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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

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How to Choose a Manual Breast Pump

The best manual breast pumps are incredibly quiet, convenient, and easy to clean. Instead of trying to find an electrical outlet, or bothering others with motor noise, a manual breast pump allows you to pump quickly and quietly, wherever you are! We reviewed 10 different manual breast pumps to find the best breast pumps for sale online. Before we get into the reviews, here are a few things you should look for when shopping around for a manual breast pump.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Material: Whether it is BPA-free plastic or food-grade silicone you want to be sure the material the pump is made of is non-toxic and safe for you and your baby.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Capacity: Most manual pumps can fit up to 4 oz. of breast milk at a time. If you need a pump that can hold more, find one that you can attach to a larger bag or bottle to avoid wasting milk!

How to Choose a Manual Breast Pump

BPA Free: Bisphenol-A, better known as BPA, is a potentially harmful chemical that’s commonly found in plastics. It’s thought to be bad for babies’ health and development, so it’s best to avoid plastic products like baby bottles and pumps that use BPA.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Pieces: Many of the pumps we reviewed are one piece of silicone, while a few were two-piece models with a hand pump and separate container. The pumps also come with a variety of accessories like lids, storage pouches, and cushion adapters.

Best Manual Breast Pumps

Weight: While most manual breast pumps are far lighter than electric pumps, they do vary by a few ounces. Depending on your needs, you may need a lightweight option for easy travel, or a heavier pump to withstand heavy, regular use.

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Warranty: The models we looked at usually had some kind of warranty, whether it’s a 30-day money back guarantee or up to 2 years for name-brand pumps. Before investing in a high-quality manual pump, look for one with a solid warranty.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to the best manual breast pump reviews! We chose 10 of our favorite models we think will make pumping both pleasant and easy for just about any mom out there. If you’re pressed for time, start by checking out our Top Pick and Budget Pick. When you have more time, definitely check out the other options – many of them are great budget alternatives with unique features to fit your needs!

NatureBond Breast Pump

Top Pick
This is our top pick for the best manual breast pump for several reasons. The pump itself is only one piece, made entirely of soft, pliable silicone. This hands-free pump works by using suction to collect “let down” milk while you do other things or feed on the opposite side. It may take a little getting used to, but once you do, you’ll find it’s easy and convenient for everyday use. Since it’s one piece, it is incredibly easy to clean in the dishwasher, sanitizing steamer, or boiling water. We also like that it’s silicone because it is flexible and easy to pack into your handbag while on the go. It’s also perfect for travel – it won’t set off any security alarms, and it’s small and discreet enough to use during a plane ride if need be! The kit also comes with a stopper, dust cover, and velvet bag for easy storage with no spills.
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Anthone Amo Breast Pump

Budget Pick
As part of our breast pump buying guide, we also wanted to include a 2-pack pump set for busy moms who need to pump on both sides. Anthone Amo has an affordable set of 2 one-piece, hands-free manual pumps that come with dust covers for easy storage in your diaper bag or purse. We like that each pump has side markings to indicate how many ounces of milk you’ve pumped, making it easier to gauge how much you’re pumping/feeding each time. They are super easy to sterilize and clean between pumping, which means they’re great for occasional or everyday use. We also like that this is a set of 2 pumps! You can keep one at home, in your bag, at work, or wherever you regularly pump. They’re also great for travel – you can pack one in your luggage and take one on the plane. No worries about finding an electrical outlet or bothering passengers with your pump’s loud motor!
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Ashtonbee Breast Pump

This pump from Ashtonbee is a one-piece silicone pump. For mothers who leak while breastfeeding, this is a great pump. It will catch any milk you leak while feeding, reducing waste and saving some for later! Since it doesn’t use extra pumps or motors, it’s also ideal for use at night – especially if you share a room with a partner. You can pump silently, and then have milk for later when it’s your turn to sleep! This pump is also incredibly lightweight and packs easily into any bag or luggage. It doesn’t come with an airtight stopper, so it is best for pumping at home or in the office where you can store milk somewhere stable. This is another inexpensive option for mothers on the go and on a budget!
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Lullababy Breast Pump

