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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Orchid Pots

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How to Choose the Best Orchid Pot

While looking for the best orchid pots to use in your indoor or outdoor garden, we came across 10 options that will keep your plants in tip-top shape! Each of the pots in our orchid pot reviews is made especially for plants that need plenty of drainage and airflow, such as orchids, African violets, and other tropical plants. Before you start shopping, here are some features you should know about so you can choose the right pots for your garden.

Best Orchid Pots

Pieces: To make sure you get enough pots for all your orchids, and to keep things within your budget, we will let you know how many pieces come in each set. That way you only have to order what you need!

Best Orchid Pots

Size: The right size pot is important for healthy roots. We let you know the size of each pot and if they are made for a specific orchid variety or size, so you can choose the best one for your needs!

How to Choose the Best Orchid Pot

Material: Most orchid pots are made of lightweight and flexible plastic, or classic and heavy-duty ceramic. Which material you choose for your pots depends on your budget, size needs, and overall look you are going for in your home or garden.

Best Orchid Pots

Color: Orchid pots come in a wide variety of colors! Clear pots are great for quickly checking your plant’s growth. They also come in fun colors to match your décor, or get a contrasting color so your orchid flowers stand out!

Best Orchid Pots

Slotted: Slotted pots are important for orchids because they encourage plenty of water drainage to prevent the roots from rotting or overcrowding. These slots also allow for airflow and sunlight to reach the roots, which helps to keep the plants healthy.

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Saucer: If you keep your orchids outside, a saucer probably isn’t necessary to catch the extra water drainage. For indoor houseplants, saucers are a great way to keep extra water from pooling up and ruining on your countertops, tables, or window sills!

Top 10 Products

Okay, now that you have an idea of what kind of pots you’ll need, let’s get into the reviews! We found 10 amazing options for gardeners on a budget, beautiful gift ideas, or bulk packs to stock up your gardening kit! If you don’t have time to read about all of them now, that’s fine! Just start out by checking out or Top Pick and Budget Pick today. When you have more time, come back and read about the rest!

rePotme Orchid Pots

Top Pick
First up is our Top Pick for the best orchid pots from rePotme. This set of pots is great for people who need to repot their orchids or want a variety of pots on hand for when they purchase new ones from their local nursery. There are 8 pots in this set in 4 different sizes, so you can find the right fit for your orchid! Orchids stay healthier if they’re in the proper size pot, so having a variety of sizes is important to getting the right fit. Each plastic pot has plenty of side slots and drainage holes on the bottom to allow for the best airflow and to prevent the roots from rotting. These aren’t just great for orchids, either – you can use them for other tropical plants and African violets, too! They come in 12 different colors, so you can choose a color that matches your ceramic pots, or pick a contrasting color to stand out!
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Hirt’s Gardens Orchid Pot

Budget Pick
One way to prevent excess water sitting in your orchid pots is to purchase terra cotta pots, which allow for plenty of drainage to prevent root rot. We think these clay pots from Hirt’s Gardens are the best cheap orchid pot for replanting your orchids and keeping them happy and dry all year round! The untreated terracotta soaks up any excess water, and the added side slots and drainage hole on the bottom help, even more, to keep extra water away from your orchid’s roots. We also like that these pots are thick and sturdy, which helps prevent your orchid from tipping over as it grows. You also won’t need to use a liner, which saves you an extra step in the repotting process – and it saves you some money too! If you want an orchid pot that keeps your plant dry, and you love the classic look of terra cotta, these are great and inexpensive option you’ll enjoy!
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Link Solar Orchid Pot

Next up is another great option for keeping your orchids, African violets, and other tropical plants looking their best. These plastic pots from Link Solar come with a mesh liner and solid outer case, which gives your plant plenty of drainage to prevent root rot and overgrowth problems. In a solid pot, roots will grow in a circular pattern and eventually “choke” your plant as it starts to outgrow the pot. With mesh pot liners, the roots will grow outside of the mesh instead, rather than circling up on themselves. This means you’ll be able to clearly see when it’s time to repot your plants to keep them at their healthiest! The outer casing also has plenty of drainage holes on the bottom to pull out excess water. These come in brown or black, so you can find a color that matches up with your décor, coordinates with your other pots, or fits inside a ceramic pot you already own!
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Mkono Orchid Pots

This set of white plastic pots from Mkono is another great option for keeping your orchids dry and healthy. The set comes with 6 pieces: 2 clear mesh liners, 2 white plastic pots, and 2 saucers. We like that this kit has everything you need, including the saucers, to keep your orchids well watered as they grow and eventually re-flower. The clear mesh liners allow for plenty of water drainage, and they allow roots to grow more freely. You can also clearly see when your orchid’s roots are outgrowing the pot, so you can repot your orchid before the roots start circling on themselves. The outer shell is a matte white, which will look beautiful and subtle, allowing your orchid blooms to stand out. These are the best orchid pots for phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cattleya, and other common orchid varieties! They also work well for other small plants like African violets, succulents, and any other plant that requires lots of drainage!
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YIKUSH Orchid Pot

