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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose Scrubs

Anyone who wears scrubs regularly knows how tough it is to find the best scrubs at a reasonable price. Unlike most work uniforms, scrubs get stained and dirty quickly, meaning you’ll replace them often – so why spend a lot? We reviewed 10 different sets of scrubs and tops that are affordable, durable, and will hopefully last for years to come. But first – let’s look at what features you should focus on when choosing which scrubs are right for you!

Best Scrubs

Gender: The gender will mostly determine the style and sizing of your scrubs set. Men’s scrubs tend to fit large, women’s scrubs are typically tighter, and unisex scrubs are usually closer to men’s sizing. Check measurements if you’re unsure about sizing!

Best Scrubs

Color Options: Most sets we reviewed have 20+ colors to choose from, most of which are pretty true to color. You should be able to find a set that meets your hospital or office requirements, or grab fun ones to mix things up!

How to Choose Scrubs

Pieces: Most sets come with two pieces: a top and pants. Some sets also give you the option to buy a jacket that matches your scrubs. For the one-piece sets, we only reviewed tops, but some sell only pants too!

Best Scrubs

Set: On a budget? Purchasing a scrubs set is a great way to save money and make sure your scrubs always match. If you need a specific size, or you’re looking to invest in quality pieces, buy tops and pants separately.

Best Scrubs

Material: We reviewed sets that came in two material blends: cotton/polyester blend and polyester/rayon blend. Cotton blends are sturdier and will keep you warm, while Rayon blends are softer and wick sweat to keep you cool and dry throughout your shift.

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Machine Washable: All of the scrubs we reviewed are machine-washable! If you purchased a cotton blend, wash only on cool and dry cool or air dry to avoid shrinking them over time. For polyester/rayon blends, you can wash and dry on warm.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get started! We found 10 different brands that make amazing scrubs at a great price, from the plain and simple sets to fun and pretty prints. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find a great fit. If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry! Start by checking out our Top Pick and Budget Pick. When you have more time, come back and check out the rest!

Dagacci Scrubs Set

Top Pick
Our top pick comes from Dagacci, who make some of the best scrubs for women and men. They fit true to size for women, and for men they may need to size up for length – but that’s pretty normal for unisex sizing. We really like that they don’t shrink in the wash, which means your scrubs will definitely last! The poly/cotton blend is more of a poplin fabric, and that means it won’t be see-through like many cheaper sets of scrubs out there. The number of pockets on these scrubs is also a major plus! The top comes with two waist pockets and a chest pocket with a pen slot to keep your pens in place. The pants come with three cargo pockets to hold your wallet, keys, a small notebook, or whatever else you need. We think that for the price, these are one of the best scrubs sets you can get to look sharp and professional every day!
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Just Love Scrub Set

Budget Pick
Looking to save money on scrubs? Definitely, check out this scrubs set from Just Love! These are very similar to our Top Pick scrubs. They have six pockets, and since they use reinforced stitching, you have no worries about getting holes after frequent use! The fabric is similar to the Dagacci set and is easy to machine wash. The color won’t bleed in the wash, and they will not shrink or fade over time. We also liked that the poly/cotton blend is mostly cotton, which means your scrubs won’t wrinkle like ones that use mostly polyester. The elastic waistband is great, especially for women’s scrubs, because it ensures a great fit around the waist and hips. Oh, and these come in 25 different colors! At such a low price, you can easily stock up on your favorite color. Even better? You can buy a few colors to mix and match with each other, or with your other scrubs sets!
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Natural Uniforms Scrub Set

If you’re looking for an affordable set of scrubs for men, Natural Uniforms makes a great set to try! They have the same 6 pockets as the Budget Pick, and the pants come with a drawstring waistband to customize the fit for your body. We like that this scrubs set runs from XX-Small to 5X-Large. You should definitely be able to find a size that’s right for you, without having to do much tailoring or hemming! This also means that, even though these are considered a men’s set, women could easily size down to find scrubs that fit them too! The poly/cotton blend is more polyester than cotton, meaning you may get some wrinkles – but if you take care of how you store and fold your scrubs, this shouldn’t be an issue. With 21 different color options, you can also find a pair you’ll love, or grab a few sets to mix and match with your practice’s uniform!
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Dickies V-Neck Scrub Top

