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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Reflex Sights

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How to Choose the Best Reflex Sight

If you need a scope that can provide you with unlimited eye relief a reflex scope might be great for you. We've assembled a list of the best reflex sights out there. We've included everything from the best cheap reflex sight to the top of the line. Check out our specs so you can decide which one is right for you.

Best Reflex Sights

Rail Size: The rail size can help you determine which sight is right for you. This spec will let you know, in inches, if the rail is the correct size.

Best Reflex Sights

Aperture: This spec can help you determine which sights will give you the best field of view. Apertures can range on these kinds of sights from anywhere from 30 to 35 mm. Choose which one is best for you.

How to Choose the Best Reflex Sight

Waterproof: If you're looking to do a lot of serious outdoor hunting you may want to choose a sight that is waterproof. If, however, you mostly shoot on ranges indoors you may not need a waterproof sight.

Best Reflex Sights

Weight: The weight of the sight can affect how it sits on your gun and how you shoot. Choose a scope that has a correct weight for you. Some people prefer lighter-weight scopes and some prefer heavier ones.

Best Reflex Sights

Field of View: The field of view is how much you can see through the scope. If you are hunting and need a wide field-of-view be sure to check out this spec. If you are shooting targets on a range you may not need an incredibly wide field-of-view.

Product Intro Icon

Warranty: A warranty is a symbol that the manufacturer is confident in their product and wants you to be as well. Choosing a product with a warranty can sometimes come at a higher markup but for some people, it is worth the peace of mind.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what to look for let's get straight to our list. We've included everything from reflex red dot sight reviews to sights that combine many different kinds of reticles. If you're in a hurry check out and our budget pick first. Do your due diligence though and check out all of our other eight picks. Happy hunting!

Dagger Defense Reflex Sight

Top Pick
If you want the best reflex sight for the money, look no further than the dagger defense reflex sight. This sight offers both red and green dots. It also offers four position reticles. This sight comes with locking screws for your siding adjustments. This sight comes with a 33 millimeter aperture. It is 82 mm long and weighs only 291 grams. This sight offers a 15.8 m field of view at 100 meters. This sight comes with an instruction manual, an Allen wrench, a lens cleaning cloth, and a battery. This sight is crafted with aircraft grade aluminum which makes it lightweight and durable easy to use for any kind of gun. The ergonomic design on your Picatinny rail for other accessories. This sight is a great option for anyone looking for a tactical scope. It provides superior performance and quality without spending a lot of money. This sight comes with great optics, which allows you to easily aim and shoot.
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Ohuhu Reflex Sight

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is the best budget reflex sight on our list. It has a tubeless design with a 35mm reflex lens aperture. This provides it with a wide field-of-view. It has a multi-reticle or variable dot installed. Each of these has four patterns and four different sizes. This scope also comes with a built-in mount for standard bases. You will not need to rezero when remounting the dismounted sight. This sight also is Parallax corrected. It has unlimited eye relief. This sight can be installed with an Allen head screw type it also has windage and elevation click adjustment. It also has a locking screw. This scope is ultralight, waterproof, and shockproof. It is powered by one 3 volt lithium battery. This makes it a great choice for people looking for a great lightweight and durable scope. If you're on a budget this is truly the best scope out there.
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CVLIFE 1X22X33 Reflex Sight

This sight is truly versatile. It has a circle, cross, 10 MOA, and 3 MOA reticle type. This allows you to shoot accurately in whichever manner is most comfortable for you. It also has red and green illuminated dots. The 4 reticle patterns offer unlimited eye relief and corrected parallax. The Allen wrench included helps you adjust the elevation easily. It can also help you adjust the windage. This sight is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. The dot sight included is durable and lightweight. This sight creates a wide field of view and is designed for target shooting and hunting. It is suitable for aiming at quickly moving subjects and at still targets. You can select the reticle type easily and quickly with the knob. There are five intensity levels of Illumination allowing you to customize how you see the sight. It is convenient and able to be installed on a 20mm Picatinny rail. The tubeless design comes with a 33 mm reflex lens.
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Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight

If you're looking for the best Red Dot reflex sight this one by Browning is calling your name. It is designed in the USA with high-quality materials. This scope has high tensile and durability, allowing you to use the scope for years to come. This scope comes with 4 reticle patterns. These patterns allow you to customize how you see the sight and change your view in an instant. This sight comes with 7 positions of brightness. This allows you to control how bright or how dim you see through the sight. The field of view is 15.7 meters from 100 meters. This scope provides unlimited eye relief. This scope is made with a rugged aluminum housing and finished in a chic matte black. this scope can be easily mounted to any standard style base. Browning is a company you can trust celebrating over 134 years in business. This is a great choice for everyone from beginner to pro.
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Feyachi Reflex Sight

