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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Parkour Shoes

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quadcopter reviewsBest Parkour Shoes

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How to Pick Kickass Parkour Shoes

Parkour requires full-body strength, balance and flexibility--and your equipment needs to reflect that! If you’ve found yourself looking at parkour shoes for sale and struggling to find the right pair, rest easy. We’ve researched and reviewed the best parkour shoes we could find to help you decide! Before jumping to our reviews, take a glance at these specs to consider when looking for parkour shoes and sneakers.

Best Parkour Shoes

Size Range: Preteens and women will appreciate wide size ranges, as well as men with larger feet. Avoid the pain of a bad fit!

Best Parkour Shoes

Colors: Want to stand out or get a shoe that matches your other parkour equipment? Check out the listed colors!

How to Pick Kickass Parkour Shoes

Sole Material: From plain rubber to proprietary Vibram, the sole is where the soul of your shoe is… don’t ignore it!

Best Parkour Shoes

Dimensions: Will your shoe shipment fit in your bag or equipment storage? Find out with our dimensions spec listing!

Best Parkour Shoes

Weight: Most parkour shoes are lightweight, but you can better avoid heavy shoes by checking out the weight spec on our reviews.

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Warranty: The warranty can be an important measure of quality, since it’s how long the manufacturer is willing to back up their product.

Top 10 Products

So you know more about what to look for in parkour shoes--now what? You read the reviews, of course! Our top pick and budget pick are the overall winners for the best parkour shoes, but we also took note of eight runners-up that may fit a range of different needs. Before going out to practice your landings, get the right pair of shoes first!

Take Flight Ultra Parkour

Top Pick
The Take Flight brand and parkour store is made by and for parkour and traceurs, so it’s probably already obvious why their Ultra parkour shoe made our list! Choose from a gray and black colorway with vibrant red or blue accents. It’s the successor to the Take Flight 1.0, which also made our list as a runner-up! The Take Flight Ultra is the next generation from Take Flight with further design improvements. A lightweight and flexible rubber sole forms the perfect base for you to take off from. The upper is a mix of mesh and tough fabric that flexes with your foot and breathes while also protecting you. These parkour sneakers are a great option for the hardcore parkour fan in your life--or for you! They provide a great mix of traction and durability, so you can perform at your best without hesitating.
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Doublestar Kung Fu

Budget Pick
So you need a pair of cheap parkour shoes. We’ve got your back! Available in white or blue with yellow accents, these Kung-Fu shoes are a staple for martial arts practice in China. Turns out, they’re also awesome for parkour! A canvas fabric upper with a cotton lining provides breathability and flexibility. The vulcanized rubber midsole has a nitrile rubber outsole for durable and slip-resistant traction. The outsole extends up around the sides of the shoe to protect your feet and the fabric of the upper. It’s also thin enough that you can get a good feel of the ground beneath you. The minimalist style still provides a touch of padding, and the canvas will stretch slightly with wear to form a perfect mold around your foot. Plus, these look good enough that you can wear them as casual everyday shoes, too! They offer a great combination of a low price, well-made design, and stylish look that’s perfect for parkour.
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Merrell Vapor Glove 2

Vibram soles are lusted after for their incredible traction. The Vapor Glove 2 from Merrell gives you the sticky Vibram rubber outsole design with a low-profile lightweight trail running shoe. The Vibram sole has deep lug patterns but leaves your arch free to flex naturally. The result? These shoes are great for doing parkour outside as well as in the gym! The upper is made from breathable mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane for flex. The colorways include gray on orange, orange on gray, yellow on gray, black, orange on gray, and green on blue. This shoe can take on water, trails, rocks, cement, and more! If you like to do a range of fitness activities like hiking and trail running as well as parkour, these shoes belong on your feet. Don’t let that high-traction sole fool you: these are ultimately a minimalist shoe, letting your feet do their thing without a ton of padding in the way.
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Take Flight 1.0 Parkour

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour shoes come in black with white accents. Designed specifically for parkour, it combines cushioning with flexibility and grip to give you the highest level of precision! The shoe features a mesh upper and a removable insole so you can change the level of cushioning. It has a supportive sole that won’t leave you hanging--if minimalist shoes drive you crazy, you might like these! The rubber sole is grippy and absorbs shocks to keep you running longer. For freerunning and parkour, this shoe lets you feel the surface under you properly without jarring your ankles and knees. The designer recommends them for precision jumps and rails thanks to the soles’ grippy nature. If you want to make high jumps or take big drops, you need the kind of support and cushion that the Take Flight 1.0 shoes offer! If barefoot and minimalist shoe designs just make your feet hurt, the Take Flights are a great combination of support and flexibility for parkour.
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Feiyue High Top

