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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Paintball Masks

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How to Choose the Best Paintball Mask

Excited to go play some paintball? Can’t wait to go shoot your friends in the leg just for fun? Wait for just a second, because you need a mask before you do anything. Nobody likes to be shot in the face, plus you can’t play without one! So how do you choose the best airsoft or paintball mask for you? The best paintball masks are waiting for you below.

Best Paintball Masks

Colors- Paintballs about nothing if not expressing yourself. Make your mask a part of that and choose one with a cool color or design. Then again, they do always say you can’t go wrong with black.

Best Paintball Masks

Peripheral Vision- The best paintball brands include masks with peripheral vision. You don’t just need to see what’s in front of you on the battlefield, you need to see what’s around you too. Be sure that you don’t get caught unaware of your surroundings.

How to Choose the Best Paintball Mask

Anti-Fog- The last thing you want to see during a paintball match is your own breath. Choosing a mask that has anti-fog lenses will prevent you from getting blocked the elements. A paintball mask review will tell you to choose anti-fog.

Best Paintball Masks

Changeable Lens- Looking for a mask that’s truly customizable? A changeable lens means that you can do just that, change out your lens as often as you like- upgrade, downgrade, or change colors. You can also change the visor if it wears out or gets scratched during gameplay.

Best Paintball Masks

Adjustable- One size certainly does not fit all. There are all kinds of special heads out there and yours is one of them, make sure that your mask can change to fit your head. And also maybe your friend’s head. If you want to be nice.

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Weight - A mask is supposed to help you play, not weigh you down. Be sure to choose a mask that is light enough so that you can comfortably run and play with it on. A mask that is lightweight can help you outmanuever your enemies on the battlefield.

Top 10 Products

We’ve put together an awesome list of the top paintball masks on the market right now. These masks look and feel awesome and will help you play your best game. If you want to just check out a few masks, start with our top and budget picks. Those masks are among the best in our buying guide. So let’s get right to it, we’ve got paintball to do.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Mask

Top Pick
This paintball mask makes you look like some kind of bug transformer but in an incredibly cool and sleek way. You really look like you’re ready to annihilate. The giant lens allows you full range of vision so you don’t miss any oncoming threats to your game. It allows for both horizontal and vertical peripheral vision. The large vent around the mouth allows you to effectively communicate without being splatted by paint. It’s incredibly lightweight, so it won’t interfere with your gameplay. This mask also comes complete with compression formed ears, so you don’t have to worry about anything going unprotected. And we haven’t even mentioned the colors! Everything from sleek black to lizard green allows you to really express yourself on the paintball field. The dual stage foam makes sure you stay cool too. It comes in a variety of lens colors as well, so you can always tell yours apart. No wonder it’s the official choice of the Los Angeles Ironmen professional team.
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Empire Paintball X-Ray Goggle

Budget Pick
This mask is great for people looking for a good mask without blowing their budget. This mask is a great basic choice for people just starting out or just getting serious about paintball. It’s great for heavy use, so it can stand up to the task if you get serious about paintball, but if you decide it’s not for you, this mask won’t have been a waste of money. It has vents to ensure that you don’t get too sweaty while playing and comes with a visor for extra protection. It doesn’t look like a budget mask either, it’s a sleek matte black. It is well designed and could easily be mistaken for a more expensive mask in both quality and design. The foam on the inside is comfortable and thick without being suffocating. It’s well constructed and can stand up to the abuse of intense paintballing, but not too hard on the bank.
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Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Mask

This mask is a great choice for people looking for something a little different design wise. The olive color is cool enough to be distinctive, without making you a target on the field. This mask has a great anti-fog technology, which allows the user to run around in muggy, hot, or cold weather while still being able to see their opponents clearly. This mask also comes with a visor and brow shield combination to ensure that all of you stays protected. It’s clear dual- pane thermal optically corrected lens is well suited for paintball and airsoft, and doesn’t fog under heavy wear. The lens is easily interchangeable and can be swapped out in a moment. The woven strap keeping it attached is secure and prevents slipping so you can focus on the game, not on your mask. The visor and mask are easy to clean and comfortable, and the vents allow the user to breathe comfortably.
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OutdoorMaster Full Airsoft Mask

