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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Running Headbands

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How to Choose the Best Runing Headband

Going running is a great way to get some fresh air and get some exercise. For many people, it’s a way to head out and have some fun. But if you’re trying to run and your hair keeps getting in your way it can definitely affect the amount of fun that you have. The best running headbands can help you with that. You want something that will help with keeping your hair away, keeping sweat out of your eyes and anything else that happens while you run, which is why you need this running headband buying guide.

Best Running Headbands

Material: Knowing the material that your headband is made of is important for your overall comfort. You want something that will fit well, keep sweat away and keep you feeling great while you’re out there, whether that’s cotton, microfiber or something else entirely.

Best Running Headbands

Pieces: How many pieces are you getting with your headband? Are you only getting one headband or multiples? Maybe something else comes with the set. You want to know what all is going to come in that package so you’re prepared.

How to Choose the Best Runing Headband

Color Options: Different colors may not be important to the purpose of your headband but they help you get the fun look that you’re going for and show off your personal style. Knowing what type of colors you can choose from is a good start.

Best Running Headbands

Size: Most headbands are going to be one size fits most but that’s not always the case. You want to be sure that the headband you buy is going to fit you, no matter what you’re going to be doing with it.

Best Running Headbands

No-Slip: Not every headband has a special non-slip grip to it so you want to know if it’s present on the headband you’re looking at. Not everyone needs or wants one but knowing, either way, is a good start.

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Gender: Is the headband for men, women or unisex? Maybe it doesn’t really matter to you but different styles could mean that it’s going to fit a little differently and that might be something you want to at least consider or look at for yourself.

Top 10 Products

There are all kinds of options for different running headbands so if you want something that fits your needs you’ll want to take a look at these running headband reviews to find out more. We’ve done a lot of the work for you so that you can just pick from these options without having to go through the multitudes of other choices that are out there.

Halo II Headband Pullover

Top Pick
Our top pick is the Halo II Headband, a pullover option that comes with 2 headbands per set, in a variety of different colors. It has patented channels throughout the band that help to direct sweat away from the eyes and face and the dryline fabric is designed to wick away moisture, absorb sweat and dry quickly and easily. You don’t need to worry about it loosening or stretching out because it always returns to the same shape and size for your comfort. Designed as a unisex option, this nearly seamless band comes in a single size and works for running, cycling or any other exercise you enjoy. These bands are made to keep you feeling great while you’re out and make sure that you don’t have to turn back because of sweat or overheating. Lightweight and great even for hotter or more humid temperatures, it stays on smaller or larger users as well as working as great running headbands for short hair.
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Self Pro Mens Headband

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is one of the best men’s headbands for running that’s designed for just about anything you want to do from running to crossfit to just plain workout. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it, except that it’s going to keep you from sweating along your neck and face. It even keeps hair out of your face while you move and can be used under your favorite hat. Lightweight, this one size fits all band is actually stylish and has the perfect width to cover your forehead and then some. The band is entirely seamless and has a wider front section than the back so it will fit easily under your hair. Styled to return back to the same size every time, it can be used even for smaller children all the way up to larger adults. Inexpensive, this black headband is very thin but works like your favorite sports band or other sports brands. You’ll also be able to wash them whenever they need it, which makes them the best cheap running headbands.
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RiptGear Yoga Headband

Designed initially as a yoga headband, these non slip headbands for running are actually great for anything you want to do. Inexpensive, it has a cute style with a range of different patterns. You’ll be able to show off your own unique look and preferences with this polyester and spandex blended band that can be used as a single wide band or a doubled over thinner one. It’s actually great for indoor and outdoor activities including yoga, golf, volleyball, and hiking. The non-slip aspect means you can put it on and then be ready to go. Made to never fade, this band is softer than anything you’ll find and stretches to fit anyone. Even better, it returns to its normal small size when you’re done or want to put it on again. The moisture wicking properties also mean that you won’t get sweat in your eyes and you can simply toss it in the washing machine when you’re done and you’ll be ready to go for your next workout in no time. You can even wrap it around your hair as your new favorite scrunchie to create a great ponytail.
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Tough Headwear Headband

