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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Outfield Gloves

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How to Choose the Best Outfield Glove

Whether you’re just getting started or play in a league, using the best outfield gloves can really improve your game. Whether you’re looking for the best softball outfield glove or want something for your kid to use in her first game, you’re in the right place. We researched a lot of the top-selling and most popular brands to put together this baseball glove buying guide. First, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know about.

Best Outfield Gloves

Age: Some of these gloves are made specifically for youth players. But don’t worry, there are plenty of adult gloves to choose from, too. Youth gloves are usually more adjustable than adult gloves and don’t last quite as long.

Best Outfield Gloves

Hand: Right-handed throw gloves go on your left hand. Left-handed throw gloves go on your right. Going forward, the hand that we designate in the details of each of our picks is the hand that the glove actually goes on.

How to Choose the Best Outfield Glove

Size: Baseball gloves are measured in inches. The measurement goes from the tip of the index finger on the glove down to the bottom edge. We included a nice range in our picks, anywhere from 11.5 to 13”.

Best Outfield Gloves

Adjustable: Some of these gloves are adjustable. The wrist strap can be loosened or tightened, typically using a Velcro closure. This is especially useful for youth sizes because it allows the glove to grow a bit with the child.

Best Outfield Gloves

Sports: Some of these gloves can be used with either baseball or softball. Some, even T ball! But because of the different ball sizes in each game, there are some that are only designated for 1 specific sport.

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Webs: This is the part of the glove that sits between the index finger and the thumb and really helps keeps the ball in the glove. There are a few different styles that show up in our reviews.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have a pretty good idea about the features you should look for when shopping, let’s get right into our outfield glove reviews. Here’s the deal: if you’re in a hurry, it’s best to start with our top and budget picks. That way, you get a good idea of the kind of range that’s available. All of these gloves are pretty great, though, so stick around to the end if you can. Alright, let’s play ball!

Rawlings Select Pro Glove

Top Pick
Our top pick is also the best youth outfield glove we found in our research. The Rawlings Select Pro Youth Glove is an awesome product from a really well-known brand. It’s available in both left and right handed versions so any youngster getting into the sport will be able to use this glove. What makes this so good for kids? They have a truly unique design that has a smaller hand opening and lowered finger stalls. This comes in handy as players’ hands continue to grow as they do. It has a lightweight construction plus it’s super soft. That’s not all, it’s also really durable. It keeps it shape but is easy to break in. The finger back lining is cushioned and the palm and index finger are padded for extra comfort and protection.
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Franklin Sports Pro Flex

Budget Pick
This right-handed throw Franklin Sports Pro Flex Glove is a great youth glove that’s perfect for baseball and also one of the best youth softball gloves around. The basket web design gives the player a lot more flexibility and makes it a little easier to hold onto the ball after catching a pop-up. The palm is made of premium cowhide leather while the shell is made of laminated PVC hybrid. The combination of these 2 materials really gives this glove a lot of durability. The wrist strap is adjustable so there’s room for growth, too. And get this: it’s specially treated so you don’t have to break it in before you play. That means that you can take it out of the box the day you get it and head right to field for practice.
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Mizuno Outfield Glove

Have you been waiting for the top outfield gloves for adults? Good news, your wait is over! The Mizuno Outfield Glove has actually been designed especially for softball. You can mostly see this in the design of the web. The tartan weave design is solid and sturdy and really helps you get a good grip on a softball, which is a bit larger than a baseball. It’s basically an alternating pattern of laces that keeps the web’s design intact. The material is pretty sweet, too. It’s made out of Java leather that’s been pre-oiled and doesn’t need to be broken in before using it to play. The palm was designed with the right amount of padding to stop the ball at impact and reduce sting. One more thing, adjusting the lace in the fingers is easy thanks to the QuickForm lace.
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Louisville Slugger Baseball Glove

