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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Military Backpacks

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quadcopter reviewsBest Military Backpacks

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How to Choose a Military Backpack

Whether you are an avid camper, hunter, or need an everyday bag, the best military backpack can suit all your needs! A solid military-style backpack can transport your work gear, and they also make great hiking and camping bags, holding everything you need for a short trek! We reviewed a few of the best military backpack brands to find backpacks to suit you. But first – let’s look at a few things to consider before buying yourself a military backpack.

Best Military Backpacks

Water Resistant: A water resistant bag is important to have for both outdoor activities and during your commute to and from work. They keep your supplies safe and dry, and the outside of the bag won’t get soaking wet or soggy.

Best Military Backpacks

Capacity: The capacity depends on your plan to use it. If you need a bag for work supplies and computer, you can easily choose a smaller model. If you’re planning a 3-day camping trip, grab one to hold all your supplies!

How to Choose a Military Backpack

Material: The types of materials used to make military or tactical backpacks will vary, though most are now synthetic nylon or polyester. If you need a sturdy bag, look for one with 1000D material, which is military-grade and extremely strong.

Best Military Backpacks

Color Options: Choose a color based on your needs, or pick a fun color if you’d like! You can find camouflage patterns in dark greens and sandy tans to blend into your environment or a black bag for a more professional look.

Best Military Backpacks

Size: When it comes to tactical backpacks – size matters! Choose a bag that will fit your body and height comfortably, and make sure it will be large enough for your laptop or other equipment you plan to carry with you.

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Weight: When carrying heavy equipment and supplies, every ounce counts! Choosing a bag that’s lighter when empty means less added stress on your back, but a heavier bag might hold up to frequent and rigorous use better over time.

Top 10 Products

Okay, so now that we know what features to look for in a military backpack, let’s look at 10 great options we found! Each bag has unique features, like extra organization, hydration pack capability, detachable pouches, and much more to suit whatever your needs may be! If you’re in a hurry, start by checking out our Top Pick and Budget Pick, then come back later when you have more time to look around at more options. Let’s get started!

Reebow Gear Tactical Backpack

Top Pick
This bag is our top pick for the best military grade backpack for several reasons. First, it’s incredibly durable. It’s made of high-density, double-stitched nylon with cable-pulls and sturdy zippers that can take a beating. It also includes molle webbing on the front, making it easy to attach extra equipment or pouches. Second, we like that it’s equipped to hold a hydration bladder. This means you can use this bag for more than just tactical storage – it also works great as a hiking or camping bag! Finally, the bag itself is made to be comfortable! It uses webbed fabric on the back and shoulder straps to allow your skin to breathe, which prevents excessive sweating or overheating. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap for extra support. This is a great bag you can use for just about everything – from camping, carrying photography or computer equipment, and even as a sturdy carry-on bag while flying!
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SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is also one of the best small military backpacks we reviewed. It only holds about half of what our top pick does, but that’s okay – it’s a great option if you need a smaller bag! We think this is a great bag if you’re a bit on the smaller side or for everyday use. It will easily hold a laptop, water bottles, snacks, and anything else you need to carry around! It’s made of sturdy polyester and has molle webbing on the front like the Reebow bag. This bag also has a tubing port, which allows you to use one of the compartments with a hydration pack for long hikes or camping trips! This is also a very comfortable bag, with adjustable shoulder and waist straps, and plenty of padding/webbing to keep you cool and comfy! It’s smaller size also makes this bag perfect for traveling – it easily stows away under your seat or in overhead storage.
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CVLIFE Tactical Backpack

This is another great option for a larger military style backpack that can withstand some serious wear and tear. We like this backpack because it can handle carrying a lot of weight – perfect for hiking or camping trips! It has 2 large compartment and 2 front pouches to keep everything organized, and some molle webbing on the front and sides to attach extra clips and accessories. The larger compartments even have pouches inside for better organization. Another feature we liked was that this bag comes with both a waist and sternum belt. This distributes the weight of the bag more evenly, allowing you to carry heavier loads with less stress on your back and shoulders. This is a great bag for the average outdoorsman, young professional, or even a child who is tough on their school backpacks. It’s also fairly affordable and comes in 3 colors, so you can buy a bag (or two) to fit any occasion!
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ARMYCAMOUSA Military Backpack

Want a bag that can pack a lot of stuff? Consider checking out this expandable backpack, that can carry 40 L before expanding, and it expands up to 64 L! We like the expanding feature, especially for use as a carry-on or during long camping trips! Once you add your extra stuff, you can compress it with their heavy-duty zippers, making it easier to carry or stow away. It has 3 compartments for easy organizing and a few molle loops for adding extra accessories. While it is not considered water-resistant, you could easily coat it with a waterproofing treatment to make it work for outdoor use. We think this makes a perfect bag for everyday use as a work bag, gym bag, school backpack, carry-on, or emergency kit for your home or car. It also comes in 10 different colors, and a few different designs, so you can find a bag that fits your style and storage needs!
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Mardingtop Tactical Backpack

