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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Portable Monitors

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How to Choose a Portable Monitor

Want to game on the go? Do you have limited power ports and still need a monitor for your gaming system or computer? You’re going to want a portable monitor! These amazing devices give you all the power of a bulky monitor in a compact package! We’ve put together this portable monitor buying guide to help you choose one. First, let’s check out some things you’re going to want to look for when you go shopping.

Best Portable Monitors

Size: The size of the screen is important if you’re choosy about that type of thing, or you want to be able to see things easily. Most portable monitors have the same dimensions as a laptop screen, though some are smaller.

Best Portable Monitors

Resolution: The resolution refers to how many pixels are in an inch of screen. A higher resolution monitor will give you a much clearer, crisper picture than one with a lower resolution value. 1080p is the norm here.

How to Choose a Portable Monitor

Touchscreen: Touchscreen monitors make things so much easier. You can scroll through pages and navigate your device with just the slide of a finger or the press of a link. And it’s less to carry if you don’t need a mouse!

Best Portable Monitors

USB Powered: Most portable monitors connect to a USB port and are powered that way. This is important in case you’re using it while traveling or won’t have access to a separate plug for your screen. It makes things convenient.

Best Portable Monitors

Speakers: Some portable monitors even come with speakers on board! If you want to be able to hear what you’re doing, especially if you’re gaming, you want a monitor that has speakers included. Get the most out of your device!

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Warranty: A warranty protects you, the buyer, in case there is some sort of mechanical error or manufacturing problem with your device. Most companies will replace or refund your device if there’s an issue with it that is their fault.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what to look for, we can get right into the portable monitor reviews! Check out our top pick and budget pick first if you’re short on time, but you should definitely take a look at our entire list to make sure you get the best monitor for your needs! We’ve researched each of these products to give you the best of the best, and we’re sure you’re going to love them!

Gechic 1503l Portable Monitor

Top Pick
Our pick for the best portable USB monitor is the Gechic 1503. It’s a full 15.6 inches from corner to corner and provides a stunning 1080p high definition. What more could you want in a portable monitor? It won’t catch a glare in the sunlight due to the matte screen. This amazing monitor can connect to USB, HDMI, and VGA, and it even has built-in speakers so you won’t miss anything, whether you’re gaming or watching videos online. This monitor is thin and sleek and has a ten-point touchscreen area so all of your clicks are recognized flawlessly. Did we mention how lightweight it is? It’s a little more than two pounds, making it amazingly portable. It’s the size of most laptop monitors as well! There’s a stand attached to the back that has three different angle settings so you get the best possible views! We love this monitor and we’re sure that you will too!
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AOC e1759Fwu Monitor

Budget Pick
This AOC-brand monitor is huge! At a full 17 inches, it’s pretty beastly, and may even be larger you’re your laptop screen! How awesome is that? You can use it in both landscape and portrait orientations, as the stand flexes and folds to give you the best angle possible. It scans at 60 Hz, which means you’re always getting the most up-to-date view from your device. On top of this, it’s powered only by USB! There is no need to have a power cord or port at all! The resolution is 1600 x 900, so you’ll get a clear picture for watching movies or that big presentation you prepared. And the price is so affordable; this is our pick for the best cheap portable monitor. From all the ones we looked at, this one is the best value! It’s even got a wall-mount compatibility feature, so you can hang it on the wall for display!
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ASUS MB169B+ Monitor

ASUS is a trusted name in technology, and this portable monitor is just as good as the company’s other offerings. It's fully portable and boasts to be the lightest and smallest USB-powered monitor on offer right now. The finish is metallic and beautiful, lending it a classy air. The case you can get for this monitor allows it to swivel and protects the screen. There are a few things about this screen that make it the best portable computer monitor! It has a blue light filter installed right on the screen, to help minimize eyestrain by filtering out the blue light from web pages and other applications. It’s full high definition, so you’ll be able to see beautifully without even needing a power cord because it runs completely off the USB cable! And what’s even better is the warranty. If it stops working in three years, ASUS will replace it with two-way free shipping included! That’s a good deal!
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HP EliteDisplay Monitor

This small-sized monitor is from one of the biggest names in computing: HP. They make everything, including this USB-powered, touchscreen monitor. It even comes with the case that you need to be able to stand it up, which makes this an amazing value! It’s heavier than some of the other monitors on our list, but that makes it sturdy and ideal for traveling. If you need a smaller portable monitor that you won’t have problems traveling with, this is the monitor for you! The built-in speakers and simple setup make this our choice for the best portable gaming monitor. Just plug this into your console to get a high definition, clear gaming experience with sound included. It doesn’t get much easier than this simple screen, from the people who know everything about computers and technology. This plus the affordable price make this an excellent investment for your traveling plans. For the screen and the case, you can’t beat this deal.
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MageDok Portable Monitor

