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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Portable Sauna Reviews

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quadcopter reviewsBest Portable Sauna Reviews

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How to Pick Your Portable Sauna

So you’ve discovered you like to sweat it out in the sauna, but can’t justify getting a full home sauna installed. The good news is that there are portable, collapsible tent-style saunas available that can save you space and money! We researched the many best-selling products to find the best portable sauna options for a range of needs and budgets. But before you read our sauna reviews, take a look at the handy specs list below so you know what to look for in a portable sauna!

Best Portable Sauna Reviews

Type: The two main types of portable sauna are infrared and steam. Steam is usually less expensive, but… damper.

Best Portable Sauna Reviews

Auto Timer: Overdoing it in the sauna is not to be sneezed at, so being able to set a timer is an important feature!

How to Pick Your Portable Sauna

Max. Temperature: How hot do you plan to get? If you like to crank up the heat, check out the maximum temperature listing.

Best Portable Sauna Reviews

Size: Many sauna tents have similar sizes, but size matters for saving space or for particularly tall people!

Best Portable Sauna Reviews

Weight: If you want to pack your sauna tent up between uses, you may prefer a more lightweight option.

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Warranty: The warranty can tell you about the quality of the product--and of course, the longer it is, the better!

Top 10 Products

These portable sauna reviews are HOT! Check out our top pick and budget pick for our overall favorites, but the eight “honorable mentions” are worth a read if you love comparison shopping. Let’s sweat it out!

idealsauna Portable Sauna

Top Pick
The Idealsauna portable sauna uses far infrared rays conducted through ultra-thin silvery quilted carbon fiber fabric. A handheld controller tucks into a storage pocket by the arm zips. You can adjust the temperature, set a timer, and turn the foot heating pad on and off with the controller from the comfort of the sauna tent! Set the timer up to 30 minutes and enjoy. It also comes with a canvas folding chair for you to sit in while you bask. The tent also has a flap to cover the neckline hole if you want to fully immerse yourself in the heat! It folds down easily without any fuss for storage in a closet or under the bed. With a footprint of 2.5’ by 2.3’, you’ll have plenty of room inside of the tent to get comfortable. Overall, our top pick combined the best value and quality for people who want a “middle-of-the-line” infrared portable sauna, which are often more expensive than portable steam saunas.
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Radiant Saunas BSA6310

Budget Pick
Our budget pick among portable saunas is the Radiant Saunas BSA6310. It has five pre-set temperature options up to 150° F and timer settings through the remote control. It uses three carbon fiber heating panels inside of satin-look polyester fabric with cotton insulation and reflective polyester interior. The frame is made from beech hardwood and is easy to fold or set up for storage and travel. An included canvas chair gives you a comfortable seat while you enjoy the heat. This infrared sauna also has a foot heater that can be turned on and off with the controller. Little design advantages like the 6.5’ power cord give you flexibility in where you set up your portable sauna. Plus, the warranty is five years long compared to the typical one year. If you want a portable infrared sauna for a reasonable price and a long five-year warranty, we recommend the Radiant Saunas BSA6310!
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Durherm Portable Steam Sauna

This ultra-affordable portable sauna from Durherm has an 800W steam generator and a timer that can be set from 10 to 60 minutes. This portable steam sauna has a long main zip as well as two arm zips. It’s incredibly lightweight, but once set up it’s not made to easily collapse. However, you can still fold it up and put it away if you’re willing to dedicate a few minutes to the process. All you need is to stick a shower chair or garden stool inside and you’ll be ready to go! The steam generator heats everything up in 10-15 minutes. The sauna tent takes up 2.75’ by 2.3’ of floor space--a lot less than a permanent sauna installation! This option has a high rating among portable steam sauna reviews so it fit right in on our list. Need a cheap sauna option? Try this one on for size!
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Aleko PIN15BL Folding Sauna

The Aleko PIN15BL 1000W portable sauna features an infrared carbon fiber panel heater and a sauna tent made from fireproof cotton. The handheld controller lets you set the timer from 5-60 minutes and the temperature from 113-140° F. The included foot pad and folding chair ensure you’ll be comfortable and cozy from head to toe! The tent fully unzips from the neck to the base and has arm zips as well for multi-tasking while you enjoy your “me time.” It sets up and folds down quickly in a few minutes, so it’s easy to get ready and pack it away after. The footprint measures 2.6’ by 2.75’ so you have plenty of room inside without taking up too much of your precious floor space. It has a low price if you’re looking for a cheap portable sauna for sale, too!
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Relax Far Infrared Ray Sauna