Louisville Slugger knows a thing or to when it comes to baseball, and that includes making top rated outfield gloves. This one is their 125 series and it’s available for both left and right handed throwers. The first thing we were struck by was how nice looking this glove it. We were really taken by the soft cowhide leather. The material is more than just good-looking, though. In fact, one of the best things about this glove is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time breaking it in because it’s so soft. The basket weave webbing is perfect for almost any position. It gives a lot of coverage and really gets a good grip on the ball. The padding is great, too. It really helps to take the sting off and is really comfortable.
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Nokona Walnut Glove

There are a lot of good outfield gloves out there but not many of them look as awesome as the Nokona Walnut Baseball Glove. For starters, it’s made out of cowhide that’s been walnut tanned which gives it a really nice dark finish. It’s been pre-oiled so breaking it in is a little easier and it really helps the pebble-grain finish pop. The modified T webbing is perfect for fielding. That’s not all, this glove is just really comfortable. The combination of the soft leather, closed back, and shearling works together really well. Plus, it’s built to last. This is a really durable glove that you’re going to enjoy using for years to come. One more thing, this glove is handmade right in Texas. An all-American glove for an all-American sport.
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Wilson Outfield Glove

Another brand that’s been making baseball equipment for a long time is Wilson. They introduced one of their first gloves way back in 1922. (See, we told you they’ve been at it for a long time.) This outfield glove is based on the designs of classic Wilson gloves but with a modern twist. What exactly do we mean by that? Well, it’s made with materials that break in quickly and easily. They fit is really unique, too. It was made with a tighter fit and longer laces for easier adjusting. The web is laced with a hinge across that top which helps create a generous pocket for the ball. And get this: this glove is made for lefties. Well, people who throw with their left hand anyway because you wear this one on your right hand.
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Vinci Youth Baseball Glove

The Vinci Youth Baseball Glove is one of the best H web outfield gloves for young players. It’s available for both left and right handed throwers so every kid can have an opportunity to give it a try. Vinci uses the patterns for professional baseball gloves to make these glove as professional grade as they can. They’re made of high-quality pre-treated leather. What does that mean? This glove will break in pretty quickly and be very comfortable to use on a long term basis. Both the palm and the backing being treated make it easier to squeeze the glove together. And that makes it easier to hold on to those spectacular catches being made in the outfield. One more thing we have to mention is that this glove comes with a 1 year limited warranty.
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Barnett JL-120 Outfield Glove

If you’re looking for a great glove for a youth player to start out with, consider the Barnett JL-120 Outfield Glove. This glove is made out of imitation vinyl with a double polyurethane layer that makes it really durable. Specifically, it protects it from abrasions and keeps the surface intact. Even though it’s made out of artificial materials, we thought it looked a lot like genuine leather. The black surface has a pebbled texture with just a little bit of shine. As for comfort, the inside is really soft so kids will love playing with this glove. Plus, the palm has great padding to protect little hands from the sting of a hard line drive to the midfield. The 2 foldings and closed pocket really help get a great grip on the ball, too. Perfect for a beginner.
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Easton Core Pro Series Glove

One of the best outfield gloves baseball players will love is this Easton Core Pro Series. These gloves are awesome because they’re not only great performers, they’re also super comfortable. The steerhide leather has been tanned so it’s really soft and ready to go as soon as you get it. You don’t have to spend any time breaking it in. We have to say, we love all the fine details of this glove. The hand-oiled leather palm liner. The rolled leather welting. And because they use the same patterns and web designs as professional gloves, Easton gloves are durable and built to last. To get some idea of how tough this glove is, listen to this. The laces have a tensile strength of 100 pounds. That means they can take a lot of pulling, perfect for making adjustments.
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Marucci Web Outfield Glove

Last but not least is the Marucci Web Outfield Glove. We have to say that this is probably the most unique looking glove we researched. For one thing, it’s made out of A-grade steer hide shell leather that’s been Japanese tanned. We really like the lighter color. Plus, the T web looks awesome, too, because they used brown laces d in the open design and the colors contrast nicely. In addition to looking good, this glove performs well, too. There’s a soft cowhide lining in the palm that takes the sting off of hard catches. It also helps the glove break in a little faster. And we really think you’ll love the deep pocket in those moments when it’s essential to hang onto the ball. That’s not all, this glove also has an open back which is more durable.
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