China’s most popular martial arts footwear is also applicable to parkour! The Feiyue High Top features a higher rise than the classic Dafu Feiyue that has a low-rise design. If your feet tend to slip out of low-rise shoes like boat shoes or moccasins, the high top might be the best option for a secure fit. The classic combination of durable canvas and a flexible rubber sole result in one of the best shoes for parkour. Available in black or white colorways, this shoe gives you the flexibility you need to execute awesome stunts! A tough toe guard helps protect you against bumps and bruises, too. The rubber sole is responsive and grippy to help absorb shock and prevent slipping. Plus, if you have wide feet and struggle to find a canvas shoe that fits, the Feiyues are known for their wider fit! It’s time to add this classic martial arts shoe to your closet.
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Zelten Classic Canvas

The Feiyue, also known as a “kung-fu shoe,” is a staple of fashionable Chinese footwear for martial arts, Tai chi, and more. The Zelten Classic shoe’s canvas upper and sturdy rubber sole create a flexible shoe with a low profile. The shoe is available in black or white colorways, each with a vintage classic look. They look similar to Converse canvas shoes, but are more comfortable for wide feet. A cotton lining and cotton insole wick away moisture. The rubber toe guard helps to protect your feet in the event of a bad landing, and overall? These are awesome parkour shoes for wide feet. The sole features a touch of arch support as well as an ultra-grippy ribbed texture. If you’re climbing trees and leaping over obstacles, these shoes can keep up with you! These are the original Dafu Feiyue design that was so popular upon its initial release in the late 1950’s, so the quality is noticeable.
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Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate

With over two dozen color combinations available, the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate is the shoe for you if you want “the ultimate” in customizability! The wide size range will also suit women’s sizes 5.5-15.5 and some kid’s sizes as well. A padded mesh fabric upper with faux leather overlay accents result in a slim, mid-rise shoe. Padding is minimal overall, but focused around the ankle and sides of the shoe to provide a secure fit and prevent chafing. The rubber sole features a honeycomb design for easy traction. The two-tone midsole is made from ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA). This is a type of material commonly used in orthotic footwear pads, but firmer and more compact. If you need some support while doing parkour, this shoe has more padding than minimalist footwear but is far from the kind of heavy padding that can weaken your performance abilities.
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evolv Cruzer Approach

The evolv Cruzer Approach shoes are made from tough canvas and a rubber sole with a memory foam insole lined with moisture-wicking microfiber. They are designed to be worn barefoot or with socks, so you’ll be comfortable either way! You can lace them up or slip them on by folding in the heel--it’s made to handle it! A heel pull tab allows you to clip the shoes to a harness or backpack when you’re not using them. The low profile and minimalist design gives these shoes a barefoot feel that’s ideal for parkour and other renegade fitness activities. The only issue? They run narrow, so watch out if you have wide feet! They come in black with gray accents, black with beige accents, gray with gray accents, gray with beige accents, red, and navy blue. The sizing ranges from 4 to 13 to fit preteens’ and some women’s sizes as well as most men’s. The sticky rubber sole gives you the grip you need to stick a landing, too.
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Vivobarefoot Motus Cross Fit

Hate dealing with loose laces? Don’t trip yourself up. The Vivobarefoot Motus Cross Fit shoe features a Velcro strap over the laces that will keep them from flying around and coming loose! The extra-wide sole is ideal for people with wide feet who hate tight shoes. The mesh fabric is breathable and flexible. The tough, non-marking rubber soles and toe guard provide traction without feeling stiff. The flat-fit sole is ideal for barefoot running and the tactile feedback needed to perform well in parkour. They come in white and green, black with red accents, and red. The rubber sole extends up your inner arch for better arch support. The Velcro strap can be used to reinforce the shoe’s fit around the arch of your foot to make your shoes fit more comfortably and securely while you’re on the go. The pebbled sole also gives you some awesome traction no matter how you land!
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PUMA Faas 500 V4

Your parkour gear should be lightweight and the Faas 500 V4s from PUMA fit the bill! This lightweight shoe is designed for running and training with a touch of cushioning and a woven mesh upper. The cushioning is firm enough to give you some support and protection without making you feel like you’re “running blind.” A 4mm heel-to-toe drop helps keep your stride natural. A FAAS foam cushioning midsole tops an Evertrack+ rubber outsole. These shoes are available in a few colorways: yellow/black, blue/yellow, red/black, white/blue, orange/black, and gray/black. A reinforced toe, slim fit, and low profile help you perform your best instead of getting in your way. Sizes range from 7 to 14, and the slim design and modern colorways make this shoe great for everyday wear as well as for parkour and running. Overall, this is a cool modern shoe for a variety of uses beyond parkour!
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