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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Pick a Great Sling Bag

The sling bag: stylish, comfortable, and cool-looking. What more could you want in a bag? From travel to work or school, a sling bag can have many helpful uses in your life. Knowing this, we researched and reviewed a bunch of bestselling sling bags to help you out! Our results are laid out for you below--but first, read our list of specs to get an idea of what to look for in a sling bag!

Best Sling Bags

Colors: If you want a bag that matches your style, having a number of colors to choose from can be a great feature to have.

Best Sling Bags

Water Resistant: Will it wick off water or soak through? A water-resistant sling bag is a good friend to have when the weather gets bad.

How to Pick a Great Sling Bag

Laptop Size: What size laptop or tablet can fit in the sling bag? For a school or work bag, that can be really important!

Best Sling Bags

Dimensions: It’s easier to pick the bag that’s just the right size for your needs by checking out the bag’s dimensions!

Best Sling Bags

Weight: Need something lightweight for camping or travel? We’ve included the sling bag weight in each review.

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Warranty: The warranty can be a good indicator of the quality of a product, so we always include it in our product reviews!

Top 10 Products

So you know what to look for in a sling bag--now what? Well, keep reading! We have our top pick and low-price budget pick right at the top of our sling bag review. We can’t force you to read about all of our runner-ups, but we recommend it if you like to compare and contrast! We try to make it easy, we promise!

Under Armour Sling 2.0

Top Pick
The Under Armour Sling 2.0 won us over with its combination of HeatGear, StormGear, and tough build. It’s also the best sling bag for carrying a laptop since it can fit laptops up to 15’’. That makes it a winner for school, work, and travel! HeatGear tech helps improve the breathability of the back and shoulder strap, which are padded for comfort. Next up, StormGear makes an appearance with a DWR coating to make the bag very water resistant and able to handle bad weather! The only downside? The shoulder strap can’t be switched from one side to the other. But overall, the bag gives you tons of storage space that can be really helpful for handling schoolwork, traveling, or going to the gym! The bag is available in black or gray. Need more colors? Check out some of the runners-up!
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OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

Budget Pick
One of the best sling bags with a low price: our budget pick, the OutdoorMaster Sling Bag. The padded shoulder strap can be hooked to the left or right side of the bag with a clasp. You can unbuckle the strap quickly too for easy-on, easy-off. The bag features a tough mesh water bottle holder with a lined drawstring closure, a hidden pocket on the side of the bag, and three front pockets. The main pocket can fit laptops or tablets up to 12.5’’, while the other pockets can help you organize your stuff! Mesh layered over padding on the back and shoulder strap make this bag comfortable to wear while you travel. The bag is available in black, navy blue, or gray, with a sleek but simple look. It has the space and organization options you need for school, work, travel, or the gym--it’s good for just about anything!
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Waterfly Sling Chest Backpack

Choose from black, olive green, blue, purple, or pink with the Waterfly Sling Chest Backpack. It combines a 15L capacity with a lightweight design less than half a pound! You can fold it in on itself and zip it up into a small pouch that’s easy to stow away. That makes it a great sling bag for travel--you can pack it in your suitcase or carryon, then unpack it to help you explore a new land! The packable design also makes it great for camping! Besides a large main pocket, there are four other side pockets you can take advantage of. This includes a zippered shoulder strap pocket perfect for storing a phone, MP3 player, or wallet. There’s also a mesh water bottle pouch to help you stay hydrated! This sturdy and comfortable bag also works well as a gym bag or basic everyday bag.
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NeatPack Canvas Sling Backpack

The NeatPack Canvas Sling Backpack was designed by people who saw what was missing in available sling bags and wanted to improve on the design. First of all, the padded shoulder strap can be switched from one side to the other with a clip. The strap has a zippered pocket perfect for holding a smartphone or MP3 player thanks to the built-in headphone slot on the pocket. You can tune out the world during your commute! Because it’s designed for all-day comfort, the NeatPack canvas bag makes a great EDC sling bag. A hidden pocket on the side of the bag blocks RFID to protect your credit card information when your wallet is inside! The bag comes in black, gray, or rustic red. The water-resistant polyester canvas keeps your stuff protected from rain and snow, too. This is a truly “neat” bag that’s clean and minimalist rather than sporty.
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Maleden Sling Backpack

