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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

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quadcopter reviewsBest Ratchet Wrench Sets

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How to Choose the Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

If you’re searching for the best ratchet wrench set, look no further. We spent a lot of time researching some of the best sets out there to put together this ratchet wrench set review. You might be surprised at the variety that exists in the world of ratchet wrenches and how much easier they can make your life. Before we get into it, let’s take a look at some of the features you need to know about before you start shopping.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Pieces: The number of ratchets you need depends on the job you’re planning to do. We found some awesome sets with as few as 5 wrenches to as many as 40 pieces with various sockets and specialty bits.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Sizes: All of these sets come with a range. We listed the smallest and largest in each set for you. You should also note that some sets are in inches, some are in millimeters, and a few include both!

How to Choose the Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Ratcheting Arc: Basically, this is how much you need to turn the ratchet to get the fastener to move. The smaller the number, the less you’ll have to turn the ratchet which comes in handy when you’re in a tight space.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Measurement System: We touched on this but these tools come sized in inches or millimeters. If you know the kind of fasteners you’ll be working with, get a set that’s compatible. For more versatility, consider a set that offers both.

Best Ratchet Wrench Sets

Warranty: We were very happy to see that so many of these top picks come with a lifetime warranty. In our opinion, that’s a sign of a superior product that a company is willing to stand behind, 100%.

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Carrying Case: A carrying case isn’t going to make the tool work any better or worse. That said, it sure is a nice thing to have. There’s no better way to make sure you keep the set all together.

Top 10 Products

Now that you’re a little more familiar with some of the features of the best ratchet wrench, let’s get right into our reviews. Here’s how we set it up. If you’re in a hurry, check out the top and budget picks first. You’ll find them right at the top of our list. Stick around if you can to check out the rest of the fine products that round out the top ten. Alright, let’s jump right into our ratchet wrench reviews!

GearWrench Ratcheting Set

Top Pick
Our top pick for a ratchet wrench set is from GearWrench. You get 13 different master ratcheting wrenches. One of the best things about them is the small size of the ratcheting box ends. They allow you to get the tool into tight spots that a regular ratchet would never fit. On the other end is a set of wrenches so you actually have 26 tools all in one kit! They range in size from 5/16 to 1 ¼ inch so there’s one that suits just about any job. It comes with a wrench rack which perfectly holds all 13 wrenches all in one spot. It also makes a nice display so you can easily see what wrench you need. This polished chrome set also has a lifetime warranty.
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Stanley STMT71648 Socket Set

Budget Pick
You won’t believe what you get in the best ratchet set for the money. Check this out: there are 40 pieces: a ratchet arm, socket drive handle, a 3 inch extension bar, an adapter, a specialty bit holder, 6 specialty bits, 15 ¼” sockets, and 14 ?” sockets. With this kit, you will be able to tackle just about any job, quickly and easily. Plus, it’s made to last plus there’s a lifetime warranty. Each piece is constructed of high-alloy steel and heat treated. The design also gives you 15% more torque for quicker more efficient results. That’s not all. It all comes in a blow molded carry case where each piece has a labeled slot. You’ll always be able to easily find what piece you need with the best ratcheting wrenches for the money.
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Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench Set

This set comes with both imperial and metric size, 10 of each. It’s exceptionally versatile because it gives you this option. You’ll find a tool in this set that will work on just about any sized fastener. Plus, the wrench design lets you squeeze into tight spots with plenty of knuckle clearance. The ratcheting box end stays in contact until you’re done and there’s no lifting required to get the job done. They’re so strong that they’ll hold on even when the bolts are rusty and you need to use a little more muscle. This set is made with high-quality alloyed steel and comes with the Craftsman Forever Guarantee. What does that mean for you? Let’s just say you’ll be using this set for a long time to come.
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Tool Guards Wrench Set

