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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Rat Poison

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How to Choose the Best Rat Poison

Do you have a mouse or rat problem in your home, apartment building, or farm? Keep the pests away for good with the best rat poison. We've researched the best traps, trays, and pellets available so that you can rest easy. The result is this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to ten excellent products below. Before we jump into the reviews, here's what you need to look for as you shop. The best rat poison available is somewhere on this list!

Best Rat Poison

Size: You want to know the size and scope of the best rat poison available. Depending on your needs, smaller or larger may be the right choice for you. This is the first category to check and get an idea of quantity.

Best Rat Poison

Kill Time: Some types of rat poison are designed to kill instantly, while others focus on establishing a permanent solution. Up to several days might be estimated for a kill, so we provided an easy timeline reference for you right here.

How to Choose the Best Rat Poison

Ingredients: For anything you purchase, the ingredients are an important concern. We’ll let you know the primary poison being used in the item you like most. That way, you can see at a glance what’s included in your purchase.

Best Rat Poison

Rodents: Some rat poison is meant to rats, others for mice. There are also some popular brands designed to tackle both rodents, or even deal with other small pests. This way, you know if you’re getting the right product!

Best Rat Poison

Product Weight: In addition to all of the other details provided here, we will also give you the product weight. It’s provided for you in ounces, so you can compare and contrast amongst our top ten choices. It couldn’t be easier!

Product Intro Icon

Delivery System: There are various ways of delivering the poison. Some poisons are in a self-contained tray and you can simply set it out. Others come in pellets that need to be placed in a trap or tray. Still others are bars that can be placed out alone or in a tray. Pick the type of delivery system that works best for you.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know how to choose based on our comprehensive rat poison review, we can get started! Here’s the deal: We’ve got the details on ten of the best products out there. But if you’re in a hurry, no problem! Just check out our top pick and our budget pick. Both are great options, and they’re two of the best we found. Below those are the rest of our top ten, and they’re all excellent too. Let’s get started!

D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets

Top Pick
D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets is our top pick for a number of reasons. This rat poison is designed to work quickly and effectively, without a lot of effort on your part. Do you have nasty pests, and they need to be eradicated immediately? Check it out: D-Con makes this poison extremely simple to use. Just take the tray, open, lift, and peel back the upper left corner. The bait tray is then ready to go. This poison can be used with both mice and rats. Warfarin-resistant house mice and warfarin-resistant Norway rats are targeted. Because Brodifacoum is the primary poison component, the rats and mice can ingest a lethal dose in a single feeding. The poison takes up to 5 days to work. So in less than a week, you’ll be able to get rid of the pest problem. The best rat poison for home is quick and powerful. Our reviewers say this poison is a great selection!
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Old Cobblers Farm Bait Bar

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is the Old Cobblers Farm Bait Bar, and it’s a wonderful solution for a rodent problem in a more rural setting. The bait bar is designed for use in and around agricultural buildings. If you have a serious issue with either rats or mice, this is the rat poison you need. Why? It’s designed to tackle Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. How does it work? You receive a two-pack of the bars, created to appear irresistible to small whiskered creatures. There's a full pound of the material available for your use! It can be broken into chunks and placed at intervals around the building where you're having a problem. Or, there is a hole in the middle of the bar so that it can be installed on a bait station. Either way, you're going to see quick results. Old Cobblers Farm makes use of the poison bromadiolone, and it should prove lethal in a single dose.
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Motomco Tomcat Bait

The best rat poison to use is stuff the critters will never see coming. That's why our reviewers included Motomco Tomcat Bait on our list. Here's the scoop: This a toxic product, meant to kill and eliminate both rats and mice. Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice are all targets. These pellets are ready to scatter in your attic, basement, or wherever else you've got some unwanted visitors. They'll soon die off because these pellets are virtually irresistible! The poison used here is Brodifacoum, a highly-effective rodenticide. The lethal dose is delivered, and the pests should die off within 4-5 days. You get a lot of product to work with, too. Ten pounds of pellets will help you deal with major infestations, or you’ll have plenty left behind in case the animals return. Either way, say goodbye to unwanted house guests! You’ll be much more comfortable when they’re all gone and taken care of. Try Motomco’s product today!
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JT Eaton 709-PN

There are two kinds of popular mouse and rat traps, designed to get rid of them before they cause any long-term problems. Non-toxic traps catch the critters so that they can be released elsewhere, or taken care of with another method. Toxic traps, however, get right to the issue. These are poison bait, designed to deal with a serious quandary. Our reviewers made sure JT Eaton's 709-PN Bait was on our list. You might be wondering: why is toxic bait a good choice? Here's how it gets the job done. You'll receive a bucket with 144 bait blocks. Each one is loaded with peanut butter flavor to lure Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice. They show up, have a nibble, and they’re gone in several days. This delivery system is a very simple one for the homeowner or business owner. The tamper-resistant sealed pail can be opened so that the chunks are distributed in garages, sheds, little cubbyholes and more.
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Motomco All Weather Chunx

