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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Nespresso Machine Reviews

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How to Choose Your Nespresso Machine

Coffee is life. But why spend money at a coffee shop when you can enjoy a delicious cup of Joe at home? No matter how you like your coffee, you’re in for a treat with this Nespresso machine review. We’ve picked the top 10 products for the optimal coffee experience! But before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a look at the things you need to consider when shopping for the best Nespresso machine.

Best Nespresso Machine Reviews

Type: Make sure your machine is designed to make espresso and coffee. Some machines can also make Italian-style Lungo coffee. With more types to choose from, there’s also more chance to share coffee moments with friends. Tip: Pick a “Dual” model.

Nespresso Machine Reviews

Color: Your Nespresso coffee maker also comes in different colors: from serious black and titan to brighter cherry red and silver. Aside from the eye appeal, consider that dark colors are easier to keep clean.

How to Choose Your Nespresso Machine

Capacity: Bigger water tanks mean more people can enjoy their coffee treats. The espresso machines in this review have large reservoirs. This means that your gang can also join in the coffee fun.

Nespresso Machine Reviews

Dimension: Pick out a smaller machine if kitchen space is at a premium. After all, you’re not running a coffee shop. On the other hand, larger machines may give you more options aside from espresso or plain coffee.

Best Nespresso Machine Reviews

Weight: When it comes to weight, would you like it heavier or lighter? For ergonomic convenience, you might single out the lighter machine. Great choice! Meanwhile, the heavier machines usually offer more features.

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Warranty: Good thing coffee machines usually come with a warranty. There’s no need to feel anxious about issues with the machine. To make it easy: We’ve noted below how long your coffee maker will be covered, as of the time of writing.

Top 10 Products

We researched the top ten Nespresso machines to help simplify your choices. Feel free to decide on the coffee machine that fits your preferences. Is it for home use? Are you thinking of sprucing up your office pantry? You’ll be glad you’ve browsed this list of Nespresso machine reviews. But if you’re in a hurry, check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick, they are amazing. That perfect cup of coffee and espresso is almost within reach. Enjoy!

Nespresso Inissia Espresso

Top Pick
Nespresso Inissia Espresso offers you a variety automated features to see to it that your coffee needs are met. You can start brewing just by pressing its start button. You can program the machine between the button for espresso and lungo. After 25 seconds, your nine servings of coffee are ready. By then, the water would have already reached the ideal temperature. The folding drip tray is also your automatic coffee mug. It drops down once you remove your drip-filled cup. The same drip tray can fill larger sizes of mugs. And if you’re forgetful or too busy to remember shutting the machine down, you don’t have to worry because it turns off automatically after nine minutes. With its 19-pressure pump, your espresso or coffee can be extracted from the Nespresso capsule’s estimated 900 different aromas. You can then begin savoring the heavenly flavor of your chosen coffee drink. Furthermore, your Nespresso Inissia Espresso machine comes in black, white, red and cream.
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Nespresso Pixie Espresso

Budget Pick
You’ll have fun and ease with Nespresso Pixie Espresso’s Compact Brewing Unit Technology. This innovation allows you to insert and remove coffee capsules easily. The preheating time is only 30 seconds, thanks to its Thermoblock heating element. Because Nespresso Pixie can also serve espresso or lungo, short and tall recipe glasses are available at the folding drip tray. You can either program the volume quantity of your coffee or let the machine automatically set it for you. It’s also visual-friendly because of the Backlit LED water level indicator. Also, impatience won’t get to your nerves as brewing time is only 30 seconds at most. What’s more, Nespresso Pixie can hold ten used capsules in a removable water tank of 24 ounces. How great is that? And just like every Nespresso machine, its 19-pressure pump works well in extracting the blissful aroma of your Nespresso coffee. And if you’re particular with colors, this machine comes in aluminum and electric titan.
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Nespresso Vertuo Bundle

Would you like your espresso topped with milk froth? Then the Nespresso Vertuo Bundle is for you. It is very easy and convenient to operate with its innovative one-button operation. You won’t have a problem waiting, as the heat up time is only 20 seconds maximum. Additionally, if you’d like to create surprise treats based on coffee or espresso recipes, Nespresso Vertuo Bundle’s Aeroccino will prepare that for you. Just choose between hot or cold milk froth. You’ll be glad you’ve kept those recipes all this time. You can also make other coffee drinks topped by milk froths. Will it be macchiato or cappuccino? That won’t be much of a confusion if you have the Nespresso Vertuo Bundle at home. Furthermore, if you missed turning the power off because of other urgent duties, the machine will shut itself down after 9 minutes. The Nespresso Vertuo Bundle comes in the colors black, red, gray and matte black.
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Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo

Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo is a great choice for making cream-topped espresso. This machine comes with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother. Operating it is as easy and simple as one touch thanks to the one-touch button functionality. And there’s more! The Nespresso Evoluo introduces the Centrifusion technology. This innovation allows the machine to brew coffee and espresso with gentleness and precision. Along with that, the machine is also configured to recognize Nespresso capsule codes. As a result, the blends are specific to the capsules detected. If you’d also like to drink with a friend or more, there are other types for them to choose from. That’s why large and small coffee sizes are part of the deal. Because it automatically shuts off after 9 minutes, you can leave it alone after your coffee is done. You won’t even need to worry about plugged power cords. And to satisfy your color preferences, this machine comes in titan, graphite metal, shiny red and silver shades.
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Nespresso CitiZ

