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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose the Best Serger

Sergers are the luxury model of the sewing world. They make professional, durable, and stretchable seams that surpass the stitching an ordinary sewing machine is capable of producing. If you’re here, you’re ready for a serger, but you might be wondering how to pick the right machine for your sewing capabilities and demands. Our experts researched and reviewed some of the best sergers on the market to bring you a top ten list of high-quality products for every level sewer. Before you start shopping, check out the specifications below designed to guide your selection.

Best Sergers

Pieces: Ready to start sewing? Then you’ll appreciate an easy-to-assemble or pre-assembled machine. Check this specification to determine how many pieces each serger comes with.

Best Sergers

Sewing Speed: If you’ve got a lot of sewing to do, you’ll need a high-speed machine. Check this specification to determine how many stitches per minute each serger on the list produces.

How to Choose the Best Serger

Weight: Depending on your needs, you may want a portable machine that is lightweight and easy to move. If weight matters to you, check here for the weight in pounds of each model.

Best Sergers

Size: Everyone’s space is different, so we’ve jotted down the dimensions for each sewing machine with this specification. Check here for the details.

Best Sergers

Self-Adjusting Tension: In today’s busy world, we’re all pressed for time. A machine with a self-adjusting tension will automatically modify the tension on the thread to maintain the correct pressure and flow.

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Warranty: Unexpected damage and issues arise from time to time, even with the best brand. It’s always nice to be covered by a warranty. Check this spec to determine how long each product is covered.

Top 10 Products

You’re ready to check out our serger buying guide, now that you know what to look for while shopping! Each of the ten products on our list was subjected to extensive research before being chosen. Whichever model you choose, you’ll end up with a quality serger. If you’re in a rush, check out our top and budget picks first. Let’s get started!

Singer 14T968DC Serger

Top Pick
We searched high and low for the best serger, so you wouldn’t have to, and it brought us to our top pick, the Singer 14T968DC. Able to hold five spools of thread at a time and stitch 1,300 per minute, this premium product provides professional results for a wide variety of projects and completes them in record time! It features a self-adjusting tension system, saving you time and effort while you’re working, and also has an adjustable cutting width, so you can set the needle appropriately. Equipped with extras, like decorative flat locking and unique stitch options, this machine makes difficult projects easier and promotes creativity. We’d even go so far as to say this is the best serger for coverstitch on the list. Whether you’re a novice, or you’ve been sewing for awhile, you’ll appreciate this easy-to-use model that helps you get serious. And here’s the kicker: the Singer comes with all the accessories you need to maintain it, so it stays like new!
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Brother 1034D Serger

Budget Pick
Our budget pick, the Brother 1034D Serger, lands the list as one of the most popular and well-loved models we found. The bonus is that this highly-rated machine is available to you at a jaw-dropping price sure to please even the most stringent of budget shoppers. It provides reliable, high performance stitching and a professional edge on a wide range of fabrics. Easily work with knits, linens and formal wear, or create gathers, edges, and ruffles. You can even successfully join lace with this serger! Equipped with 22 built-in stitch functions, a four-thread overlock, and three-thread overlock, you’ll be able to complete a wide range of tasks-- from formal of bridal wear, to crafts and taped applications. A differential fabric feed helps achieve professional, even stitching, even on thin, knitted, and stretchy fabrics. Complete with an instruction manual and a 25 year warranty, the Brother is a great serger for beginners and seasoned sewers alike.
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JUKI MO654DE Thread Serger

Perfect for a small business or high volume home use, the Juki is a popular choice among consumers searching for the best home serger. With the Juki by your side, you can complete a variety of projects, including stitching formal wear, everyday clothing, and home decor. Optional presser feet allow for cording, blind stitch, piping, and gathering. Whether you’re working on a delicate garment or a craft, this serger is a trusty sidekick. Work with two to four spools at a time and enjoy a color-coded threading breakaway looper for external adjustment. Easy-to-thread, you can move the upper knife out of the way for safety, and the knife adjustment is calibrated for project consistency. The Juki comes with a multi-purpose foot that allows you to sew a wide range of stitches and products. You can even use it on tape and elastic! The micro-safety switch locks the machine motor when the side cover is open. And this model is ultra portable at just over 16 pounds.
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You don’t have to look far for the best serger machine. Check out the SiRUBA. This portable, lightweight model has all the right features to keep you sewing in style. Even better, it’s available at a price that won’t break the bank! Equipped with two needle options and convertible three or four threads, the SiRUBA is capable of working with a wide range of fabrics. It’s also an excellent choice for anyone just starting out on their sewing career. This model comes with a machine adjustment chart to guide you through the appropriate settings based on the stiffness and thickness of fabrics. A color-coded chart shows you how to properly thread the machine, making the experience quick and easy. Additional features include a convertible presser foot and a light that provides a brighter work area. The differential feed prevents wavy seams in knitted fabrics and movement between layers, ensuring pucker-free seams on lightweight fabrics. If you’re hunting for a versatile machine that’s easy-to-use and budget-friendly, you won’t want to miss out on this serger!
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Janome 8002D Serger

