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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Secure Jewelry Safes

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quadcopter reviewsBest Secure Jewelry Safes

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How to Choose the Best Secure Jewelry Safe

Keeping your best jewelry locked away can give you peace of mind and prevent children and other nosy housemates from digging into your precious gems and metals! Our jewelry safe reviews are the result of careful research of the best-selling options on the market. From basic portable safes to fancy fingerprint scanners, we’ve covered a ton of different options for different budgets and preferences! But before we dig into the reviews, take a look at these features to consider when looking for a jewelry safe for your home.

Best Secure Jewelry Safes

Fingerprint Scan: A fingerprint scan is one of the fastest ways to open your safe, but it is usually an expensive feature.

Best Secure Jewelry Safes

Mountable: Many safes can be bolted to a shelf, wall, or floor for extra security, but some are made to be portable.

How to Choose the Best Secure Jewelry Safe

Shelving: Interior shelving can help you better organize your jewelry. If you wear it often, this can be important.

Best Secure Jewelry Safes

Size: How big is it? The ideal size for you depends on the size of your collection and the space you have available.

Best Secure Jewelry Safes

Digital: Digital safes are convenient, but some people prefer traditional locks so they don’t have to use batteries.

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Fireproof: A fireproof safe or lockbox can help preserve your valuables by insulating them from high heat and smoke.

Top 10 Products

Ready to lock up your shiny things? Our top pick and budget pick are the must-reads: they’re our overall favorite options for secure jewelry safes. But safes come in all sorts of sizes and configurations, so keep reading to find the perfect fit for your collection! Let’s lock it down!

SentrySafe Security Safe

Top Pick
This safe from SentrySafe offers a roomy 1.2 cubic feet of storage plus a shelf to help you organize your jewelry. A battery-powered lock lets you set a code up to eight digits long, and two override keys just in case. The safe is made from steel with a pry-resistant door, and hardware for mounting or bolting down the safe is also included. The shelving is removable if you have a different design setup in mind, and the safe also has power cord access if you want to store electronics and charge them while they’re in the safe! The carpeted floor helps protect your jewelry from the hard steel surface. The wide, short design is ideal for storing jewelry within easy reach. SentrySafe also offers similar designs in smaller sizes depending on your needs and preferences. This is definitely one of the best secure jewelry safes on the market!
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Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe

Budget Pick
The Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe is perfectly sized to fit in almost any drawer with a height of just 4.5’’. The pre-drilled holes and included fastening hardware let you mount the safe to the floor, wall, or a shelf for additional security as needed. The battery-powered electronic lock features an easy-to-program keypad. Inside, two live-action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges help resist mechanical prying attempts. The keypad lock will time out after three incorrect combination attempts, and you can toggle the keypad beeps on or off based on your preferences. A backup key is included just in case. This drawer safe works really well for jewelry when laid flat, but you may need to figure out some organization options if you install it upright. Overall, the Stack-On PDS-1500 is one of the best jewelry safes for sale with a low price and a super convenient size!
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Viking Security Safe VS-25BL

The VS-25BL Safe from Viking Security is a great little general-purpose fingerprint safe for jewelry. Use the PIN code or the 500 DPI optical sensor fingerprint scanner, which can store up to 32 prints. Biometric safes are a great option when you want to be able to unlock your safe quickly or are worried about forgetting a PIN code. You can set the sound alerts on or off depending on your preferences. A backup key is included, just in case. The interior shelf is fully adjustable and a built-in LED light helps you easily see everything you need inside. The safe also comes with bolts for mounting for extra security. If you leave it unlocked for more than a minute, the safe will emit a warning beep to remind you to lock it up securely. You can have easy access to your jewelry plus a reminder to close it up!
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Paragon Electronic Wall Safe

The Paragon Electronic Wall Safe is a great choice for concealing jewelry in a secure area. The safe is designed to be fitted into the wall between studs. It can be hidden behind a photo or mirror, or inside of a closet or other area. It offers 0.83 cubic feet with two shelves to store your valuables. Its thin profile makes it a good option for displaying jewelry for easy access--stick a couple of magnetic hooks inside of the safe to hang necklaces and bracelets! It uses a battery-powered PIN keypad that you can set with a code from 3-8 digits long, plus two keys as a back-up. It weighs close to 40 pounds, but the flat panel design makes it easy to conceal. This wall mounting safe requires an opening of about 14’’ by 18’’ in your drywall, so be prepared for some DIY installation with this one!
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Honeywell Small Security Safe

