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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Rototillers

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How to Choose the Best Rototiller

If you’re a gardener or a farmer with a small selection of crops, tilling is one of the best options for keeping your soil healthy and yielding great vegetables and plants. These smaller units are perfect for raised bed or other small-to-medium plots of land, including yards and pens. Our garden rototillers reviews have been hand-selected from a group of peers to give you the best selection possible. Let’s get started with some information!

Best Rototillers

Motor: The motor on the rototiller will determine the power you’re going to get out of it. For the most part, gas-powered tillers have ‘cc’ engines, and electric ones measure power in amps. Either way, the higher the better.

Best Rototillers

Tilling Width: This is how much soil will be tilled and cultivated at once. The length of the patch that’s getting covered will determine how many passes you have to do over a specific area to get complete coverage.

How to Choose the Best Rototiller

Power: Tillers on this list are powered by either gas or electric. Some others have the option to be powered by a gas-oil hybrid fuel that you have to mix yourself. Some are even battery powered, which is awesome!

Best Rototillers

Tilling Depth: Different plants, vegetables, and projects will have different levels of beneficial tilling. This is how deep the tines on the tiller will reach, and it is sometimes adjustable for optimal soil care and plant anticipation.

Best Rototillers

Tines: The number of tines on the tiller affects a number of features, including how wide the tilling space is and how well the tiller will mix and aerate the soil. It can also affect how deep the tiller goes.

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Warranty: The warranty is meant to cover any manufacturing defects that might be present in the rototiller. This does not cover errors made in the construction, so if it doesn’t work properly after construction, check that it’s done right.

Top 10 Products

We’ve done our research, and now we’re ready to bring you ten amazing reviews of rototillers. We want your garden to look just as great as you do, and to yield only the best vegetables and fruits. That’s why we’ve put together this guide – to help you out! Check out our top pick and budget pick first to get an idea of the available options, before moving on the rest of the list

Mantis Tiller Cultivator

Top Pick
Your garden will never look better! This Mantis Cultivator is one of the best garden rototillers on our list, and for good reason! It includes a powerful Honda motor that runs only on gas, making your life that much easier because you won’t have to mix fuel. The tines are curved, allowing you to till down to depths of about 10 inches without any hassle. It folds down so it’s easy to store and move if you’ve got more than one garden you’re tilling - and it weighs only 24 pounds, so much less than its competitors. At up to 240 rotations per minute, the tines are powerful enough to break up a clod and harder dirt as well as soft soil. It’s both lightweight and powerful, which is an amazing combination in a gardening tool like this one. Get all you need to get done out of the way with this amazing tiller and cultivator! It’s pretty amazing.
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Earthwise TC70025 Tiller

Budget Pick
Our choice for the best cheap rototiller is this powerful electric one by Earthwise. This thing is the king of little rototillers! With power and speed, it will get your yard and garden tilled in no time at all. Use it to prepare your beds for planting, as well as clean up at the end of the season. The four tines can till to a depth of about six inches, so they’re perfect for smaller gardens with above-ground plants. It’s perfect for all of your small work. It’s also lightweight and extremely easy to get the hang of operating, meaning you’ll have more time to get your yard done and less to worry about fixing or setting up the tiller. It’s an electric tiller, which means it will need to be plugged in to run. But that also means it’s consistently powerful! The ergonomic handle is one of the best features, so you won’t hurt while using it!
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Sun Joe TJ603E Tiller

From the small to the powerful, this Sun Joe tiller cultivator is sure to meet all of your gardening needs and then some. The handle folds down so you can easily transport and store it, and you can even adjust the wheels to three different positions to make using it easier on you. It can cultivate an area up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep, which is pretty amazing for a tiller this size! And what’s even better is that it does it quickly. You can get your whole yard or garden area tilled in just about no time at all with this electric model, and you’ll get consistent enough power to get it finished fast! The six tines on this powerhouse spin at about 340 rotations per minute, so it makes quick work of any job that you have for it. Not having to fuel it up is definitely an added benefit!
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Earthquake MC43 Tiller

This Earthquake tiller is perfect for aerating the soil, mixing it up, and also controlling and removing weeds entirely. When cutting them down just isn’t good enough, you can use this tiller to pluck them right out of the ground! The wheels adjust to help you control the depth it tills at, as well as to make transportation easier. It’s got a huge engine that’s powerful enough to take care of any of your tilling and cultivating problems, whatever they may be. If you need to fertilize, this is a great tiller for you. It’s also one of the best mini rototillers on the market right now. It might not be very big but don’t let that fool you- get everything done with this powerful machine with no hassle or heavy machinery! It also has an overhand control function which gives you more control over the weeding and tilling. That’s absolutely crucial to a well-kept yard and garden!
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Black+Decker LGC120 Tiller