Enjoy all the benefits of a full-size serger in a compact, portable model that won’t take up table space! A top contender for the best serger for beginners on our list, the Janome is packed with convenient features that generate professional results. Easily cut, serge, and finish seams quickly and efficiently. Made as a three and four convertible serger, external tension dials are color-coded for easy threading. An adjustable cutting width and adjustable foot pressure work in tune to perfect your projects, as you stitch 1,300 threads per minute. You can also quickly hem pants, thanks to the rolled hem changeover function. A color-coded threading chart guides you through threading the machine and the built-in features keep your sewing easy to complete. If you’re looking for an affordable serger that is simple to use and allows you to work on a variety of projects, the Janome is the perfect pick.
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Brother DZ1234 Serger

Popular and highly-rated on serger reviews, the Brother DZ1234 Serger is capable of completing a wide range of sewing projects. Sew 1,300 stitches per minute and finish your projects in record time. Whether you love to sew and can’t get enough, or you need to make a quick alteration, you’ll appreciate the ease and speed with which you make custom clothes, repair tears, and create decor. Adjust the stitch width and use the differential fabric feed to alter the settings to achieve precision and accuracy. Use the blind hem stitch foot, gathering foot and piping foot, to create specialized finishes on your designs. You can truly do it all with this lightweight, adjustable machine. And get this: you’ll receive two sets of starter thread with your purchase, so you can sew as soon as you receive. Complete with a 25 year warranty, you can’t ask for much more than the Brother DZ1234.
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Singer ProFinish Serger

We combed through countless reviews of the best sergers to bring you a comprehensive list, and it would be incomplete without the Singer 14CG754. Equipped with 4-3-2 thread capability, this serger allows you to choose from a generous selection of stitch options, capable of inserting seams and stitches into varying materials. Add a professional touch to all of your projects when you bring this model home! The adjustable stitch length and width and differential feed let you customize your designs. Stitch 1,300 stitches per minute and enjoy automatic fabric trimming. And here’s the kicker: the set-up is easy! The color-coded lay-in threading makes loading and switching thread a breeze. Even better, the Singer is ultra lightweight, so you can easily move it from spot to spot for convenience. A carry handle allows you to take it on-the-go to class, work, or a friend’s house. Complete with a gaggle of accessories, including everything you need to sew and a manual and instructional DVD, this serger means you can stop the search here and now.
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JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

Sew light to medium weight fabric with ease with the JUKI MO644D. This durable serger comes with 2/3/4 threading capability and also boasts the ability to put seams into rolled hems quickly and efficiently. A powerful knife system ensures that each stitch is packed with power, so you won’t soon be redoing your projects. Make duds for the whole family, sew new curtains for the summer, or hem your favorite pair of pants with this versatile, superstar machine. Color-coded threading and breakaway looper make threading a breeze, so you won’t be wasting time loading or switching out thread. And get this: the JUKI comes with a multi-purpose foot for sewing a wide variety of fabrics, including tape and elastic. Optional presser feet take your designs to the next level with cording, blind stitching, piping, and gathering. Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been sewing for awhile, you’ll love how easy it is to create the perfect stitch with the JUKI.
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COSTWAY Portable Serger

No sewing enthusiast’s household is complete without a Costway serger. Designed for heavy household use, you’ll be able to complete your favorite crafts and patch up or create clothes for the whole family. The Costway is perfect for shirring sleeves, hemming pants and skirts, and laying seams in stretchy fabrics. You can use it with light material, heavy material, and everything in between. It produces various types of stitches according to the combination of needle positions and threading methods. Adjust the tension and use of convertible right looper and spreader for even more precision. The differential feed prevents sloppy seams in knitted fabrics, so your work will look professional. You might be wondering: what’s the catch? There is none! Easy to thread and maintain, this serger also comes with a foot controller, soft cover, and needles. You’ll enjoy countless hours of successful sewing with Costway.
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Janome 7933 Horizon Serger

If you want the whole kit and caboodle, then you want the Janome Horizon Serger. In addition to the top-quality machine, you’ll receive a bonus bundle with your purchase, including a hemline tote, five packs of needles, eight cones, and thread spools of varied colors. You’ll be able to start sewing right out of the box! Boasting a high speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, you’ll find home projects, hemming, and creating your own clothing quick and easy. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll be delighted to learn Janome allows you to seam and finish in one step, resulting in professional quality every time. With rave reviews, this popular serger is equipped with all the right features, conveniences, and benefits to help you create and complete your most creative designs and keep the whole family in perfectly hemmed pants.
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