This is a great choice for people looking for a sight that combines both a red dot sight and a Green Dot sight. This reticle allows for four different styles. These styles are a simple dot, a circle and a dot, a crosshair and a dot, and a crosshair/circle/dot. This 33 millimeter lens allows you to achieve quick target acquisition. This scope provides a wide field of view to help you maintain situational awareness. This scope is very sturdy. It has a secure rail mounting system so it will not come loose when you are hunting. This scope is Parallax corrected and provides unlimited eye relief. This scope comes with a rubber lens cap cover a cleaning cloth a battery and two wrenches. The open design of this sight allows the shooter to stay aware of their surroundings. The reticle is adjustable for any kind of customization you may need.
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GERO Tactical Reflex Sight

If you are looking for a great budget reflex sight that allows you to conquer everything you may want to do this is a great choice for you. This sight is lightweight and water-resistant allowing you to hunt and all kinds of conditions. The lightweight of this scope allows you to easily add it to your gun without feeling extra weight. This reflex sight is also shockproof meaning that anything you can put your gun through you can put this sight through. This sight has a built-in Picatinny mount base allowing you to easily mount it. This sight comes with four different patterns allowing you to customize how you shoot and aim. This sight also has adjustable brightness offering you great eye relief while you are shooting. This sight is a great choice for people who are looking for something that fits their budget without sacrificing on quality. It is a great reflex sight.
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LionTac Reflex Sight

This is a great choice for people looking for the best reflex sight for AR. This LionTac Red Dot sight is a great choice for people with a 20mm rail. It comes with a rifle mount that allows you to easily mount it to your rail. This tactical holographic scope is durable and easy-to-use. This scope is made with durable aluminum alloy metal. It also has an anodized matte black finish giving it extra durability. It is made of a lightweight shockproof weather resistant material. It also has an anti-glare reflective coated lens. This allows you to get the right shot every time no matter the elements. This scope is made with a tubeless design and has a 33mm reflex lens aperture. This provides you with a wide field-of-view. This scope has 4 different reticle- a circle, a cross, a 10 MOA, and a 3 MOA sight. This sight can be used with many different kinds of firearms- everything from shotguns the handguns.
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Pinty Tactical Reflex Sight

If you are looking for a great scope mounted reflex sight the Pinty Tactical Reflex Sight may be the one for you. This sight is made with a solid metal construction which is durable and shockproof. So you'll never have to worry about your scope not being able to stand up to the task. This scope includes a multi-coated lens allowing you to see clearly. This scope is waterproof and fogproof and works great and all weather conditions. This leaves you free to hunt no matter the weather. This scope comes with red or green dual-illuminated reticles with 5 levels of brightness control. This scope also has precision windage and elevation adjustments. This allows you to properly adjust your scope to the elements around you. The scope also features a high low profile and a quick-release mount. This scope can fit standard 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rails. This is a great scope for anyone looking for something that can do it all.
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UUQ Tactical Rifle Scope

If you’re looking for the best AR reflex sight, this is a great pick for you. This sight delivers High Optical Clarity at 2.5 to 10 times magnification. This sight also has a 40 millimeter objective diameter. You can choose to illuminate the reticle in either red or green. You can also choose between multiple brightness intensities. This allows you to choose a suitable sight regardless of the lighting or environment. This scope also comes with an integrated green laser which comes complete with an on-off activation push button. This allows you to quickly sight close quarter and fast-moving subjects. This scope is fog proof with chakras instant housing. It is also nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed. This scope is made of a durable all metal construction and includes a high-grade optical lens and an integrated mount. This allows you to quickly secure it to any Picatinny or Weaver rails.
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Leupold Reflex Dot Sight

For anyone looking for something made in the USA, this Leupold reflex dot sight is a great choice. This is a good reflex sight for anyone looking for something made of aluminum and constructed by one of the best brands in scopes. This scope has a diamond coat scratch resistant aspheric lens for brightness. This also provides it with superior resolution. This sight includes motion sensor technologies. This allows it to quickly help you aim at moving targets. This scope is extremely durable and ultralight. The aluminum housing helps it to maintain its light weight without sacrificing on durability. This small scope can be used for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. It has a wide field of view allowing you to see everything in your path. It also is waterproof up to 33 ft so you won't have to worry about getting rained out. This is a great choice for hunters looking for a nice, lightweight sight.
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