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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Router Bits

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How to Choose the Best Router Bits

Router bits are needed to help you get that new router up and running. They come in a dizzying number of types, sizes, and styles. To help you find the best router bits, we’ve researched a variety of new and bestselling products. The result is the top 10 router bit set review list below. You’re going to find a router bit set kit you love. Now: Before we get started, here’s what you need to know when shopping.

Best Router Bits

Pieces: Because there are so many types of router bits out there, there is also great variety for router bit sets. Some will come with a dozen pieces, while others will come with 100. The best router bit set for you is here.

Best Router Bits

Material: Are you looking for rabbeting bits, chamfer bits or edge-beading bits? We've selected a variety of materials in addition to the other choices listed in the group of ten reviews below. Tungsten, steel, and carbide are all included.

How to Choose the Best Router Bits

Industrial Quality: If you are a casual woodworker putting items together at home, you may be looking for more of a craft kit of router bits. Other professionals will seek out industrial-quality goods. We’ve noted the quality of each kit here.

Best Router Bits

Shank Size: For router bit shanks, there are two common sizes: The half-inch and the quarter-inch router bit. They will each perform differently as you work. Whether you’re looking for one type or both, we’ve included that detail on our list.

Best Router Bits

Type: Depending on the material and size of the router bit set you've chosen, they will be ideal for woodworking, metal work, or in some cases, they're great for everything. We note the type of work they're ideal for here.

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Carrying Case: Our top ten reviews include woodworking bit set choices with carrying cases, and others without. If you want to take the router bits to the job site or travel with it, a carrying case is a good asset.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know which features to look for when shopping, let’s get right to the reviews. Here’s the deal: If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the top pick and the budget pick. Both are fantastic products and are among the best our reviewers found. Right below, you'll find all of the runner-ups for our best router bit sets. If you’re looking for the best quality kit around, it’s on this list. Let’s get started!

Yonico 70 Bits Professional

Top Pick
If you’re hunting for the best industrial-quality router bits set on the market, this is the one our reviewers chose. This is the Yonico 70 Bits Professional Quality Router Bit Set. There are indeed 70 bits to choose from! They include the following: Chamfer bits, dovetail, core box and round nose bits. You will likely find everything you need amongst these 70 options, all stored in a handy carrying case. In addition to being professional grade, these bits are tipped with carbide to last and last as you work. Did you know that carbide is harder than steel? These are quarter-inch shanks, so that means they will fit most routers. It gets better: Our top pick includes a lifetime warranty. You don’t need to worry about these bits not following through. Get into the box, select your profile and get to work! They will help you to build, decorate and innovate with both wood and metal materials.
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Hiltex 10100 Tungsten

Budget Pick
The hobbyist and the woodworker don’t need to invest a lot of money into their equipment, but they still want an excellent product to work with. That’s why our reviewers selected the Hiltex Tungsten Carbide Router Bits Set. It's economical and made to get the job done. It's compact and can go with you as you work. So, what are we talking about? Our budget pick includes 15 pieces. You get sharp, tungsten carbide blades with a quarter-inch universal shank. The router bits should fit most routers. The hardened steel alloy means these will also be highly resistant to heat. You get both a wooden case and clear labeling for your bits. Here's one example: This set includes straight bits, a panel pilot, a Roman ogee and more. Everything recommended for the carpenter or cabinet-maker is here! Edging, trimming, veining and grooving are all possibilities. The kit is lightweight, and it can go with you everywhere. You can't beat that!
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MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Set

Woodworkers love to experiment with all kinds of wood materials and projects. They build furniture, create carvings, do woodturning and pyrography. Our reviewers want to select something ideal for all of you. This is another all-purpose woodworking set. It's ideal for both the beginner and the expert. The MLCS 15-Piece Router Set is comprehensive. They all have half-inch shanks, which should fit most routers. In addition to straight bits, you get a roman ogee, a V-groove bit, a dovetail bit and more. There's an Allen wrench included for converting the round over bit into a beading bit. Specialized bits can help you shape frame pieces like cabinet doors, or fit door panels into stiles and rails. It’s very simple! Every router bit is loaded into a wooden storage box. That box enables you to move this starter set quickly and easily. You won’t have to go hunting again for the right part or router bit. Don’t hesitate!
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Stalwart Router Bit Set

DIY home improvement projects just got way easier and much more fun. Why? Because the Stalwart Router Bit Set is the DIY supply you need! Here's what you get: A set of 24 router bit pieces with 1/4-inch shanks. Stalwart also provides a clearly-labeled wood storage case for getting these router bits around. Carpenters and hobbyists will enjoy all the set has to offer, including a mortising bit, a combination bevel bit, cove bits and a chamfer bit. Each bit is tipped with carbide. Carbide is a binary compound of carbon. Carbide tips are both common and popular on tools for cutting because of how long they can stay sharp. And that means you’re going to appreciate the quality and longevity of your purchase. Do you need to pick up a few extra bits at a good price? Look no further! Woodworking, trimming, edging and grooving are all a breeze with the Stalwart Router Bit Set.
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EDMBG Router Bit Set