If you’re looking for something really different, try this mask. The skull design ensures you stand out on the field and you’re ready for anything. The mask comes in a lot of different designs for anything you might want to be to your enemies on the battlefield. It has a cool texture, scars, and some really awesome design choices. Everything from an American to a British flag, a lizard, and of course a silver skull. It comes complete with and mouth vent and mesh at the eyes so you can see and talk to your opponents as you take them down. It has a rubber pad on the forehead and nose for comfort. It is also easily adjustable to any size head with a side adjustment buckle. It’s made of one single piece, which means there’s no goggles or extra parts that can fall off and mess up your game. This mask is great for someone looking to really make a statement during the game.
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Virtue VIO Ascend Mask

This is definitely a top paintball mask for those looking for the opportunity to highly customize their mask. VIO offers lenses that can be quickly changed, in 18 different options. It doesn’t stop there, VIO also offers 16 different attachable visors and 35 different straps. If you’re looking for a mask that can be truly yours, this may be the one for you. VIO also offers replacement foam, for people who wear theirs out from overuse. This ensures you can keep your VIO mask for a long time. The vent allows you to talk to other players easily, and the facemask covers your ears as well. This mask offers peripheral vision and a large range of motion for most users. This means no more getting surprised splatted on the side of the face, you’ll see them coming and you’ll stay protected. The soft foam means you stay comfortable while doing it. Plus you’ll look really cool.
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Empire Extreme Rage X-Ray V2

This cool but simple mask is perfect for those looking for a starter mask with a lot of protection. It has a solid faceplate and full coverage for complete protection from the paint. This means it covers your ears, face, and even the back of your head. This mask also comes with a visor to protect from sunlight in outdoor games or overhead paint. The lens is anti-fog and thermal. It has 260-degree vision, allowing you to see the field in front of you clearly. It comes with an adjustable strap for a custom fit. It has a large mouth vent in front, which allows you to communicate with your team members clearly and also, you know, breathe. The foam padding allows you to be comfortable and cool while playing. It is a solid mask and does not have interchangeable parts, so there’s no need to worry about any paint or dirt slipping through the cracks making for unnecessary cleaning.
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V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

One of the more lightweight masks on this list, the V-Force Grill is a great choice for anyone looking to really get down and dirty without too much weight from their mask. This mask also allows for a lot of different users and has 20 different colors to choose from. These are not only colors but design combinations of things like black and camo, blue paisley and silver, red and white, and blue and orange. For the full range of colors, check out the link and see for yourself. You’ll most likely find something that catches your eye. These masks have anti fog and anti scratch lenses for maximum play time. The lens design is inspired by sunglasses, so V-Force has allowed for the maximum amount of peripheral view. Their hard target design makes for a low profile, allowing you to hide from enemies easily. The visor helps to prevent glare from sunlight and the interior foam makes it comfortable for many different users.
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JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head Mask

This mask offers three different color choices- olive, camo, and black so that you look your best when playing. The design is really cool and has a great venting system without looking like it is vulnerable to attacks. The vent system prevents the glasses from fogging up, along with the anti-fog lenses. It allows for a 260-degree field of vision. The Spectra goggles keep a low profile and allow you to see without being seen. A quick shot because you have a better view can make a huge difference in a close game or when taking out your friend who was trash talking earlier. This mask includes ear protection, so you won’t get paint in your ears. This mask also includes a visor, which can be essential when playing long games outside in the blazing sun. The foam inside can keep you comfortable and prevent the mask from slipping around too much in intense games.
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Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask

This is a great paintball mask for users who want something easy to clean. It comes with a removable visor, which allows you to really clean it well after a particularly messy match. It is a solid plastic mask and this adds to how easy it is to clean. This also means it’s really tough when it comes to being hit with paintballs or airsoft BBs and should protect your face well from any oncoming blows. This mask is a good choice for a recreational player who needs something functional and easy to use that’s not too hard on the wallet. It includes a thermal lens to reduce fog as you play. Because you want to be staring down your opponent, not your own breath. It is a great starter mask for a newer or younger player. It looks cool and it’s strong enough to protect their faces from the paint. It is adjustable through straps in the back of the mask.
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GXG XVSN Paintball Mask

This is a great mask for the whole family, one size fits all but it is adjustable in the back with a strap. It’s a great choice for matching team masks as well. The lens is attached to the mask, so the entire mask ensures that your face is safe from the paint. This also improves your ability to clean it well. It comes with an attached visor to block out the sunlight in outdoor games and keep you playing. The vented mouth allows you to breathe easily and yell at that one guy who won’t take cover. It’s made in the USA, so you can feel patriotic when wearing it to your next match. This is a great mask for younger children, as it runs a little small, but can still fit many adults well. The next time your kids want to play airsoft or paintball you can send them along confidently with this mask in tow.
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