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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Nurse Shoes

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How to Choose the Best Nurse Shoes

A typical healthcare shift can go longer than 12 hours, so nurses need the best nurse shoes available to get through the day (or the night!) They need options that are comfortable, and long-lasting. We’ve researched a variety of new and bestselling products to find the best shoes for the nurse in your life. The result is our excellent top ten list below. Now: Before we get started, here’s what you need to know when you go shoe shopping.

Best Nurse Shoes

Shoe Type: On our list, we have a variety of the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. These include clogs, slip-on and much more. We'll indicate which type of shoe you're looking at for all ten of our reviews.

Best Nurse Shoes

Unisex: Both men and women need quality shoes to get through a long nurse shift. Some of the shoes we've chosen below are unisex, while others are designed specifically for men or for women. Check here to see if "unisex" is an option.

How to Choose the Best Nurse Shoes

Anti-Slip: Nurses need to move quickly to tend to patients. Some of the shoes we chose include anti-slip features to assist with quick movements and dirty hospital floors. An easy “yes” or “no” will tell you if your shoes are anti-slip.

Best Nurse Shoes

Oil Resistant: Medicines and other liquids nurses deal with on a daily basis can create a real mess. A pair of oil-resistant shoes could be just what you need to avoid another cleaning. We’ve marked every pair for oil-resistant capabilities.

Best Nurse Shoes

Color: The best nursing shoes don’t have to be black! In fact, some of them come in multiple colors and patterns. You can be efficient on the job, and still be the most fashionably-dressed nurse in the office.

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Material: We’ve got quite a few material options for you, including leather and synthetic fabrics. Whether you have a preference or not, our at-a-glance-guide leaves you fully informed as you check out the reviews. Every shoe below is an excellent choice!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know everything you need to look for as you go shoe shopping, we can get started with our reviews. And if you’re in a hurry, no problem! Just take the time to investigate our top pick and our budget pick. Both are comfortable, superior shoes and are among the best we reviewed. Right below, you’ll find all of our runner-ups in the shoe department. If you’re looking for the best-rated nursing shoes, they’re here on this list. Let’s get started!

Algeria Debra Slip-On

Top Pick
Our top pick is a women’s nursing shoe with serious style. We selected the Algeria Debra Slip-On for many reasons. Here’s the scoop: This shoe comes in dozens of sizes and styles. You can go with classic black, embossed leather variations, even Day of the Dead skulls! Whatever you choose, you’ll find the perfect match for your scrubs. These are slip-on shoes, so they’re very easy to use and move around in. They have an anti-slip outsole. The upper is also stain-resistant. Spills won’t get in your way with this slip-on. The shoe itself is made from leather, but inside you’ll find memory foam cushions to keep your feet both cozy and rested during a long day. The insole can be replaced by your own orthotics, too! Nurses will love these comfy shoes, as will teachers, doctors… anyone on their toes all of the time can benefit. This design can help the shoe mold to your feet as they're worn.
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Arriba Unisex Non-Slip

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is the Arriba Unisex Non-Slip shoe! Here’s why: This shoe is made for both men and women, and structured for your comfort. It’s made from PVC, a long-lasting material with flexibility and just enough stretch to mold to your feet. This design is a fabulous solution for nurses and anyone else moving throughout the day – restaurant workers, educators, gardeners and others. In addition to giving you a snug fit, it will also stay put on slick surfaces. PVC is also very easy to clean, so liquids like oils and medicines will slide right off. It’s a time-honored black shoe, matching any outfit or uniform. It will not create additional friction on your toes or your soles. The front is wide and roomy! After a long shift caring for patients, filling out forms and keeping things clean, the last thing you want to worry about is sore feet. Check out the Arriba Unisex Non-Slip shoe today!
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Dansko Professional Clog

There are a few names synonymous with comfortable shoes, and Dansko is at the top of the list. The Dansko Professional Clog was at the top of the list for our reviewers, too, for quite a few reasons. What’s the secret? Dansko’s stapled outsole. It’s so great for your feet, it’s received the seal of acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association.) The Professional Clog is a women’s shoe, made in classic black leather. This is a slip-on clog, with a ¾-inch platform and a 2-inch heel. The outsole is built for durability and shock absorption, made from rubber with treads for easy walking. For anyone spending the whole day upright, you want to seek out a soft inner-soled shoe to take the pressure away from your foot. The Dansko has a contoured leather insole that will do just that. The best nursing shoes for women will not bother you as you work. That’s why you should check out this pair.
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Skechers for Work

One of the most comfortable shoes out there is the sneaker. It’s simple, it fits without squeezing and it matches most professional uniforms. We love the Skechers for Work sneaker! So, what are we talking about? An affordable shoe that is simply made, to fit you for months to come. This lace-up work shoe is black, made from leather. It’s got a mesh tongue and collar, which means it won’t get too hot as you run from appointment to appointment or from patient to patient. The sole is specifically made to absorb shock, and the toe area is ultra-lightweight to protect and assist with balance. The sturdy heel supports posture and helps you stand tall. If you use custom insoles, the ones provided can be replaced easily. The anti-slip technology will reassure anyone who has to traverse sleek surfaces on a regular basis. Standing up for hours is exhausting. Bottom line: Your footwear should help and keep you comfortable!
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Birki’s Unisex Clog