The Honeywell Small Security Safe offers 0.36 cubic feet of storage space in a narrow rectangular shape. The safe uses a digital lock that allows you to set a PIN code from 3-8 digits long, but you also have two backup keys just in case! For mechanical security, it has concealed hinges and a recessed door that resists prying and other forceful methods. The carpeted floor mat helps protect your items from scuffs and scrapes. Plus, a seven-year limited warranty gives you even more peace of mind! It weighs just 13 pounds so it’s easy to transport if needed. It comes with mounting hardware for you to bolt it down to a surface for additional security. This drawer-style jewelry safe works well for small collections or boxed jewelry. It can be tucked under a bed or in a drawer if your goal is to keep children or other housemates out of your things.
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Finnkarelia Security Box

This small personal security box from Finnkarelia provides 0.3 cubic feet to store your valuables in a sturdy solid steel container. The front door comes with two extra-thick live-door bolts and concealed hinges. You can mount the safe box to the wall, floor, or a shelf with the included bolts and anchoring points. The safe opens with a battery-powered digital PIN from 3-8 numbers long and with two included override keys. A low battery alert plus password reset button on the inside of the safe are user-friendly features, and the PIN pad will time out after three incorrect combination attempts. Finnkarelia also offers a 0.17 cubic foot safe for smaller collections. If you’re looking for disaster-proof options, keep in mind that this safe is not fireproof. The compact size makes it a good option for jewelry and other small items like passports, pistols, and phones.
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BARSKA Biometric Safe

The BARSKA Biometric Safe can store up to 30 fingerprints to quickly and easily open for as many people as you need--or maybe just so you can open it with any of your ten fingers! The safe’s compact size allows it to be stored just about anywhere, and it comes with mounting hardware to bolt it down for additional security. It also comes with two emergency backup keys just in case. The short size lets you hide it on a shelf, in a drawer, or under the bed. The batteries can last up to two years before needing to be replaced. If you have a small jewelry collection or a collection that is mostly kept in boxes, this safe should work well for your needs. A biometric safe is a great option for people who worry about forgetting combinations, and it also opens up quickly if you need to get inside of it in a hurry.
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MWGears Portable Jewelry Safe

If you want something simple and portable, this portable jewelry safe from MWGears is a great option for travel or temporary living arrangements where bolting down a safe isn’t possible. This small box is slim and easy to conceal with a padded interior that protects your valuables from scuffs and making noise. This safe is a good option if you want to avoid batteries and other external power sources. Note that the combination code is only three digits long, so it’s easy to remember but potentially not as secure as safes with longer combinations available. This safe comes with a security cable as well for safely attaching the box to a suitcase, bedpost, or other anchoring points. While you’re traveling, it can be nice to know your jewelry is protected from bumps and accidental drops as well as being secured in a “safe” place!
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Zeny Electronic Safe

The Zeny Electronic Safe works well for jewelry because of its discrete, compact size. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware so you can mount it to the bottom of a drawer. For security, it uses a battery-powered electronic lock that sets off a “timeout” period after three incorrect combination attempts. Perfect for discouraging curious children! You can set up to two codes and programming it is easy. The two live-action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges ensure a high level of security. The safe weighs just 13 pounds, so it’s easily portable and a good option for apartment dwellers who may need to change housing in the future. If you’re looking for a small general-purpose electronic safe, this option should work well for your needs! You may have to add some dividers or cubbies to the interior to organize your jewelry if you want to access it regularly.
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Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe

The Paragon 7775 Safe features a 1.8 cubic foot interior with a basic interior shelf and gray carpet base. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes and fixing bolts for anchoring to a flat surface. It’s made from 11-gauge solid steel for a total weight of 55 pounds! Interior tamper-proof hinges help it resist mechanical tool attacks. You can set up a secret PIN code three to eight numbers long or use the two included keys. The digital PIN keypad is powered by four 1.5V batteries. This general-purpose safe is a good choice for storing jewelry as well as other valuables while still being easy to access. One thing to consider is that this safe is not fireproof or waterproof, so it’s not a good option for people who want to disaster-proof their valuables. For a basic home security solution, the Paragon 7775 is a great option that fits easily in a closet or other area!
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