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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Oscillating Tools

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How to Choose the Best Oscillating Tool

Whether you have a weekend DIY to complete or a heavy-duty building project, you’re going to need an oscillating tool. These multi-function devices can get a lot done, from sanding to cutting wood and scraping paint. The attachments included make it a versatile addition to your toolbox! Below you’ll find the basics and features you should know before we get started on our top ten picks. In our oscillating tool buying guide, you’re sure to find exactly what you need!

Best Oscillating Tools

Power: You want your power tool to be, well, powerful! Cordless oscillating tools run on a battery. Sometimes this means less power, but more portability. Fully electric tools run on a power cord – consistent, but only as long as the cord is.

Best Oscillating Tools

Carrying Case: Most tools come with a carrying case to hold the tool and all the attachments and cords. If you’re frequently on the move with your device or want to keep it safe, choosing a tool with a carrying case is essential.

How to Choose the Best Oscillating Tool

Pieces: Oscillating Tools come with many different attachments for accomplishing a variety of tasks. Obviously, the more pieces that come with your tool the more you’ll be able to do with it. You’ll want to look for the best value.

Best Oscillating Tools

Variable Speed: Variable Speed makes your tool even more versatile! Sanding wood and cutting drywall require different amounts of speed and power from your device. Variable speed allows you to adjust for these things, and to accomplish more without changing tools.

Best Oscillating Tools

Weight: The lighter a tool is, the easier it is to use! In addition, the motion of the oscillating tool can sometimes throw heavier devices around and make it more difficult to keep control. Battery-operated machines are lighter than plug-in ones.

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Warranty: Let’s face it: you’re definitely going to be putting your power tool through its paces. If it breaks due to a manufacturing defect, you’ll want to have the guarantee of replacement or refund. In this case, a longer warranty is better.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have a good idea what to look for, we can show you the best of the best! We looked at a variety of machines to bring you our oscillating tool reviews. Our top pick and budget pick are good places to start shopping. All the products we looked at are great buys, so stick around to the end for our top ten picks. We’re confident in our choices for the best oscillating tools!

Porter-Cable Oscillating Tool

Top Pick
You’ll always have everything you need with this Porter-Cable Oscillating tool! This is our best pick because this kit comes with a jaw-dropping 52 pieces! This power tool is electric and corded, though distance won’t be a problem with its 10-foot cord. This tool even comes with a depth-guide to make sure you’re getting the cut you need as easily as possible. The carrying case keeps all of your new tools packed away neatly and ready for any on-the-go DIY projects you have going on. Porter-Cable makes the best oscillating tool blades, as they can be switched out without a screwdriver! You can get the job done quickly and easily. But that’s not the best part: this multi-tool comes equipped with variable speed, so you can change the speed of the device with the press of a button. This device is amazingly versatile and can be applied to a number of uses without breaking a sweat.
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Genesis Oscillating Too

Budget Pick
We were blown away by the extremely affordable price on this Genesis Oscillating tool! Our budget pick is definitely the best cheap oscillating tool. It comes with a small kit that has everything you need for any light DIY product. This oscillating device is lightweight even though it’s corded due to the materials it’s made from. With lighter materials, there’s also less risk of burning the engine out of the machine, as the heat from the engine can more easily escape. The included tools are a flat saw blade for cutting out wood or drywall, a scraper blade for flooring fixes, and a detailed sanding attachment. There is also the opportunity to purchase other attachments if you need them. You can easily purchase a storage case from a hardware store due to the universal nature of this tool. With this level of affordability and versatility, make DIY projects a breeze with this multipurpose oscillating tool!
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DEWALT 315K Oscillating Tool

DEWALT is a trusted name in power tools and other construction supplies. Their 315k Oscillating Tool Kit certainly carries the company name well. This set contains a whopping 29 pieces of quality oscillating tool accessories, including a storage box, carrying case, and plenty of accessories. The motor on this machine is extremely powerful, and you can trigger the dual speed options with one hand, making this tool really work for you! Because of the popularity of this brand, you can expand your collection by purchasing other DEWALT multitool blades and accessories. And you can change those blades without using any screwdrivers or wrenches, because of DEWALT’s quick-change system. But that’s not all – this tool actually has an LED light on the front, to guide your cutting in dark, tight spaces. All of these features make this a pick for the best oscillating tool for the money. With as reliable and versatile as this machine is, you can’t afford not to try it out!
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Makita XMT03Z Multi-Tool

The Makita XMT03Z is the first multi-tool on our list that is cordless and battery-operated. This lightweight, powerful tool includes only the tool, one blade, and an adaptor for the minimalist! More importantly, this tool is geared towards people who already own other Makita products. It shares blades and a battery with a range of other great products from the same company. As such, the battery is not included. So if you already own a Makita product and you want to go easy on your pocket, this tool is for you! Your battery will work with any of your Makita Lithium-Ion tools. When the battery is fully charged, you can take this multitool anywhere for up to 20 minutes of continuous use at the highest variable speed setting. Makita claims that this tool delivers the same power and speed as a corded version – and we love it for that! You can’t go wrong with this powerful little machine in your arsenal.
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Dremel Multi-Max Kit

