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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best MCT Oils for Keto

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quadcopter reviewsBest MCT Oils for Keto

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How to Choose the Best MCT Oil for Keto

If you’re starting up a ketogenic diet lifestyle, chances are you’ve heard of this MCT oil supplement. It helps on many levels to prepare your body for keto and to keep you in that state longer. We’ve put together this MCT oil buying guide to help you choose the best product for you, in form and function. Get the best start to your diet possible! Before you start, though, check out this list of things that you should know.

Best MCT Oils for Keto

Non-GMO: As you probably already know, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This means that the product you’re getting is completely natural. It isn’t a stand-in for organic, but it wasn’t engineered in a laboratory.

Best MCT Oils for Keto

100% Coconut: MCT Oil is made from concentrated coconut oil. It’s the stuff that we use in our hair and on our skin, but in higher doses. The best MCT is 100% coconut, meaning it has no additives.

How to Choose the Best MCT Oil for Keto

Type: There are three main types of oil – the regular oil that you add to food, a powder that you can add to food or beverages, or softgels that you can take: the same benefits in pill form.

Best MCT Oils for Keto

Made in USA: It’s important to know where supplements are made so that you know where they come from and have an idea of what type of production practices went into making them. This tells you whether it was made in the USA.

Best MCT Oils for Keto

Bottle Size: This will be in either ounces, fluid ounces, or a count of the number of softgels in the bottle. This tells you how much you’re getting, so you know the value as well as the repurchasing window.

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Money Back Guarantee: Do they offer a guarantee to refund your money if you don’t like the product? Many companies do, so you can feel comfortable about trying it without the risk of losing out if you don’t like it.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you should be looking for, we can show you the MCT oil reviews! We did a lot of research and review to bring you only the best products so that you can feel more secure in your purchases. Take a look at our top pick and budget pick first, so you get an idea of what’s available. The rest of our list has great oil options too, so let’s get started!

Sports Research MCT Oil

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best MCT Oil for Keto is this product from Sports Research. It is a liquid product that you can easily add to anything you drink or eat to help promote the transfer of fat into ketone energy. Put it in your coffee for a boost to your morning, or in any one of the delicious keto-friendly recipes you make. Anything with liquid will benefit from the use of this oil. It is made with sustainable products and processed with no chemicals at all. It’s genuinely certified to be a Non-GMO product, and friendly for paleo, keto, and vegan lifestyles. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle so you will have enough to go around, as it doesn’t take very much of this oil to help stimulate the production of energy from fat instead of glucose. It’s organic and made of 100% coconut, so you don’t have to worry about any additives.
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Left Coast Performance MCT Oil

Budget Pick
Among keto products, MCT oil is probably one of the most important additions to your dieting plan. This particular oil by Left Coast Performance is extremely beneficial. It’s easier to digest than some of the other oils because it is triple-filtered, to make sure that you’re only getting the best. We can get behind that! They recommend that you start with using a half of a teaspoon and work up to avoid shocking your body too much. It’s a boost to help you get started down the right ketogenic path, as it stimulates the body’s need to use fat as energy. It helps to suppress food cravings and improve the clarity of your thoughts and decisions. Overall, it’s a great, pure product that you can rely on to keep you going at your best, even when transforming your life to fit the keto expectations. This oil does all of that and more. It’s made with pure coconut!
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Keppi Keto MCT Oil

This keto MCT oil by KEPPI KETO is a great product to supplement your keto diet! It’s made of 100% pure, concentrated coconut oil, like most MCT oils. It works by traveling straight to your liver, which provides energy almost instantaneously because it doesn’t have to pass through your digestive tract. It’s full of saturated fats that are healthy for someone who is on the keto diet and helps to support appetite suppression and decrease the craving for foods, especially junk foods. This is the key to being successful on any diet, specifically the keto diet. Using MCT oil for this process is up to six times more effective than using regular coconut oil! You can add it to anything you already cook or drink. This particular oil has very little taste, so you won’t even notice that it’s there! Quality and function are perfectly combined in this great nutritional supplement for the keto diet!
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Anjou MCT Oil

Anjou’s MCT Oil has tons of healthful benefits. There is no flavor, so you can add it to anything and you won’t notice that it’s there at all – which is great if you have any doubts about using it. Put it in your coffee or even in a salad dressing without worrying about it at all. It is meant to provide easily-sustainable energy so you can get what you need to get done – while also boosting performance in both mind and body. Since it doesn’t pass through your digestive system, it leaves no fat – even on the keto diet, it’s a perfect fit! Use it before a workout to boost your energy and effectiveness. It’s also a great metabolism booster to help get your digestive system on track during the keto diet. It’s made from pure Non-GMO coconuts, and we think that’s pretty amazing. Use it in addition to your keto diet to help boost its effectiveness!
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LevelUp Caprylic Acid MCT Oil

