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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Paper Cutters

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How to Choose the Best Paper Cutter

Whether you’re working on a scrapbooking project or need something to use in your office or classroom, have the best paper cutter can really save a lot of time and aggravation. We researched some of the most popular products and top-selling brands and put together this buying guide to help you figure out which one is the best one for you. Let’s take a closer look at some key features before we move into our top ten products.

Best Paper Cutters

Sheets: Most of these can handle around 10 to 20 pieces of paper at the same time. Need to cut more than that? Don’t worry, we found a great product that can handle up to 400 sheets at once!

Best Paper Cutters

Material: These products come in a variety of materials, everything from wood to steel to plastic. The material doesn’t really matter so much as long as it’s durable. Consider the weight, too, especially if you need it to be portable.

How to Choose the Best Paper Cutter

Self-Sharpening: Not all of these blades are self-sharpening but, honestly, it’s a great feature to have. Basically, it means you never have to worry about sharpening the blade. Plus, you have a cutter that will always deliver clean cuts.

Best Paper Cutters

Cut Length: If you’re only going to be cutting more common sizes of paper, a 12-inch cutter should be large enough. If you want something bigger, don’t worry. This list has products that can handle up to 24-inches.

Best Paper Cutters

Size: Remember, this cutter is going to have to sit on a flat surface when you use it so make sure you have enough room. Also, keep storage space in mind if you don’t want to keep it on your desk.

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Protective Guard: Protective guards serve 2 purposes. First, the keep your fingers away from the blade. Second, they give you an easy way to hold the paper down flat prevent it from moving when it’s time to cut.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know a little more about what to look for, let’s move into our best paper cutter reviews. Here’s the deal. We put our top and budget picks first so, even if you’re in a hurry, that’s the best place to start. Stick around if you can, though. Each of these products is unique and you never know when you’ll find the one that works best for you. Alright, ready? Let’s get right to it.

X-ACTO Guillotine Trimmer

Top Pick
Our pick for best guillotine paper cutter is the X-ACTO Guillotine Trimmer. For one thing, this is just a really nice looking machine. The heavy wood base provides an excellent surface for cutting. It’s solid, stable, and looks awesome. The self-sharpening system keeps the blade sharp. You can cut between 10 to 20 pieces of paper at a time, too. Plus, there’s a safety guard and latch to keep the blade protected when not in use. This is a great choice for the classroom or office and it’s large 24 x 24 inch size is perfect for cutting just about any size paper. There’s even a convenient grid on the cutting surface that gives both inch and centimeter markings so you get accurate cuts, every time.
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Jielisi Paper Cutter

Budget Pick
The Jielisi Paper Cutter is the best paper cutter for crafts or couponing. This is a pretty cool design that cuts up to 12 pieces of paper without worrying about an exposed blade. Here’s how it works. First, slip your paper underneath the plastic rail. Then, pull the blade through the patented track system for straight, steady cuts. What’s so cool about this paper cutter is the cutting surface. Not only does it have a grid with inch and centimeter markers so you can measure cuts accurately, it also has angle markings so you can make perfect 45, 60, 75, or 90 degree cuts, perfect for card making or art projects. This paper cutter is made of plastic and alloy. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to transport anywhere.
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Fiskars Recycled Bypass Trimmer

Fiskar’s Recycled Bypass Trimmer is the best paper cutter for card making that we found in our research. It has a lightweight, compact design that’s easy to store and doesn’t take up too much room on your desk, giving you plenty of room to work on your crafts. Another awesome thing about this cutter is that the base is made from 100% recycled post-consumer resin. That’s not all, the self-sharpening blades are precise and never need replacing. The cutting surface features a grid with inch and centimeter markings so you can line up each cut perfectly. To keep from getting any smudges on your paper, there’s a plastic smudge guard plus rubber feet to prevent it from moving around as you work. Plus, there’s a finger guard and latch for safety.
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Swingline Paper Cutter