Speaking of a reliable, well-known brand, Dremel also makes a multi tool kit! At 3.8 amps, it has one of the largest, most powerful motors on our list. And like most other tools we’ve reviewed, accessories are changed magnetically, so gone are the clunky accessory changes of the past. The variable speed setting and the on-off switch are independent, so you can maintain a speed setting for the entire length of your project. This tool comes with a hard carrying case, and attachments for scraping, grout removal, cutting, and sanding. There’s no project you can’t tackle with your Dremel Multi-Max Kit! And of course, there are several different versions of this tool with different blades and grit levels, so you can get the device you need with the great Dremel guarantee. There’s a reason that some people refer to all multi tools as Dremels! One more thing – you can use most Dremel-brand accessories with this device. It’s easily the best oscillating tool kit!
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Black & Decker Oscillating Tool

No list of the best oscillating multi tool reviews would be complete without including a Black & Decker product. This tool is powerful and extremely useful. Black & Decker devices are known for balancing price and efficiency, and this tool is no different! There are six variable sleep settings between 10k and 20k OPM to keep your projects working the way you expect them to. The motor is 2.5 amps, perfect for all manner of activities. The kit comes with 13 accessories and a quick-release blade system. And the price is surprisingly affordable! This is easily the best value oscillating multitool on the market right now. There’s more good news! This model will accept attachments and blades from Black and Decker, DEWALT, and Porter-Cable as well. There’s no limit to how many different blades and accessories you could have for this machine. That’s always a good thing – you want the power tool you end up buying to have as many uses as possible!
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Rockwell Oscillating Tool

This Rockwell oscillating tool definitely worked its way up into our best oscillating tool reviews. This tool has an extremely powerful 3.5 amp motor, surpassing even its more well-known peers for power rating. This is useful for all activities because you can put as much weight on it as you’d like and it won’t slow down or stall out. The universal system on the Sonicrafter F30 makes it extremely easy to purchase accessories, as most major brands’ attachment will fit onto it. The actual movement mode has four ‘degrees’ on which it oscillates, making your work faster. It provides a smooth cut with less vibration and a six-speed variable speed dial to keep your speed consistent no matter how long it takes to get your project done! The more you read about this tool, the more appealing it becomes! Paired with a 32-piece kit that includes a variety of blades and heads, you can get just about anything done!
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Bosch Oscillating Tool

Bosch is another trusted name that made its way onto our list. And you’re going to want to hear about this tool – we think it’s pretty close to the best oscillating tool for sale. The Starlock comes in three styles and five sizes. This particular version comes with a case and 32 accessories. The professional-standard motor on this tool is a whopping 4.0 amps! The Starlock range makes a plethora of accessories to go with this tool and other Starlock branded accessories. This is the machine you’re going to need for heavy-duty projects with any application. Anywhere from 8k to 20k oscillations per minute make this a tool with an extremely variable speed. Not to mention control and precision! At only 3.3 pounds, you’ll be able to do your very best work with this device. Bosch says that their tools have a larger surface area on the accessories and that the transfer from machine to surface is greater. We love that!
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WEN 2312 Oscillating Tool

The one thing that stuck out about the WEN 2312 is its size. It’s so small compared to the other tools, but no less powerful at all! This tool also has an entire library of accessories at its disposal, though most are sold separately. Included are a storage box, scraper blade, sanding pad, and a saw blade. You’ll have the basics to complete nearly any job you need it for! The variable speed makes it extremely versatile for all types of applications, and of course, the separate speed dial is a useful feature. More than anything, WEN supports their products. They have an amazing two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. For all you traditionalists out there, the accessories attach with the use of an Allen wrench and are guaranteed not to slip or fall out. For the price, this is an excellent tool with an amazing system of customer support. You’ll love it as much as we did!
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TACKLIFE Oscillating Tool

TACKLIFE’s oscillating tool has to be the best cordless oscillating tool on our list. The battery is included, and the charge lasts forever! You won’t be keeping this machine attached to the wall! This tool has a few unique features that set it apart from the other devices on this list, including a ‘cleaning’ mode. You can attach a scouring cloth and make your bathroom tile sparkle again! But there’s so, so much more with this machine. It includes an amazing LED light on the front of the device, so you can see directly where your blade is in the dark or for precision work. This tool has so much utility, we could hardly believe it! The kit that comes with it includes 23 pieces – attachments, accessories, and sanding pads to make your work that much easier. Not to mention this device is light – only 4.2 pounds and it can do so much. It’s worth checking this tool out.
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