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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Men’s Diamond Necklaces

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How to Choose the Best Men's Diamond Necklace

Men deserve shiny things, too! A diamond necklace can be a great gift for yourself or the men in your life, and there are a lot of options out there. We’ve researched the best men’s diamond necklaces on the market to help you find the perfect luxurious gift that fits your budget and preferences. But before we jump into the reviews, here are a few features to consider while you shop!

Best Men’s Diamond Necklaces

Chain: Get a diamond necklace that’s ready to wear with an included chain or one with just the pendant.

Best Men’s Diamond Necklaces

Material: The chain or pendant material is an important factor in the durability, look, and overall cost of a necklace.

How to Choose the Best Men's Diamond Necklace

Carats: A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. One carat is 200 milligrams, and more carats means more diamonds.

Best Men’s Diamond Necklaces

Chain Length: If a chain is included, we’ll let you know how long it is--although they’re pretty easy to substitute out.

Best Men’s Diamond Necklaces

Pendant Size: How big is the pendant? From small, subtle pieces to big “look at me!” designs, pendant size matters!

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Stone Shape: The shape of a diamond can change how the overall piece looks and how much light the diamond refracts.

Top 10 Products

From bright bling to subtle solitaires, we have a range of styles for you to consider in our men’s diamond necklace reviews! Start at the top pick and budget pick for our overall favorites, but read them all to compare every option. Diamonds are forever, and they’re for everyone!

American Heroes Anchor Necklace

Top Pick
Finding a real diamond necklace for men's gifts can be difficult, and this American Hero anchor necklace pendant is a great gift for men who have been or are currently in the Navy. The pendant features the fouled anchor emblem handcrafted in the USA from polished 14K white gold with a solitaire white diamond accent. White gold offers a brilliant shine similar to polished silver that makes a great accent for the white diamond. White gold is an alloy of gold and white metals like nickel, manganese, or palladium. It combines the luster of gold with more durable metals that makes it ideal for everyday wear, while also being luxurious enough for formal events. The pendant comes ready to gift with special gift packaging! People with metal allergies should usually avoid white gold. Love this look but not sure the anchor is the right look for your needs? Keep reading to find more pendants and necklaces to love!
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STEL Diamond Cross Pendant

Budget Pick
Looking for a men's diamond necklace for sale at a great price? The STEL Diamond Cross pendant necklace is a masculine, handsome cross pendant with a real solitaire diamond that works for just about any man’s style and preferences. The cross is made of stainless steel with a carbon fiber inlay that adds eye-catching texture and shine, with a white Alexandrite diamond. A 24’’ stainless steel curb chain with a spring ring clasp. The stainless steel material is a great choice for everyday wear since it’s durable and hard to scratch, and doesn’t require special care like gold or silver. This unique cross necklace is an amazing option for an elegant and meaningful gift to an important man in your life and comes ready to gift in STEL presentation packaging. That combination of a great look and a great value is hard to find and totally worth the investment!
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Bradford Exchange Shield Necklace

This Christian necklace features a protective shield with a raised relief cross and solitaire diamond. The shield is formed from stainless steel with a 24K gold-plated cross and round cut diamond. This men's diamond necklace is a unique option for men who like to wear a cross. Ephesians 6:10 is etched into the back of the pendant: “ "Be Strong in the Lord, for His Power is Mighty.” A stainless steel 24’’ chain is included, plus a velvet pouch and gift box. Stainless steel is a durable metal that is hypoallergenic, so it’s a good option for men with metal allergies. It’s scratch-resistant and high-quality without being “flashy,” so this necklace is a great choice for subtle everyday wear as well as fancier occasions. This unique men’s Christian necklace makes a great gift for the Christian men in your life, whether they’re a friend, family member, or romantic partner.
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DazzlingRock Cross Necklace

This cross necklace from DazzlingRock combines hundreds of small round cut white diamonds with 925 sterling silver. The bell fits up to about a 4mm chain but can be taken to a jeweler for adjustments. If you’re looking for a men’s diamond cross necklace pendant in a larger size, this pendant might be for you! We also reviewed a smaller size necklace further down from Midwest Jewelry. DazzlingRock offers some amazing diamond jewelry with great prices, and this cross pendant is one fine example! The diamonds are IJ color with I2-I3 clarity. The silver metal weighs 13.4 grams in total. Sterling silver is usually allergy-friendly and is a softer metal than tungsten or titanium so you can resize the bell if needed to take larger chains. This men’s diamond cross pendant is a great gift to wear on formal occasions when a more basic cross necklace just won’t do!
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Isha Luxe Headphone Necklace

