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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Self Propelled Mowers

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quadcopter reviewsBest Self Propelled Mowers

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How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

Are you looking for the best self propelled mower to get your lawn in shape this year? Look no further! We found 10 of the best self propelled mowers for sale that we think will fit your lawn care needs! Before you invest in a new mower, there are a few features you should consider to make sure you’re getting the right mower for you. Let’s get started, so you can get your yard in tip-top shape in no time!

Best Self Propelled Mowers

Engine: Gas-powered engines are ranked by their cubic centimeters of power (cc). Electric-powered motors are ranked by either volts (v) or ampules (amps). High-powered motors are good for rough terrain and hills, but low powered engines are perfect for smaller yards.

Best Self Propelled Mowers

Deck Size: The deck size is how wide of an area your lawn mower covers as it moves across the lawn. The deck size you choose will depend on your yard size, or any narrow obstacles you may need to mow around.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower

Power: Lawn mowers typically come in corded electric, cordless electric, or gas-powered versions. We reviewed both cordless and gas options here. Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly, but they don’t run as long as gas-powered mowers before needing to be recharged/refueled.

Best Self Propelled Mowers

Tire Size: For tire size, most of them come with two different sizes. Larger back tires are best for hilly/rough terrain. We noted the sizes of the back/front wheels, but if there is one number, all 4 wheels are the same size.

Best Self Propelled Mowers

Positions: “Positions” refers to how many different height settings the blade can be set to. The more positions available, the more options you have to control the cutting height. More settings can be great if your yard height is uneven.

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Warranty: Any time you invest in a new machine, you want it to last for years to come. However, bad things can happen! Having a solid warranty ensures the company will stand by their product and offer to fix/replace your mower.

Top 10 Products

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what type of self propelled mower you need, let’s get into the product reviews! Our self propelled mower buying guide covers a variety of power sources, features, and price points so you can find the best mower for you! If you’re pressed for time, no worries! Check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick now, and then come back later to learn more about the other options we have to share!

Husqvarna Hi-Wheel Mower

Top Pick
Our top pick from Husqvarna is by far the best 22-inch self propelled lawn mower out there! The 22-inch deck covers a lot of ground, and with the auto walk self propelled motor, it won’t feel like a lot of work! It also has a whopping 9 deck positions to choose from, so your lawn will look exactly how you want it! You can also control the speed from the handle, giving you the chance to slow down or speed up as needed. With a 3-in-1 deck, you can side discharge, mulch, or bag your grass, which gives you more control over yard waste. We also like that it comes with 11-inch rear wheels, which give you more control over hilly or uneven terrain. The 190cc gas engine is also powerful enough to handle even the most challenging yard work with ease! With all these different settings, you can feel confident that you are getting a professional-looking lawn each time!
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Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower

Budget Pick
When on the lookout for the best affordable self propelled lawn mower, we found this great corded model from Greenworks. We like this mower because it’s environmentally safe and quiet, so it’s perfect to use even if your neighbors live nearby! The 20-inch deck can be adjusted to 7 positions, giving you control over how to handle any type of grass. You also have the options to side discharge, mulch, or bag your grass when you’re done mowing. The push button start is also a nice feature – no more wrangling with tough pull starts! One major benefit of using a corded mower is that you have unlimited run time. Instead of relying on batteries that have limited charge, or gas that needs refilled, you can mow as long as you need without stopping! If you want a reliable, quiet machine that will tackle any yard at a great price, this is the best cheap self propelled lawn mower out there!
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Troy-Bilt TB330 Lawn Mower

One of our favorites for the best 21-inch self propelled lawn mower comes from Troy-Bilt, a popular brand name in lawn tools for over 80 years. The 163cc motor is powerful enough to handle large, mostly even yards with no problem. It has the 3-in-1 options for side discharge, mulch, or bagging grass to give you control over your clippings. In addition to having 6 blade positions, this mower also comes with a water hose port for easy cleanup! That way, you can clean the underside of your mower after each use. This will help your mower last longer by preventing long term wear or rust from leftover clumps of wet grass! We also like that this mower allows you to control the speed from the handle, with 4 speed options so you don’t feel like you’re being pulled around the yard! Their 3-year warranty is also a major bonus – and a good sign that Troy-Bilt stands by their products!
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Lawn-Boy 17734 Mower

Are you looking for the best self propelled push mower that is also CARB compliant in California? This mower is both powerful, effective, and meets strict emissions laws! The 149cc motor has plenty of power to get through rough terrain and large, open yards. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee that it will start with 1-2 pulls, or they will fix it for free, which is a great addition to their overall 2-year warranty. The 21-inch deck is large enough to handle most lawns and adjusts to 6 different positions to suit anyone’s needs. It does the same 3-in-1 functions of the previous mowers we talked about, which allows you to bag, mulch, or disperse grass clippings however you want. We like that this mower is easy to control from the handle, so you can adjust the speed as you work. This means you can blast through open areas, but slow down to maneuver around flowerbeds, trees, and more!
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Snapper XD Self Propelled