Upgrade the old fanny pack with this awesome sling bag! Where it on your back or chest for easy access to drinks, wallets, sunscreen, and more. This is a relatively narrow sling bag that can only handle tablets up to 8’’, so it works better for travel and outdoor fitness activities than for work or school. The bag features a hip-level side pocket connected to the strap where you can keep your phone or wallet close at hand. Sporty and travel-friendly, the bag has a padded shoulder strap and back covered with breathable mesh. The colors available include red, black, blue, green, orange, and purple. If you want to carry your necessities with you while cycling, running, or on vacation, this fitted bag can bundle it all up in anti-scratch, water-resistant nylon. The slim profile and close fit makes it ideal for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
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Waterfly Sling Shoulder Backpack

This Waterfly sling bag is available in rose pink, blue, black, or army green. Despite weighing just 8 ounces, this somewhat tactical sling bag has a 10L carrying capacity and durable design. Soft and water-resistant nylon forms the body of the bag, along with SBS zippers, YNS buckles, and reinforced seams. A large pocket provides room for tablets up to 10’’, while the smaller front pocket contains helpful organizers for pens, bank cards, and more. A zippered pouch on the shoulder strap provides a handy resting place for your phone, sunglasses, or whatever else. The combination of organizational pockets and sturdy design make this sling bag a good option for school or EDC. The mesh water bottle side pocket can hold bottles with diameters of up to 2.56’’. Plus, the shoulder strap can be switched to the left or right side depending on your comfort!
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OutdoorMaster Packable Sling

The OutdoorMaster Packable Sling Bag folds up into a small pouch that will fit easily into your carryon or luggage. We think it qualifies to be the best sling bag for travel thanks to that and its hidden anti-theft pocket and 12L of storage space. The bag comes in black, ocean green, purple, red, rose red, blue, or army green--take your pick! Bonus: it’s the lightest sling bag on our list at just 5.3oz. A shoulder strap pocket gives you a spot to keep your phone or sunglasses while you’re on the move, and a side water bottle pocket helps you stay hydrated! This bag isn’t a good option for laptops but otherwise works well for EDC (Every-Day Carry). You can switch the shoulder strap from one side to the other and adjust it for the perfect fit. Don’t want a ton of pockets getting in your way? Use the OutdoorMaster bag for the gym or packing for an overnight with its large basic pocket.
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LC Prime Sling Bag

With 13 different cheerful colors to choose from, the LC Prime sling bag makes a great gift or coordinating accessory! It also comes in small or large sizes. Although either option works well for outdoor expeditions and day trips, the small size is one of the best sling bags for travel if you need to upgrade your fanny pack! These water-resistant nylon bags fit up to 12.5’’ laptops in the large size. Plus, they’re very lightweight at 6.4oz. Want to be able to switch the shoulder strap from one side to another? Keep looking--the LC Prime bags have padded shoulder straps that can’t be switched. The strap pockets and many main pockets make the LC Prime one of the best tactical sling bags for hiking, travel, and outdoor excursions. Plus, it has a super low price that makes it a pretty low-risk purchase!
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Leaper Sling Messenger

Looking for a sling bag that focuses on style? This sling bag from Leaper features a messenger-style bag shape with a sling-style shoulder strap for comfortable wear. The bag is available in two sizes and 12 colors. For carrying around a 13’’ laptop, you’ll want the larger size. If you just need space for a 10’’ tablet or something smaller, the smaller size will do just fine! Durable canvas and PU leather accents give these bags a rugged look. If you need a sling bag for your commute, work, or school, the Leaper Sling Messenger hits the sweet spot between style and usefulness. The pockets close with a mix of zippers and buckle flaps to give you quick access to your things. Plus, the large size bag has a side pocket for your water bottle as well as many other internal and external pockets. Overall, it’s our pick for the best sling bag for a man who wants a stylish “not-a-purse” to carry their stuff.
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SEEU Waterproof Sling

For an ultra-lightweight sling bag, the SEEU Waterproof Sling is one of the best. Sturdy, water-repellant polyester in cool athletic color schemes make this bag perfect for the gym, school, or outdoor adventuring. Choose from black/gray/red, blue/gray/green, green/gray/orange, black/gray, or orange/gray/blue color schemes! Switch the strap to whichever side you prefer and use the zippered shoulder strap pocket to hold your cell phone or wallet close at hand. The bag feels durable despite its low weight and has inner pockets to organize your stuff. A water bottle pocket on the side helps you stay hydrated! This is a small backpack that works best for traveling and hiking but may not be ideal if you want to easily carry around a laptop or large tablet. The padded back and shoulder strap have breathable mesh to keep you from getting annoying sweaty patches when you’re on the go.
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