Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently
chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose the Best Penlight

Whether you’re a doctor looking to add a little convenience to your busy schedule or you simply love the practicality of a penlight, you want to know which option is the right pick for your lifestyle. Our experts researched and reviewed the best penlights on the market to bring you a detailed top ten list. We searched through more than twenty options and chose our favorites to save you time. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below to help guide your purchase.

Best Penlights

Pieces: Always have a pen handy, when you choose an option that comes as a multi-pack. Whether one pen is enough or you need a few on hand, check here to find out how many pens come with each choice.

Best Penlights

Color Options: Express your personal style or ensure no one will scoop up your pen when you pick an option that comes in multiple colors. Check here for the details.

How to Choose the Best Penlight

Batteries: We’ll let you know if each pen on our list operates via batteries here, so you have an idea of how long they will last and whether or not they are rechargeable.

Best Penlights

Pupil Gauge: Chances are, if you’re a doctor looking for a penlight, you want an included pupil gauge. Check this spec to find out if each of the pens on our list is equipped with one.

Best Penlights

Weight: Avoid purchasing a pen that’s too heavy for your needs by checking out this specification. Comfort is key, especially if you’re on your feet or have thin scrub pockets.

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Length: You’ll want the perfect length to fit easily into your pocket or bag. We’ll tell you here how long each pen is, so you end up with the right model.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to check out our penlight buying guide. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks. Every pen we selected is a top-quality product, ready to illuminate the way or help diagnose symptoms, so feel confident in picking your favorite. Let’s get shopping!

Streamlight Stylus Penlight

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best pen light is Streamlight, an aircraft-grade aluminum pen with a scratch-resistant lens. You won’t be needing to replace it anytime soon, that’s for sure! This durable pen is perfect for anyone on-the-go who needs to be able to throw it in a bag or pocket, without worrying about damage. Streamlight is also waterproof and impact resistance tested, so you know it’s built to last. And the best part is, it works as well as it holds up! Featuring 6.5 hours worth of run time, the NiMH battery can be recharged up to 1,000 times. You’ll also receive two AAA alkaline batteries with the Streamlight, providing plenty of power for all of your penlight needs. A push-button tail switch lets you choose between a momentary burst of light or a steady stream. And when you make Streamlight your pen of choice, you’ll also receive a tear-resistant nylon holster to keep it safe when not in use. Equipped with plenty of practical benefits, it’s easy to see why this premium pen landed itself at the top of our list.
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Opoway Medical Penlight

Budget Pick
The Opoway tops the charts as our favorite pick for a budget penlight, due to its affordable price and convenient features. If you’re searching for the best penlight for doctors and nurses, then you will definitely want to check this one out! You’ll receive two sleek, white penlights equipped with a variety of traits that make them perfect for any medical professional. Enjoy an LED convex bulb, ideal for checking throats and ears for redness and infection and gauging pupils. Convex lights are gentle on the eyes, so you won’t temporarily blind your patients. The on and off button allows you to create a perfectly timed stream of light. Even better, each pen has a pupil gauge on its front and a five centimeter ruler on the back! Small, compact, and equipped with a metal clip, you can easily affix Opoway to your pocket or keep it in a first aid kit. Made from tough aluminum alloy and equipped with rechargeable batteries, Opoway has it all at a fair price.
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Primacare Diagnostic Penlight

If you’re looking for the best medical penlight to examine the eyes, ears, and throats of patients, and you want it to be disposable and replaceable, check out the Primacare Diagnostic Penlight. Sold as a pack of six, these disposable penlights feature a concentric beam and pinpoint lens. Determine pupil size at a glance, thanks to the pupil gauge and corresponding size chart printed on the penlight body. The standard light is bright enough to detect redness and inflammation, so checking your patients for redness and inflammation has never been easier. Better yet, these penlights are super durable. Made from lightweight plastic, and powered by long-lasting batteries, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how long each one lasts. With six to choose from, you’ll always have a reliable penlight on hand. Even better, the pocket clip is dual-function, providing portability and activating the light tip. If you spend your days diagnosing patients, reliable and disposable penlights are the perfect addition to your medical kit.
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CAVN Medical Penlight

You care about your patients and their comfort. That’s why you’re looking for the best LED pen light. Gentle on the eyes, but highly effective, the CAVN Medical Penlight is the perfect accessory for any medical professional in need of a reliable diagnostic tool with a powerful light. CAVN has all the right features to keep your shift running smoothly. Take advantage of the metal pocket clip, which easily attaches the penlight to your uniform or bag and keeps it secure. Made from anodized aluminum alloy, it’s built to withstand long shifts and even a few accidental drops. Even better, the batteries can be easily replaced to keep your pen going for shift after shift. The best part is you get two for the price of one when you choose CAVN. Sold as a pack of two in black and silver, you’ll love the affordable price and durability of these penlights so much, you might end up purchasing them again and again!
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Everbrite LED Penlight