If you are just looking to stock up on extra pot liners for your orchids, this set of 10 orchid pots from YIKUSH is an inexpensive way to keep your gardening kit well stocked up! Each pot is made of clear plastic, which allows you to easily check the soil levels and root growth and lets in sunlight for roots that need air and sunlight exposure. The sides have several slots to allow water to flow through, which prevent them from holding water and rotting out the roots. They also prevent root circling, which cuts off air, sunlight, and other nutrients from getting to your plant. You can leave these orchid pots sitting out on a window ledge or slip them into your favorite ceramic pot for some added fun. We think these are great for orchids, African violets, tropical plants, and more. You can even use them to propagate your other houseplants for even more green in your home!
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rePotme Ceramic Orchid Pot

Next up in our orchid pot buying guide is this gorgeous ceramic orchid pot from rePotme, the same company that makes our Top Pick! This 5” ceramic pot has a beautiful sapphire blue glaze on it that will look great anywhere you put it, and will allow the bright colors of your orchid’s flowers to stand out! The cut out design all around the sides allows for lots of drainage and encourages the roots to seek out air and sunlight. This also prevents the roots from circling, since they have room to grow outside the pot instead. It also has an attached saucer that sits well below the pot to prevent the roots from sitting in still water. We also like that this pot comes with a free plastic liner you can use with a smaller orchid, and then repot it straight into the larger pot as your orchid grows! This would make a gorgeous gift for an orchid lover!
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Hirt’s Gardens Cauldron Pot

Another great gift idea for an orchid grower is this copper glazed 6-inch orchid pot from Hirt’s Gardens, the company who also makes our Budget Pick! This ceramic pot is absolutely beautiful, with a deep copper glaze that makes the pot look like an antique find, rather than a brand new pot! We like that the overall design of this pot isn’t too perfect, so it looks like a handmade, one of a kind piece! The punched out holes around the side add visual interest and allow for proper drainage and air flow to your orchid’s roots as it grows. We also like that it was molded with the saucer on the bottom to catch extra water and prevent the roots from sitting in it. This pot works well with any type of orchid, and it’s great to use with a smaller liner as your plant grows, or put is straight into the pot once its roots are large enough!
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These lightweight orchid pots from HD PRINTABLES are a perfect size for growing your smaller orchids, violets, and other plants! Each pot and saucer set is made with thick, non-toxic plastic that is safe to use with any plants that require plenty of drainage. They have lots of holes on the sides to allow for airflow and drainage, which keeps your orchid roots dry and healthy. There are also enough holes for you to easily see if it’s time to repot your plant, since the roots will start growing out of the holes, rather than circling up on each other. Each pot also comes with its own saucer to catch extra water and keep it off your tabletop or windowsill! They may be too lightweight for larger, heavier orchids, but they’re perfect for smaller orchids and other houseplants as they grow! They also make a great liner for larger pots if your plant is too small for its own pot!
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Darware Orchid Pot

If you want to stock up on white plastic orchid pots with liners to repot all of your precious orchids, this set of 4 pots from Darware is a great choice! This set comes with 12 pieces: 4 white orchid pots, 4 clear mesh liners, and 4 locking saucers. We like that the mesh liners are clear, so you can easily check for drainage and root overgrowth. The mesh also encourages roots to grow outside the pot, rather than circling up and causing your plant to rot out. The liners neatly fit inside white planters that match well with a bright, minimalistic interior, and they allow your orchid’s bright blooms to take center stage. We also like that the saucers lock in place to keep them in place, or remove to use without the saucer! We think these are great orchid pots to use at home, or if you want to give matching orchids as gifts to friends and family!
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Dahlia Ceramic Planter Set

Last, but not least, in our orchid pot guide is this white ceramic orchid pot set from Dahlia that is gorgeous and unique! Each pot is hand painted with beautiful orchid motifs, and you can get them in several different flower designs to match your personal style. They come in 3 different sizes, so you can repot your orchid into a larger pot as it grows, or use all 3 for your various houseplants! The saucer is built into the pot, which allows for extra drainage without damaging your interior surfaces. Since these ceramic pots don’t have side drainage slots, you can use these with plastic orchid liners for extra drainage and airflow. They also make great plant pots for your other houseplants too, or use them to keep things organized around the house! We think these also make great gifts for friends and family or keep them all for yourself to add some unique flair to your home garden!
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