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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Remote Control Cars

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quadcopter reviewsBest Remote Control Cars

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How to Choose Your Remote Control Cars

Looking for a sweet RC car? Well, so are we! We’ve researched and reviewed some of the best remote control cars and the best RC car brands that we could find. After days of compiling, we’ve put together a list of our top ten favorite RC cars. We love them, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too! So we broke down each item into some of its most basic stats. Here are those stats with a little bit of an explanation of why each one is important while shopping for your new RC car.

Best Remote Control Cars

Chassis - While chassis in regular cars are usually made from steel, RC cars usually have a plastic or aluminum chassis. We’ll let you know what kind all of these cars have.

Best Remote Control Cars

Drift - Can it drift? If you’re looking for a sweet ride that will drift like an AMG, check out this icon. We’ll let you know if the remote control car is as ready to drift as you are.

How to Choose Your Remote Control Cars

Charger - Does your new RC car recharge with a charger or with batteries? Either way, you prefer your new car to run, this icon will give you more information on how it runs.

Best Remote Control Cars

Scale - The scale of the vehicle refers to how big it is compared to the full-sized vehicle. The ratio is listed as 1:x, where x is the number of times bigger the full-sized one is.

Best Remote Control Cars

Weight - How much an RC car weighs can affect what tricks and moves you can do with it. Whether you want a lighter or heavy model, check this icon out for the weight in ounces.

Product Intro Icon

Dimensions - How big is the car? Are you looking for a specific size of RC car? We’ll let you know the dimensions of the vehicle in inches, length by width by height.

Top 10 Products

Now we’re ready for the reviews! All ten of these are cool RC cars that really spoke to us. They are all highly rated, awesome vehicles that we really love. But there are two that are just the tops, and we gave them a special place on our list. The first place RC car is our Top Pick. It was the overall best car we could find, and we really dig it. The second place is our Budget Pick; it’s a sweet car that is amazing but won’t break the bank. If you’re in a hurry, at least check those two out! Now, onto those sweet, sweet RC cars!

Exceed RC MadDrift Car

Top Pick
Want to see the best RC drift car around? This is by far our favorite: it’s the Exceed RC MadDrift Car, and we’re head over heels for this unique vehicle. This RC car is race ready! The detail on this car is amazing; it looks like a real life drift car! This model is low to the ground with a low center of gravity. The motor is a brushless 540L 2150KV supported by an 80A Hobbywing speed control. This thing has some serious power and some serious specs. Most of the body is made from durable aluminum protected by bumpers for added impact protection. So if you are looking for a high-end RC car built for speed, performance, and mad drift, you can’t beat the RC MadDrift Car in our opinion!
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RASTAR Ferrari RC Model Car

Budget Pick
Looking for RC fun without the extreme cost of high-powered machines? The RASTAR Ferrari RC Model Car is, in our opinion, the perfect budget model. It’s fast, fun, and isn’t super expensive. It makes a great gift for young kids; you won’t be out hundreds of dollars if they get a little too rough with it. This is an officially licensed Ferrari product, and it has all of the classic details associated with the brand. The top speed of this car is about 10 miles per hour. We love the working headlights and doors that open; its details like these that really make the RASTAR Ferrari RC Model Car something special. This car is battery operated, and it needs 5 AA batteries to get started. But with all of the love that has gone into this little gem, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it as much as we do!
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The CULER RC Car is a solidly-built, rough-and-tumble RC car with an attitude! This little vehicle is ready for almost anything; with a solid-frame chassis made of composite plastics, this thing is impact resistant and very difficult to break with normal usage. It weighs about two pounds, and it can climb over almost any terrain with ease with its 4WD. The powerful motor also helps! This thing can keep going and going too; it has about 30 minutes of running power! The radio controlled transmitter works at 60 meters, giving you plenty of room to play. And with its all-weather body, you can drive it even in the snow, rain, or through puddles. So if you are looking for a sweet ride that keeps going even when the going gets tough, check out the CULER RC Car. It’s big fun for a small price!
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Dromida RTR RC Car