Add a little color to your life where you need it when you bring home the Everbrite LED Penlight pack of four. Typically when you use a penlight, you’re getting down to business to diagnose a sore throat, ear infection, or concussion. Now you can soften the blow with a fun, bright light sure to bring a little warmth to the office. The Everbrite is a powerful pen light equipped with a high intensity LED solid state bulb that you will never need to replace and its aluminum body is durable and built to last. Easily switch out the AAA batteries when power is running low, and you have yourself a set of four penlights that will keep you stocked for the long run. Stylish, efficient, and easy to use, Everbrite penlights are a great addition to any medical professional’s arsenal of supplies or your own personal first aid kit at home. If you’re looking for the brightest pen flashlight, then you don’t want to miss out on Everbrite!
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RISEMART Medical Penlight

Check ears, eyes, and throats, or illuminate a path with RISEMART. Perfect for anyone who works in dark conditions or in the medical field, when you’re hunting for the best pen flashlight, you need something bright, lightweight and comfortable. RISEMART is all of these. It combines efficiency and practicality in the perfect size that you can bring with you anywhere. Equipped with a metal clip, it easily attaches to your pocket, belt, or bag, so you can reach for it whenever you need it. To turn the light on, simply press the soft rubber button and you will activate a gentle LED bulb. Sold as a set of two in black and silver, you’ll always have a penlight on hand when you need it and you can even choose the color according to your mood. And it will last a good chunk of time-- simply change out the batteries when the power runs low.
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Escolight Medical LED Penlight

Never get caught in the dark again, thanks to the Escolight LED penlight. Perfect for your home medicine cabinet or for use on patients in a medical setting, this set of two brightly colored penlights will delight young and old and is tiny enough to use with one hand. The small pen light is just over three inches and will fit perfectly in your pocket or in a mini first aid kit, making it great for anyone who is already adorned with equipment, such as a stethoscope. It’s equipped with a powerful LED bulb to check eyes, ears, and throats for infection and inflammation. A pupil gauge is inscribed on the side to guide medical professionals checking symptoms, making it an ideal choice for emergency medical technicians, doctors, and nurses. Easy to use, you simply press the cap to activate the light and change out the batteries when power runs low. Stand out from the rest and never lose your penlight, when you choose shiny, colorful Escolight.
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Punada Premium Pen Lights

Upgrade your penlight to a Punada. This premium penlight charges via a USB cord for three hours of continuous use, making it the perfect pick for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time and money manually switching out batteries. Made from durable stainless steel, Punada is a top contender on our list for the most powerful pen light. Sold as a two-pack, you’ll receive two silver-colored units with one yellow light and one white light, both of which are super bright. Check eyes, ears, noses, and throats or light up an area for easy maneuvering. The aluminum alloy shell keeps this pen intact for long-range use. Whether you need it for rounds at the hospital, a home first aid kit, nursing school, or as a flashlight for daily use, you’ll be able to illuminate nearly any dark spot. And get this: when you choose Punada, you receive a satisfaction guarantee, so you’re covered if you encounter any issues with your purchase.
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ThorFire Penlight

Hold onto your hats, because the next penlight we’re introducing is equipped with so many awesome features, we hardly know where to begin. If you’re searching for the best tactical penlight, your search is over. ThorFire is a durable penlight made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy-- and it’s waterproof, making it perfect for emergency medical technicians who may find themselves working in the rain. Featuring an LED bulb with more than a twenty year lifespan, this pen is built to last a small lifetime! It comes with a sturdy and removable clip that conveniently attaches to your pocket, belt, or bag. Use it to diagnose patients or as a bright flashlight. And get this: it features three modes: moonlight, middle, and high, so you can customize the brightness to each situation. Thor uses common AAA batteries that provide hours of use and are easily replaced, making it convenient and practical for everyone.
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Paramed Nurse LED Penlight

Rounding out our list of pen light reviews is Paramed Nurse LED Penlight. Made from anodized aluminum alloy and featuring a bright, gentle LED light, this unit is built tough and is ideal for anyone in the medical profession who needs a tool to check eyes, ears, and throats on a regular basis. An included pupil gauge keeps diagnosing and examining symptoms in the eyes simple. Enjoy hours of use and simply switch out the batteries when it’s time. Long-lasting and reliable, you’ll also always have a penlight in reach because Paramed is sold as a two-pack. And it’s is equipped with a silver clip, allowing you to conveniently attach it to your pocket, bag, or belt for easy access every time you need it. When you make Paramed your penlight, everyone wins. Your patients enjoy soft, comfortable light and you score an affordable, easy-to-use, and durable penlight.
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