LevelUp makes this great keto diet MCT oil, which definitely deserves a spot on our list! The best use of this formula, which is pure caprylic acid (found in organic coconuts), is to prepare the body for ketosis or to get it into the habit of burning fat for energy rather than sugar. This is the aim of the keto diet, so you can use this oil as preparation for getting into that diet. It’s also great for maintaining focus – and because of the way your body uses it, you can feel the effects immediately. Put it in your coffee in the morning to have the energy and stamina to make it through your day without feeling drowsy or getting distracted! Put it in meal replacement shakes to kill food cravings that would make you fail at your diet. It’s a diverse supplement that you can use in many different ways to achieve maximum results
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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder

The next product on our list is actually an MCT oil powder, which might seem contradictory. Basically, it’s the same supplement – all the benefits of regular MCT oil, but in a more convenient powder form. It still dissolves and leaves no taste. It only adds a creamy texture to your drinks and sauces, so you can enjoy it while you enjoy your favorite keto recipes! It’s completely pure and made of 100% coconuts, which is where the MCT chemicals are found naturally. It contains no additives like crabs or sugar, so you can get a full day of sustainable energy from just one dose in your morning coffee or sugar. Boost your energy while you’re helping out with your health. This 10.6-ounce bottle can make up to 30 servings, so you’d be good for a while as you’re starting out on your keto path. It also has the added benefit of being in a less messy format.
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Keto Function MCT Oil Capsules

Keto Function makes some of the best MCT oil on our list. They come in another unique format thus far, because they come in softgels that you can take rather than putting them into food if you’d rather do that. It’s easier to take these with you when you’re on the go, rather than find some way to transport powder or oil. They are made from 100% organic coconuts! The company recommends that you start with a single softgel and increase as your tolerance increases. But you get the same benefits in a format that is easier to digest than the other forms of MCT oil. It helps you get into that ideal ketosis state and stay there – and it increases your metabolism while you’re doing it. It’s the perfect supplement to a new or continuing keto diet. And there’s a money-back guarantee as well! If you don’t love it, get a complete refund. You have nothing to lose!
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Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Capsules

Kiss my Keto makes these capsules, which are probably among the best MCT oil options we found during our research. They are gentle on your digestive system and you still get the same effects, with the supplement helping you to stay in ketosis and maintain your mental focus as well. There are no carbs, chemicals, artificial flavors or additives – instead, you get pure coconut oil that is portable and helps you on many healthful levels. If you don’t like taking pills, you can even drop the capsules into your coffee in the morning – the heat will dissolve them and you will feel the same as if you added oil. It’s great for keto and paleo diets! It also works as a metabolism booster. You can’t go wrong with MCT oil, and with the capsule format, you can get it pretty much however you want! It can help you improve your way of life simply and easily.
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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Capsules

These softgels from Perfect Keto are the real deal! You get over 100 servings in this one bottle, especially in the beginning when you are just starting out with MCT oil. It’s a supplement that makes it easier for your body to get into ketosis and helps it stay there. Keto is possible with a supplement like this, and it’s not a constant struggle like some other diets. It’s made from 100% non-GMO coconut oil, but instead of putting it in beverages or food, you take it like any other capsule. This way, it has no flavor and no odor, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it. It helps boost your mental performance as well, and maintain focus so you can complete your tasks confidently and without distraction. It’s not a stimulant, so you won’t get the jitters that caffeine provides! You can get all the benefits of high-powered coconut oil with these supplements!
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Radha Beauty MCT Oil

Radha Beauty’s MCT Oil is completely pure, non-GMO, and perfect to add to any of the dishes you already make! They recommend that you use only a half of a teaspoon of this oil until you get used to it so that you can have more positive results. It’s full of absolutely nutritious fats that are perfectly absorbed right into the liver. This allows you to immediately reap the benefits! It’s made with 100% real and sustainably sourced coconuts. The oil is burned for energy and focus when it hits the liver, making sure that you have the focus and stamina to get through your daily tasks without feeling drowsy or worn out. Add it to the other supplements and eating habits of your keto diet for the best results, and see how good it feels to go keto! In addition to being non-GMO, it’s completely organic so you can get the most out of your diet.
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