MageDok makes the best portable monitor for laptops with their 4k screen! It’s an LED screen that works well with all of your computers, gaming systems, and streaming devices. It’s so bright that you can read it even in the bright sunshine. Most HDMI devices, in fact, can be plugged right into this monitor easily. It can extend your laptop screen, and make work so much more efficient. Included in the package are the stand and all of the adaptors. If you have an extra power port available during your travels, this is the perfect monitor for you. The resolution is crazy! You’ll be able to see with so much more clarity on this screen. It’s the perfect alternative monitor to your laptop or computer screen! And the size rivals that of a normal laptop, so you won’t miss out on anything! It’s lightweight and thin, making it extremely portable. And it even includes a headphone jack!
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EleDuino Portable Monitor

The one thing that sticks out to us about this monitor is how incredibly bright it is! The colors are so vibrant that watching any movie will be a joy, not to mention the full high definition capabilities! It’s powered by a 12-volt plugin, but it consumes a minimal amount of power to work. The bezel is built into the screen so it is flat, thin, and sleek enough for professional use. You can drag your work around and even use it to play video games from all of your favorite consoles! There are speakers built into the aluminum case, as well as a headphone jack for discreet video watching. And for the excellent price, it also comes with all of the adaptors you will need to get this device to work with anything! We personally loved how light and portable this screen is, as well as the touch function that works remarkably well.
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Eleclink Portable Monitor

This Eleclink monitor may be small, but it packs a huge resolution and an amazing amount of versatility. There are so many interface hookups to this screen, including HDMI, VGA, AV, TV, and USB – you can use this monitor for any device that you own! And that’s what makes this one of the best portable monitors for sale right now. If you’re looking for a monitor that forgoes the bulkiness and size of some of the larger monitors on this list, this is your best choice! You can work in just about any environment, frigid cold or blazing hot, and this monitor will not fail you! The backlight is LED so it won’t hurt your eyes for extended periods. It even comes with a remote control so you can easily switch from one mode to another! It’s the perfect screen for all of your needs and even comes with a portable bracket stand. We love it!
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GeChic 1101P Portable Monitor

GeChic is back on our list again with a smaller version of the best portable screen. It includes a hook-in for USB, HDMI, and VGA, so you get the full range of support with this screen. It also supports multiple HDMI modes so you always get the best display output possible! This is the perfect design and size to use with a camera during your photography and filming sessions – don’t settle on a tiny output screen to see what you need to see. To this end, it comes complete with a tripod mounting kit! This screen can work with either a Microsoft or Apple product and uses very little power, so you can use it anywhere with a power bank or other charging device! Don’t limit yourself to working at home with this efficient monitor – it will increase your productivity and keep you on task! Plus, the cover and stand is included, and adjusts to three different viewing angles!
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WIMAXIT Portable Monitor

The WIMAXIT monitor is one of the best powered monitors on our list. It doesn’t rely on the USB for power but instead plugs into a 12-volt input. It is also super bright! That is probably what impressed us the most in this small screen. It’s definitely bright enough to use outside. Take it on a camping trip and watch a movie together in your tent! It comes with built-in speakers and a headphone jack for even more entertainment options. And better yet, it comes in full high definition so you will not be limited by the resolution. The housing on this screen is aluminum for extra protection, and it comes with a stand for use on a desktop or other flat surface. You can attach this monitor to the headrest in your car to create a backseat gaming situation! We love the versatility that this monitor provides. You can truly do anything with it!
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Elecrow IPS Portable Monitor

The last great monitor on our list is the Elecrow IPS. It can be used as a display device for any one of the things you already own, from gaming consoles to computers and even your phone or tablet. It plugs into a 12-volt plug, so you could easily purchase an inverter to make it a car-friendly monitor. The color range of this device is amazing, and really stands out on this list – it’s a very clear image with amazing colors. Not to mention all of the inputs that it comes with, audio and visual. Paired with the size, it’s the perfect screen solution and one of the best portable monitors for sale. There is even technology on the screen to adjust the filters and the way the colors are displayed. It comes with a simple stand so you can set it up in your workspace! This monitor exceeded all of our expectations, and the size is really unique!
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