Our choice for the best self propelled cordless electric lawn mower comes to us from Snapper, a company known for making quality lawn mowers. This cordless electric mower comes with 2 2Ah batteries that each last about 45 minutes, along with a rapid charger. This means while you’re using one battery, you can quickly charge up the other for when you’re ready! You can also buy longer-lasting batteries separately if you need them, which is a nice option to have. Since this runs on batteries, it’s also an incredibly quiet machine – no more drowning out your family or neighbors! The mower itself is also great, with a 21-inch deck and 3-in-1 capabilities. One feature we really liked is that the mower will actually adjust the power based on how hard the deck is working! We highly recommend this mower for people who live in an area with strict emissions rules, or just prefer a high-powered mower without the high-powered noise!
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Yard Machines Self-Propelled

Next up in our self propelled mower reviews is an inexpensive gas mower from Yard Machines. This mower is best for small to medium sized yards, with a 21-inch deck that will make quick work of your yard. The deck adjusts to 6 different positions, so you can use this on a variety of grasses or terrains. We like the one-speed motor, which is perfect for getting the job done without feeling like you’re being dragged around! The 8-inch wheels are the perfect size for maneuvering around smaller yards and obstacles like trees, bushes, flowerbeds, and sidewalks! One of our favorite features is that the mower shows up already assembled! Just unfold the handlebars, fill it with oil and gas, and it’s ready to go! It also folds back down easily to store in your garage or shed without taking up precious space! We think this is the perfect mower if you want a no-frills, cheap mower that really works!
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Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

Our search for the best self propelled electric lawn mower led us to this versatile model from Greenworks, the same company that makes our Budget Pick! The 21-inch deck is plenty large enough for just about any yard, and it has 7 positions to pick from to get the cut you want. You also have the option to use it with the side discharge, mulching, or bagging settings. One feature we appreciated was the extra holding port for a second battery. Instead of going back to the garage to get another battery, you have it with you while you’re mowing. What a time saver! Another thing we like is that this mower can be stored vertically, which saves a lot of space in your garage or backyard shed. It doesn’t come with batteries, but you can easily buy the ones you want online. If you’re looking for a mower with some serious power without gasoline, give this one a shot!
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Troy-Bilt TB220 Mower

Next up in the search for the best inexpensive self propelled lawn mower is another great model from Troy-Bilt. This mower is both a high-quality machine and a great value for homeowners on a budget. The 21-inch deck is large enough for small to medium yards, and it has 6 positions to create a custom cut. It also has 3-in-1 capabilities, so you can mulch, bag, or use the side discharge vent. We like that this mower is made for challenging terrain, with 11-inch rear wheels to provide extra traction and control. Another feature we like is the adjustable height on the handle. This is great if you are particularly short or tall. No more hunching over the mower, or standing on your tiptoes to mow! The 159cc engine is also powerful enough to handle anything you put in front of it. We think that for the price, this is a great self propelled mower for just about any yard!
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Ryobi Self Propelled Mower

The last electric self propelled mower we wanted to feature in our guide is this powerful model from Ryobi, another familiar brand among home gardeners. This battery-powered mower packs a powerful motor that rivals any gas-powered motor without all the noise and exhaust pollution. It comes with a charger and 5.0 Ah battery, which is plenty to handle mowing a medium sized yard with just one charge. The 2-in-1 mulch and bag settings allow you to get your yard work done with almost no mess, thanks to a large bag! We also like that the handle is a telescopic version that you can set to whatever height is best for you. This means you can mow with less fatigue, especially if you’re exceptionally short or tall! Other convenient features include a push button starter, 7-position deck, and LED headlights. If you’re looking for a battery-powered mower that’s powerful, comfortable to use, and environmentally friendly, definitely check this one out!
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Poulan Pro Lawn Mower

The last self propelled mower we want to tell you about is this great inexpensive mower from Poulan. It has a lot of the same features as more expensive lawn mowers but at an affordable price. The 174cc gas motor and 21-inch deck size are both perfect for small to medium yards. The 11-inch rear tires make maneuvering around obstacles and uneven terrain easy and painless! The 3-in-1 deck modes allow you to use the side discharge, or use the large bag for mulching or disposing of clippings into your composting! Another feature we like is the folding handle, which makes it easy to store your mower in a small garage or shed – even roll it under a workbench to hide it away. It’s also fairly lightweight! At only 57 pounds, this mower is easy to maneuver around your yard without wearing yourself out! We think that this is a great option if you want a powerful, affordable, lightweight mower!
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