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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

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quadcopter reviewsBest Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

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Top Ten Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Are you looking for a special gift for that special person? Or do you want the perfect accessory that compliments your personality? Either way, our gold chain buying guide can help you out. These Men’s gold chains with pendants are the best that we found, with unique and well-made pendants that we’re sure you’re going to love! But first, let’s look at some things you should know before you start shopping for a gold chain with a pendant.

Best Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Karats: This refers to the purity of the gold. 10k is the least pure because it contains more alloys. 14k is a good mix, and 18k is the best you can get without going full 24 karat – which is completely pure.

Best Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Chain Width: This refers to how thick the chain is. 1mm is a thin, delicate chain, and 2mm is definitely less so. Some men’s chains can get up to a full 10mm thick, which is huge and in charge!

Top Ten Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Gold Color: Most of the pendants and chains on this list are made of yellow gold because it is the most popular. But other colors that might be represented are white gold and the pinkish-colored rose gold. They are all beautiful!

Best Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Chain Length: The length of the chain effects how high or low it will hang. Depending on the types of shirts you’re going to wear it with, this is important. Knowing how it will fit will help it fit you better.

Best Men’s Gold Chains with Pendants

Pendant Type: What shape or form is the pendant in? Some examples from our list is a six-sided die, a lion’s head, and a hundred dollar bill. This is based on personal preference, or what you’re going to feel comfortable wearing.

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Clasp: The clasp usually determines how well the necklace is going to stay on your neck. Lobster claw clasps are the hardest to break or wear out, and spring ring clasps are the next in line for durability.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you should be looking for, let’s take a look at some jewelry! Our gold chain reviews have been researched extensively, in order to bring you the best possible selection of products. You’re sure to find on that works well for your personal style! Look at our top pick and budget pick first for the best of the best, before browsing the rest of the beautiful pendants on our list.

Traxnyc Lion’s Head Gold Necklace

Top Pick
Our top pick is a beautiful pendant from Traxnyc. As far as real gold chains with pendants go, this piece delivers on all possible fronts. There is a 0.25 carat simulated ruby embedded in genuine 10-karat yellow gold in the shape of a lion’s head. It’s the perfect gift for someone who like lions or who is courageous and resilient. They’re sure to love it! The chain is 20 inches long and 2mm wide, so it’s sturdy without being too terribly small. The pendant isn’t large enough to overpower the chain, which we really like. To top it all off, it’s closed with a lobster claw clasp to make sure that it stays on your neck. The chain itself is a curb chain, so it has that twist on the links to help it lay flat and drape more beautifully. We love the design of this particular pendant – the lion’s head is perfectly executed and looks fierce.
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LoveBling Hundred Dollar Pendant

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is the LoveBling Hundred Dollar Pendant. For the fact it’s shaped to look like a one-hundred-dollar bill, it’s extremely affordable! This particular piece doesn’t come with a chain, and it’s just the pendant that you’ll receive when you order. However, it’s made of solid 10-karat yellow gold. It sparkles so beautifully and will hang on most chains (as long as they aren’t too thick) without overpowering them. It will look great when you wear it every day! What’s most impressive about this particular pendant is the finish – it’s a beautifully sparkling finish for a piece that is 10-karat gold. Pick out a chain that will look just as beautiful and you will have a necklace that you’re going to love having in your jewelry collection. And it’s not just for men, either – women are sure to love this necklace as well! It’s a full 2 inches long and 2/3rds of an inch wide.
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World Jewelry Center Italian Horn Necklace

This necklace from Word Jewelry Center comes with a great example of real gold chains for men. It’s not plated with gold; it’s solid, which means that you’re getting what you pay for! Both the horn and the chain are made with solid 14-karat gold, complete with a stamp. This pendant beautifully reflects the light, and is polished to perfection! It will be a great addition to your jewelry collection! The pendant is what is called an ‘Italian horn’, which is a horn-shape that zigs and zags in a beautiful, curved presentation. It is masculine and appealing to look at. At 18mm long and 7.5mm wide at its largest point, this is a pendant that you are not going to want to pass up the opportunity to wear! Dazzle your friends and the ladies with this necklace. It’s such an affordable price for what you get, that you almost can’t afford not to try it out!
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Glad Gold Letter Necklace

This piece from Glad is unique among men’s gold chains with pendants. Instead of being some sort of symbol, animal, or cool novelty thing, this necklace is a letter! Get your initial to the initials of your kids or loved ones wrought in beautiful 10-karat gold. It’s so shiny that you’re going to be surprised to find that there are no gemstones present! It’s perfectly classical and subtle. That’s stylish! You can choose from just about every letter of the alphabet. And if you have a chain this will go on perfectly, you can opt to buy just the pendant. However, the chain that is included is a beautiful 10-karat cable chain that is 18 inches long. It’s the perfect length for draping beautifully. This is great for a gift or for yourself, to remember those special people in your life! The pendant is hand-cast and is less than an inch high, so it’s incredibly subtle.
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Traxnyc Wild Eagle Necklace