Here is another great option if you need an affordable 2-pack of silicone breast pumps. This set comes with 2 pumps, 2 dust covers, a soft carrying case, and a package of disposable breast pads for easy cleanup. These are a great alternative to an electric pump if you’re struggling with sore or cracked nipples. You can use them on both breasts, or just use it on the sore/cracked breast while pumping or feeding on the other side. These pumps are gentle enough to use on even the sorest breasts. They also catch extra milk leaked while feeding/pumping, which means less waste! We think these are a great set to buy if you have trouble with sore or cracked nipples, extra leakage while feeding or stubborn letdown milk. The suction is also great on these, which means your baby shouldn’t be able to pull/kick them off while feeding – a major bonus when it comes to feeding your precious little one!
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Mommy Knows Best Pump

You might be wondering: I like my hands-free silicone pump, but they always fall over when I set them down – is there a solution for that? The answer is yes! The Mommy Knows Best Pump is similar to the previous ones we reviewed, but with one major bonus – it comes with a stand to prevent tipping! This is a great feature because you can safely set down your pump on a table or counter when it’s full, without fear of it tipping over or spilling! It also comes with a dust cover, so the milk will stay clean and dust-free while you continue to feed or pump. It also has markings on the side so you can keep track of how much you’re pumping/leaking, which means you can track your baby’s feeding more accurately. The stand is totally worth it!
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Momma Bear Breast Pump

Yet another great option for manual breast pumps, Momma Bear makes a pump that is perfect for taking with you wherever you need to go. It comes with a soft carrying pouch and convenient dust cover for easy travel and storage. We love that this kit also comes with a finger baby toothbrush – a must for your growing baby! The toothbrush easily slips onto your finger, and it will gently massage your baby’s gums, tongue, or teeth. This reduces soreness and pain for your baby from feeding and teething. Once their teeth come in, you can regularly brush your baby’s teeth to reduce plaque buildup – a must for promoting healthy teeth and gums! Another great bonus? This company works hard to remain transparent about where their materials come from, and they strive to be ethically and environmentally safe! We feel better knowing that Momma Bear is dedicated to providing safe pumps while being totally honest about their materials and practices.
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Zenda Naturals Manual Pump

Looking for the best breast pump for everyday use? This is an affordable option for mothers looking to stock up on multiple pumps – you can buy a few to leave around the house, office, car, or diaper bag! While this one isn’t as sturdy as some of the other pumps we reviewed, this will work just fine if you’re used to using hands-free silicone pumps. It comes with a dust cover to keep milk safe and clean, and it has ounce and milliliter markings on the side. The silicone on this pump looks thinner than some of the other pumps we reviewed. This could be a good thing, especially if you need the pump to be lighter or more flexible. We think this is a great pump for catching letdown milk on your non-nursing side, or while pumping on one side. It may not be for beginner moms, but for experienced moms, this is a great option to use every day!
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Philips Avent Breast Pump

The first thing that caught our attention with this pump was that you can use this manual pump while lying back comfortably! Most manual pumps require you to lean over for them to work, but this one will pump quickly and while leaning back and relaxing. We also like that it comes with a 25mm cushion, which is the right size for most women and incredibly soft for added comfort. If you need a slightly larger or smaller cushion, you can easily order one online. It’s also lightweight and comes with a bottle to go from pumping to feeding in no time, which is great when you’re on the go. In addition to the pump itself, this kit comes with a bottle with nipple, a travel case, a sealing disc, and breast pad samples to try out. This is a great kit for both new and busy moms!
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Greenstar Breast Pump Set

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Philips Avent pump, we think the Greenstar pump is a great option! It has a similar design to the Philips, which uses a hand pump to create suction. This is not a hands-free model like many of the earlier ones in our breast pump review. By using a hand pump, you can create greater suction – more like using an electric pump. It also comes with a bottle you can pump directly into, and an adapter to take you from pumping to feeding right away. No messy storage or pouring! We also love that it comes with a cover and a stand for safekeeping while pumping. If you do need to store milk for later, you can store it in the bottle, or you can use one of the 10 BPA-free storage bags that come with the kit. This is a great option if you need to pump quickly and store for later.
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Gland Manual Breast Pump

Our final review happens to be our pick for the best hospital grade breast pump available online. It’s another hand pump, similar to the Philips model, with a bottle attachment, nipple top and cover for both easy feeding and quick storage. We also appreciate that it comes with a stand, which means you can set it down without it tipping over or spilling. The other feature we really like? It has an anti-backflow pump, which means less chance of leaking or contamination. This pump is a great option for moms who want better control over the suction power. An electric pump uses the same level of suction throughout, but with a hand pump, you can adjust suction as needed. A hands-free manual pump is often too gentle for some moms, so this works well if you need a little more power. This is a gentle, quiet alternative to machine pumps you can take with you wherever you need to go!
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