Motomco creates poison bait for rodents with the promise that their product is "tougher than a barnyard cat." If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, read on to learn more about this unique delivery system. These All Weather Bait Chunx are small green blocks. They can be used in two ways: either on their own or slid onto the central pole within a bait station. Each block has a hole bored through the middle for easy placement. All types of rats and mice are drawn to the bait for a nibble. It gets better: the lethal dose is often delivered in the first feeding. The pests die off within days after ingestion. Diphacinone, a common rodenticide, is the active ingredient here. With a 4-pound pail of these all-weather chunks, you’ll have enough to last through an infestation with some to spare. In fact, these bites can stay potent for years. It’s a worthy investment for homeowners and farmers!
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Farnam Just One Bite

Getting rid of mice and rats can seem like an intimidating conundrum. They're fast, they're smart, and they're always hungry. That's why rat poison disguised as tasty treats have proven to be an effective solution for so many! Farnam Just One Bite poison may be exactly what you need to get rid of these dirty, destructive animals. Here's how it works: You'll get a bucket loaded with 86 individual 1.5-ounce pellet packs. Open up the pack, and place anywhere you're seeing a rat or mouse problem. Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice will all be targets. The critters will come by for a bite, ingesting some of the Bromadiolone poison stored within. Within several days, they will die off, so no bait shyness will develop. That means you will be able to keep using Farnam Just One Bite for years to come! Our reviewers want you to know that this 9-pound bucket is an affordable and worthwhile investment.
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Neogen Rodenticide

Whether you have indoor or outdoor problems with rodents, Neogen Rodenticide is a smart solution. This is all-weather bait, shipped to you in a five-pound bucket. It’s ready to go in tackling your creature conundrum. What’s the secret? These little green pellets are seafood-flavored and high in protein, so rats and mice both think they’re just delicious. These powerful attractants mean you will see the bait disappear, and then the mice and rats vanish, very quickly. Sometimes, rodent poison bait can create “bait shyness” when it works too quickly. With Neogen Rodenticide, the mice and rats die several days after consumption, so you don’t run the risk of experiencing that issue. The active ingredient here is the popular poison, Diphacinone. You’ll get 45 individual packets of bait, so you can cover a large area and still have some poison left for additional seasons or infestations. This rodenticide is one of the best and most affordable of the gang!
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Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer

Mice can cause damage to cars, wiring, and home insulation and plumbing systems. Roof rats can prompt serious home renovation and repair. Those reasons alone may have you searching everywhere to either stop or prevent the problem. One potent possibility? Rat poison. Havoc Mouse and Rat Killer is a great alternative to having to fix your personal property. Think about it: This purchase comes with 40 individual packets of pellets irresistible to mice, Norway rats and roof rats. They don’t even need to be opened. The creatures will chew right through the packaging to get to their snack. The anticoagulant Brodifacoum will work within days to eliminate your little visitors. This all-weather bait can work with a single night’s feeding! Throw a package into the attic, another behind the kitchen cabinets, or wherever it’s needed most. Soon you should see the food disappear, and your problem might skedaddle right along with it. Now, that’s worth a try!
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Neogen Ramik Nuggets

What is the best rat poison? A poison that works quietly and quickly. Check out Neogen Ramik Nuggets, a rodenticide with major bite. In fact, it’s made with Brodifacoum, one of the most powerful poisons available on the market. You’ll get a 4-pound bag of bait. Take the pellets and place them wherever you've seen either rats or mice, and do the same thing every day for the next ten days. Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice will all be attracted to the food. They eat or carry it away, and should die off within 4-5 days. Eliminate disease-carrying pests with a product that gets the job done. Even better: this is an all-weather rodenticide, and it’s uniquely suited for use in wet and damp areas. Both indoor and outdoor placement is possible. Whether you need this stuff inside your home, around your farm, or around your cars or garden, Neogen Ramik Nuggets are formulated to help.
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Ratx Rat Bait

Ratx Rat Bait is an ingenious product. This is crazy: It actually contains no poison. It’s made primarily from corn gluten. How, then, does it work? Rats eat their fill of the pellets, and then the active ingredients swell internally. You see, rats and mice are unique because they cannot vomit. Without being able to take in additional water, Ratx Rat Bait can kill rats within just one feeding. This isn’t just a safe solution for you and your family. It’s also a wonderful option for the environment. Poison can sometimes pass through to animals like hawks and owls after killing rats, but that doesn’t happen with this product. It can also be tough for people with dogs, cats, or small children to utilize products that contain rodenticides. These ingredients are non-toxic to all mammals. If you have any concerns about the use of poison, this is an easy choice. It's also biodegradable, and will not cause any pollution.
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