While searching for quality tactical backpacks, we came across this durable, spacious, compact version we really liked. The design is sleek, and everything from the outside pockets to side compartments is all neatly covered for a modern look. If you want to customize your bag, it comes with a Velcro strip to add patches or a nameplate, molle webbing to add accessories, and bottom straps to attach a blanket if needed. It also comes in 6 different colors to further customize your bag! What we liked most is how versatile this bag is – with the extra compartments, hydration pack pouch with tubing slots, and various waist and sternum straps, you can really make this bag work for you. The back also looks heavily padded for extra comfort and stability while carrying a heavy pack. It’s perfect for your next outdoor adventure!
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RUPUMPACK Military Backpack

We spent a lot of time hunting for the best military backpack for hiking, and we think this is it! The best feature? It is not only equipped to handle a 2.5 L hydration pouch – it can keep your water cool for up to 4 hours! No worries about your body heating up the water! The hydration pouch is lined with an aluminum-based fabric to keep things nice and cool. In addition to organization pouches in each compartment, this backpack also comes with small pouches on the waistband. You can easily store a small GPS tracker or your phone there for easy access! The thick waist strap and extra sternum strap make carrying heavier weights much easier. There are also plenty of extra straps and webbing to attach your camping equipment, extra pouches, and any other accessories you may need. We were impressed with how many storage options this bag has, making a great option for your next hiking trip!
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Trekking King Tactical Backpack

Want a fully customizable tactical backpack? This is our pick for the best military style backpack for people who want both an everyday backpack and large outdoor hiking or camping sack! The unique feature of this bag we really like is that the 3 outer pouches are totally detachable – making it easy to add only the pouches you need. They are attached with high-quality Velcro and compression straps, keeping them tightly in place. We think it is great that you can take off the front pouch leaving you plenty of space to strap in a tripod, small tent, or sleeping bag with no extra bulk! The waist belt is also detachable, so you don’t have to deal with extra straps flapping around. There is molle webbing all over the bag and extra pouches, so you can add as many accessories as you can fit! For a bag that you can fully customize, this is a great bag to try out!
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TTLIFE Military Backpack

While researching several military backpack reviews, we found out a lot of people use them to carry photography equipment. We found this bag, with its sturdy compartments and underside straps, is perfect for amateur and professional photographers alike! It’s an affordable bag, made with water-resistant Oxford fabric to keep your equipment safe and dry. It has a separate pouch for your laptop, keeping it sturdy and safe while rummaging around in your bag. This backpack also has side pockets for your phone or other small equipment, and plenty of molle webbing to attach extra pouches or hang extra equipment if needed. The underside straps make it easy to carry around a tripod. If you’re a budding nature photographer, this bag is great for packing both photography equipment and some extra supplies to take with you on a long hike or overnight shoot! The sleek, all-black design will also look professional during other photo shoots like weddings, family portraits, and more!
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Modern-depo Tactical Backpack

Want an affordable backpack that can go from the classroom to the campground? This is a great backpack to take with you to school, work, or on a weekend camping trip. The largest compartment expands from 5” – 10”, doubling the space for extra books, clothing, or camping equipment. It’s full of added compartments to keep all your supplies organized and easy to access. We also like that it has plenty of molle webbing on the outside, allowing you to attach a bunch of extra goodies or pouches for added space. The shoulder straps and back are heavily padded for extra comfort and support. They also come in 7 different color/pattern options, which means you can find a bag for everyone in the family! We recommend these for students because they are durable enough for students who are a bit too rough on their backpacks. The best part? This bag can support heavy books while keeping your back and shoulders safe!
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Wolf WarriorX Military Backpack

Our final review for our military backpack buying guide comes from Wolf WarriorX, and is a solid bag for your outdoor or everyday needs. It is expandable, holding between 39-64 L of supplies! It is plenty roomy enough to keep extra supplies in the bag, rather than hanging outside of it. It also comes with a pouch on the shoulder strap for your phone and a water bottle holder on the side for easy access. It also has a removable waist belt and a sternum belt to distribute weight better on your back and chest. This is a great bag if you plan to hike or camp in a windy or sandy area because most of what you need fits inside the bag, and the reversible zippers keep extra dirt and dust out. It’s an affordable and compact bag for small and large hikers alike, and works perfectly for work or travel!
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