A clog is most similar in style to a slip-on shoe. The major difference lies in the heel support – there is more heel coverage provided there. This clog, in particular, is a workhorse for anyone who spends shift after shift walking, standing, or serving customers. Birki’s Super Birki Unisex Clog is made for both men and women. Nurses and doctors will love how easy it is to keep clean. They will also love how well it fits! So will bartenders, chefs, gardeners and small business owners. Here’s one example: This shoe is made from polyurethane, a synthetic substance. It has enough “give” to mold to your feet, but it will stay solid day after day. The contoured cork footbed in the sole can be removed for very easy cleaning. Your tootsies will be both cushioned and supported, exactly what you require for your busy lifestyle. Even folks with foot issues swear by Birki’s. It’s time to put your comfort first!
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Arriba Heavy Duty Clog

PVC is a hugely popular alternative to other shoe materials for the following reasons: PVC will last you a very long time. It’s waterproof and resistant to many chemicals. It’s strong, but lightweight. It’s innovative, and shoes made from PVC are flexible enough to mold to a person’s particular foot structure. These are also all great reasons why they make wonderful shoes for nurses to wear. The Arriba Heavy Duty Clog is a very highly-regarded PVC-manufactured shoe. Here are some additional details: These are bright white clogs, easy to slip on with a solid heel. Comfort foam will make you feel like you’re walking on air. The entire shoe is one piece, so it could not be easier to clean. Just remove the inner foam to wipe it down. Liquids of all kinds will slide right off, along with oils, garbage and more. The price is also right – these are very affordable shoes. What are you waiting for?
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Sensfoot Clogs

There are some great shoes out there made for men who are always on their feet. This is one of our favorites: Sensfoot Slip-Resistant Clogs. These are made from EVA. EVA was once used only in athletic shoes until manufacturers realized it could do much more. It's a dense foam, used as a great shock absorber. You’ll now find it used across the industry inside the soles of the most comfortable gear. It also makes things ultra-lightweight. This shoe has even more to offer: These are slip-on clogs, easy to maneuver and manipulate. The inner cushioning breathes well, and there is an optional back strap too. A size 9 Sensfoot Clog weighs just over half a pound! It gets better: The treads are made from rubber with advanced slip-resistant technology. If your job includes cleaning up slippery substances, this shoe is a must-buy. Staff in hospitals, factories, restaurants and other busy venues will love this highly durable purchase.
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Shenn Women’s Nurse Shoes

There are thousands of options out there for nurses, but few brands are designed specifically for their use. The Shenn Women’s Nurse Shoes are unique in that they are optimal for the type of work done by a nurse. Hours spent on your feet, leaning and bending and lifting. Walking from office to office and person to person, sometimes running to help someone in need. All of these highly physical requirements must be met by the best shoe available. The Shenn shoe is white leather, with a rubber sole. The heel goes up to just ¾ of an inch, providing only a little lift, but a lot of postural support. Along with the tapered heel, the rest of the shoe is solidly built. It will not be damaged easily. It is padded internally to mitigate any shocks and can keep feet from getting too tired when you are upright. Here's the deal: This is an excellent shoe available at an affordable price!
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Lixff Nurses Shoes

The phrase “nurse’s shoe” might conjure up an image of something comfortable, but deliberately unattractive. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s proof: Lixff Nurses Shoes are both stylish and enjoyable for your feet. They are shiny black shoes that will match virtually any outfit. They are made from EVA, the popular athletic shoe material renowned for its dense makeup and durability. For that reason, they are lightweight and will feel more like slippers than shoes, in the best possible way. That EVA foam also provides a great deal of support. There's a high arch to keep your feet from getting sore in the middle of a shift. They're also going to do the most basic stuff: Keep your feet dry and clean. They're anti-slip, so you can move forward with purpose. In fact, oils, dirt, and bacteria can be wiped right off. What are you waiting for? A more pleasant and affordable shoe is ready for you.
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NurseMates Shoes

Let the Nurse Mates shoe be your best mate during a long day in the office or the hospital. This slip-on shoe is another extremely popular brand for working professionals. The protective design and very simple, classic style are both big winners for our reviewers. You can choose between black and white, and both colors come with anti-slip tread. The rubber structure is also highly oil-resistant and waterproof, so keeping these shoes clean will be a breeze. Stain resistance is a big bonus in the nursing world! Your coworkers will be asking where you got such fancy footwear. And check this out: As with many slip-ons made for workers, there is a small 1-inch heel. This adds to the arch support within the shoe. Healthcare facilities often have very hard flooring. It’s done that way so that it’s easy to clean, but those floors are not easy on your feet. Give yourself a break with shoes made for the long haul.
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