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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Scopes for AR 15

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quadcopter reviewsBest Scopes for AR 15

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How to Choose the Best Scope for AR 15

If you need something to really up your game as far as shooting goes, you’ll need to grab one of the best scopes for AR 15. Upgrading your scope may be a great way to improve your shot. But for a beginner, sorting through scopes for AR 15 reviews can be a bit of a challenge. Check out our specs below to help you choose something that is right for you.

Best Scopes for AR 15

Tube Size: Many scopes come with a 1-inch tube. But some people prefer a larger or smaller tube depending on what they're trying to do. Choose the one that is best for you.

Best Scopes for AR 15

Magnification: How much magnification you'll need can depend on what kind of things you are trying to shoot. choose one that is best for you. Some scopes come with as little as 1x magnification or as much as 10x magnification.

How to Choose the Best Scope for AR 15

Waterproof: If you're going to be shooting outdoors you'll need something that's waterproof just in case you run into inclement weather. Choosing a scope that is waterproof allows you to shoot outdoors confidently.

Best Scopes for AR 15

Weight: How much your scope ways can affect how you shoot. Keep in mind the weight of your scope and the way of your gun when you are choosing a new scope. Some people prefer a lighter scope while some prefer a heavier one.

Best Scopes for AR 15

Field of View: The field of view is another important spec to consider when buying a scope. Most fields of you are measured from 100 yards. some are measured from 50 yards. Keep a close eye on this spec to see which is right for you.

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Warranty: Knowing the manufacturer has confidence in their product can help you have confidence when you buy. Check out this spec to see if the manufacturer provides a warranty and how long that warranty is for.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to check out our scopes for AR 15 buying guide. Start with our top and budget picks to really take a look at the ones that are the best of the best. We’ve also included eight other options that will help you really get on your A game. We hope you find something that ups your sharpshooting skills. So let’s get out there!

UTG BugBuster Scope

Top Pick
Our top pick is a great choice for anyone looking for the best scope for an AR 15. This scope is an awesome pick for anyone looking for a scope that can do it all. This scope has a one inch tube with an emerald coating. This provides you with maximum light transmission, which will get you the best shot every time. It has premium zero lockable and resettable turrets with ¼ MOa per click adjustment. It even includes a range estimating mil-dot reticle for optimal aiming. This helps you get the best shot every single time. It has an adjustable objective from three yards all the way to infinity. It also includes a red/green dual illumination for versatile applications. This lets you get the best shot every time. It comes complete with a 2 inch sunshade and a high quality flip-open cap. This keeps your scope safe from the sunlight and allows you to get an accurate shot.
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CVLIFE Hunting Scope

Budget Pick
Looking for the best tactical scopes for AR 15 that doesn’t break the bank? This amazing hunting rifle is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an awesome rifle scope. They have a magnification from 6- 24x. This allows you to really get a good idea of your target and aim accurately. This scope has an objective diameter of 50 mm, which is perfect for many marksmen. It has a field of view of 28 feet at 100 yards. This allows you to see everything that is going on. The clickvalue on this scope is ? inch at 100 yards. The Kellner eyepiece allows you to get the most out of your field of view. The ocular lens is built with a dioptric adjustment lens that can provide nearsighted and farsighted users a clear viewfinder image without eyeglasses. This makes it a perfect scope for anyone who doesn’t like wearing their glasses while they shoot.
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Monstrum Tactical Rifle Scope

This military looking tactical scope is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a little extra toughness. It comes in three colors- black, flat dark earth with black rings and flat dark earth with matching rings. It provides adjustable 3-9x magnification. This allows you to target out to 300 yards and beyond. The adjustable reticle illumination with five brightness levels. The reticle is both red and green, which allows for better reticle visibility at night or in low light. This makes it a great choice for anyone looking to do some nights at the range. The adjustable objective lens can be either Ð or AO. This allows you to focus more sharply on the target image. This allows for elimination of parallax and range estimation. This gets you an amazing shot every time. The rangefinder reticle has markings that allow you to estimate range or compensate for bullet drop.
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Nikon Matte BDC Carbine

This scope by Nikon is a great choice for anyone craving maximum visibility. This awesome lens is equipped with an optical system that is fully multicoated for extreme brightness and provides light transmission up to 98%. This makes it the perfect choice for people who need maximum visibility and light transmission. It is an incredibly compact optic designed specifically for fast-handling firearms. The all-new BDC Carbine reticle was developed specifically for the 3x32 and .223 Remington cartridge. This makes engaging targets quickly and accurately easy both in-close and out to 600 yards. It also has tactical-style turrets with a Zero-Reset feature to simplify field adjustments. This makes getting the best shot a breeze regardless of where you are. If you’re already using Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology, this is a great choice for you because it is designed specifically for use with that technology. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a superior scope.
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BARSKA 22 Riflescope