Traxnyc is on our list again with this beautiful wild eagle necklace. The pendant itself is a half inch tall and wide. It’s made of solid, genuine 10-karat yellow gold and is stamped with eh mark to prove it! It weighs about 2.8 grams together with the chain. As far as gold chain styles go, this cable chain is one of the best. It is designed to be beautiful while lying flat and draping well in front of or behind your shirt. Be advised that this is a small, delicate pendant, and as such, the chain is only about 2mm thick. It’s not too much, but just enough to give you that stylish touch! The chain is also 10-karat gold and matches the pendant perfectly. This is the perfect gift for someone who served in the US military, or who is patriotic, as the eagle is a symbol of the United States. It also represents freedom!
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JOTW Diamond Benjamin Pendant

Next on our list of gold chains for guys is this 10-karat yellow gold $100 dollar bill pendant. It’s a lot like the previous one on our list, except that it is polished to an even higher sheen and has real diamonds as a border. You can’t get better than that! The white diamonds that make up the border and decorate the bail on the pendant are .40 carats completely, which isn’t all that bad for a small pendant! It measures only 1.40 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. Even the chain is exquisite, at 10-karat yellow gold. It’s a rope chain that measures about 24 inches, so it will hang low and can be adjusted to hang higher as well! You are going to love this completely authentic, real set with diamonds, high-quality gold, and everything else you could ever want from a necklace! We love the improvement on the design, and the symbolism it represents!
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World Jewelry Center Boxing Glove Necklace

This necklace from the World Jewelry Center is simply gorgeous! The pendant is a boxing glove, but it’s a flat cut-out shape instead of being a die-cut one. This is better because it isn’t bulky and won’t take up much space or look strange under your shirt if that’s how you choose to wear it. Both the gold chain and the pendant are 14-karat solid gold, and each is stamped with the mark so you know you’re getting the real deal. The pendant itself is 15.5 mm high by 10mm wide, so it’s small enough to not make a huge statement while still being plenty visible. We love the fact that no part of this set is plated, and it’s still really affordable. Plus, it comes with a gift box so you can present it as a gift with no additional hassle. We think that’s pretty amazing! And it’s a great price for 14-karat gold, as well!
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Traxnyc King Tut Necklace

We’ve come back to Traxnyc with this King Tut Necklace! The pendant is a beautiful rendering of the King Tut burial mask – what most people readily associate with the pharaoh. The shape of his mask is made of solid 10-karat yellow gold and stamped so you know that it’s genuine. The gemstone inside is a cubic zirconia simulated stone, and it’s a beautiful pinkish red color! You are going to love this sparkling pendant! It’s got one of the best real gold chains that we saw on it – a 2mm chain that is 20 inches long and is 10-karat yellow gold – same as the pendant. It’s a cable chain that has twisted, flattened links that allows it to lie flat and prevents it from twisting. It’s a small, delicate pendant that seems understated and perfect for the fashion-conscious Egypt enthusiast! The details on this pendant are quite remarkable, and we love the gemstone embedded in it.
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World Jewelry Center Dice Necklace

Another World Jewelry Center product comes in on this list of gold chains for men! We love this one in particular – the solid gold 14-karat six-sided die is perfect as a gift for someone who loves to play games of chance, no matter what form that takes. The pendant is 10.5mm high and 10mm wide, so it’s a perfectly compact size for wearing daily, no matter what the occasion! This pendant and chain have a gorgeous, shining finish that sparkles perfectly in the light! The chain is a 16-inch piece that is about 1.2mm thick, which is very delicate and looks great! It comes with a gift box so you can present it to the person in your life that is going to cherish it forever. It is completely genuine and is guaranteed not to be plated or filled. What’s best about this beautiful piece of jewelry is the price! Don’t break your bank with this gift!
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JOTW Rotating Globe Pendant

The last gold chain with pendant on our list is from JOTW, and it’s a completely functional rotating globe pendant! Both the chain and the globe are made of solid 10-karat yellow gold and only available in this color. But it’s beautiful, and it does come in two different sizes that you can choose from! We love that! The smaller size is 1.5 inches from top to bottom, and the chain that it comes with is 2mm thick and 24 inches long. The larger is 2 inches high and its chain is 3mm thick, though it is 24 inches as well. We love the level of customization that you can get with this necklace! Our favorite thing, though, is the fact that the globe actually rotates! That’s an amazing detail! Both chains are rope chains, which makes them look great and remain functional as well! This is a unique pendant that would make a great gift!
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