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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Scope Rings

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How to Choose the Best Scope Ring

If you need something strong and durable the mount your new scope with, choose the best scope rings. If you're new to hunting or competitive shooting we've assembled a handy list to help you choose a great scope ring. This list includes everything from the best 30mm scope rings to the best quick release scope rings. This can help you choose a great scope ring no matter what your experience is.

Best Scope Rings

Size: When choosing a scope ring it is important to know that your ring will fit whichever scope you already have. Many scope rings come in 1-inch sizes as that is the most common size for scopes. If you have a different scope size be on the lookout for this number.

Best Scope Rings

Pieces: Many scope rings come in two pieces allowing you to secure the best fit for your particular scope. Some rings come in one piece which can afford them extra durability. Decide which kind is right for you and look out for this number.

How to Choose the Best Scope Ring

Profile: The type of profile you'll need can depend entirely on what kind of shooting you are looking to do and what your personal preference is. The profiles available to you on most scope rings are low medium and high.

Best Scope Rings

Material: Scope rings can be made out of many different kinds of material. The most common material is a high-grade aluminum alloy. Decide which material you like us and keep a lookout for this spec.

Best Scope Rings

Rail Type: The most common rail types are Picatinny and Weaver. However, there are many other kinds of rails so check out which one you have and choose a scope ring that fits.

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Weight: You don't want your scope ring to be weighing you down. So choose a scope ring that is lightweight and easy to attach to your gun.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what to look for in an incredible scope ring let's get right to it. We're here to help you find the best rifle scope rings and bases, so we've assembled a handy and easy to read guide. If you're in a hurry check out our top and budget picks first. They're what we consider the best of the best. We've also included 8 other amazing choices for you to pick from. So go ahead, scope it out.

Nikon P-Series Mount

Top Pick
Our top pick is one of the best rifle scope rings on our list. The Nikon P-Series Mount is a great choice for virtually any rifle. It allows you to get the proper height and eye relief no matter what kind of gun you are shooting. Its forward position allows changing handle access on virtually any rifle. It is created with a strong yet lightweight alloy construction. This allows you to add it to your gun without feeling any extra weight. This scope is made specifically for 1-inch tube diameter rifle scopes. It fits flattop Picatinny rails. This mount comes with two pieces of reversible flexibility. This allows you to mount your scope however you see fit. The scope is also made in the USA so you can feel patriotic when you use it. The scope is a great choice for virtually any rifle. So if you're buying for somebody else and you don't know what kind of gun they have this is a great pick.
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Accu Shot UTG Rings

Budget Pick
Looking to get the best scope rings for the money? Our budget pick is for you. This scope ring is a great budget pick for any buyer. This high-profile scope ring mounts to any Picatinny or Weaver rail. The scope ring allows you to hit the mark consistently with competition level accuracy. The scope ring comes with friendly hex screws to allow you to easily attach it and remove it from your gun. It has a full-length locking plate to guarantee easy installation. This also helps the scope rings stay attached securely. The ring diameter of this particular piece is 1 in. This ring is made of precision aircraft grade aluminum alloy. It is finished with an anodized black matte finish. This gives it not only a stellar look but incredible durability. This scope ring is a great choice for any hunter on a budget. It is compatible with many kinds of guns.
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Leupold Rifleman High Rings

Haven’t seen enough of the best 1 inch scope rings? The Leupold Rifleman High Rings may be the ones for you. These rings are specifically manufactured to complement Rifleman rifle scopes. So if you already own a Rifleman consider getting this complementary scope ring. These rings are detachable and easy to install. They are medium size. These rings are precision made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This type of aluminum provides strength and durability. However, it does not add any extra weight. The strength they provide is more than enough to deal with recoil resistance without adding excess weight to your rifle. These rings are finished in a matte black that complements your rifle scope perfectly. These rings are made for 1-inch diameter tubes. These rings can be used with either Weaver bases or Picatinny rail. So if you do not have a Rifleman rifle scope don't worry about it, these rings can get the job done.
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Weaver Tactical Rings

If you love Weaver style scope rings, this is definitely the pick for you. These rings are a great choice for people who demand performance. These rings are made of aircraft grade aluminum and feature 6 points of contact. This provides you with maximum security and durability. These rings are made to accommodate a 1-inch tube diameter scope. They have a medium height so they are perfect for most applications. They also have a matte black finish so they will blend in well with your existing rifle scope. This is nice and allows you to have room for anything else you may need while shooting. The scope is a great choice for anyone who needs something that can stand up to tactical tasks. These rings are perfect for anyone with a 1” rifle scope. These particular rings come in a medium size. You can, however, get them in a lot of different sizes. These sizes include high, extra high, extra extra high, and low.
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Vokul Scope Mount Rings

