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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Pickleball Paddles

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How to Find the Best Pickleball Paddle

How to Find the Best Pickleball Paddle Pickleball: it’s like short tennis, and it’s a fun way to get your blood pumping! The paddle is your main piece of equipment and can be worth a little investment if you’re really into the game. We researched and reviewed a number of pickleball paddles, from basic wood to hardcore graphite composite paddles. We’ve condensed the best of pickleball paddles into an easy-to-digest list, just for you! First, take a look at the following specs if you’re not sure what to look for.

Best Pickleball Paddles

Material: Wood is heavy but inexpensive, while other materials can be lighter, more durable, and extra-responsive.

Best Pickleball Paddles

Paddles: Looking to upgrade your personal paddle or play with a friend? Check out the number of included paddles.

How to Find the Best Pickleball Paddle

Balls Included: Want an all-in-one value set? Just getting started? Then a paddle set that includes balls may be right up your alley!

Best Pickleball Paddles

Edge Guard: If you want to play pickleball for the long term, an edge guard is a must to protect your paddle from accidental drops!

Best Pickleball Paddles

Weight: Depending on your play style and experience, lighter or heavier paddles may suit you better. Most paddles range from 6-12oz.

Product Intro Icon

Warranty: How long the manufacturer guarantees their products can give you extra peace of mind, just in case!

Top 10 Products

Now that you’ve feasted on new knowledge, let’s get right to it! Need something quick before your next game? Our top pick and budget pick were the overall best pickleball paddles that hit that sweet spot of quality and value. Looking for a more serious upgrade, or a different beginner set? Then keep reading!

Amazin' Aces Graphite

Top Pick
Ladies and gentlemen, our pick for the best pickleball paddle set: two Amazin’ Aces graphite paddles bundled with four included balls! It made the top of our list for being a great combination of value and quality. Each paddle has a honeycomb polymer core and tough, smooth graphite face with an edge guard. The honeycomb polymer core is strong enough to withstand a hard hit but won’t weigh you down, while the graphite adds clout to your strike! The edge guard is designed to improve your paddle’s longevity without sacrificing hitting area. The wrapped, cushioned grip helps you hold on tight as you get ready to swing. The medium-weight design is lighter than many wood paddles but not so light you’ll forget you’re holding it. If you want a non-wooden paddle but prefer a weightier option, you may prefer the Amazin’ Aces graphite paddles. Beginners and intermediate players can take advantage of this all-in-one pickleball set without regret!
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Amazin' Aces Wood

Budget Pick
Cheap pickleball paddles for sale? That’s music to our ears! The Amazin’ Aces pickleball bundle comes with two wooden paddles and four balls. Trying to set up a game with friends and family, or stock up your community center or school? This set has a low price and covers all of the basics you need in pickleball equipment, including a PDF guide of rules and tips. The paddles are made from seven-ply maple with polyurethane cushioned grips. The included balls are technically for outdoor use, but can really be used indoors as well. The wrist strap at the end of the handle of each paddle is ideal for beginner players and kids for keeping the paddle from falling. These paddles are somewhat heavy, as wooden paddles tend to be. Some people prefer a hefty paddle that can help control their swings or add “thwack!” to their hits.
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Onix Graphite Z5

The Onix Graphite Z5 is a medium-weight graphite pickleball paddle that won’t let you down. The combination of a Nomex paper honeycomb core and graphite face provide power, pop, and control. Choose from eight different colors to customize your weaponry--uh, we mean sports equipment. This pro pickleball paddle has a wide face for the max hitting area you can get, and an edge guard to protect against wear and tear over time. The tennis-style handle has a 4.25’’ circumference that can feel comfortable in medium to large hands. The wrapped, textured handle grip helps you swing without slipping! If you’re a regular pickleball player, an advanced graphite paddle can be worth the investment. They can take the abuse of daily or near-daily games while helping you set new personal records! The weight of the Graphite Z5 also makes it a good choice for beginners who aren’t sure a heavy-weight paddle is for them, too!
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Pickleball Central Rally Tyro

If swinging around a heavy paddle doesn’t sound like a good time, the Pickleball Central Rally Tyro paddles might make you enjoy playing more. This two-paddle set includes four Jugs pickleballs to cover all of your bases in one go! A composite polymer core forms the lightweight, durable center of the paddle, topped with a smooth polycarbonate face. The handle has a 4.125’’ circumference that is smaller than the average 4.75’’ circumference. That makes these paddles a good choice for small to medium hand sizes. Combined with the low eight, the Rally Tryo paddles are a great choice for kids and adults who find that heavier paddles aren’t as responsive. The cushioned wrapped grip resists slippery sweat, plus an edge guard keeps your paddle going strong even if you drop it! Need to stand up to the competition on a budget? We love this simple two-paddle set for beginner to intermediate players, young and old!
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Upstreet Pickleball Paddle