Your Nespresso CitiZ is equipped with the 19-bar high-performance pump. This enables the machine to powerfully extract the sweet-smelling and delicate flavor of Nespresso coffee. This machine is also built to heat up to the ideal temperature within 25 seconds. Yes, all 34 ounces of it can be heated that fast. And if by some happy chance you will go for taller glass recipes, this machine can also accommodate that. Let the folding cup tray do its job. There’s yummier news! CitiZ has the Aeroccino 3 system built in itself. This means that you can also create milk froth for those mouth-watering coffee recipes you’ve been dying to make. And when you’re all done, let the machine’s automatic energy-saving feature turn it off for you. Isn’t this convenient? All this at a very affordable price. And for your color choice, you can pick from limousine black, titan, fire-engine red, or chrome hues.
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Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe

What makes the VertuoPlus stand out? It would be the machine’s motorized head and moveable water tank. You’ll find it very convenient to move the tank in or out of the machine depending on the space availability. If your place has limited space, this would be such great news, right? The VertuoPlus also sports the Centrifusion technology of extraction. This technology is designed to powerfully extract the delightful aroma and taste of coffee you would want to savor to the last drop. All you have to do is insert a capsule, close the lever, and let the machine handle the rest of coffee-making for you. Meantime, the VertuoPlus can also adjust its brewing parameters depending on the Grand Cru that you select. And yes, it’s automatically selected, too. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether your coffee is for one person or more. After all, the VertuoPlus can make both small and large cup sizes from the 60-ounce water tank. Your color choices include white, cherry red, gray, silver, titan, and black.
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Nespresso Vertuo Chrome

The Vertuo comes from a long line of expert Nespresso coffeemakers. It’s a name you will not hesitate to rely on when it comes to bringing you just the kind of coffee blend you love. Ever convenient and easy, you can operate it with the press of a single button. Brew your coffee with its heat-up time of up to 20 seconds. And you’re good to go. Along with that, different sizes of cups are also ready for you. Whether you feel like slurping that froth over your espresso or just simply drinking that regular coffee, your Vertuo can do the coffee preparation for you. Simply put in the capsule in the machine, close the lever, and then activate. There it is, your steaming espresso is ready to serve. And when it’s clean-up time, the machine will let you know about it. That’s the deal with Vertuo’s descaling alert. The colors to choose from are black, red, titan and matte black.
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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Esperta

How do you like your coffee? If your coffeemaker is Dolce Gusto Esperta, you can have cream over it with thick and velvety texture. Dolce Gusto Esperta can extract and squeeze your coffee in higher grade pressure. And if you’d like to customize your coffee, you can. It has a feature bar where you can choose the kind of size and strength level of your drink. What’s more, the machine can also brew 30 other selections. If you feel like drinking tea today, hot chocolate tonight and latte tomorrow, your Dolce Gusto Esperta can do that for you. Brewing can be done for a maximum of one minute. Very fast, huh? And, it’s also environment-friendly because it automatically switches off after 5 minutes of idleness. Thus, the machine conserves energy. You can also use it to serve more people as it has a 60-ounce capacity. But there’s more! The exciting treat is that you’ll get two free boxes of medium roast and cappuccino capsules upon purchase.
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Nespresso CitiZ Red Edition

This is the coffee maker for the city life. Hello, CitiZ! It’s great enough that Nespresso coffee drinkers can really enjoy its brews. What’s even greater is that the machine now comes with the new look that design lovers will be in awe of. Dubbed as Red Dot design, it’s very compact and space-saving for every urban kitchen. Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t take too much space. The programmable buttons are also very user-friendly. And whether it's espresso or Lungo coffee, you’ll get the barista-style coffee you want. That’s because of the machine’s 19-bar high-performance pump. It’s able to extract and squeeze out just the right amount of aroma and taste of the coffee you love. And after 25 seconds, your brew is already done. This gives more available time to get other tasks done. Furthermore, CitiZ shuts down on its own after it hasn’t been used in 9 minutes. So, if your heart is on this, feel free to choose from among its three colors.
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Nespresso VertuoPlus Titan

Have you found your coffee maker yet? You must be looking for the VertuoPlus! This is your machine of choice, creating that delicious and authentic espresso you always love. You can quickly and easily get it started using one button. Brewing can also be finished in 20 seconds. You can also choose the cup size you want. With the VertuoPlus’ new colors and designs, it’s going to be classic coffee time. You can also bring your friends to enjoy that moment with you. Serve coffee or espresso of their choice as the machine uses two different capsule sizes. And when you’re done brewing, you can even rush off to that meeting without turning it off. There’s no need to worry as VertuoPlus can automatically shut down after 9 minutes of idleness. And if you’re the meticulous type, you can always clean VertuoPlus on time. Its descaling feature will just alert you about it. If this is your kind of coffee maker, just take your pick from among six hues.
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