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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Oil Filters

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How to Choose the Best Oil Filters

So it’s that time again. Time to change your oil filter. Though this is certainly not a fun task, you want to make sure you choose the best oil filters for your vehicle or machine. Choosing a bad oil filter can lead to engine damage and wear. So below you’ll find our list of things to look for when making an oil filter comparison. Check them out so you know what to look for when buying a filter.

Best Oil Filters

Weight:- You want to be able to easily handle the filter when installing it, and be able to easily take it out when you are done. You also want your filter to be of a comparable weight to the original.

Best Oil Filters

Dimensions: As with weight, you want your filter to be able to fit into your vehicle. Check that the dimensions are similar to the oil filter that came in your car or vehicle. Don’t be caught with a filter that doesn’t fit.

How to Choose the Best Oil Filters

Synthetic:- Some filters are not capable of processing synthetic oil as effectively as others. While many are able to process synthetic oil, check this box in our oil filters review to ensure you are buying one that processes synthetic oil.

Best Oil Filters

Non-Slip: A filter needs to stay in place to do its job. Many filters come with special non-slip features that keep it in place while they are in use. These keep the filter right where you installed it for the duration of its time in your engine.

Best Oil Filters

Capacity: The capacity changes how much gunk this filter can grab. A higher capacity allows you to leave the filter in place for longer, as it can handle holding more of the bad stuff back from your engine.

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Anti-Leak: You don't want any of the stuff the filter catches accidentally making its way into your engine, that’s the whole reason you have the filter in the first place. Make sure your filter comes with anti-leak technology.

Top 10 Products

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Let’s get searching for the best car oil filter. You can just take a quick peek at our top and budget picks if you want to be quick about choosing a filter those are the best places to start. These filters are the best oil filter for car. You know what to look for, and if you want to really do your research, check out the other eight filters on our list. They’re all great choices.

Mobil 1 M1-110

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best oil filter you can get is the Mobil 1 M1-110. It provides extended long-life performance for current vehicles longer drain intervals. This filter effectively removes contaminants with its 99.6% Multi-Pass. This filter has an efficiency rating of an advanced fiber blend media, without the price tag. This filter holds double the content of its competitors, a whopping 28 grams of total capacity, according to Mobil. As one of the biggest names in oil, Mobil is definitely a top choice to answer the question, “who makes the best oil filter?” This filter prevents dry starts by eliminating internal leakage during shutdown. This happens through the filter’s use of a silicone anti-drain back valve. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to be sure that their filter works for a long time and is one of the best. This little filter is a great choice for anyone who wants a filter that holds the maximum amount of contaminants.
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Motorcraft FL-910S

Budget Pick
If you’re scanning through oil filter reviews looking for a filter that won’t break the bank, our budget pick may be the one for you. This budget-friendly filter helps prevent against engine wear by screening out abrasives. Abrasives can be anything from carbon, sand, dust to even bits of metal. This filter screens out those damaging elements before they get into your oil and damage your engine. The pressure relief valve helps maintain the supply of oil to the engine. This is really great if you are driving in especially cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged. The pressure relief valve also helps minimize the chance of contaminated oil getting back into your engine, causing damage and wear. The steel case of this filter is ironed for a precise fit and fluted so you can remove it easily. This efficient filter media filters dirt more effectively and has the ability to capture many engine harming particles.
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This is a great choice for anyone looking for a filter among the best oil filters for synthetic oil. This filter is made of an ultra synthetic material, which is engineered for use with synthetic oil. This synthetic blend media is backed with a metal screen for uniform pleating. This feature also increases durability and optimized flow. This filter has a long life silicone anti-drainback valve, which means it keeps more of the contaminants out of your engine. Fram makes a SureGrip anti-slip texture to make changing the filter simple and easy. No more dropping the filter and getting all of that disgusting oil on your clothes when changing the filter. This filter is designed with a precision coil spring with a glass fiber reinforced Nylon poppet relief valve. It also comes complete with an internally lubricated sealing gasket for easy filter removal. This is a great filter for anyone looking for something made by one of the best oil filter brands.
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Bosch 3330