The Relax Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Sauna uses patented ceramic chips inside of the two radiators to control the infrared rays. It uses a higher wattage than the average portable sauna--1500W when both radiators are activated by the included controls. The included chair is high-quality, sturdy, and insulated with a high 300-pound weight limit. The sauna heats up in under 30 seconds, and you can set the timer up to 30 minutes. It’s also truly portable, since it packs down into a small, convenient bag that makes transport and storage a breeze! We loved the fast, hot radiators and the chair, which replaces the typical outdoor camping-style chair for a sturdier option. This is on the high end of portable saunas and is a great option for people who want to get the most out of their sauna sessions. For a fast and efficient infrared portable sauna, you can’t overlook the Relax FIR sauna!
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Durasage Infrared Sauna

The Durasage Infrared Portable Sauna is a lightweight system with a silver quilted tent that weighs just three pounds. It comes with a comfortable canvas chair and heated foot pad. The included remote allows you to adjust the temperature up to 150° F and the timer up to 60 minutes, as well as switch the foot heater on and off. The infrared mechanism allows quick heating in just five minutes. Besides the neckline opening, arm openings and a storage pocket to give you freedom of movement while you’re basking in the heat! It takes up just 2.3’ by 2.5’ of floor space while in use. The main body zipper is full-length from the base of the tent to the neckline, so you can climb in and get comfortable in a few moments. The infrared design makes setup easy--no water or extra cords and pipes involved!
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Durherm XL Infrared Sauna

The Durherm XL Infrared Sauna comes with a folding canvas chair and two removable, washable terry cloth neck collars. The chair supports up to 250 pounds. A remote control lets you adjust the temperature and time to your preferences. Three heaters combine to heat up quickly for your sauna session. The ultrathin tourmaline quilted panels thoroughly disperse the heat inside of the sauna tent and help keep the process efficient. Below the arm zips, there’s a storage pocket to place the remote control, or use it for your phone or the TV remote! An integrated heated footpad ensures you’re getting heat from head to toe. You can also remove the foot mat if you prefer. The sauna emits similar EMF levels to ambient environmental EMF. This portable sauna takes up 2.6’ by 2.75’ of floor space--similar to your average recliner!
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Homdox Portable Steam Sauna

The Homdox Portable Steam Sauna comes with a remote to adjust the 2L steam generator and is made from quilted silver material. Stick your neck out with the adjustable neckline and feel free to multi-task thanks to the arm opening zips on either side of the main zipper! Set the timer from 10 to 60 minutes and bask in the warm steam! It packs down for storage between uses so it takes up very little of your valuable floorspace. When fully set up, the tent has a 2.4’ by 2.7’ footprint, which is compact but roomy enough for you and your chair. This low-price portable sauna is a great choice for getting the sauna experience in a small package. Besides being a cheaper alternative to a permanent sauna, it also has a low price compared to many other portable saunas available, so it had to make our list!
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Therasage Infrared Sauna

The Therasage portable sauna is a high-end option to provide you the heat you need! It’s made from antibacterial infrared tourmaline material measuring half an inch thick, including an infrared foot pad. This sauna tent includes a folding chair that supports up to 200 pounds, a carrying case for the tent, and two washable zip-out terry cloth neck collars. Make adjustments to your sauna session with the LED safety controller, which allows you to set a timer up to 90 minutes and the temperature as high as 170 degrees. Two storage pockets below the arm zips give you a place to put the sauna controller and other must-haves like your phone. It has a footprint of 2.8’ by 2.2’ and folds up for easy storage and transport. This luxurious portable sauna comes with everything you need, and you can take it anywhere!
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Oanon Portable Indoor Sauna

The Oanon Portable Indoor Sauna features a cotton cover and a plastic trestle with an included steam pot and 16’’ water pipe. It sets up and packs away easily and has zips for you put your head through. You can read, knit, or change the TV channel through the small arm zips, too! A timer on the steam generator can be set from 10 to 60 minutes. The temperature isn’t adjustable, but the steam heat will be plenty hot! The steam generator’s power cord is over 4’ long, so you have some flexibility in where you set up your portable steam sauna. Just fill the steamer, hook everything up, and set the timer. The sauna tent has a footprint of 2.4’ by 2.7’, so it’s easy to set up just about anywhere you want! Stick a chair inside, grab the newspaper, and you’re ready to go.
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