If you’re looking for an inexpensive headband that gives you plenty of options then you’re going to absolutely love this one. It has 9 different color options and it’s super easy to use as the best headband for running sweat. This band is very thin, but don’t let that fool you because it’s still able to get a whole lot done from absorbing sweat to wicking away moisture and even drying quickly when you’re done with it. It’s made with polyester and spandex so it fits anyone and easily returns to its normal size. The thick band will protect your forehead and keep your hair out of your eyes at the same time but narrows towards to back to be more comfortable. You can hand wash this band and be ready for anything again. Not only that but this band comes with a lifetime warranty that says it’s going to last and continue to perform just the way that you want. Just contact customer service and they’ll make sure that you’re happy with the product.
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TrailHeads Ponytail Headband

Designed as the best running headbands for women’s needs, this unique headband actually comes in 13 different colors and it Velcro’s in the back to be a little more fitted to you. Not only that but it has a contour fit that’s designed to fit over your ears and wrap around your ponytail so you can keep your hair out of your way no matter what. The fleece material keeps warm, comfortable and dry by wicking away moisture and absorbing sweat. The insulated band is great for cooler weather and can be machine washed whenever you need to get it clean and fresh again. If you’re not happy with it there’s even a satisfaction guarantee where you can get a replacement or a refund. Even better, there’s no time limit on that guarantee so you’ll always be happy with the product. Made for those who are heading out on the trails, it works for runners, athletes, and anyone else heading outside for recreation or work.
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Oureamod Wide Headbands

If you want something super fun and vibrant then these no slip running headbands are for you. With 16 different sets available with 5 different patterns in each set you’re going to have something super fun to wear throughout the week while you work out. These unisex headbands are made with polyester microfiber, which is thin but ultra-stretchy, breathable and moisture wicking so you feel cool and dry, no matter where or when you’re heading out. Because it’s wide you’ll even be able to use it as a cap, beanie, neck gaiter, balaclava, scarf, mask or just about anything else you could want. Each band is lightweight and works great for keeping your hair out of your face and protecting your skin from the elements without getting you too warm at the same time. There’s no need to worry about heading out for your daily exercise (or weekly or whenever you want) because you’ll be able to look great and feel great.
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French Fitness Revolution Headband

These sweat headbands for running are designed for any sports or activities that you want to participate in. Available in 6 different colors, it offers a double layer to help wick away sweat and keep it away from your skin. Not only that but it has Coolmax, all season technology that keeps you dry and feels natural against your skin. Not only that but they’re designed to never slip and keep you feeling confident all day long. They are lightweight and have a tapered style that covers your forehead to wick the sweat but also holds your hair back out of your face. It still fits lower around the back of the head to give you just the right design. You can use this in any temperature from hot to cold and even use it to protect from the sun with an anti UV 40+ rating. What’s really nice is that you can use it right under your helmet.
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DASUTA Sport Athletic Headband

These are some of the best running headbands for sale and come in several fun colors so you can show off your own personal style. Even better, they have a stretch band in the back to make them fit even tighter but also keep them from being too large on the back of your head. The front is wide to cover your forehead as well as keeping your hair back and out of your eyes. Each set comes with 5 bands and is made with Chinlon and Lycra spandex that keeps it very breathable and still allows it to absorb moisture. You’ll be able to wear this for any kind of activities from running and sports to yoga and working out. What’s really unique is that you can flip the band inside out to get the same style and fit. It can be stretched out wide but always returns to the original length when you’re done with it. It also is anti-bacterial and has odor control.
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Noosa Life Ponytail Headband

This headband comes in three different colors so you can get something you’ll love to show off. Plus, it’s made with warm fleece that keeps you more comfortable when you’re out, even in colder weather. It has a contoured design that fits high over the forehead and covers your ears at the same time. It also has an opening through the back so you can put your ponytail through it easily. That means your hair stays out of your face easily and lets you continue with your workout for as long as you want. The design is moisture wicking and keeps sweat from getting in your eyes or your ears from getting cold. Even better, it’s not too warm to keep you from being able to use it in the warmer weather. It’s designed to last and comes with a full refund guarantee that says you’re going to love it.
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KALILY Wide Headbands

You’re going to have some great options when it comes to these fun headbands. You get 8 pieces in each set and each one is different colors to give you some great, super fun patterns. These bands are large, which means that you can use them as headbands, neck warmers, balaclavas, caps and a whole lot more, up to 12 different options. The bands provide sun protection as well as keeping your face dry and free of sweat. They can be worn by anyone of any size because they stretch just right and then shrink back down. You’ll even get a 3 month money back guarantee that says it’s going to last and it’s going to make you happy. They even do custom orders for different sets and designs so you can make sure you have everything you’re looking for and plenty of bands for all of your activities.
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