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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters

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How to Choose an Outdoor Patio Heater

If you enjoy spending time outside, the best outdoor patio heaters can extend your outdoor time by a few extra months each year! Instead of sitting inside on a chilly autumn day, light up your heater and enjoy the fall leaves without freezing! We researched some of the best patio heater reviews to find ones that suit just about any space and budget. But first, let’s look at a few things you should consider before buying an outdoor patio heater.

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters

Power: Choosing the right power source depends on how and where you use it. Gas heaters are best in large, open areas that need lots of heat. Electric heaters are better for smaller, enclosed spaces where you don’t want gas fumes.

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters

Output: We measure output in BTU’s – a standard measurement for how much energy each unit creates. The more BTU’s, the more heat it generates. If you live in a cold area, you’ll need more BTU’s than if you live somewhere warmer.

How to Choose an Outdoor Patio Heater

Heat Range: Definitely, consider how many square feet of space you need to heat when choosing a patio heater! We have great options to heat smaller spaces like a balcony or porch, and options for large patios, poolside, or your backyard!

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters

Finish: Choosing the right finish for your patio heater depends on how much you want your heater to stand out! There are shiny chrome models that glow while lit up, and darker finishes to help your heater blend into the surroundings.

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters

Size: When looking for a patio heater, take note of both the size of the base and the height of the heater. Taller heaters require more clearance to prevent a fire, but smaller heaters can be perfectly safe with less clearance.

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Weight: The weight can be both a blessing and a curse. You want one heavy enough it won’t tip or blow over, but not too heavy you can’t move it! Thankfully, most heavy units come with wheels to help with mobility.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get into some reviews! We researched 10 of our favorite outdoor patio heaters that we think will work for a variety of spaces and needs! Whether you need a small heater for your porch or a giant one for your backyard, there is a heater for you! If you’re short on time, that’s okay – check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick first, then come back when you have more time!

AZ Patio Heater

Top Pick
Our top pick of the best patio heaters for sale comes from AZ Patio Heaters, a company that specializes in making outdoor heating that’s both powerful and beautiful. This patio heater is no exception! The hammered bronze color will look great with any outdoor décor scheme. It’s the kind of heating system that will blend in when it’s turned off, but stand out once you light it up! The quartz glass tube that runs up the center of the heater looks gorgeous when ablaze – a great effect for a soft, romantic glow! This gas heater puts out 40,000 BTU’s, which will keep most patios and decks cozy warm on chilly evenings. We also like that this unit has wheels, so you can easily move it to another place or put away in storage. If you’re looking for a high-powered gas heater that also puts on a beautiful show, this is our favorite to add to any outdoor patio or deck!
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Fire Sense Table Patio Heater

Budget Pick
When we set out to find the best cheap patio heater, we found this great tabletop patio heater from Fire Sense. It’s designed like a miniature version of a large patio heater, and it has an output of 10,000 BTU’s that lasts for up to 3 hours. It will keep you toasty warm for hours while reading a book, watching the sunset, or dining with friends. We are also big fans of how these patio heaters run on 1 lb. propane tanks – something you can easily find in your local grocery stores, camping supply stores, and sporting goods stores! It’s also incredibly safe – something we value in a tabletop heater! There is a weighted base to prevent it from tipping or being knocked over. If it does tip or fall over, it has a shut off valve and oxygen sensor that will automatically shut it down! This is a great value for such a powerful and sleek patio heater!
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Belleze Premium Patio Heater

Our patio heater buying guide now brings us to one of the most powerful heaters we reviewed – a patio heater that can output an impressive 48,000 BTU’s, giving it a range of 175 square feet! This is great for larger spaces, and you can adjust the temperature to suit the weather. The design of it is great too – the brushed bronze will blend into the environment or fit right into your outdoor design plans. The steel top is great if you live near the ocean, as it won’t corrode over time! It also has wheels, so you can move it when the mood strikes. The safety features are also a big plus! There is a tilt shut-off valve in case it gets bumped or knocked over. It also comes with an extra bladder you can fill with water or sand to add extra stability in windy conditions. This heater looks beautiful, is safe to use, and really heats things up!
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Fire Sense Commercial Heater

This next heater comes from the same company that makes our Budget Pick – and their full-size patio heater is also a great choice! Fire Sense’s Commercial Heater is great for all kinds of large spaces – restaurants, patios, poolside, backyards, wedding venues, and more! It outputs 46,000 BTU’s to give off a large blanket of heat for up to 10 hours. The unit itself is only 40 lbs., and with a 20 lb. gas tank, it’s light enough to slide around thanks to wheels on the base. It has an electric ignition, which is great for lighting in windy conditions because you don’t have to worry about a pesky pilot light – just hit the button and go! It also has a tilt shut-off valve for safety, and is heavy enough to stay sturdy in the wind. Another great feature? You can get this patio heater in 6 different colors to suit any style or outdoor background – even a funky aqua blue!
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e-Joy Outdoor Patio Heater