The Dromida RTR RC Car is a high-performance car with a lot of great features! This model comes in a variety of different styles, including the monster truck, rally car, touring car, and the version we are in love with, the rally car. It’s a bright green and blue ball of power and fun, ready for any adventure. It’s a factory-assemble car, equipped with everything you need to get some speed and have a great time doing it. The Dromida RTR RC Car is designed to perform; the stable setup makes for smooth driving while the brushless motor makes for some amazing power. Everything you need to get started is included, even the AA batteries you need for the transmitter. So if you want some awesome fun without blowing the budget, this rally car is a great place to look.
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Want an RC car that looks exactly like a Porsche 911? The RASTAR Porsche RC is a 1:14 scale model of the 911, down to the tiny Porsche logos. It’s a fun little RC car, ready for the road or your kitchen floor. The batteries last a long time in this little machine; it requires 5 AA batteries to get going. It has all the little details you’d expect from a tiny Porsche; it has little work head and tail lights as well as a detailed interior that looks almost exactly like the real thing. Only tiny! This RC car has an independent suspension system for a smooth ride. This thing tops out at about 8 miles per hour, which isn’t incredibly fast. However, that doesn’t take away the enjoyment of the detailed body and smooth ride. It’s the perfect gift for any Porsche enthusiast!
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RC Drift Racing Car

Want a rally car that can really drift? Then check out the RC Drift Racing Car! While a little more expensive than some of the other models, this little car is really the bees’ knees. It looks and feels like a real rally car. It’s got high-performance already built in. It comes with a KV 3300 brushless motor that really goes, and it also features 4WD electric power. And the drifting is just so much fun! This car is perfect for any RC lover but is especially fun for those who love to drift. The body is lightweight aluminum that’s strong and durable. The suspension arms have been lightened on this model for an even lighter weight for better performance. There’s very little not to love about the RC Drift Racing Car; it’s fun, power, and great looks all bundled into one.
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BMW i8 with Open Doors

BMW is one of the most recognizable car brands in the world. Well, now it’s also one of the most recognizable RC car brands too! This car is incredibly detailed, giving you the look and feel of a full-sized BMW i8 Concept car. The doors open with a remote control; they open up like Lambo doors and show off the attractive interior. The LED lights all light up when the car is in use. Also, the exterior is painting with a high-gloss paint, looking more like a real car than most other RC cars. But the awesome doesn’t stop once you get under the hood! This powerful little vehicle can go 10 miles per hour in spite of weighing about 5 pounds. It has a 90-foot operating distance, so you get plenty of room to play with your new toy. If you love BMW, you can’t go wrong with the BMW i8 with Open Doors.
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Exceed RC DriftStar

The EXCEED RC Electric Drift Star is the drift car of our dreams! This model is nothing like most RC cars you’ve ever seen. Designed to drift, the Exceed is ready to exceed all of your expectations. This model is electric-powered. It’s designed to drift either indoors or outdoors, and it is equipped with 4WD to help keep it drifting on loads of different surfaces. This thing comes with unique, performance wheels that really ramp up the drift while also ramping up the fun! It has a stable suspension and a shock tower built to smooth your ride. The steering and power are sensitive and responsive, giving you the ultimate control over your drift and your ride. All this and this vehicle is also very inexpensive!
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Velocity Amphibious RC

Looking for something a little different? The Velocity Amphibious RC has the unique ability to drive on either water OR land! This cool little amphibious truck has a powerful engine and the waterproofing necessary to go out for a swim. But it also has the off-road tire and suspension to have a great time on just about any terrain. It can spin in 360-degree circles. The Velocity Amphibious RC has working headlights for even low-lighting fun. This vehicle does just about everything; it even works at a distance of 100 feet from the transmitter, giving you some room to play. We loved this little RC car for its unique features and sweet paint job. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it just as much as we did!
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Tacon Soar Buggy RC

The Tacon Soar Buggy RC is one of the coolest RC buggies we’ve ever seen. It’s ready for just about any off-road adventure. It has steel hinge pins, a rounded protective front bumper, and 12mm wheel hexes. It is designed with aerodynamics in mind; the car is very low to the ground with compromising its all-terrain readiness. And the 4WD also helps when driving around looking for new adventures. The Tacon Soar Buggy RC has a 2838 4500KV brushless motor for massive speed and even more fun. It also features some Tacon original pieces; it has their unique threaded tires for grip, the Tacon-designed slipper pad with an adjustable gear cover, and a brushless ESC. Best of all, this thing comes from the factory fully assembled. So you’re ready to rock the moment it arrives on your doorstep!
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