This scope is a great choice for anyone looking for something lightweight. The last thing you want in a scope is something that weighs down your weapon. This scope won’t do that at 11.5 oz. This makes it easy to attach without feeling much weight. This scope offers 3 to 9x magnification, allowing you to really get a good sight on your target. This scope is water, fog, and shock-proof so it can stand up to any elements you encounter. It offers fully multi-coated optics that are adjustable for windage and elevation. This gets you the most accurate shot every time. This tube is 12 inches long and has a one-inch tube diameter. It also has a 32mm objective lens. This scope comes with some extras too, so you’ll be able to easily set up your scope. This lens includes mounting rings, lens covers, and a lens cloth.
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Bushnell Drop Zone Rimfire

Still on the hunt for the best tactical scope for AR 15? This scope comes complete with tactical target turrets that allow you to hit the mark every time. It has fully multi-coated optics that allow you to see your shot clearly every time. The fast focus eyepiece helps you zero in on the target quickly and easily. This scope is perfect for people who need something that helps you get the perfect shot every time. It includes bullet drop compensating technology that allows you to get the perfect shot regardless of your conditions. It includes a side focus parallax adjustment for adjustable long-range accuracy. The target turrets allow you to get pinpoint-precise adjustments on every shot. This scope comes with a 1-inch tube, which allows you to easily fit it to your scope rail. This scope has eye relief at 3.7 inches. It has a click value of 0.25 inches at 1000 yards.
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Pinty Tactical Rifle Scope

If you’re looking for something specific, like the best scope for AR 15 coyote hunting, this Pinty Tactical Rifle Scope may be perfect for you. It has a magnification of 2.5- 10x, allowing you to zoom in or out as you need to. It has a laser range of up to 100 yards, making it a great choice for people wanting to shoot moving targets like coyotes. The multi-colored green objective lens boasts higher light transmittance for better clarity performance. It also has a red and green illuminated reticle. The reticle has five brightness levels, which makes it suitable for all environments. It is made of a solid aluminum alloy construction that means it will last you for years instead of months. This scope is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed giving you waterproof and fog proof performance. The sight provides outstanding sight range for sharpshooting, making this a great scope for game hunting.
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UUQ C4-12X50 Rifle Scope

This is a great scope option for people who want options with their sights. You can purchase this scope with a green laser or a red laser and you can choose to add a new dot sight to either one for a configuration that is perfect for you. This scope features a tubeless design with a 33 mm reflex lens aperture. This provides you with an especially wide field of view. This makes it great for normal shooting, rapid-firing, or even shooting moving targets. It has easily adjustable 4-12 magnification and distance. This allows you to accurately shoot targets up to 100 yards away. It has a dual illuminated five brightness level range finding reticle. It also comes with a detachable green laser sight that can reach over 300 meters. This makes sure you can always find your target accurately. This high-quality scope is a great pick for anyone who needs something that they can customize.
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American Technologies Network Scope

Another great contender for the best scope for AR 15, this site really has it all. It comes with a built-in rangefinder to help you calculate the distance and have the perfect shot every time. It also includes a ballistic calculator that allows you to simplify your shooting process. It allows you to forget about charts and complex reticles, and just focus on the shot. It works by taking simple environmental data, inputted by you, and automatically making the correct calculations. This scope also has day/night mode, allowing you to get the best shot, no matter what time it is. It comes in a durable case that can stand up to anything you’ll need to put it through. It also has Recoil Activated Video (RAV), allowing you to record all your victories easily and accurately. This is a great choice for people who are looking for a great scope for game hunting.
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Leupold 110808 Rifle Scope

Last but certainly not least, this Leupold scope provides one of the best tactical scope for AR 15 out there. This scope is compact and lightweight, allowing you to easily attach it to your rail with minimal extra weight added to your gun. This scope provides ¼ MOA precision finger click adjustments for windage and elevation. This offers absolute repeatability and dependability over a lifetime. This scope is designed for extreme use and can stand up to any conditions. It is 100% water and fog proof, meaning you’ll get the perfect shot no matter what the conditions are. This scope comes with a versatile 3:1 zoom ratio that is ideal for virtually any situation. This scope even comes with a blackened lens edges to reduce light diffusion from other sources. The DiamondCoat lens on the exterior lens surfaces provides the ultimate in abrasion resistance.
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