Do you need to fill in the gaps in an existing router bit set, or are you looking for a solid starter set for home woodworking projects? The EDMBG Router Bit Set is a quality purchase for people who already have construction underway, or are looking to undertake a new enterprise. In fact, you may take up woodwork after seeing how great this set is! You'll get 15 pieces, including 4 straight bits, bits for flush trim, rabbeting, round over and more. Each and every one of them has very sharp tungsten carbide edges. They all have quarter-inch shanks. They will fit into most routers. They will stay sharp at high speeds, as high as 20,000 rpm. Build your own tables, chairs, dressers, and kitchen cabinetry. The sky's the limit! In addition, you get a sturdy aluminum case to transport these bits from job to job. At less than two pounds, you’re going to want to carry it everywhere.
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Bosch RBS010 Router Bit Set

The professionals use industrial-quality tools and router bits so that they don’t have to keep ordering more parts and wasting money. That’s why the enthusiast should consider industrial-grade materials, too. Bosch, a renowned manufacturing parts company, created this 10-piece router bit set with the hobbyist and the full-time worker in mind. The half-inch and quarter-inch shanks are made from hardened and tempered steel. 7 of them are half-inch shanks, three are quarter-inch shanks. They will minimize vibrations and keep your work steady. The tips are premium-quality micro-grain carbide. They have an extra-fine finish. You will receive a round over bit, a roman ogee bit, a chamfer bit, a two-flute flush trim bit and more. Even the case is gorgeous! The base is hardwood, and the top is clear polycarbonate. If you’re looking for a top-name brand and parts that will work well for you, over and over again, this is it. Many furniture applications will be more fun with Bosch!
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CNBTR Router Bit Set

A router set with pizzazz, the CNBTR Router Bit Set will set you apart. Let’s start with their dynamic red and silver appearance. It will improve the look of any craft workspace or home shop. This set of 7 all has quarter-inch shanks. Not only can they cut all types of wood, including hardwood, they can also cut composite materials. You get 7 straight carving cutters with different diameters. The diameters range from 5/32 inches to ½-inch. They come at a highly economical price, so you can purchase this set to round out other existing equipment. They can be used for automatic routers, and for hand-held and portable table-mounted routers. Slotting and reaming can be done easily with this equipment. That’s pretty versatile! Many woodworkers set up shop wherever they have space, but they always want to be sure that the tools they’re working with are top-notch. That’s why our reviewers recommend this set to everyone!
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Yonico 15221 Matched

Kickback on your router bits can put a serious damper on your work process. That’s why our reviewers really liked the Yonico Matched Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set. You get 2 pieces in this kit, both sheltered inside a nicely constructed wooden case. The bodies are solid hardened steel with an anti-kickback design. The tips are micro-grain tungsten carbide cutters. That means they are quite sharp, and they are going to stay that way. Carbide is a popular choice for tipping router bits because it is more durable than steel. Not only that, the bits are coated with Teflon. The presence of that high-performance fluoropolymer means they will stay resistant to both heat and build-up. Yonico stands by their products with both a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. How great is that? You’re going to love working with this set, and the way it helps you cut perfectly-fitted tongue and groove joints. Try it out today!
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Yufutol 24 pc Router Bits

Have you ever looked at a neighbor’s dining set, cabinetry or their treehouse out back and thought “I can do better!”? Do you want to build your own furniture, and are itching to get started? Then the Yufutol 24 Starter Router Bits Kit is a must-see. Why? Let's begin with the clean, accurate cuts you'll be able to make with all 24 of these router bits. These are C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide-tipped pieces. They will go through hardwood and softwood without leaving too much debris. The main shaft construction is hardened solid steel. It's going to hold together as you work, and its anti-kickback design will help keep you steady as you operate the router. These are quarter-inch shanks, so they will work with most commercially available routers. This kit comes with a slot cutter, a panel pilot, a roman ogee and more. A bearing roller is also included! It will help you keep things smooth.
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Yonico 12335 Bit Kit

One of the most popular DIY undertakings out there is the kitchen remodel. Once your fridge or your countertops become hopelessly outdated, you start to look around at what you can do to provide an overall upgrade. Kitchen cabinetry is both intricate work, and fun. It really is possible to do it yourself, with the right tools. One of the best things to get ahold of is the right set of router bits, and the Yonico Router Bit Set is precisely what the doctor ordered. Check this out: This set is uniquely designed for kitchen cabinets and panel jobs. You get industrial-quality router bits, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. The shanks are half-inch size. Rail and stile bits will create a perfectly-matched rail and stile door frame. Then there's the panel raiser, which can be used for customized drawer fronts, table tops, plaques, and moldings. You don't need a fence, because of the fully enclosed ball bearing guides.
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