One of the best scope rings for Picatinny rail, these Vokul Scope Mount Rings are a great choice. These rings provide great security on both Picatinny and Weaver rails. This scope ring is designed for 1-inch scopes. These rings are precision made. They are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. They also feature an anodized black matte finish. These rings are easy to install and uninstall as they come with friendly hex screws. These screws come with retention features which allow them to secure easily. The screws also come with a full-length locking plate that guarantees easy installation and a secure fit no matter what. The scope rings fit on 11mm Picatinny or Weaver rail mounts. At only 4 oz these rings are incredibly lightweight and easy to attach to your gun. Each set comes with a pair of scope rings. These rings come in an attractive black to match your gun and scope.
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Vortex Optics Rings Set

These rings are a great choice for anyone who loves lifetime warranties. A warranty is a great show of good faith by the manufacturer and if you like knowing that your product is secured for life this is a great choice for you. Vortex Hunter rings are great choice for anyone who needs their scope secure and in place no matter what. These rings position at the center of the riflescope tube at a height of .87 in from the base. These rings are an attractive matte black that will match both your rifle and rifle scope. These rings can mount to both Picatinny and Weaver type rails. These rings are standard to screw hunter ring. These are a great choice for people who are going to use their gun mostly for hunting. These rings are made from 6061 T6 aluminum which provides them with optimum strength. These are certainly some of the best scope rings for AR 15.
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Monstrum Tactical Ring Set

These 1-inch diameter scope rings are a great choice for anyone who needs to mount a standard 1-inch rifle scope. These rings are also great for anyone who needs a low profile scope ring. These rings measure about 0.185 inches from the base of the mounts to the bottom of the rings. These rings are made from lightweight aerospace aluminum construction allowing them to easily take the weight off of your gun. These rings come out to any flat top Picatinny or Weaver rail equipped rifle. these rings are both lightweight and durable allowing you to easily attach them to your gun and feel great while your shoes. These rings are a great choice for anybody who needs basic scope rings to attach to any kind of rail. These are a great choice for people who really crave a low profile as well. Among scope rings review, this is one of the only low profile rings.
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Lirisy Dovetail Mount Rings

For people who love dovetail rails, these are great choice. These 1-inch dovetail scope mount rings by Lirisy are perfect for anyone who needs a basic all-in-one mount ring. One of the rings has a stop pin in the bottom so that you can count on its rock solid application to your gun. These rings are designed with four screws so they will hold the scope more securely than a single screw on both sides. These rings provide a medium profile so they are great choice for most applications. The scope rings are made for standard rifle scopes with a 25.4 mm scope tube. These rings are made of a high-quality aluminum and are finished in a gorgeous black. These are fantastic scope rings for any buyer. While they are not the best quick detach scope rings, They will hold your scope in place securely for years to come.
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Modkin Scope Mounts

Still hunting for the best scope rings for long range shooting? Maybe these Modkin Scope Mounts will strike your fancy. These double scope ring mounts are designed for Picatinny and Weaver rails. They can fit on rails of 20 ml. These mounts are designed with a hollowed-out configuration between the ring and the bottom of the face. This allows you to release heavy duty material when clamping your scope. These rings also come with built-in pads inside each ring. This prevents you from marring the scope and it also prevents sliding. These features allow you to hold your scope in place accurately. This ring is a great choice for most scopes of 1 in. these Rings provide a medium profile with a .71 inch gap from the base of the mount to the bottom of the rings. These rings come with 1 rail clamp screw and to scope clamp screws per side. This ensures that it can mount any 1-inch scope firmly.
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Mizugiwa Flat Top Scope Mount

This scope ring is a great choice for people looking for a forward reach mount. These rings are made for a 1-inch scope. They fit 20mm Picatinny and Weaver rails. The front ring, top, and both sides feature the ability to mount laser flashlights and compact red dot accessories. These rings are heavy duty and will hold up to strong recoil. This ensures that they will stay in place even in the most extreme circumstances. These rings are in the proper position and ready for combat rifle scopes. The mount provides 2 inches of forward scope positioning on the flat top platform. These ring bases are made of a single unit for extra durability. These bases also include in case you need to mount any extra accessories on top of your rifle scope. These rings are made for easy installation so they require minimal effort to install and clean, something many good scope rings have.
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