Black+Decker is, of course, well-known for quality tools at a fraction of the cost. This is one of the best rated rototillers on the market right now, and for good reason. It carries a 20-volt built-in lithium battery, which means that you can charge it instead of having it powered by gas or electricity. Instead, it runs off the battery! This makes it wireless and perfect for doing those larger jobs a little farther from the house. On one charge, it can cultivate about 325 square feet, which is a fair amount of charges. You need the break anyway! The handle telescopes so you can get the perfect length for your height, so you aren’t straining or hurting yourself trying to do it. As an added bonus, the battery can be used in other Black+Decker products, so you can swap it out for another when it loses charge if you like, and get more done at once!
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Greenworks Cordless Cultivator

Greenworks makes another battery-powered tiller that isn’t bound by the length of the extension cord! You can get up to 40 minutes of perfectly consistent run time with this battery, making it the perfect choice for people with larger yards. It’s also got a lightweight design, so you won’t strain your muscles trying to get your garden or yard tilled. It has a tough transmission and 6-inch wheels on the back for transport and leverage when the tiller gets to Work. Don’t worry about cords or gas - this one can be charged without any hassle, and runs just as well as the others as well. There are 4 adjustable tines, which rotate forward so you can get the depth you need comfortably. The battery you get with this tiller can be used with other tools from this line as well, and that’s a super nice feature! This thing is fast and devoted to helping your garden!
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Husqvarna FT900-CA Tiller

For larger, more complicated problems, we’ve included the Husqvarna FT900, which will pull its weight famously, without breaking a sweat. The engine is a huge and powerful 208ccs, which is great for tackling those jobs with the earth that’s a little tougher or hasn’t gotten any luck lately. It also includes the drag bar and counterweight for storage. The tines are in the front of this machine instead of the back. You can adjust the tilling width to 12, 24, or 26 inches so that you can get holes the perfect size that you need. See how your garden thrives when you’re using only the best rototiller - better at getting large areas done without needing a rest. This big, powerful machine is made by Husqvarna, so the quality is unspoken - it will do all you need it to without complaint, and then some! We love that you can adjust the tilling width - that’s a really nice feature to include.
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Southland SRTT196E Tiller

This tiller by Southland is going to make your yard and garden look amazing. It’s got heavy tires that are 13 inches in diameter, so moving it around your yard is easy no matter how choppy it is. It has a forward and reverse gear drive system, which is invaluable for doing your yard work. The tines won’t ever need to be removed for sharpening, because they are counter-rotating and work to sharpen themselves while they work. That will take a lot of hassle out of owning a tiller! The handles fold down and are in the ‘pistol grip’ style, so they won’t be a pain to work with no matter how long you have to till. What’s best about this cultivator is the amazing depth - you can get down 10 inches into the soil with this powerhouse. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to buy one after using this machine! We love it!
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YARDMAX YT5328 Tiller

Yardmax makes this amazing gas-powered tiller. It can deliver up to 180 rotations per minute on the tines, so you get a smooth till that doesn’t go so fast that it rains dirt clods down all around you. You can set the tilling width to 11 inches, 16 inches, or 21 inches depending on your area, as well as tilling depths from 7 inches all the way down to 11 inches. Cultivating has never been easier or more thorough. If you’re up for something that will get the work done at a steady pace, this tiller is definitely for you. It’s great for residential use and will help you make a huge impression with your yard and garden! Help promote the health of your soil with this machine. Plus, it comes with a depth-control drag stake, making it easy to move and till. You can even take off the outer tines to get into tighter spaces!
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Troy-Bilt Colt Tiller

This Troy-Bilt Tiller is one of the most powerful machines on our list, with a 4-cycle engine and recoil start. The engine runs at 208ccs, an amazing power that will help you get your yard done fast and easy no matter how hard your soil is! You can adjust the tilling width from 13 inches to 22 inches and 24 inches if you’d like, meaning that this is the perfect machine for getting large swatches of the land done at once, and making your job that much easier. Plus, you can adjust it to get down as deep as 7 inches. The tines are made in a Bolo curved design, which makes it easy as cutting through the air to get through the soil, resulting in perfectly aerated stretches of land that you’re going to love. It starts and works without any hassle, and what more could you ask for? A perfectly comfortable handle, and that’s included as well!
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