Want the best car oil filter? This Bosch 3330 may be the filter for you. IT has a metal spiral-wound center tube that reinforces the filter’s internal strength, providing incredible durability. The end caps prevent any trapped contaminants from reaching your engine, keeping it safe from gunk and residue. This filter is made with a premium natural and synthetic media blend, providing 99% efficiency, according to Bosch. The silicone anti-drain back valve protects your engine against dry starts without drying out itself. The relief valve prevents oil restriction and ensures that your engine is always getting the oil flow it needs. Finally, the nitrile sealing gasket is internally lubricated, so this gasket has a long long life ahead of it without drying out. The Bosch OE fit means that your filter will stay on your vehicle, just like the original filter did. The 14-gram capacity means it can hold lots of contaminants back from your engine.
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If you’re looking for something that ranks among the top rated oil filters, FRAMs are always going to be a good bet. This filter can come in a pack of 12 or by itself. It provides protection for up to 5,000 miles, according to the manufacturer. It is engineered for use with commercial oil, so it is definitely not one the best oil filter for synthetic oil. It provides the ideal balance of efficiency and capacity, with 95% dirt-trapping efficiency. The sure grip coating means that you will never have problems installing or removing the filter from your engine. The precision coil spring means you never have to worry about the construction of your filter. It comes complete with a Nylon poppet relief valve, so none of those contaminants get in your engine. The internally lubricated gasket makes it especially easy to remove your filter. It is a great choice for someone looking for the best motorcycle oil filter they can get.
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Bosch 3312

This is a great choice for people looking for a filter by one of the best oil filter brands on the market. Bosch makes some great filters that have a 14-gram capacity. This filter can take synthetic oil. It comes with Bosch’s exclusive FILTECH media technology. What makes FILTECH special is the high glass content, which is woven into a blend of natural and synthetic material. This provides your filter with greater efficiency and strength over other competing filters. It traps even very small engine damaging particles to ensure your engine functions at its top performance. It is crafted with strong steel base plates that prevent leakage and poor fit. They also prevent the filter from warping during use. The silicone anti-drainback valve makes sure that your engine is supplied with clean oil when the car is started. The double-locked rolled seam makes sure that the canister is leak free. The high lubricity gasket provides your filter with a tight seal.
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Motorcraft FL820S

Motorcraft is the original replacement valve recommended as one of the top oil filter brands for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. They, of course, can be used in other manufacturers as well. These filters minimize the chance of contaminated oil recirculating back into your engine, keeping your engine healthy, clean, and running. The pressure relief valves also help maintain the supply of oil to the engine without compromising on filtration power in extremely cold environments. This feature also helps if the filter gets clogged during use. The steel cases on these filters are “ironed”. This means they fit your engine precisely and accurately. They also are fluted to ensure you can remove them quickly and easily when it is time to replace them. These filters are a great original replacement part if you own a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicle, but can also be used for other manufacturers and models.
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Bosch 3323

This is a great premium oil filter for anyone looking for the best oil filter on the market. It may be a contender. The Bosch FILTECH system is impressive, with a filtering area of up to 42% larger than conventional filters. The filter media is close to 30 percent thicker, according to Bosch. This makes it easier for this filter to screen out more contaminants that could harm your engine. The FILTECH filters use an exclusive blend of natural and synthetic fibers. These filters are designed to fit your engine’s specific application. You can even order this filter with a wrench, in case you don’t already have one that it the right size to install your filter. It has strong steel base plates to prevent warpage while it is inside your engine, despite the high heat. Unlike in many Royal Purple oil filter reviews, you’ll find that the Bosch FILTECH system works wonderfully for many different kinds of engines.
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Looking for the best synthetic oil filter? The FRAM Ultra Synthetic Premium Oil Filter might be for you. It provides superior protection when using synthetic oil. According to FRAM, this version of their Synthetic Filter is good for up to 20,000 miles. That’s a long way to go without thinking about changing your oil. The synthetic blend media is backed by a metal screen. This provides uniform pleating. It also allows this filter to provide incredible durability and optimal oil flow. This filter provides 99% dirt-trapping efficiency, according to FRAM. This is a great filter for everyday drivers. It’s also great for people who perform regular maintenance on their vehicle, so they can continue to check the filter and change it if it ever fills up. FRAM’s Sure Grip coating makes it easy to remove the filter when it is time to change it and install a new one.
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Briggs & Stratton 492932S

This is one of the best oil filter for synthetic, especially for those looking for a filter for their lawn mower. This is a good filter to buy more than one of, as you can buy it in any quantity up to five. This is a great filter for lawn mowers or other equipment that came with any brand of oil filter, not just Briggs and Stratton. This is, however, a genuine Briggs and Stratton OEM part, if you are specifically on the hunt for an original and genuine part. It can replace 7045184, 492056 and 492932. It is a great replacement part for any of those oil filter numbers. It is a great deal for anyone looking for an original part. Replacing your filter with the one it originally came with is typically easier and less stressful because you always know that the filter will fit your engine and function properly with it.
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