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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

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quadcopter reviewsBest Robotic Pool Cleaners

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How To Choose The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Are you sick of cleaning your pool on your own or don’t have the time? If this is your dilemma then why not consider a robotic pool cleaner? These do all of the work for you at a fraction of the cost and headache. This robotic pool cleaner buying guide will give you a breakdown of the top 10 robotic pool cleaner reviews. Here are some of the top characteristics you need to consider:

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool Type: Do you have an inground or above ground pool? Some models are specific to above or inground pools. If you pick one that doesn’t work for that type of pool, it’s not going to clean it right.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Swivel Cable: You aren’t going to want to deal with cables that are getting knotted up because your robotic pool cleaner went a little wonky on you. Swivel cables will move with the direction of the cleaner with ease.

How To Choose The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning Time: Cleaning time is important because if you have a party coming up in two hours and your pool floor is a mess, your robotic cleaner needs to be able to clean it in that amount of time.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Weight: You are going to occasionally have to take the vacuum out of the pool, so weight is a vital characteristic. You aren’t going to want sometime so heavy that you can’t lift it up, but also not something lightweight and chintzy.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Size: Size matters! When it comes to the size of your robotic cleaner, you need to make sure that it is the right size for your pool. It can’t be too big or too small because then it won’t work right and it might not clean it properly.

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Warranty: You always want to look for a warranty for these kinds of products. You can’t spend a ton of money on a product and then have it malfunction a month later without a warranty to back it up.

Top 10 Products

If you’re ready to find yourself the best robotic pool cleaner out there, then check out these ten reviews. If you’re in a hurry, jump right down to our top pick and our budget pick. The top pick if what we deem as the best out of all of them and the budget pick is what gives you the most bang for your budgeted buck. Let’s jump into these reviews, shall we?

Dolphin Nautilus Plus Cleaner

Top Pick
Our top pick as the best robot pool cleaner is the Dolphin Nautilus Plus Cleaner. You can use this pool cleaner for any pool up to 50 feet in length. It features CleverClean Technology, which is a software that will automatically scan your pool to determine which path it should take, no matter what shape or surface your pool is. There is a weekly timer function that allows the machine to automatically run its programmed two-hour cycle at intervals that are set throughout the week. There is also an extra-large top access filter system that has cartridges. It will suck up both small and large debris, leaving you with a clean pool. The swivel cable on the machine allows it to spin and rotate a full 360 degrees with the movement of the robot without it getting tangled. The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Cleaner is completely separate from your pools pump and filtration system, consuming far less energy than other cleaning systems.
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Aquabot Pool Rover

Budget Pick
The best cheap robotic pool cleaner on our list is the Aquabot Pool Rover. This pool cleaner is designed for both inground and above ground pools, but better suited for above ground. It requires a minimum of a 6” pool floor to wall radius. It can suction up to 80 gallons per minute and is safe for all surfaces including vinyl liners. The Aquabot helps save water, chemicals, and energy. This cleaner features a patented Hydro Robotic Technology that propels the cleaner through the pool with the forces of water. This results in fewer parts, fewer and cheaper repairs, and some industry leading suction power. These cleaners are engineered with some of the best number filtration in the industry and remove more debris to keep pools cleaner, reducing the of chemicals needed. The robot includes a 40’ kink-free EZ swivel cable and its sleek design allows it to easily maneuver through the pool. You will get a 1-year warranty with your purchase.
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Zodiac Polaris Sport Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac Polaris Sport Pool Cleaner has the ability to be the best robotic pool cleaner for in-ground pools. It has a unique feature - 4-wheel drive. It can climb the walls of your inground pool to come to the surface for easy care. It also has an ActivMotion Sensor Technology that allows it to navigate easily throughout larger and free-form pools. The Vortex Vacuum Technology allows it to pick up larger pieces of debris while keeping its powerful suction. There is also a rear water propulsion system that allows the robot to get under stairs to clean and in tight corners. The robot also comes with a 7-day programmable timer, a remote, and a powder coated alloy caddy. This is also a motion-sensing robot for maximum performance. There is also a tangle-reducing swivel that keeps the cable from tangling.
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Hayward Robotic Sharkvac

The Hayward Robotic Sharkvac Is built with the highest quality components and proven technology. It features quick debris removal with the top-access debris container. It allows you to easily remove the cartridge for cleanup. It’s simple to use as it has no hoses, additional pumps, or hookups. It runs separately from the filtration system in the pool, reducing filter backwashing and reduces water usage. Its out-of-water and beach-entry sensors will stop the vacuum from running out of the water while cleaning the waterline, protecting the motor and extending the cleaner life. You will also get a Caddy Cart for easy handling and storage. With this pool vacuum, you can have a clean pool in about two-hours and it only weighs a mere 21.5 pounds. With your purchase, you will get a 1-year warranty that covers you from manufacturer defects. Depending on what you are looking for, this could be the best robotic pool cleaner for sale for you.
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Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler

The Kreepy Krauly Prowler cleaner is computer-controlled and scrubs the pools bottom, steps, and walls. It also provides supplemental filtration of pool water. This is ranked as one of the best inground robotic pool cleaners due to the sheer fact that it is completely self-contained and independent of the pools circulation system. This robotic pool cleaner gives you an on-demand cleaning without having to run any pumps and it requires absolutely no installation, booster pump, or hoses. All you have to do is plug it in and put it in the pool. It will clean from top to bottom in just under three hours. It has an auto-reverse feature that helps prevent hang-ups in corners or near steps for performance that is uninterrupted. It only costs around 20 cents per day to operate the machine and it comes with a caddy for easy storage and handling. Here’s the kicker-it comes with a 1 year warranty for your convenience.
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Dolphin Triton Plus 1 Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best robotic pool cleaner that doesn’t weigh a ton, then check out the Dolphin Triton Plus 1 Cleaner. This cleaner is 50% lighter than most, only weighing a mere 16.5 pounds. It has an XL capacity top load filtration and a weekly timer. It also comes equipped with bluetooth navigation and a quick clean mode for those days when you’re in a hurry to go swimming. The power stream technology provides the machine with a constant grip on vertical surfaces for amazing wall and tile cleaning. The active brushes help get the dirt and grime off of the pools’ surfaces with ease. It can remove leaves, dirt and more, leaving your pool spotless. The front brushes spin 2x the speed of the robot for added scrubbing power. The Dolphin also uses smart navigation to scan and clean the floor of the pool completely without random turning and bumping into walls for better results.
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Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner

The Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaner has an easy-clean filtration system that leaves your pool water crystal-clear. The active brushes on the robot rotate 2x the speed of the robot, resulting in better cleaning capabilities helping to rid your pool floor of live algae and bacteria. The CleverClean sensor technology provides you with quick cleaning of the floor of the pool and there is a fast debris-free rapid water release. You can clean the filter through the top access and the robot is lightweight and easy to handle. Even though it’s lightweight, it has a very durable construction. The Dolphin comes with a 40 foot cable that allows it to scan your whole pool with ease. It only cleans the pool floor, not the sides or the top. It comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturer defects. You can use this cleaner in both above and in-ground pools for your added convenience.
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INTEX Automatic Pool Vacuum

Not only is this one of the best above-ground pool robotic cleaners, it’s also one of the most affordable. The INTEX Automatic Pool Vacuum does require a hookup to the existing above-ground filtration system, but it will then clean your pool effortlessly. It does require a pump with a flow rate of between 1,600-4,000 GPH. The pump then uses Venturi suction to clean leaves and other debris from the bottom of your pool. The vacuum will automatically reverse its direction to cover the entire pool floor surface. The product does come with a multi-section hoses system that you can assemble according to the size of your pool, however, it will only fit INTEX pools with 1.5” hoses. This particular pool vacuum will not climb from deep to shallow levels, so it’s best suited for a level ground pool. With your purchase, you will get a 90-day warranty that covers you for manufacturer defects.
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Smartpool Smartkleen Cleaner

Last on our list is possibly the best robotic pool cleaner for leaves and other fine debris thanks to the extra-large filter bag capacity. This unit only cleans the floor of the pool and is designed specifically for above-ground pools and in-ground pools up to 14x28x6’ deep. It comes complete with intelligent navigation and does not require walls to change direction. This vacuum can clean all surfaces including vinyl liners, fiberglass, and concrete pools. The quick drain system is ideal for lightweight removal from the pool. There is a 40’ power cord that helps the robot move effortlessly across the bottom of the pool. The brush-to-port suction helps remove acorns, leaves, and other fine debris and there is a direct-drive motor for better traction. It is ETL, CSA, and CE approved and has an automatic 2-hour shut-off and a generous two-year warranty. This machine only weighs eighteen pounds and can clean your pool in about two-hours.
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Pura 4x Pool Cleaner

The Pura 4x Pool Cleaner can be used in both above and in-ground pools with all shape and surface types. It has an all feature/function method of propulsion and the hydro-robotic technology cleaning area has a 6” minimum cove radius. There is a top cover for easy access to the EZ clean filtration system and a 40’ detangler cable that has a turning lock for three directions for the never stuck system. It also features a timer and auto shut-off to save the motor. There are two fixed scrubbing brushes front and back that clean the pool floor with ease. Thanks to the hydro-robotic technology, the PURA 4x can propel through the water automatically on surfaces. It helps to loosen up dirt and debris that may be stuck at the bottom of the pool floor for optimal cleaning. It is a top contender for the best rated robotic pool cleaner at a decent price that won’t completely break your bank.
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