For many of us, finding a scrubs set can be a pain. What do you do if your top size and pants size don’t match? Thankfully, Dickies sells their scrubs separately. This means you can buy the pants and tops that fit, even if you aren’t a universal size! Dickies is already known for being a quality clothing brand, and their scrubs are no different. They are made of a sturdy cotton/poly blend that easy to wash, won’t wrinkle, and isn’t even remotely see-through. The top only has a chest pocket with a pen slot, which is great if you don’t like the added bulk of extra waist pockets. This gives the top a sleeker, more flattering look that is still roomy and comfortable. They fit pretty true to size, so if you’re a woman looking to buy one of these tops, definitely size down 1-2 sizes. For a decent price, this is a tough top that will last!
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WonderWink Scrubs Bravo Top

If you’d rather grab a top that’s made just for women, WonderWink makes a similar top to the Dickies one, but better tailored for a woman’s body. Instead of a chest pocket, which might be too bulky and pull down the v-neck top, it has two waist pockets and a “WonderWink pocket.” The WonderWink pocket is a triple pocket that comes with a hidden mesh compartment to keep your wallet/credit cards/keys safely stowed away. The pocket also comes with a bungee loop to attach your ID card. This is great because, instead of pinning it to your scrubs and worrying about it falling off, this keeps it securely attached no matter what you’re up to! They also sell pants separately, and they come in different styles to suit your needs – some of which have up to 9 pockets! We also love the 26 colors to choose from – they’re all beautiful and will mix and match well with your other scrubs!
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M&M Scrubs Set

While on the hunt for the best-rated scrubs around, we were drawn to the look of this set. It’s a more fitted look for men’s scrubs, and we especially like the straight-leg fit of the pants. The chest and waist pockets on the top fit snug to the body, which looks less bulky. We also like that the pants have regular waist pockets and only one cargo pocket, again reducing extra visual bulk. They come in a wide range of sizes, from XX-small to 5X-large, so you can find a great fit no matter how big or tall you are! M&M does say these scrubs run large, so we recommend sizing down, and if you’re a woman looking to buy this set, size down 2-3 sizes to find a good fit. They also come in 22 colors – so many options to pick from! If you like a straight-fit set of scrubs, this is a great look for a good price!
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MediFit Scrub Set

For men, it can be tough to find a set of scrubs that is tailored to their bodies without being boxy. This set from MediFit is much more closely tailored to fit men – with roomy shoulders and a tapered fit to the waist. This is a flattering pair of scrubs that also come with a back pocket on the pants for your wallet – something most scrubs sets don’t have! The fabric is both rip and stain-resistant, so we think these would work well for not only medical professionals but veterinarians as well! We also like that the fabric is a poly/rayon blend, which is more breathable than a poly/cotton blend. If you need your scrubs to keep you cool and sweat-free all day, these are definitely worth giving a shot. They only come in 7 colors, but the colors available are pretty standard. They will easily meet your uniform requirements in most medical, dental, veterinarian, and military facilities.
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Cherokee Uniforms Scrub Set

Cherokee is another trusted brand in clothing, and their scrubs are a great investment in your work uniform. They come in sizes XX-Small to 5X-Large, and with 30 colors to choose from, you should have no problem finding the size and color to suit your style! The fabric is stretchy for extra comfort and mobility and has an anti-microbial fiber mixed in to keep your scrubs odor-free and sanitary all day long. If you’re not a big fan of elastic waistbands, these scrubs only use a drawstring for a tighter fit. The top has only a chest pocket, which reduces bulk, and the pants come with a cargo pocket with phone slot, and a back pocket to store your wallet. The dolman sleeves also allow for more arm/shoulder movement, which is great if you do a lot of lifting or stretching during work! These scrubs are made to last!
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MedPro Women’s Scrub Set

Looking to spice up your scrubs? MedPro makes some of the best quality scrubs in a variety of cute patterns and prints! These are great if you have a casual work uniform policy and can incorporate some seasonal prints into your rotation! They have prints that are adorable for the winter holidays, spring flowers, and paisleys that add some flair to your uniform. The tops come with a chest pocket and two waist pockets, and the pants come with two regular pant pockets at the waist and a cargo pocket on one side. When looking at the scrubs reviews for this set, it’s clear that people love the tops and patterns.
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Grey’s Anatomy Active Scrub Top

The final scrubs top we looked at for our scrubs buying guide is this top from Grey’s Anatomy. This is a tight fitted top that is flexible and uses an ArcDry fabric blend that wicks sweat to keep you cool and dry throughout your shift. The top has a raglan pattern, meaning the chest and sleeves are different colors, and they have a thick border fabric throughout. This gives the top a great modern, sporty look that’s perfect for any medical office setting. We think these would be perfect for people working in a sports therapy position or with a sports team! You can also buy separate pants to go with your top that have a more athletic fit to round out your outfit! The tops run pretty small, so size up if you have a larger chest or shoulders for sure. If you want to add color to your scrubs, we think these add variety without looking too “girly.”
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