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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best MIG Welders

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How to Choose Your MIG Welders

Searching for the best MIG welder is a big commitment, since many quality machines cost a few hundred dollars, but it’s so worth it! We researched and reviewed a range of different welders, from 110 V to 220 V and everything in between. Before you get into the reviews, take a look at these specs to consider when researching the best MIG welders!

Best MIG Welders

Amp - Amperage is related to power output, and you need the right circuit breaker to avoid blowing a fuse!

Best MIG Welders

Voltage - Voltage affects how powerful the welder is. For a home-use welder, look for 110V for simplicity’s sake.

How to Choose Your MIG Welders

Accessories - The welders on our list all come with the basic hoses, regulators, and guns you need to get started.

Best MIG Welders

Size - From basic home applications to heavy-duty industrial-grade welders, size matters and affects a welder’s uses.

Best MIG Welders

Dimensions - If your workshop, garage, or toolshed don’t have unlimited space, check the dimensions for the best fit!

Product Intro Icon

Warranty - The manufacturer warranty is usually a good indicator of the quality and durability of the product.

Top 10 Products

Now that you’re warmed up, it’s time to get into our MIG welder reviews. Our top pick and budget pick summarize our favorites for heavy-duty welding and home welding. If you need something in-between, keep reading! There are eight other amazing options on our list. Put on your helmet and let’s go!

Lincoln Electric Handheld

Top Pick
The best MIG welder for the money is the one that provides you the power and performance you need. In our opinion, that welder is the Lincoln Electric EasyMIG 180. If you need a serious MIG welder for serious jobs, including welding heavier materials with 208/230 V, it’s hard to beat the EasyMIG 180. You can MIG weld 24 gauge steel up to 3/16’’ or up to ½’’ using self-shielded Lincoln Electric Innershield wires. This welder is made to handle heavy-duty applications without breaking a sweat! You can also use it for gas-free flux core welding. A smooth and forgiving arc produces low spatter and helps you adjust your application to the perfect level for the job at hand. The numeric drive tension indicator shows you the best ranges for different wire diameters, and wire tangling and crushing is less of an issue thanks to the fully adjustable drive system. What are you waiting for?
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Goplus MIG Welder

Budget Pick
Looking for the best budget MIG welder? We’ve got you covered! The Goplus MIG 130 Welder is an affordable option and a great home MIG welder for small workshops or garages. It comes with a welding gun, wire, a mask, and a brush to get you started. This entry-level welder is a good option for beginners just getting into the craft as well as hobbyists or DIY-ers. It weighs just 35 pounds, so it’s easy to tote around to the location of your project and then store away after use. For the occasional home project, this welder will take you to DIY heaven without breaking the bank! You can adjust the heat and wire feed speed depending on the project. This no-nonsense, quick set-up MIG welder is a must-have for the casual metalworker and home improver, and it will serve you well!
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Lotos 110V MIG Welder

One of the best home MIG welder options is one that can work with the typical 110 V home wiring setup right out of the box. The Lotos 110V MIG Welder fits the bill! It comes with a torch, ground clamp, gas hose, regulator .023’’ and 0.35’’ contact tips, a welding mask, and wire to get you started within minutes! It can weld 18 gauge stainless steel or mild steel to 3/16’’ and aluminum ?’’ or thinner with the addition of a spool gun (not included). A 2T/4T switch adds convenient for long hours spent in the workshop, and the quick-connect ground cable design makes it easier to switch between + and -. A digital wire speed display and voltage display help you maintain a consistent weld as you work. It handles 4’’ and 8’’ wire spools. For solid performance at a budget-friendly price, the Lotos 140MG is a great choice!
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Everlast 120V MIG Welder

One of the best 120V MIG welder options with an economy price is the Power i-MIG 140E inverter welder from Everlast. It offers high amp output and a solid duty cycle thanks to the IGBT inverter and tends to outperform transformer-type MIG welders. It can be used on mild steel (25 gauge to 3/16’’ in a single pass), stainless steel, and aluminum. It comes with a 10’ 15-series MIG gun, work clamp, gas, and a regulator. This is a powerful but portable unit with stepless control of wire speed and voltage for easier adjustments during a welding project. Use it with 4’’ and 8’’ wire spools with the drive rolls able to feed 0.023-0.035’’ wire diameters. Get everything you need in one kit for a high value that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Everlast is one of the best MIG welder brands and comes highly recommended!
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2017 Everlast PowerMIG