After researching infrared patio heater reviews, we found this amazing little heater from e-Joy! It outputs over 5,000 BTU’s, which is plenty of power for smaller spaces. Also, because it uses electric infrared bulbs to generate heat, you can use this in covered spaces like a garage or lanai. Want to hear the best part? You can hang this on a wall, ceiling, or use the stand that comes with it! This fits into wherever you need it to without taking up extra space! This is also a great option if you want a cleaner heat than using a gas heater that emits fumes and burns fossil fuels. It’s also incredibly efficient too – one bulb will last for up to 5,000 hours! If taken care of well, this heater should last you for years to come. It also costs a fraction of what it does to run a gas heater, especially if you only need one for a small space.
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Thermo Tiki Patio Heater

Our outdoor patio heater reviews now take us to a gorgeous and powerful patio heater from Thermo Tiki. The style of this one is similar to our Top Pick – it’s a tall heater with a center column that flames up when turned on. You can get them in black, brown, or silver to fit your style or to blend into the surrounding area. It creates an impressive 15’ radius of heat, which is plenty for heating up a large patio, pool area, or small yard! We really like the design, with the glowing flame creating a warm, gentle glow for up to 10 hours. It also comes with wheels to easily move the heater to where you need it, which is great on windy days! We also appreciate that it’s made of corrosion-resistant materials, which is great if you use your heater around seawater spray or other harsh weather conditions. This would be a beautiful addition to any patio space!
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XtremepowerUS Patio Heater

Looking for a taller patio heater? This model from XtremepowerUS towers at 8.5 feet tall, which will keep it out of the way of even your tallest guests! It boasts a heat range of around 200 square feet, giving you a generous blanket of heat for up to 10 hours. The hammered bronze look will blend right into your surroundings. It’s also incredibly safe! It comes with a Piezo ignition, which means you just hit a button and it’s ready to go. The wheels make it easy to move, and the tilt-valve shutoff means it won’t stay on while you’re trying to move it, or if someone bumps into it and knocks it over. We also like that it comes with a weight bladder that you can fill to add extra stability in windy conditions! If you want your heater to tower over taller guests or taller plants on your patio, we think this is a great option for you!
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Fire Sense Infrared Heater

While researching electric patio heater reviews, we came across this simple and efficient heater from Fire Sense, the same company that brought us our Budget Pick! This infrared heater is perfect for a small space like a patio or lanai – it creates a 9’ blanket of heat to keep you warm on chilly days. We like that you can adjust the height of this heater up to 87 inches tall, which means you can heat up a small area or a large one easily. If you don’t like the idea of using gas heat or want to use a heater in a semi-enclosed space, this is perfect! It heats up to full capacity in seconds, and it will stay hot for as long as you need it. The bulb should last you for up to 5,000 hours, and if you use the cover that comes with it, this heater should stay clean and in working order for years to come!
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Giantex Steel Patio Heater

Our final gas-powered heater in our portable patio heater reviews is a powerful and affordable option from Giantex. This heater is powerful enough to keep 175 square feet cozy and warm in even extreme conditions. You can also easily adjust the heat to your liking, or as the night gets cooler. The design of this heater is sleek, yet bulky enough to stand up to heavy winds. The bronze finish is great for blending in, and they have a black option for a more glamorous look too. We like that you have the option of using either propane or butane, depending on what you prefer or have available. It also comes with wheels to move it around, and it also has the same tilt-valve release to keep your until safe while moving or if it’s knocked over. This is a great patio heater to keep your budget down and your family warm while relaxing outside on a chilly night!
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Ener-G+ Electric Patio Heater

Our final review is a patio heater table, which we think is a pretty neat alternative if you need a small heater! This is another electric-powered infrared heater that uses a bulb that will last for up to 5,000 hours with no emissions. The bulb is encased in the table’s stand, with an LED light on top for added light if you need it. The glass top is made of tempered glass, which won’t shatter or get overly hot while the unit is running. It’s great for setting down a book or mug of hot cocoa without worrying about burning yourself or your drink. It may even help keep your cocoa warmer for a little longer! We also like that it’s water resistant, so you can keep it on your porch without worrying about a little rain getting on it! We think this would be a great heater for a small balcony or between two chairs on an enclosed porch!
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