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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Military Watches

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How to Choose the Best Military Watch

Looking for the best military watch for yourself or a loved one? Military watches are strong, durable, usually shock-resistant, and are great for anyone who is rough with their accessories. We love military watches, and we wanted to find the best that we could find. So we did a lot of research, studying some of the highest-rated military watches we could find, and reviewing the best of the best. We used a handful of stats to figure out with ones were our favorites. Here’s a list of those stats to help you find the right military watches for you.

Best Military Watches

Type - What type of display does this military watch have? The watch may be analog, digital, or a combination of both.

Best Military Watches

Water Resistance - Is the watch water resistant? We’ll let you know if it is and to what depth. We’ll always measure depth in meters.

How to Choose the Best Military Watch

Backlight - Is the watch backlit? If you are looking for a watch with a light up screen low lighting situations, look for a yes here.

Best Military Watches

Shockproof - Is the watch shockproof? Most military watches are; it helps protect the watch it’s dropped or hit from breaking.

Best Military Watches

Scratch-Proof Glass - Is the glass coated to protect it? We’ll let you know if the glass or covering is designed to repel scratches.

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Watchcase Material - What is the case made of? The case is the outer rim around the watch. It can be made of a variety of metals.

Top 10 Products

Now that we’ve covered all of those, let’s get to the best watch for military reviews! We have picked our top ten favorite watches of all of the ones we researched and reviewed, but there were two that really stood out. These were the first one, which was our Top Pick. The second is the Budget Pick, which was our favorite one that was inexpensive. If you’re in a hurry, make sure to take a look at those two first! Now let’s get to the best military watch reviews!

G-Shock GD-120 Military Watch

Top Pick
The G-Shock GD-120 Military Watch is the best g shock watch for military personnel in our opinion. This backlit watch has a “Super Illuminator,” very bright light that allows you to read your watch in nearly any situation. It can dive up to 200 meters, and it’s shockproof, too. The watchcase is made of a durable resin that just doesn’t quit. We really loved this watch for its longevity too; the battery can last up to 7 years! Imagine not having to worry about your watch running out of juice for that long. And this watch has a durable, rugged feel that looks great. It has a solid black stealthy look that really draws the eye. It looks like a wonderful piece of engineering that can last through almost anything you can throw at it.
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CakCity Large Face Military Watch

Budget Pick
Looking for the best military watch for the money? The CakCity Large Face Military Watch is a digital watch that can dive up to 50 meters. The super simple display is in a pleasing teal color; with its big numbers, it’s very easy to read at just a glance. It’s really attractive too! We love its military-style look. It is backlit and the watch lights up with just the touch of a button. This watch is shock resistant, making it a great sports watch for sports and exercise. It includes a stopwatch, alarms, date, and time. With its Taiwan IC chip set, you know the time will tick by as precisely as possible. We really love this watch for its durability, beautiful simplicity, and its inexpensive price. So if you are looking for a great Budget Pick, you’ve found it!
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G-Shock GD-400

Want a watch that looks as rugged as possible? The G-Shock GD-400 has this beautiful, military ruggedness that is truly appealing. It is water resistant up to 200 meters. It is shockproof resin, making it durable and rugged. The mineral glass should resist scratching too! The numbers glow softly in a military green color that looks fantastic. If you play hard and want your watch to keep up while still looking good, the G-Shock GD-400 is a great watch to look into. And the best part is the big face that goes with big wrists. It’s truly a statement piece that will be able to keep up with you whether you take it hunting, camping, exercising, to the gym, swimming, or on whatever wild adventures you may have planned. And all at a great price too!
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Aposon Simple Military Watch

The Aposon Simple Military Watch is a digital watch that is both super simple and really attractive for a military watch. If you want rugged simplicity that’s water resistant up to 50 meters, this is a great watch for you. It’s comfortable; the silicone and rubber band is durable and feels good to wear. The stainless steel case is shock resistant, making it perfect for even rough outdoor sports, yard work, camping, or hiking. This is backlit, which makes it great for use in the dark or low light situations. This watch also features a stopwatch, date, alarms, and a choice between 12- and 24-hour time. And the simple design of this awesome watch really looks stunning and unique. There’s little not to love, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!
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Wdnba Men’s Analog-Digital Watch