Choose from singles or pairs of Upstreet graphite pickleball paddles with chic (dare we say hipster?) patterns that will make you the envy of your local pickleball court! Several of the paddle options also come with a neoprene-feel paddle cover to protect the paddle during transport and off-court time. Each paddle has a polypropylene honeycomb composite interior with a graphite finishing layer. The 8.6-ounce weight is right in the middle of the range of paddle weights and might be your perfect sweet spot! The handle has a thick foam backing covered with a micro-dry smooth grip wrap. Looking for a sleek pickleball paddle with modern pattern designs? The Upstreet paddles won’t disappoint. Graphite paddles combine a smooth, lightweight surface with resilient hitting power. These paddles appeal to casual players who want to stand out as well as serious pickleballers looking to dominate the court!
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NEO Composite Paddle

The NEO paddle set takes you straight to pickleball heaven with two paddles and four bright green pickleballs. Each paddle contains a PowerCore polymer core with a tough, responsive composite surface. An EdgeSentry edge guard protects your paddle’s edges from dings and scuffs without compromising the available striking surface. You’ll notice instantly that these paddles have a lighter weight than most wooden pickleball paddles! The vinyl graphics look good and hold up to hard hits. The paddles use a Selkirk ThinGrip wrapped handle design that feels comfortable and steady in your hand. The grip circumference is about 4.125’’, so it’s slightly smaller than the 4.75’’ circumference often used as a “universal” grip size in pickleball paddles. These are a great set of pickleball rackets for cheap that let you bring along a friend or family member to the pickleball court to duke it out!
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Rally Meister Wood Paddle

This Rally Meister pickleball equipment set comes with two wood pickleball paddles and four PIckleball Now green indoor balls. The paddles are made from seven maple wood plies glued together and feature a ribbed polyurethane grip. The result? A strong, rigid paddle core and a grip you can really hold onto. A wrist strap adds a little security for beginners and young players, too! The cushioned grip has a 4.25-inch circumference often cited as the universal grip size that anyone can use. The wood paddle is varnished to protect the materials and ensure you can keep whacking balls around forever! The four included indoor balls make this a great bundle for playing with friends and family or getting started at the gym. Despite the basic wood composition, the handles are high-quality, and overall this is a great set that beginners can really learn from.
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Kanga Wood Pickleball Paddle

One of our runners-up for cheap pickleball paddles are these wooden paddles from Kanga. It’s a value-pack perfect for pickleball players on a budget as well as for sports centers, schools, and community organizations. The pack comes with four wooden paddles with the green Kanga logo and six bright green indoor pickleballs. If you want to casually play pickleball with friends and family, this paddle set is a good option. The paddles have tennis-style wrapped, ribbed handles and safety wrist loops, ideal for kids to use. Each paddle weighs about 10 ounces. They’re a no-frills, beat-’em-up kind of set that beginners and families can take advantage of. The six included balls are hard to lose thanks to their bright color, and having six of them ensures you’ll be playing for a long time! Although this set has a low price, the paddles and balls are still well-made and durable. Wood is a bit heavier than more newfangled paddle materials, so keep that in mind!
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Pickle Pro Composite Paddle

The Pickle Pro paddle is a medium to heavy paddle ideal for beginners and players who want to hit back hard! The core is made up of aluminum and High-Density Polyethylne (HDPE), the same material hard hats are made of. A neoprene synthetic rubber bumper protects the paddle from accidental drops and the general wear and tear of the game. The paddle features a “universal” grip measure 4.75’’ long and with a 4.25’’ circumference. Tacky black grip tape provides cushion and a solid grasp of the paddle. The materials are perfect for hardcore, longterm play--they don’t corrode, swell, or delaminate, even if they get wet. They’re also responsive and can really help you take out your aggression on the ball! Whether you’re looking for an entry-level paddle or want to upgrade from a wooden pickleball paddle, the Pickle Pro composite paddle will help you amp up your game.
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Gamma Premium Pickleball Paddle

The GAMMA Neutron pickleball paddle is a sleek and sporty paddle with a carbon fiber frame and graphite surface. The flush-fit bumper protects the edges of the paddle from drops while still giving you lots of hitting area. It also helps avoid mis-hits due to the ball bouncing off the edge guard. All in all, the slim edge guard design increases your hitting area by 30%! It weighs in at 7.6oz, noticeably lighter than wooden and some composite paddles. The PB contour grip helps you hold your paddle steady. If you’re in a serious relationship with pickleball, investing in a high-end pickleball paddle may be the next step in improving your game. The paddle’s unibody design means it can hold up to hours of play without showing any weaknesses. The responsive materials will have you hitting hard and your opponents running for cover!
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