Here’s another great choice if you’re looking for a set that includes both imperial and metric tools. You get 11 of each so you’ll be able to handle just about any job you come across. These wrenches are made from chrome vanadium steel. They have a slim profile that allows you to slip them into just about any small space. On one end of each is a full-drive box capable of tightening or loosening any bolt without causing any damage. This set also comes with a tool roll to keep everything neat and organized. It’s great for storage but also keeps things laid out nicely so you can quickly find the size you need while you’re working. And here’s the best thing of all: they come with a lifetime guarantee.
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Crescent CX6RWS7 Wrench Set

Something cool about this set is that the ratchet box end of the wrench is designed to be able to grip 6 different kinds of fasteners: hex, square, 12 point, external torx, partially rounded hex, and spline. You can also remove and put on nuts and bolts without having to remove the wrench, which makes the job faster and easier. This set just looks sleek and durable. The black oxide wrenches have the sizes laser-etched on the ends so you can quickly find and identify the size you need for the job. Plus, the smooth profile helps you get a nice grip on each tool. Plus, you get a simple carrying case so it’s easier to keep them all together for storage. That way, you know where each one is when you need it.
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Apollo Tools Ratcheting Wrench

There’s more to this set from Apollo Tools than meets the eye. First of all, they have a thin profile so you can use them in tight spaces without worrying about hurting your knuckles. These wrenches are chrome plated and heat treated for added strength and durability. If you should happen to have any issues, don’t worry. This ratcheting wrench set also comes with a lifetime warranty. Get this: one reason they stand behind their tools is because they check each tool for hardness, torque, finish, and usability to make sure that they will last a lifetime with typical use. That’s not all. Each wrench is also equipped with a handy reverse switch. Simply engage the switch and the ratchet will move in the opposite direction without having to remove it from the bolt.
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Tekton Ratchet Wrench Set

We really loved the look of this set from Tekton. The carbon steel wrenches are surrounded with red nylon for a bright, fun look. It’ll make these wrenches stand out in your toolbox so you’ll always be able to find them. The metal itself has a chrome plated finish that helps protect it from corrosion so they’ll last a really long time. So long, in fact, that the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. These ratchets are double sided and range from 7/32 to ¾ inch. Each one also has a reverse switch. That means you can easily go from tightening to loosening without having to take the wrench off the fastener and flip it over. And get this: you can use these ratchet wrenches on both 6- and 12-point box ends.
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Kiseng Ratchet Spanner Wrench

This set from Kiseng is unique because of how it’s made. Chromium vanadium alloy steel forging it used. The heating technique makes the metal harder, tougher, and more durable. Plus, the chrome finish is corrosion resistant. What does all that mean? It can handle a lot of torque and last for a long time. The ratchet ends of the larger sizes of these tools have a 180 degree flex that can help you get into small places and even get those hard to reach areas you just can’t get with comparable sets. They also have an automatic reversing function so you don’t have to remove, reinsert, or flip the tool over to get the job done. The sizes are all in millimeters and they’re easily read on the side of each tool in this set.
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Koval Inc Ratcheting Wrench

This set from Koval comes with 12 double-ended tools, each with a wrench end and a ratchet end. They come in both inches and millimeters so you’ll be able to use something from this set on just about any bolt you come across. This would also be a great set for a mechanic because they ratchet ends pivot to 180 degrees. This makes it easy to stay latched onto even difficult to get to fasteners. The chrome finish makes them resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, just wipe off any grease, dirt, or oil. And get this: There are 4 layers of anti-rust treatment, too, for extra protection. And that’s not all. You also get a tool bag for easy storage and transport.
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Orion Motor Tech Ratchet

What makes this set from Orion Motor Tech stand out is the same thing that makes it our pick for best ratchets for mechanics. So, what is it? The flexing heads. Each one is hinged to give you a little more ability to maneuver into tight or awkward spaces. They actually bend a full 180 degrees. That’s not all. The wrenches in this set are also extra-long. How long? They range from 9 ?” to an impressive 16 ½” in length. Combine that with the flex heads and you’ll be able to reach almost anywhere inside an engine. Heavy duty steel makes them perfect for any heavy duty work while the polished chrome makes it really easy to clean off any oil and dirt. Plus, it offers protection against corrosion and rust.
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