up to 6’’ in diameter, perfect for cutting firewood and kindling. This electric wood splitter is lightweight and combined with the wheels, it’s portable, too! Great for at-home or farm use. The warranty has you covered for two years, while other log splitters tend to have 3-2-1 warranties. If you need something compact, portable, and easy to start up and use, try the ES7T20!
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YARDMAX YS2565 Gas Splitter

The YARDMAX YS2565 is a gas-powered wood splitter available in 28, 30, and 35-ton configurations as well as the 25-ton design we reviewed here. A 6.5 HP 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers the incredibly short cycle time of this splitter. Another bonus: it’s designed to only take one person to assemble! The splitter also comes with a bonus four-way wedge as well as the typical two-way wedge. Use them in the horizontal or vertical configuration! Rather than an I-beam design, the YS2565 uses a patent-pending U-beam design for greater strength. It also has a longer-than-average table length to make longer cuts. The pair of log cradles can be set in two positions, plus you can attach a mountable log table accessory later on. And with this kind of splitter tonnage, you can split all types of hardwoods and softwoods up to 18’’ in diameter. This log splitter has a great design that can stand up to heavy use!
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Boss Industrial ED8T20

The average homeowner doesn’t need the biggest, toughest log splitter around--if you’re splitting wood for a fireplace or wood stove, an electric log splitter should work just fine! The Boss Industrial ED8T20 features a 2 HP electric motor with a push-button start and 8 tons of force to slice logs up to 20.5’’. It uses a two-wedge design that can speed up the splitting process. Instead of waiting for the wedge ram to return, you can just split another log going back in the other direction. The 160-pound weight, high-density rubber wheels, and easy-grab towing handle allows you to tow this splitter by hand when you’re done cutting. You should be able to split hardwoods and softwoods up to 6’’ in diameter with 8 tons, which is more than enough for the average homeowner! It can require more physical effort than an auto-return ram, but it’s still faster and easier than chopping by hand.
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Dirty Hand Tools 100408

Split logs in no time with a powerful 6.5 HP 196cc Kohler engine on your side. This Dirty Hands Tools hydraulic log splitter uses an 8’’ heat-treated steel wedge and up to 27 tons of force to split logs. Those 27 tons give you the power to split softwoods up to 24’’ in diameter as well as hardwoods like ash and maple up to 18’’ in diameter. This splitter is portable, too, with DOT-approved 16’’ wheels and a 2’’ ball coupler with safety chains. The two-stage 13 gal/min pump helps this log splitter handle just about anything! You can also switch between vertical and horizontal splitting to avoid lifting large, heavy logs. A log cradle and jack stand is included--just add gas and hydraulic fluid! It also catches split logs instead of tossing them all over the place. Overall, it’s a high power log splitter with a great price!
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Southland SLS20825 Splitter

This portable gas-powered log splitter can go wherever you go with DOT-approved 16’’ heavy-duty pneumatic wheels. The 208cc Southland OHV gas engine gives you the power to split logs up to 26’’ long with the 8’’ heat-treated splitting wedge. The heat treating also helps the wedge last longer and perform better! Switch from horizontal to vertical splitting for handling larger logs without straining your back! The warranty covers three years on the steel frame, two years on the engine, and one year on the hydraulics. With 25 tons of force, you can split softwoods spruce and fir up to 18’’ in diameter, as well as hardwoods like oak and walnut up to 12’’ in diameter. Want to do your splitting on-site in the woods or at multiple locations around your property? A portable log splitter with a gas-powered motor makes transportation easy and more convenient. The 2’’ hitch also lets you maneuver close to the wood pile.
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Powerhorse 3-Point

Have a tractor and don’t want to mess with extension cords or gas? A three-point log splitter will run off your tractor’s hydraulics--just plug into one of the auxiliaries! If you have a tractor with at least 25 HP (and a Category 1 or 2 three-point hitch), you’ll be completing cycles in under 13 seconds. Tractors with lower horsepower will affect the speed of the cycle time. A log cradle catches logs after they are split, and an auto-return wedge saves you time! Heavy-duty pivoting design lets you go from horizontal to vertical positions easily. This log splitter is good for splitting softwoods up to 18’’ in diameter and hardwoods up to 12’’ in diameter. If you’ve got wood that needs splitting and already have a tractor, you can save money with a 3-pt log splitter that connects to the stuff you already have!
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