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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Paleo Recipe Cookbooks

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How to Choose the Best Paleo Recipe Cookbook

Are you looking to boost your library of Paleo recipes, or get started with new ones altogether? We can help! We’ve put together this Paleo cookbook buying guide to help you find the recipes that you want to help staying Paleo easier! You can find a variety of recipes for all different locations! Before we show you the cookbooks, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know before you start shopping.

Best Paleo Recipe Cookbooks

Format: The books on this list will either come in paperback format, which is the simplest, or they will be a hardcover or e-reader variant that you can purchase if you prefer. It’s up to you!

Best Paleo Recipe Cookbooks

Pages: The number of pages in the book often tells you how much content you’re going to be getting, and it is a good indicator of how involved or complicated the recipes are going to be with cookbooks.

How to Choose the Best Paleo Recipe Cookbook

Author: Some authors are well known in the Paleo diet field, so you can choose the ones that you know or take a chance on an any one of the amazing authors you haven’t tried yet!

Best Paleo Recipe Cookbooks

Recipes: This is the number of recipes that are printed in the book, no matter what occasion or meal they are written for. You can choose quality or quantity, though most books here have both features!

Best Paleo Recipe Cookbooks

Meal Plans: Meal plans are set up to provide you with a plan to follow over a set amount of time, which is really important for dieting cookbooks as it can help get you on track with the diet.

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Shopping Guide: A shopping guide basically tells you what you need to purchase to make the recipes that are present in the book. It’s a great resource that will save you emergency trips to the store!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know all there is to know on this topic, we can bring you the Paleo cookbook reviews. Together, the books on this list will present you with a total of 2,700 recipes that you can pick through, try, and discover! Check out our top pick and budget pick for a range of choices, before moving on through the rest of our list. It’s full of gems, and we’re sure you’ll find one you love!

Well Fed Weeknights

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best Paleo cookbook is Well Fed Weeknights by Melissa Joulwan. The catch with this book is that all of the recipes are based on takeout food, or else cuisines from around the world. All 125 recipes are paleo friendly, of course, but they are also extremely tasty! Where other cookbooks often focus on great healthful foods, this book attempts to translate good food into a paleo-friendly diet – so you get all the health benefits of good food, without having to sacrifice taste or ignore your cravings. And even better, all of the ingredients can be found at your local store, so you don’t have to go to a special food store to get the supplies. Some examples of food you can make with this book are fried chicken, street fries, and even Thai salad! Who knew you could eat healthily and eat out? This paleo cookbook certainly does the trick!
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Paleo for Beginners

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is this book by John Chatham. Paleo for Beginners gives you all the information that you need to get started on the popular Paleo diet. It’s bestseller, so you know you’re getting the right information at the right price. This book helps you focus on low-carb meals that are high in protein, as well as getting rid of all processed foods in your diet. It includes a list of 145 Paleo-friendly foods – which will also double as a keto food list if you are so inclined to try both of them. It includes a 7-day beginner’s plan that includes meals and a shopping guide, so you can get the best out of your Paleo diet from the beginning. There are even 114 recipes for every meal! You can’t go wrong with Paleo for Beginners. Get started right, in a way that has been approved by so many other people who have purchased this book!
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The Paleo Cookbook

This Paleo cookbook has a simple, straightforward name. Rockridge Press is the listed author of The Paleo Cookbook, which is full of about 300 recipes that your family is going to love, including Paleo dessert recipes. Each of the recipes in this book has simple instructions that are written in such a way that even beginners can easily follow them. While you might think that there’s no way that you can feel full and stop food cravings on an intense diet, even one as primal as Paleo, this book definitely shows you that you can do it too! Some of the recipes included are for banana berry pancakes, beef briskets, and other tasty foods that you don’t have to give up on Paleo! A huge selling point for this book is the overview in the introductory chapters that tell you everything you need to know about Paleo, and how easy it is to change your lifestyle!
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The Frugal Paleo Cookbook

Have you ever wanted to try the Paleo diet but been unable to bring yourself to spend the money on all of that expensive food? Ciarra Hannah, the author of The Frugal Paleo Cookbook, wrote her book specifically to help you. Straight from her blog, she’s bringing you 100 of the most affordable Paleo diet recipes that your entire family will enjoy. She also supports creating your food beforehand and creating some from-scratch items to store until you actually need them. This creates less time in the kitchen for you and helps you get dinner on the table quicker. By using less expensive cuts of meat, which is a relatively small change overall, you can cut your costs down dramatically. Some of the great Paleo dinner recipes presented here are Cuban Tilapia, Tater Tot Casserole, and all manner of other stews, ethnic and foreign food included! Don’t wait to save yourself some money – invest in this book now!
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500 Paleo Diet Recipes