Take on just about any MIG welding needs with the 2017 Everlast PowerMIG and its dual voltage 110V/220V design. It’s also flux-core compatible for stick welding, giving you more control over how you weld! You can adjust your welding parameters for consistent welding performance thanks to the dual digital displays with amp and voltage readouts. The Arc force control provides DIG control function in stick welding mode and current rise time in MIG mode. When you need to switch between MIG guns, the Eurostyle quick coupler makes using aftermarket products simple. An adjustable burn back control helps ensure the wire is at the perfect length each time you restart. This model is designed to reduce spatter and keep your welding even and perfectly controlled for a high-quality result. It comes with everything you need to get started like hoses and clamps, including a converter for using the dual voltage feature.
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Looking for the best 110v MIG welder to run off of your household current? Check out the ZENY MIG 130, a flux-cored gasless welder with a budget-friendly price! Just make sure you have a 30 A circuit breaker, and you can plug this baby in. With variable feed speed control and adjustable heating, you can weld mild steel and stainless steel with 0.023-.035’’ wire or 0.030-0.035’’ flux-cored wire. The welder comes with a gun, wire, handheld mask, brush, torch, extra tips, and a ground cord. This gasless MIG welder has a full on/off safety control torch and automatic thermal safety protection for improved safety during use. This is a small to medium-sized welder that should work well for most hobbyists and people just beginning to explore the wonderful world of welding. If you don’t want to break the bank on your first welder, try out the Zeny MIG 130!
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Hobart Handler 140

The Hobart Handler 140 A 115 V MIG Welder is a medium-sized MIG or flux-cored welder for all of your DIY and fixer-upper needs. It comes with a 10’ MIG gun with liner, dual gauge regulator and gas hose, 10’ work cable and clamp, 10’ power cord, extra .030’’ contact tips, sample .030’’ flux-cored wire spool, and an 8’’ spool adapter. Operating right off of your typical 115V household current, it has a duty cycle of 20% at 90 A. Use it for welding mild steel or stainless steel, 24 gauge to ¼’’. A 5/3/1 industrial warranty has you covered for up to five years on some parts. This thing is made to last! The heavy-duty work clamp is designed to handle up to 200 A, and you adjust voltage with the five-position tapped voltage control settings. It’s built like a champ and easy to set up!
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Forney Start-Up Kit

The Forney 299 125FC Easy Weld Core Welder is made for gasless flux core welding of 24 gauge up to ¼’’ and handles .030’’ wire. Store two-pound or ten-pound wire spools inside of the machine to save space and keep your welding going for a longer period of uninterrupted bliss. This core welder comes with a 10’ lead MIG gun and 10’ ground clamp, gas hose, regulator, and 15’ input power cable. It uses a gasless “plug and play” design. Combined with the long cord lengths, you can set this welder up in your work space and get going in no time at all! It works best with mild steel and can be used for all sorts of projects. This is a startup kit that includes welding gloves, driver gloves, a helmet, a grinder, and a wire scratch brush. Just starting out with flux core welding? This all-in-one kit gives you everything you need to get started in the world of welding!
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Razorweld MIG Welder

One of the best 220V MIG welder choices is the dual voltage Razorweld Viper 180. An included pigtail lets you switch between 115 and 220 V. Other accessories include a flowmeter, 10’ MIG gun, 9’ ground, and a stinger. Features include a gas or gasless wire function, burnback adjustment, a cast aluminum wire feed assembly, and compatibility with 11 lb wire spool. At 180 A it reaches 30% duty cycle. Want to be able to do MIG and stick welding with the same machine? The Viper180 is your dream come true! Stepless adjustments for the voltage and wire feed make setting welding parameters fast and easy. The whole rig weighs just 30 pounds, so it’s easy to transport, move around big projects, or store away between uses. Enjoy the versatility of dual voltage and dual welding options, all boxed up in a high-quality package.
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Klutch MIG Welder

Looking for a lightweight but versatile MIG welder? One of the best small MIG welder options is the 115V Klutch MIG 140SI. It’s small and lightweight, so it won’t take up a ton of space in your garage, and uses an inverter-based 115 V, 140 A design. You can weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and take on 24-ga to 3/16’’ steel in a single pass! It comes with a regulator, gas hose, 10’ MIG torch, and a 10’ ground cable and clamp. You can install a spoolgun if you want to weld aluminum more easily. It uses welding wire diameter 0.023-0.035’’. The inverter system results in a lower amperage and power requirements while still offering consistent output and plenty of it! Replacing parts is easy thanks to the Tweco-style contact tips and nozzles. It’s easy to move this MIG welder around to where you need it, whether the project is big or small! It’s undoubtedly a strong contender for the best MIG welder for home use.
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