Our pick for best paper cutter for teachers is the Swingline Paper Cutter. This is a guillotine style paper cutter that can cut up to 10 sheets at once. This is a lightweight paper cutter that’s portable and easy to use. The grid features centimeter and inch markings for precise measuring and perfect results. The blade cuts through thicker materials like cardstock and can cut up to 10 sheets of standard weight paper at one time. It creates neat, clean lines with every cut. For safety, there’s a protective guard rail and a latch that holds the blade in place when not in use. The durable plastic cutting surface is charcoal grey with green accents on the handle and down the side of the blade. On top of everything else, it’s also a nice looking machine.
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Dahle Rolling Paper Cutter

The best paper cutter for scrapbooking we found in our research is the Dahle Rolling Paper Cutter. One of the coolest things about this one is that the self-sharpening blade cuts in both directions. The main reason we like this paper cutter for scrapbooking is because of the grid on the cutting surface. In addition to inch and centimeter rulers, there are angle guides 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees so you can make perfect cuts for your designs. It cuts up to 7 sheets of paper at a time and has an automatic clamp that holds it firmly in place so you get clean, crisp cuts. The base is made of durable metal that will last a long time. How long? Believe it or not, this paper cutter comes with a lifetime warranty.
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Marigold Paper Guillotine

Our next pick is the Marigold Paper Guillotine, the best paper cutter for cardstock and a great choice for making card or scrapbooking. It has a solid metal base that’s really durable but still lightweight enough to transport. A protective guard holds the paper in place and keeps your fingers a safe distance from the blade. The cutting surface features an alignment grid with both centimeter and inch markings for accurate measurements and straight lines. This is also a great choice for projects you’re doing with children thanks to the special blade. It’s designed to cut through 10 pieces of paper but won’t cut fingers. This might not be able to handle really heavy duty cutting but when it comes to safety, it’s one of the best. For smaller projects, this is a good find.
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Firbon A4 Paper Cutter

If you’re looking for the best photo paper cutter, take a look at the Firbon A4 Paper Cutter. It’s sliding blade has no drag and provides a clean, straight cut. All you have to do is line up your paper and pull the blade through the patented track system. It’s also very easy to replace when it starts to dull. The cutting surface features a grid with centimeter and inch marches for perfect measurements as well as angle markings for 45, 60, 75, and 90 degrees. It’s lightweight, portable, and a compact size that’s easy to store. You can even slide it into a drawer. Because there’s no way to get your fingers near the blade, this is a good cutter for older children to use for craft projects.
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Cobee Paper Trimmer

The best rotary paper cutter we found is the Cobee Paper Trimmer. This is a good one for kids, cards, or crafting. The track system is great because it keeps the blade protected as it glides smoothly, making perfect cuts every time. The cutting surface is made of black plastic with an easy to see white grid with inch and centimeter markings as well as multiple angles. Another thing about this cutter that makes it great for crafting projects is the added side ruler. It folds outs when you need it and tucks back in when you’re done. It comes in really handy when you’re not sure what size paper you need to finish your design. Now, you can get the right measurements and create the perfect size piece using the same tool.
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Giantex A3 Paper Cutter

Looking for a serious paper cutter? You’re in luck. Our pick for best heavy duty paper cutter is the Giantex A3 Paper Cutter and a giant it is. Why do we say that? Get this: it can cut up to 400 sheets of paper at once. The steel base is really durable and stable so it won’t move while in use. The grid has a lot of different measurements so you can line up the paper accurately. Once you get it in place, use the paper clamp to hold it in place. The cutting surface is covered in a scratch resistant coating which protects it from scratches and helps the paper glide smoothly across the surface. As for safety, the cutter handle has a lock that keeps it firmly in place when not in use.
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Evokem Paper Cutter

The Evokem Paper Cutter is last up in our paper cutter buying guide. This is a great paper cutter for craft projects, scrapbooking, or anything else that require a lot of precision. The solid metal base features and easy to see grid with measurements for inches and centimeters. The magnetic side clamp helps keep any size paper neat and tidy as your work. This paper cutter can handle up to 10 sheets of paper at the same time and has a sharp, accurate guillotine blade. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and it includes a safety locking device that keeps it protected when not in use. That’s not all, it’s also available in different colors. Choose white with black grid marking, black with white grid markings, or red with white markings.
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