Where are you going to find the best Paleo dinner recipes? In this book, 500 Paleo Diet Recipes by Jennifer Evans! The idea behind this particular diet is to begin eating like our ancestors did – grain-free, and completely free from processed foods. It’s an extremely simple, healthy diet. But these restrictions don’t mean that you can’t still make great-tasting food within these parameters and enjoy it. Improve your overall health on this diet with the help of these great recipes. Plus, it’s a great value – why buy two or three different books with fewer recipes in them, when you can get one with a whopping 500? And it’s available as a Paleo cookbook pdf, great for taking it with you to the store or on the go! In addition to dinner recipes, you also get access to an entire library of lunch, side dish, breakfast, and even snack recipes! Plus, the book presents you Paleo-friendly ways to prepare fish and poultry!
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Paleo in 28 Cookbook

Paleo in 28 might just be the best Paleo cookbook on our list because it includes so much more than recipes. Though of course, there are 130 tantalizing dishes that have five ingredients or less. We love how simple and unintimidating that is. There are four weeks of meal plans included to help you get started, as well as charts to make your own meal plans and track the progress that you’re making on the Paleo diet. But this is more than just a cookbook; it’s also a guide to help achieve a solid foundation for the Paleo lifestyle in a short 28 days. Make sure that you get your diet started right by using this book as a guide. It’s full of all of the information that you should need about Paleo to help you decide how you want your Paleo life to go. And there are tasty Paleo soup recipes in the book, too.
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Paleo Slow Cooker

Paleo Slow Cooker is a great book filled with the best Paleo recipes for, you guessed it, slow cookers. In recent years, the use of slow cookers has become increasingly popular, because it doesn’t take much extra time out of your day, or babysitting for that matter. Slow cookers allow you to make your food on your schedule, which is absolutely essential for busy lifestyles. But having a full life doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to diet. If slow cooking is the way you usually go, now you can go Paleo at the same time! In the pages of this book are 250 recipes, including chocolate cake and lemon pudding. It might as well be a Paleo dessert cookbook! We love that you can still have those things that don’t feel like diet foods at all! And each recipe includes the nutritional information so you can be secure in what you are making.
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The Complete Paleo Slow Cooker

Up next is another slow cooker paleo cookbook. Karen Frazier includes 150 recipes in her book, including desserts and dishes for all meals and occasions. You’ll never feel like you’re out of culinary ideas with this book! Also included is a complete overview detailing the slow cooker and how to use it, as well as how to use it specifically with a Paleo diet. With a slow cooker, you can make Paleo dishes on your own time, that clean up easy, and you can even cook in bulk and freeze or store the food that you make. Later, you can have the same great meal with no additional prep! Some of the recipes featured in this great book are Blueberry-Coconut Cake and Pulled Pork, and it’s all Paleo-friendly! How great is that? Additionally, each of the recipes only takes 20 minutes of prep time and use ingredients that you can find in any grocery store.
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The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook

Move over, competitors! The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook is coming through with an absolutely staggering 900 recipes to boost your home menus. And with that many recipes, you better believe there is a ton of variety! That’s because this isn’t the work of one person. Ten Paleo bloggers have contributed each taking about 80 of their favorite recipes and writing 10-20 of their own. Together, that’s a total of over 900 recipes that they’re sharing with you. It doesn’t just add to your collection of recipes at home – it’s the core of it! There are definitely recipes here for every occasion. You can get slow cooker meals, weeknight dishes you can throw together, and there’s an entire chapter devoted to making this diet as easy as it possibly can be. We love the amazing variety and expansive selection of sensational recipes! You’ll never run out of things to make, and you’ll never have to buy another cookbook!
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The Paleo Cupboard Cookbook

If you’re looking for a comprehensive book of all things Paleo with a unique, personal approach, look no further. The Paleo Cupboard Cookbook by Amy Densmore does just that and more. She takes each of her recipes and teaches you how to make it taste how you like, but using ingredients that you probably already have. Your taste buds will thank you, and Paleo won’t ever be easier! There are 4 weeks of meal planning in the pages of this book, as well as shopping lists for the 145 amazing recipes. This includes breakfast pizza and taco soup. She teaches you all about the different herbs and spices you can use and even includes a section for snacks. Have the freedom to do Paleo your way – and be more successful while doing so. What makes this book really unique is the instructions for making your own almond flour, lard, coconut flour, and so many other basics you’ll need!
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