For a guy that loves music, it’s hard to beat this hip-hop style headphone necklace pendant from Isha Luxe Hip Hop Bling. The round cut white diamonds are in a micro-pave setting in 925 silver, over 600 of them in total! The color is I-J and the clarity is I3, and the bell is 14mm tall. Choose a custom chain to pair with the pendant, and you’re ready to go! This necklace pendant appeals to hip hop bling aesthetic and is made from high-quality, high-end materials. It comes in a gift box for easy gifting and storage. If you’re looking for high-end jewelry to gift to a guy who loves music or is in the music industry, this diamond headphone pendant is a great way to show them you care. The 925 silver is also allergy-friendly, so it works well for men with sensitive skin.
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Crucible Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

This dog tag necklace from West Coast Jewelry features a round brilliant white diamond weighing .02 carats on a 24’’ tungsten curb chain with a lobster claw clasp. The dog tag is a shiny gunmetal color and can be engraved for a truly custom gift. A gift pouch is included to help amp up your presentation! The white diamond has an H-I color and SI1-SI2 clarity. Combine the classic dog tag jewelry look with a touch of luxury! The tungsten material is harder than titanium, although not as allergy-friendly. West Coast Jewelry will provide custom engraving service for you, so you can get the perfect custom gift all in one go. This diamond dog tag is a good option for men who tend to be rough on their jewelry, and it can stand up to everyday wear. You can easily replace the chain, too, if you like!
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Midwest Jewelry Cross Necklace

This men's gold diamond necklace cross pendant from Midwest Jewelry is made with 10K yellow gold and round cut white diamonds in pave settings. The pendant itself measures about 31mm tall with about 8mm dedicated to the bell, which is also a mix of gold and diamond. So you’re getting two grams of real 10K yellow gold on top of the gorgeous diamonds! This is a relatively subtle pendant due to its size, so it works well for a variety of styles. It can be used as a “dress-up” option for men who regularly wear a cross necklace for formal occasions. It easily fits 5-7mm chains and should work for other sizes as well. Since the pendant doesn’t come with a chain, you can choose a custom option perfect for your needs. Yellow gold is a great option for people with metal allergies. Plus, this amazing pendant has an equally amazing price!
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Ax Jewelry Diamond Cross Pendant

This diamond cross pendant from Ax Jewelry combines tough materials in a striking result. The pendant is made of stainless steel backed with black ion-plated stainless steel as an accent. The white diamonds together weigh 0.15 carats. The pendant comes with a 3mm 24’’ stainless steel curb chain with a lobster-claw closure. It works well for everyday wear or can be saved for special occasions. Stainless steel offers great durability and shine, and it’s scratch-resistant. The black painted accent helps the cross stand out. This men’s diamond cross necklace makes a great gift for religious men of any age. The materials can hold up to daily wear and some rough handling, and the black steel accents add a masculine finish that works well for casual everyday wear. You can also switch out the 3mm chain if needed depending on your preferences. All in all, a great gift that’s guaranteed to last!
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Isha Luxe 100 Necklace

Combining emojis and diamonds has never looked so good with the Isha Luxe Hip-Hop Bling 100 Pendant. The pendant is crafted with 925 silver and multiple round-cut white diamonds adding up to 2.84 carat. The 455 diamonds form the “100” emoji symbol to show everyone who’s the best around! If you or your man loves hip-hop style jewelry, you can combine hip-hop pride with high-quality materials. This pendant doesn’t come with a chain, so you can choose your own based on your preferred length, material, and thickness. Each of the hundreds of diamonds in this pendant is a uniform shape and size in the I-J color and I3 clarity level. Keep in mind that sterling silver can slightly tarnish over time, but this is easy to fix with a little regular cleaning. When you want the world to know you’re a perfect score, there’s no better way than with this pendant!
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West Coast Jewelry Dog Tag

This necklace from West Coast Jewelry features a simple but handsome design with a 0.02 carat H-I carbide white diamond embedded in a glossy black engravable dog tag. If you’re looking for a customizable diamond men's necklace, the engravable dog tag design might be a perfect fit for your needs. The tungsten chain measures 24’’ and has a lobster clasp for easy on and off. Tungsten is a great metal choice since it is affordable yet harder and more durable than titanium and has a more weighty feel that some people prefer. It has a polished gunmetal gray color that won’t tarnish over time like silver--perfect for the guys that are rough on their jewelry! One thing to consider is that tungsten is less allergy-friendly than titanium and other metals, so keep that in mind if your guy has reacted to metal jewelry in the past.
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