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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Power Racks

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How to Choose the Best Power Rack

Are you ready to start weight training? Why head to the gym when you can get the equipment in the comfort of your own home. A power rack is a device that holds your barbells up when you’re doing all kinds of lifts with them. We’ve researched and put together a list of the best in our handy power rack buying guide. Let’s look at what you should know before you start shopping for your new exercise equipment.

Best Power Racks

Weight Capacity: This refers to how much weight a rack will be able to handle. This doesn’t refer to your weight, but to the weight of the barbell you’re going to be resting on it. A higher capacity means a sturdier rack.

Best Power Racks

Safety Bars: Most racks have safety bars or another mechanism to make sure that the bar holding your weights stays put in the frame. This makes sure that your barbells won’t fall, which is especially important if you’re using your rack.

How to Choose the Best Power Rack

Frame Material: Most racks are made of steel. The gauge of the steel is how thick the metal is. Oddly enough, a higher gauge is thinner steel. 11 Gauge is the standard commercial size for gyms and weight training rooms.

Best Power Racks

Weight Storage: This refers to whether or not the rack has storage for other barbells and hand weights. Some have additional racks for use with other equipment. This is a handy feature if you have a weight room or garage gym.

Best Power Racks

Size: How big is the rack? You’ll want to get one that you are sure will fit in your exercise space. Power racks can be on the larger size, so it’s really important to take this into account when shopping.

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Warranty: Don’t be without a rack if something is wrong with your purchase. If it arrives broken, doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, or stops working due to some defect, you’ll want a warranty to refund or replace it.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to buy, we can show you our recommendations! Are you ready to get back at it? Take a look at our top pick and budget pick first to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. But before you get back to your training, browse our full list of power rack reviews. You might just find the new best part of your home gym.

Valor Fitness Power Rack

Top Pick
The Valor Fitness Power Rack comes with all the features you need to start your weight training at home! This frame is made of 12 gauge steel, so it is almost commercial grade right in your home. It has so many features you’ll wonder why you didn’t have one before! It has storage built into the frame that is large enough to accommodate standard and Olympic plates. There are 17 different bar positions in all, giving you plenty of different functionality with this rack. On top of the frame, there is a pull-up station with an adjustable bar. It also includes lateral pull down for all of your upper body strength training needs. It’s the best home power rack! The uprights or the bars on the frame can hold up to a 7-foot barbell, which we think is pretty amazing. And with a weight capacity of 550lbs, you can really take your weight training to the next level!
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Fitness Reality 810XLT

Budget Pick
This Fitness Reality rack is simply amazing! The weight capacity here has been bumped up to an incredible 800 pounds for each bar. You can do some serious heavy lifting here! This rack is pretty simple and comes at such an affordable price. There are plenty of Fitness Reality attachments you can buy to truly elevate your workout, including a bench for presses and leg exercises. The company sells all of the separate accessories specifically for this rack, so you never have to worry about finding an attachment that fits. But what does this unit come with? It’s got chrome safety bars and lock pins to ease your mind and make your workout as stress-free as possible. There are 19 different height options to get you the optimal position with your bars. Overhead, there are pull-up bars that are multi-positional with knurled steel for a better grip. This is simply the best power rack for the money!
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Cap Barbell Power Rack

The Cap Barbell Power Rack is extremely durable. The upright parts of the frame are double gusseted so you can feel secure about using this equipment for even the most intense exercises. You can adjust the frame to make it more suitable for bench pressing and other bench exercises. There is a pull-up bar for all of your upper body workouts. The thing we liked about this rack is the size. It doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, which makes it the best power rack for home gym. You don’t have to have a large place to put this up for it to work. It even works for hanging exercises! The bars hold a full 7-foot barbell for Olympic-style workouts. And the best part is that it will look perfect in your home. This is the best piece of workout equipment for a spare bedroom or office instead of a dedicated home gym space.
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Marcy Strength Training Cage

Marcy’s Strength Training Cage is more like a complete gym than a home power rack! There are so many functions on this frame, it’s pretty amazing. It’s been constructed for multiple uses, including pull-ups, leg anchors, and an abdominal station. There is plenty of weight storage for piling your extra equipment, and not just plates – it holds kettle weights and other stuff as well. There are cable pulleys for all of your intense upper and lower body workouts. It’s the perfect home gym for all of your workout needs! We really loved this model’s adjustable catches – they make hanging your barbells easy and customizable for any height. There are even dip bars for chest workouts and triceps. There’s nothing this rack can’t do! Get a jump start on your fitness with Marcy’s Training Cage. We were astounded by all of the features that come with this piece of equipment. This is an amazing value for the price!
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Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack

The Body Champ Power Rack is a pretty amazing piece of equipment. It’s extremely durable and will stay in place with the help of its four floor anchors. You can do any sort of exercise and this thing will not move. There is a top bar with knurled areas for upper body workouts like pull-ups and stretches. With the special metal grips on this bar, your hands won’t slip. The adjustable hook catches allow you to customize your workouts, and place your barbells wherever is best for you. Speaking of barbells, this rack accommodates both 6-foot and 7-foot varieties. There are two anti slip pegs on the frame for band resistance exercises. This is the best budget power rack we found! But here’s the best part: this rack has storage! There are 2 Olympic plate holders on the bottom of the frame, so you can keep all your equipment together. Two bar holders give you room for two barbells.
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CAP Barbell Full Cage

The CAP Full Cage is much bigger than the other CAP product on our list. It’s a full-sized rack with multiple attachments. You can actually walk into the cage due to its decently-sized depth, which makes it perfect for squats or presses. If you find that the 6-foot version is too small for you, they sell the same rack at 7 feet to allow taller people to do presses and pull-ups on the top bar. It can attach to the floor for added protection, as well as safety catches to help ease your mind. This rack is extremely easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. One of the things we liked most about this product is its capability to be a gym power rack. It works will accessories from other major brands so you won’t need to buy a different piece of equipment to accommodate your attachments. This is perfect for beginners or small home gyms!
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Best Fitness Power Rack

The first thing that caught our attention about this rack is the fact that it’s red! All of the other pieces of equipment we looked at came in either steel grey or white, making this really unique! There are 23 different positions available for hanging your barbells, spread at 3-inch intervals. This rack is easily sturdy enough to allow you to use the top bar as a pull-up or chin-up bar. It can hold up to a full 500 pounds, which we found pretty amazing. The frame comes with two safety bars and two bars to rest your barbells. But what really shines about this product is how easily you can apply power rack attachments. Best Fitness sells a variety of add-ons to adapt this rack to hold a bench, weight storage, or dip bars. Or even all of the above! This frame is extremely versatile. You won’t regret purchasing the Best Fitness rack for your home gym!
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Marcy Pro Deluxe Home Gym

The Marcy Pro Deluxe is a beast! This is definitely more than just a standard power rack. It’s a full gym system to keep you in your best shape! This powerhouse comes with a bench that reclines and declines so you can get a whole variety of exercises. There is even a leg anchor on the bench for leg day. What’s better is that the bench can be lifted and rolled out of the way if you want to use the rack for squats or pull-ups on the top bar. There are so many positions to put your barbell on for deadlifting or other activities. This rack truly has it all! But here’s the kicker: this massive, sturdy piece of equipment can be folded up when you aren’t using it. Smaller home gyms can enjoy all the versatility of this rack with no hassle! We think that’s amazing! This is probably the best power rack for sale.
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Marcy Pro Full Cage

Marcy Fitness is back at it with a full cage workout system that is packed with features to keep you fit. This would make a great commercial power rack for use in membership gyms, just for the size, features, and the way it looks. It looks sleek enough to be perfect in either a home gym or a public one! It comes with an Olympic barbell station, where the height is adjustable at multiple levels for your best, most effective training. The bench can be sat up like a chair for arm exercises or laid back for bench pressing or other similar activities. This piece of equipment could easily become the basis for your home gym. Invest in yourself with this power rack and avoid ridiculous gym fees! And all of this comes at a super affordable price. It’s a durable, sturdy product that will make your workouts much more efficient!
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Powertec Fitness Work Bench

You won’t believe the quality and features of this Powertec power rack! There are so many cool things about this piece of equipment, we hardly know where to start. This is a state-of-the-art, technologically-sound training machine. You can adapt and adjust this frame for any number of workouts due to its intuitive design. Because Powertec has a large variety of accessories and attachments, this rack is built on a numeric system, making it easier to accommodate the attachments you’ll want to put on it. All of the elements of this rack are fluid and easy to move. All of the bars and catches can be removed and reattached at any point. It’s a truly unique and amazing piece of equipment. And with a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, the possibilities for your training are endless! This rack really impressed us with how easy it was to use and change. We think that you’re going to love it.
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