The Wdnba Men’s Analog-Digital Watch is absolutely majestic looking! This watch is made of durable stainless steel with a silicone band that holds up. It’s very comfortable, and it is safe in water up to 30 meters. That makes it great for outdoor activities, exercise, swimming, hand washing, showering, bathing, and even shallow water snorkeling. It has a stopwatch and calendar as well as both digital and analog time. The band comes in two different colors; the first is a black color that makes the watch look like one for a spy. The second is a military-green color that looks like something right out of an Army uniform. Either one you choose, we think you’ll love it! It truly is a stunning watch with so many great features too!
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LYMFHCH Waterproof Military Watch

Want a military watch that is as unique as it is beautiful? The LYMFHCH Waterproof Military Watch is a gunmetal silver-gray color that really stands out from the pack. The finish on this thing is stunning; it’s almost as awesome as the watch’s performance! Super accurate and smooth, the LYMFHCH watchcase is designed to protect the inner workings of the watch and keep it accurate for as long as possible. This thing is impact and shock resistant, water resistant, antimagnetic, and is perfect for even the most rigorous of activities. The display is really well-designed; all of the dials and numbers are very readable and well displayed. There is both analog and digital time displays. And the best part: this watch comes with a military-green band that is very comfortable and durable!
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Infantry Tactical Watch

Want precision timekeeping? The Infantry Tactical Watch runs on dual precision AL35 Japanese quartz, making it some of the most precise time available on a watch. This watch is a sight to see, too; the all-black design is extremely attractive and clean. The watch is analog, but it also has a digital display that is only visible with the backlight on. It makes the front look less cluttered and sleeker. This watch has a ton of functionality too; it has 12 or 24 hour time settings, a stopwatch, alarms, date and calendar, day of the week, and certain glow-in-the-dark features for easy reading. It is scratch-resistant and has a durable stainless steel band. And the best part is that this watch is incredibly inexpensive! So if you want a cool, beautiful watch for a cheap price, check out the Infantry Tactical Watch!
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Etevon Outdoor Military Watch

Want the best digital watch for military looks? The Etevon Outdoor Military Watch is one of the prettiest, most futuristic looking watches we’ve ever seen. It has tons of amazing features, and it looks like it can do everything you’d ever want a watch to do! It has time in both digital and analog, backlight, a calendar, an hourly chime, alarms with snooze features, stopwatch, split time, and compass. All are incredibly precise too! It’s incredibly stylish and beautifully made, the busy surface arranged in a way that is pleasing to look at. It is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant acrylic glass. The strap is resin, closed with a stainless steel clasp. This watch is the perfect gift for someone who likes to know everything about everything!
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oDo Shmeichel Tactical Watch

Like an old-fashioned, simplistic watch? The oDo Shmeichel Tactical Watch is a beautiful, Army-style watch with a military green colored band and a black face. It has easy to read white numbers on the face. The watchcase is made with super durable stainless steel while the cover is scratch-resistant mineral glass. It’s water resistant up to 30 meters, making it perfect for swimming, showering, bathing, fishing, and other shallow water activities. And it even comes with a beautiful, tin gift box that makes the oDo Shmeichel Tactical Watch truly special. ALthough this watch isn’t backlit, it does glow in the dark so reading the time even in the dark is easy. So if you are looking for a simple, beautiful, military-style watch, oDo Shmeichel Tactical Watch is just a fabulous watch to choose!
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Siniya Multi-Function Watch

If you want a little bit of everything in your watch, the Siniya Multi-Function Watch is a sweet watch with a ton of features. This watch has a stopwatch, precise analog and digital time, date and calendar, and alarm. The band is made with reinforced resin that just doesn’t quit. It’s designed to be more comfortable and ergonomic. It’s a military green color too, matching the military watch theme. The case is made of a durable resin which is covered with a scratch-resistant glass. It’s water resistant up to about 50 meters, making it great for everyday interactions with water. And with precision Japanese quartz time keeping tech, you’ll have some of the most accurate time keep around! We really love the design of this watch, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!
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